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  1. 5 championships

    Edward Smith at it again

    Hi Edward
  2. 5 championships

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    February 4th and still crickets...
  3. 5 championships

    Michigan State post game

    Izzo is getting close to Pitino in terms of biggest sleeze balls. Had to go wash my hands after seeing him on tv. What a joke he is. Also Jay Bilas was a complete joke as well. ESPN is trash! Maybe Bilas is still butt hurt about that boozer block on his Dukies. Can we quit the negative talk about Archie? gesh! Will lose some more games this year but let’s not question the direction of the program. Heck of a win last night! Would of loved to see what this team would look like at full strength this year.
  4. 5 championships

    Internal issues or not?

    Not sure where to put this but can someone help me on the rules of the APR score.. if it’s about players leaving early then why doesn’t it affect duke greatly since they have so much roster turnover? If you don’t require the expected APR score do you get a postseason ban? Alex Bozich was saying this could be the reason why IU kept priller and wanted Durham, Smith, Moore to stay and protect the APR. he said it could be the reason IU didn’t end up with Wright who is tearing it up at Colorado I believe.
  5. 5 championships

    Rutgers Post

    All I ask going forward is that Mcroberts and Fitzner take a seat at the end of the bench. Someone on twitter posted a tweet that had the teams efficiency for offense and defense when he is on and off the court. Not surprising Indiana is worse on offense when he is out there but Indiana is actually worse on defense we he is out there to... Fitzner hasn’t hit a 3 since December. Let’s play Moore, Forrester, and Anderson more and build for the future. I thought Damezi took a step forward last night and played a decent game. Let him build off that please!
  6. 5 championships

    Knight on Miller

    Dan= Tool. Can’t stand him. Will never listen to any of his shows. Saw he was doing the game last night and I quickly switched to something else. He is a Complete joke. I don’t care if he has anything nice to say about Indiana In the near future. You can't erase all the BS he has spread over the years.
  7. 5 championships

    When Morgan Flexes

    Players flexing is the least of my worries
  8. 5 championships


  9. 5 championships

    Defense Not Generating Turnovers

    Good stuff!
  10. 5 championships

    Michigan Pregame Thread

    All I gotta say is Assembly hall should be packed and rocking. I would do anything to be there but my job will not alllw me to be in attendance. Let’s get behind this team and push them to a season changing win in the best venue in college basketball!!! Come on Hoosier nation the team and coaching staff needs you the most right now! We are the best fans in college basketball because we back the team even when things are not going the way we want it. Dont Be fair weather fans. Be great fans! Pack the hall and be loud!
  11. Ohio State has lost 5 straight...
  12. 5 championships

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    Yup! I hope it doesn’t push Keion away...