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  1. 5 championships

    DJ Carton

    This kid paired with TJD and KBJ could give us a shot at the final four. Next? I'm all in.
  2. 5 championships

    DJ Carton

    I understand thst but commitments in basketball mean a lot more than they do in football but yes there is always a chance until they sign
  3. 5 championships

    DJ Carton

    Well crap Duke, Kansas, and Carolina are gaining interest. Was hoping somehow he would commit before that happened
  4. 5 championships

    2018 Season

    I understand what you are saying Btown but I still think there are spots were we could of been more creative to help move the chains. I don't think leathernecks is saying you need a flee flicker or double reverse every drive but there are ways to keep the defense on there heels a little more and help you move the chains and ultimately put points on the board. Debord was way to conservative\predictable and ultimately all the 3 and outs took a toll on our defense and we lost those close 4th quarter games. I'm all for giving him another shot with a healthy offense but I wasn't very impressed in year 1. Even with everyone injured there are ways to get creative that's why they make 6 figures.
  5. 5 championships

    2018 Season

    I agree 100 percent. Not saying Debord is terrible but we could do better at OC. He is to basic to me and needs to be more creative. He is Just old school I guess which is fine when you have unreal talent at Tennessee but at IU it's a much different story you need to find ways to be creative here.
  6. 5 championships

    OLB Kervens Bonhomme Commits

    Coach Allen and staff kicking everybody a**!!
  7. 5 championships

    OT IU Baseball

    I hope walker does I'm tired of seeing Houston swing and miss
  8. 5 championships

    TE Gary Cooper Commits

    Coach Allen is on 🔥🔥🔥
  9. 5 championships

    ILB Dorian Jones to IU

    Keep em coming!
  10. 5 championships

    Can IU and PU Both be Good at the Same Time?

    UL, Michigan, Norte Dame, Tennesse. Like I said I don't see him leaving until Purdue is winning 9 and 10 games a year anyway so it's hard to tell what will and won't be open but the point is there are a lot better jobs around. Indiama and Pursuck football will always be facing an up hill battle with bigger traditional powers in state and surrounding state. It's a tough job at both schools.
  11. 5 championships

    Can IU and PU Both be Good at the Same Time?

    UL, Michigan, Norte Dame, Tennessee are all better jobs that are somewhat close.
  12. 5 championships

    Can IU and PU Both be Good at the Same Time?

    I wouldn't want to be at Indiana or Pursuck trying to recruit with Ohio state, Michigan, Norte dame, michigan state surrounding you. He would be crazy not to leave for a bigger job. Only thing that is "sweet" is the fact that your in the west otherwise you have bigger better programs surrounding you taking talent you could have at a bigger job.
  13. 5 championships

    Can IU and PU Both be Good at the Same Time?

    Spot on besides the fact that Archie is 39 and will be taking the BIG over for a long time. IU in basketball is like Ohio state in football. Once you get a good coach in a place like that dynasty's are made. No matter how good Brohm is Pursuck nor indiana football will ever be to the standard of Ohio state, penn state, or Michigan but Purdue is in a better spot than Indiana by being placed in the west division. I think Brohm will stay for a while until he gets Purdue winning 9-10 games every year and the big time programs come calling. Still be some fun years for Pursuck. Brohm is better than Allen but at least Allen is here to stay.
  14. 5 championships

    MLB discussion

    So much for the Cardinal way more like "how to find ways to lose games" way. i think Girardi would be a great hire. Fans are taking notice to By leaving early and atttendemce down. Felt like a Chicago home game for the entire series. Everyone is tired of bad managing and sitting on our hands and not doing anything besides relying on players in the system that aren't there to begin with. Pretty poor all around for an organization that has been excellent for so long.
  15. 5 championships

    2018-19 Playing Time

    👍😂 Auto correct is always there for some good laughs