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  1. Purdue playing like they couldn’t care less. Will the break 50?
  2. Just rewatched that and he definitely said that. What a tool of a teammate
  3. https://www.si.com/college/2020/02/17/john-beilein-market-college-basketball-predictions
  4. Glad I checked the score before decided to watch the dvr.
  5. How many years do you think he has left coaching? He’s in his 60’s I believe
  6. A big criteria would be sustained success on a big stage (Power 5 conferences).
  7. My wish list: Stevens Donovan Beard Few
  8. Painters post game comments about Knight make it really hard to not like the guy
  9. Did that last week. Watched the IU vs Fab Five games
  10. the Boilermakers earn their largest win in Assembly Hall since 1977 (80-63).
  11. Will we have the longest tourney drought in the B1G after this year?
  12. Purdue is just so much more fundamentally sound then us
  13. Wonder how early he’ll be arriving and when we start seeing pics of him arriving
  14. Izzo doesn’t even like to say Archies name is his pressers 😂
  15. And he refused to call Brunk by his name only calling him #50
  16. Saw Rob walking through the handshake line at the end of the game
  17. I was thinking the same thing. Wouldn’t surprise me to see an FSU type game from Green
  18. House will be rocking for sure. Students back and a chance to move up in the B1G standings and put us 1 game back of Sparty. We’re worried about Winston but how will they handle the Davis-Brunk combo
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