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  1. Good call on the beat down. Happy to watch a 17 pt loss at the gym tonight
  2. Anyone see him do the “too short to guard me” gestures in the 1st half after scoring on RT? What a tool
  3. When did Purdue start wearing these gray home jerseys?
  4. Wish we’d hire a shooting specialist as an asst coach
  5. It’ll prob die after when he can beat Purdue. As big of a win tonight was Archie has to get that gorilla off his back to silence a portion of the critics. Luckily he’ll have another shot this year.
  6. One of my most vivid memories was crying myself to sleep at age 7 after IU lost their only B1G game to Ohio State in 92 or 93
  7. I’m 36 and am apathetic to Archie at this point. I know he’s going to get another season regardless so I’m not getting too invested in the replacement talk. I still watch the games and cheer for IU but am not expecting anything than a lower half of the conference and a 9, 10 or 11 seed this year or next. I also don’t believe we will beat Purdue this year or next.
  8. https://assemblycall.com/iu-basketball-what-if-larry-bird-wil-chamberlain-oscar-robertson/
  9. Not sure why that’s not a reviewable play under 2 minutes
  10. Wonder if Dolson’s phone is blowing up with former players disgust like Dakichs is....
  11. I don’t want Crean back by any means but it’s crazy we were preseason #1 going into season 5!with CTC. Watching documentary on Virginia’s 2019 run on ACC network isn’t helping anything either😂
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/IndianaMBB/status/1350164872001183755 Read the comments 😂
  13. Wonder if that makes IU more or less appealing to Beard
  14. Can someone spam the heck out of that to Dolson’s email
  15. Hope you didn’t attend the IPFW game that year either. Can’t imagine what people thought who witnessed those 2 games in person
  16. Do we have a winning record against any B1G teams with CAM
  17. Does Tom Allen have a brother who coaches basketball
  18. I mean since Knights and IU’s relationship is good so maybe Beard would want to come return his mentors school back to the glory days
  19. Does tying yourself to Harbaugh really provide you any job security?
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