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  1. He had some nice shots. More sets for him in the 2nd.
  2. Took them hitting 80% from 3 to have an 8 pt lead. Water will find level in the 2nd half. We need to play our game
  3. I posted the youtube link in the other thread
  4. The TO’s were not self-inflicted. That’s the result of IU’s defense.
  5. So Purdue didn’t game plan on what if we get Trayce in foul trouble?
  6. Rob is first guest on the show. Interesting the staff took that pic Purdue posted last year of the IU court with the Purdue logo on it as bulletin board material
  7. If you watch that interview at one point you can’t hear anything because of the fans screaming and cheering. Salt meet wound
  8. I think PU can officially take down their ”Defense lives here” sign. Defense moved out and pays rent to CMW now.
  9. Watched some PU analyst on gbi YouTube channel preach “don’t get the other teams best player in foul trouble…that’s how you lose”🤣
  10. Miro Little was on the court celebrating with Race after the game
  11. Only hope they start calling that crap in the 2nd
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