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  1. T-bag Davidson has to be a senior right?
  2. We were a bad call away from beating them last year
  3. https://www.wdrb.com/sports/bozich-football-world-applauding-the-brand-tom-allen-building-at-indiana/article_f2efaae4-2de1-11eb-b7aa-e7e541c19492.html?fbclid=IwAR1Ahr87-Ilw_s8FpL6RVNfd2ONNzB45o1pTvlSQYezqe7B8V4hI1QX-qd8
  4. Not really a fan of this new B1G commish
  5. Isn’t it 7 years with an additional year for a bowl berth? Now I’d be in favor of a raise in pay.
  6. Can we get a “buy” game next week?
  7. Has IU ever lost an IU head fb coach to another program? Can’t imagine booster not ponying up.
  8. Boiler is falling in love with Allen and IUfb.
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