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  1. Yup. You have to keep recruiting! I want TK really bad but I’m not going to be disappointed if some other talented player wants to come. Id rather have the home grown Indiana boy tho. So here’s to hoping TK pulls the trigger before someone else does that plays his position.
  2. I hope not. I just don’t trust Cal and the BS he sells since the whole ketchup debacle.
  3. As of now they are the biggest threat but Trey did say it would be a benefit to stay closer to home.
  4. This kid is going to be a good one! I think he has a higher upside than Smith because of his athletic ability. Would take both though.
  5. I just think there a few programs where you get an offer that makes you stop and take a serious look no matter how sold you are on another school. I think UK would be a mistake because he isn’t a 1 and done guy or maybe not even a 2 and done guy. He could be in college for 3 years but UK would definitely be A threat. We all know how Cal can sell stuff to kids... But if your Trey how do you not look at the success of Morgan and TJD under Archie and say that’s where I wanna go!? Trey is going to be in a perfect position to slid in and be the next great big under Archie right after TJD. I think he sees that and ultimately ends up at IU. With Duncomb at the 5 TK would have the ability to fit nicely into his natural position at the 4. It really is a great fit. He seems smart and I’m confident he will make right choice. why rush it? The only pro would be to commit so he can recruit other guys like Aminu and Wesley to join him.
  6. I think everyone needs to RELAX. I thought what he said about IU was encouraging. My guess he probably just wants to take some visit out of state to make sure IU is for sure the place he wants to be. If it was me I’d want to take a few visits around so I at least had some schools I could compare each other to.. only thing that would worry me would be UK offer. Virginia seems to be biggest competition but I think he picks IU in the end just like Leal did.
  7. I have a player coming in 2020 class that I’ve coached in high school basketball. I’m not going to say who because I like to keep myself anonymous. He should be a good one though. MLB teams have already been in contact during basketball season this past year.
  8. @The Daily Hoosier hopefully bringing us good news from interview?
  9. Huge pickup tonight for Hoosiers
  10. I’d take Yogi then. I remember against Iowa in a must win game Yogi completely shut down Peter Jok in the second half. Iowa was top 5 in nation at the time. it’s absurd that Jordan Murphy is on the list ahead of Zeller! SwanigAn and JJ deserve to be on there the only other question is Craft but dang that boy could play even though it wasn’t always pretty. Best defender in the BIG in the last decade. His leadership and desire to win was off the charts as well. The intangibles and leadership that guy brought to your team was insane. He was a pain to play against but I would of took him on my team any day of the week.
  11. Really close between Carson and Yogi.. not sure who I’d rather have. Who was better leader? Better defender?
  12. I like Jerome better...Not a big loss.. it’s weird I actually really like every player on the team. Smith and Green made me shake my head in disgust so many times.
  13. Good stroke. Needs to add muscle and work on right hand. Looks a little weak around basket. I’d take him in a heartbeat as long as he shoots it consistent clip from deep. The other stuff of his game will continue to grow.
  14. This kid is tough! Would be a HUGE pickup! Would Archie bring Mike on staff??
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