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  1. Linton wins 20+ games for the 8th consecutive season. From what people are saying this has never been done before in IHSAA history.
  2. I was really glad Franklin got some minutes. He is really good defender and brings a lot of toughness at the guard spot
  3. As in many cases it’s not what was said it’s how it was said.. I thought the body language and how he said it was not good. All in all not that big of a deal but it may give you a little glimpse of what some of our upperclassmen are like to deal with
  4. One other quick thing. None of this would be going on if IU wouldn’t of got absolutely decimated by injuries last year let alone Romeo playing hurt all year which is just really sad and frustrating.. that team could of and should of been top 25 all year. Everyone forgets that
  5. Majority of the people in my area. ..probably 80-90% still support Archie. Are they concerned? Sure. Am I concerned? Yes some. But I know and the majority know you gotta give him 4-5 years and calling for his head on Social media won’t help anything!
  6. I agree with a lot of it.. teams effort against Michigan was ridiculous. I put a lot of blame on upperclassmen for poor leadership. If Archie’s guys he recruited are upperclassmen and still playing like this then I’ll be ticked. I like the toughness and competitiveness Leal and Galloway bring in next years class
  7. Interest is down but there majority of the people know you gotta give Archie 4-5 years... if he is still losing when his guys are upperclassmen then you cut the cord
  8. The majority of the people I have talked to which I’d say is around 30 people I’ve asked. Still support Archie.. sad that the minority is the loudest heard
  9. People posting Beilein to IU on social media... SMH. For one not going to happen and for two posting all that crap hurts the program under the coach now. Ridiculous. Archie isn’t going anywhere so wish people would cut the crap. Took Beilien 4 years to win at Michigan anyways clearly people don’t have enough patients for him either. Might be harder for him to recruit with this “thug” stuff labeled with him as well
  10. THe difference is obviously those games were at home. I just think a change could spark us on the road or get the guys attention and make em ready to play... just a thought.
  11. Archie really needs to switch the lineup up. We need something to spark us on the road. I’d go 5. Davis 4. Smith 3. Jerome 2. Green 1. Rob... then I’d bring Al, Brunk, Race, and maybe a little of Deron off bench... even if you go a different route in starting lineup that’s fine but I really think going with the same lineup the players are just going to through the same “here we go again” attitude on the road and lose by 10+... we need a spark! Something that tells us or gives us confidence that this road game will be different.. doing the same thing over and over again when it’s not working is just.. well not smart and painfully hard to watch.. I doubt it will happen though.. Archie is known to be really stubborn even at his own down fall
  12. Hedging closer to the basket so the guard can’t turn the corner and get down hill is great! But hedging from 30 feet is just dumb. Just go underneath the screen from that far out .. not that freaking hard
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