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  1. They should definitely have it in Indy it’s a no brainer. There is like 50 people in the stands for game I watched. Sad.
  2. I’m a huge fan of Galloway! Would be a fantastic get for Archie. Keep locking down the state Arch!
  3. I read that he has already been on IU campus twice and now is coming back for a 3rd time
  4. Saw he is making another trip to IU but not sure if it’s an official visit or unofficial.
  5. Yea I know that. Can’t get em all but I was just saying I really like this kid. I think he can be a star and I hate that Nebraska ended up with him instead of us.
  6. Just being curious and looking ahead is Gorski for sure going pro? And what kind of class do we have coming in?
  7. 812 hoops posted the highlight vid on twitter
  8. Did you see this kids highlights from over the weekend??!! Wow he looks tough. I wouldn’t of dug up this thread unless I was really impressed. I saw the highlights from the game he had 26 and he scored from all 3 levels. Looks like a late bloomer. Would like to see him at IU
  9. Hopefully it’s packed! Could be a huge game if we wanna host a regional. Beat top 10Louisville, sweet Rutgers, and make a good run In BIG tourney. Would that be enough?
  10. Regardless it has been a great first year for Mercer!
  11. No that’s part of the wall. It’s onky like 312 down the line in left field
  12. Give me Leal and Galloway please!!
  13. I was a little surprised he didn’t got that route as well. I know he wants true freshmen to build into 4 year guys. But since it seems like we really don’t have a shot with Watford and Lester Q is 50/50 at best Why not just get another grad transfer that can shoot and help this year but still have 4 scholarships for 2020? Maybe In the end that will end up Happening if Q does go to Memphis as expected.
  14. IMO Will be fine if he keeps recruiting the state as well as he has. I think we will Surprise people this year especially if Hunter is healthy. Last year really sucks just because the season got completely derailed before it could even start with injury’s otherwise we Woukd be dancing easily. Heck we were one win away from dancing with all the crap that happened. I really like CAM people just need to be patient!! I know everyone hates hearing that but it really is the truth.
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