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  1. So if Ohio state goes 8-0 is that good enough to make CFP.. either way BIG looks really stupid cancelling the season really early in August And now back peddling.
  2. Not real crazy about Wesley. If we get him good. But if he goes somewhere else I’m not going to be real disappointed
  3. TK recruitment is massive for IU! I’m getting a little nervous about Virginia. What you guys think that have a little more info?
  4. I’m sticking with IU as the pick. Just taking his time which is smart
  5. But I remember when people were mad we didn’t do a national search for a coach. I was on the Allen train from day 1. And I really think Archie is going to be special as well. For the first time in like forever IU has 3 really really good coaches for Baseball, football, and basketball at the same time! Now if we can just get back to playing!!
  6. Thank the Lord!! He was Awful for athletics!
  7. I agree 100 percent! Just in recent interview he said he would like to visit Virginia. I’m guessing he probably would of been decided by now but the date to visit keeps getting pushed back. If your Kaufman why rush and make a decision? If I was him I’d probably consider signing in the fall at some point tho
  8. It was nice seeing that from Duncomb I was impressed!! Although Furst is probably more of a 4 than a 5 like Duncomb is. Duncomb was just to big and long for him. First did guard Kaufman some which is a type of matchup he will have in college guarding the 4’s on the other team. With all that being said, Kaufman looks a lot better!! Kaufman is a pro after 1-2 years. Furst looking more like a 3-4 year guy. one thing I did notice is Duncomb scored almost all of his point going to the right side. Why didn’t Furst adjust and force him left I have no idea.
  9. Ok I won’t post anymore about Covid my bad. Just extremely frustrating.
  10. I’m pretty sure at very first people were predicting millions to die with like a 1-3 percent death rate. I don’t even think 160,000 is legit. I have to much family working in health care. I’ve heard a lot that they get pushed to Mark deaths down as Covid even if it’s not.
  11. I would be ok with allowing 50% capacity at least if not 100%. But to not even play even without fans is absurd!!
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