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  1. “The Carnegie Hall of college basketball”
  2. Very true. A lot of my uppity co-workers transferred there after it opened.
  3. Small world. My first job was at the old Bloomington south-side Marsh (now Lucky’s).
  4. That’s the one on 2nd and College. There’s one further south of Bloomington called Kroasis. There’s 5 Kroger’s in Bloomington, all with different nicknames.
  5. Is CWat still playing ball at any level or has he retired?
  6. Anyone know if there was any kind of formal announcement about him at the game to the crowd?
  7. Wow I can’t believe he’s back on campus
  8. We also played without JMo most of the game
  9. So the refs ignore the clock started too early on the inbound pass?
  10. As I said earlier he missed wide open shots. Why is that unrealistic? He also missed wide open shots against Arkansas.
  11. I expect guys to still hit wide open 3’s. Every other team seems to be able to
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