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  1. https://www.si.com/college/indiana/.amp/basketball/tom-brew-why-rutgers-is-bad-matchup-for-indiana
  2. Probably whatever number is enough to keep his job lol. I know you were asking a rhetorical question but I was genuinely asking a question not trying to criticize.
  3. Good point. He has but other than Schilling haven’t they moved on for other positions?
  4. Taking out whatever Sampson handed them after that Wich St loss
  5. I didn’t realize IU is dead last in recruiting🤢. How is that possible? Nothing in the last 4 years Archie tells me he will change staff or scheme to win. Maybe that’s what makes me love CTA. He’s made changes in staff and scheme and has us as a top 10 team next year and our recruiting is trending up.
  6. By this point in Crean tenure we had beaten the #1 team and were on our way to a Sweet 16 season.
  7. The only 2 head coaches from 1924 to 2021 to not win at least a share of a B1G title? CAM and Sampson
  8. Could Archie go down as the worst coach in IU history (no B1G champs, no tourney appearances)?
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