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  1. Yea I like IU chances here. He is very solid. Would gladly take him.
  2. You probably win the game if you had your 2 best guards. They wouldn’t of turned you over near as much. With that being said when all the injures happened to IU during Romeos freshmen year nobody wanted to acknowledge that. And it wasn’t just 2 guards. Dang near the whole team for most of the season. I guess the point is if your a Pu/ IU fan it’s not that hard to be reasonable and not ignore facts.
  3. I don’t see him going to IU or Pu after the transfer and those comments
  4. Leave Lander coming off the bench. I love the scoring he gives off the bench. I wish Race would be more confident in his shot. Passed up a few 15 footers. overall pretty much what I expected. We are better than we were last year.
  5. And I understand Walker isn’t rated high but there are plenty of NBA stars that have went to no name colleges. Not saying he is NBA good but I think the kid is legit.
  6. I hope so! Have you watched some of his videos from the summer?? Wow. Talked to a coach who saw him in person this summer and he said he was very impressive.
  7. I think Walker would of blown up if they had regular summer. Thornton is really good tho. I just like Walker a lot as well.
  8. I’d like to have him but if we miss it’s ok. Leland Walker will be better.
  9. I understand what you are saying but I disagree there. I thought he could of been used a little better off the ball on pin downs and back screens. The main problem was we didn’t have any shooting around him. The lane was extremely clogged because of that. Asking him to dribble and get down hill to his right hand anymore than he did considering the circumstances is asking a bit to much. At some point others needed to step up and make a few shots and that would of tremendously helped open things up for Romeo. Unfortunately they really couldn’t get that done due to an absurd amount of injury’
  10. Well considering he averaged about 16 a game I think he did pretty good. Which was more than any other IU freshmen averaged besides Eric Gordon. But honestly you are right. I thought he stood in the corner to much at times. But overall I thought Archie did really well with him.
  11. In year 3 I’m happy we were going to be in the tournament. In year 4 and 5 we need to be doing more than getting in the tournament. That’s having realistic goals.
  12. And to all you that think I’m some kind of Archie lover I’m not. If he can’t get it done this year then there are going to be some serious questions that need answered. Otherwise until now I don’t have much to complain about besides I would like for us to shoot a few more 3’s at a better percentage. Other than that The program has been on an upward trend every year. Even tho it does sting to miss on Kaufman. I choose to judge the program and coach in a realistic manner some of you knuckleheads would only be pleased with an undefeated team bahaha yikes.
  13. Exactly we put 2 guys in the NBA the year before so the talent was down. Also the one NBA player had a torn ligament in his shooting had and almost every other scholarship player that year missed multiple games. But heck why would that matter right??
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