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  1. southsidehoosier

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I believe we're the 6th best 2 pt shooting team in the country currently.
  2. southsidehoosier

    Butler Postgame Thread

  3. southsidehoosier

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Jeff Rabjohns‏ @JeffRabjohns FollowFollow @JeffRabjohns More Victor Oladipo has Rob Phinisee come over to him postgame to congratulate him. Cool moment for the IU freshman point guard. #iubb
  4. southsidehoosier

    De'Ron Davis Trending Up

    I missed that...I have the game DVR'ed. When did it happen?
  5. southsidehoosier

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    The jokes I heard went: After a Kentucky girl slept with her brother she said "You're better than daddy" The brother bragged back "That's what mom told me too"
  6. southsidehoosier

    UofL post game

    In his career Archie only avg 1.6 FTA but was a career 84.6% shooter at the line.
  7. southsidehoosier

    UofL post game

    I think Archie shares our frustration😠
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  9. southsidehoosier


    A sweet 16 match-up with Kentucky...now where have I seen that before
  10. southsidehoosier

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    Carey to Duke
  11. southsidehoosier

    Louisville pre-game thread.....

    Louisville has the 70th Adj Defense according to kenpom. Sounds like a great opportunity to get our offense clicking.
  12. southsidehoosier

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Are they trying to become "Chicago's BIG team" because NW already has that written on their court
  13. southsidehoosier

    Last Days of Knight

    One of my former co-workers wanted to see what new sports equipment Dicks had and decided just to throw Dicks.com into the ol' web address bar and hit enter.....he didn't find any shoes or sports equipment going to that site.
  14. southsidehoosier

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    Looked like shin to shin contact. Trainers were rubbing ice cups on his shin. I'd assume a shin bruise of some sort.
  15. southsidehoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    So got your cardio and weightlifting in all in a day.