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  1. I do remember hearing Crean bash the administration after he was let go
  2. Alford is awful. Absolutely not! Would be a terrible hire!
  3. Not what I was told by someone that is with the team. I’m guessing people saying it needed surgery is the part that got made up. I also knew several weeks ago Brunk was done for the year but I didn’t say anything. I’ve been on here for a couple years and I never claim to know anything because for the longest time I didn’t know anyone inside the program until this year.
  4. Yes I was told he got accidentally elbowed by Hunter on a rebound. I wasn’t told the severity of it.
  5. Heard from a source that is with the team daily that it was not a fight. I Don’t know if he is out for year or not. I just want to put away the rumors/speculation that it was a fight.
  6. It’s a little bit of both. Ya we have missed some easy shots around the rim to start games but it’s also the fact that Rob has been so awful. Put Hunter in the lineup with Franklin and Al. That gives us 3 guys that can make outside shots to help TJD have time to relax and get a feel for how they are going to play him. I don’t think benching Rob could make his confidence any worse. I don’t think it’s possible to play any worse than he has offensively. In fact having him come off the bench might help him. He might feel less pressure. That’s what I see from the outside looking in but I’m not a
  7. I’ve never seen him use #freestew one time
  8. In Archie defense that would mean Al would have to play the 1 to start the game and he is much better as a 2 but at this point Rob is so bad offensively and we have gotten off to so many bad starts that you have to take him out of the lineup IMO and limit his minutes with Al.
  9. Been saying for at least a week you have to limit Al and Rob minutes together. Archie can’t roll the same lineup out on Wednesday. I’d start Hunter or Leal for Rob.
  10. Wonder if Archie will change the lineup now or will we continue to roll the same 5 out there so we get get down 10+ every single game.
  11. If I’m Archie I know we can’t afford to get off to a slow start against OSU. They are too good to dig yourself a hole early on. I’d stick Rob back on bench to start the game and roll out someone else in hopes of sparking us to a good start. That may actually spark Rob as well. He may feel less pressure coming off the bench. Continuing to start him while he puts up zeros across the state sheet is not going to work IMO. this is a huge huge opportunity for IU and I like how we match up with them.
  12. I think some of you are looking into things a little to much. I don’t think the players have a problem with Archie at all. I actually think they get along with him really well. There have been times I’ve actually wished Archie would be a little harder on them. My biggest concern with Archie is he seems to be too stubborn at times and sticks with things/players/Rotations to long before adjusting and making a change.
  13. I agree with that to an extend but if the lineup you are starting is killing you game after game I’d change it but hopefully like you said Lander comes in quickly at least.
  14. Until Rob figures it out he needs to be out of starting lineup and back around 15-20 minutes a game. Give the other 10-15 minutes he usually plays to other guys. If it was December I understand sticking with him but It’s February. We have no more time to wait on him to figure it out. We’ve been waiting all year actually.
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