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  1. 5 championships

    Michigan State Pregame Thread

    I’ll be there! Let’s pack the place!!
  2. 5 championships

    Big Ten Football

    I think we can beat Michigan state. I’ll be there. Hope the place is packed!
  3. 5 championships

    Big Ten Football

  4. 5 championships

    Big Ten Football

    I honestly don’t care if they yell that and I don’t understand why some people don’t like it. People don’t talk about nobody’s. It’s a compliment.
  5. 5 championships

    Big Ten Football

    Don’t know much about em. Good luck. Least you play in the West lol
  6. 5 championships

    Big Ten Football

    It was the right call..Don’t let the overly biased Purdue fans make you think otherwise...Just makes you look bad over here. Who you play next week?
  7. 5 championships

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Lol no joke! Honestly would of put IU in the dumps for good. What a disaster that would of been.
  8. 5 championships

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Alford is garbage.
  9. 5 championships

    Ball State Game Thread

    The most impressive thing of the day.. Harris after 3 acl tears is still the fastest player on the field.. wow!
  10. 5 championships

    Ball State Game Thread

    Nice to see Ronnie get that TD!
  11. 5 championships

    A few things...

    Appreciate the info Coach
  12. 5 championships

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I take it as a good sign
  13. 5 championships

    Virginia Postgame Thread

    What’s going on with Pursuck? Yikes...
  14. 5 championships

    Brandon Newman

    Good question
  15. 5 championships

    Khristian Lander

    I just saw online were it says he is ranked 14th in his class.. ESPN rankings are always trash