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  1. Right on BGleas! I think Archie was the right hire. Holtmann is really good but walked into a lot better situation than Archie. Archie has had a lot to clean up and now he just can’t catch breaks in terms of playing with a healthy team the last could years. In terms of the administration and Mcrobbie when does it end or get better? When Mcrobbie finally leaves?
  2. 1 loss and people are talking about it’s going to get ugly if we don’t make the tourney 😂😂 dear lord did everyone think we were going undefeated. Let’s let this team get healthy and see what it can do.. oh and when we are healthy we’re gonna lose a few to. Geeesh.
  3. Don’t think so. He gets 4 years no matter what. If he doesn’t make it after the 4th year then it would get ugly. But until then I’m in his camp
  4. When Rob re gained his form from the cuncussion we won 4 straight at the end of the year. when Rob was out last year we lost 12 of 13. Not saying we would of beat Wisconsin with him but it would of been a different game. The PG Is the QB of the team. He sets the pace and tone on both ends of the floor. Hard to win on the road in the BIG without your starting PG
  5. IU has the players and has recruited well. We just need to stay healthy and get it done. This team is good enough to win this year. And by win I don’t mean you have to go to final four but you need to make the tournament and show that the program is turning the corner.
  6. Missed Rob bad for the Wisconsin game. First game it really showed. Sets the tone defensively on the perimeter. And another guy who can create and make shots on offense. Hope to see him back for Nebraska. Gotta have him if we want this year to go well.
  7. I have the same feeling unless we really prove on the court this year we can win. That will go a long ways with 2021in my opinion.
  8. No doubt he is interested. IU is the state school with all kinds of history, tradition, fan support, and exposure but kids also want to know they can win wether you sell that to them in a vision or you prove it to them by winning before they get there. IU and Archie are at a point now where recruits want to see them win. The honey moon of a new hire and new vision for the program is over. Winning will go a long ways in recruiting for our 2021 class. Kids are always going to be interested in IU but winning allows you to get more guys like Garcia instead of coming in 2nd and 3rd place with them. If Archie starts getting it done on the court our recruiting will go to another level and ultimately we will be Top 25 every year. This year is HUGE!
  9. Because it was Archie first and second year on the job and you sell the recruits off of a vision you have for them and the program. After your 3rd year that wears off. You eventually have to win and show them that they can come to IU and compete for championships.
  10. Bottom line IU needs to start winning to get the Landers and Kauffmans of the world.
  11. You at least have to offer it if you are serious about IU football. If I’m Allen I’d give him some of my money cuz as long as he is at IU we are going to have one the best offenses in the BIG which then in return keeps Allen at IU for a long long time
  12. Bocot got hurt in the first half and he is their 2Nd best player
  13. Right now I’d expect IU to split with PU this year but I really don’t know how high IU ceiling is until we get Rob our PG back. We could be really really dang good. PU will obviously improve some as well so will see. I’m just praying for good health.
  14. Right doubt they were winning with him anyways. But he is really their only scorer. 3 straight game they don’t reach 60 points lol. Not good. Virginia is basically ranked 5th off there Natty from last year. I mean come on they lost Guy, Jerome, and Hunter. 3 NBA players. Virignia is still a quality team with great D and it’s a good win for you guys! but in no way shape or form am I bent out shape about it. PU is a solid team to but this win doesn’t make me all that scared to be honest. I’m just trying to be realistic here. Is Viriginia even a top 25 team this year?? Ehh. Without Key no chance. With him I’d say they are top 30-35 team. Which is still a good win cuz you probably would of beat them with Key anyways.
  15. Key is not playing for Virginia which is a huge loss for them
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