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  1. I feel the main problem will be: say Jackson-Davis is currently playing for IU right now can Coach K recruit him during this season to play for Duke next season?
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Dan doesn't talk to Knight anymore right? Cause I'm wondering if it's news about Knight....
  3. I lived and went to school in New Haven but graduated from Columbia City and currently live in Goshen.
  4. Indiana hasnt been great in the last 20-25 years. Sure a decent season here and there but this isnt the IU of the 70s-90's. Need to build a new identity. Will they become a traditional blue blood again...eh hard to say, its hard to have faith that we will when each year are the same results. Will my love for IU ever fade...probably not. I dont get mad anymore about disappointing seasons because its out of my hands. Think about this for a second, next year and the year after will be the start of incoming freshmen that wasn't even born yet when IU was in the national championship game vs Maryland.....let that sink in
  5. I used to work in your neighborhood if its on the north side of illinois rd. Ive done work for Mr Barnes also as he lives in that area. Ive done work at the Blackmons house in Ft Wayne which is funny cause they have a full court basketball court inside and it has the Kentucky logo(cause of his dad) Blackmons mom delivered 2 of my kids. Sorry for getting off subject
  6. Thank you, Been really busy with life, but things seem to calming down now. I got the fire stick with a lot of the other channels but not big ten. Cable prices are getting crazy
  7. Ive been away for awhile(prob since Nov. of last year) but I have a question that I know can be answered here. Does the big ten have a way to watch all IU games on the internet with out having to have cable? Sorry I'm not good with technology. Thank you
  8. I love going through the old game threads and seeing how bad people are. There are already people on here saying Miller is not the right coach. Sometimes I wonder about IU fans.....Look at our roster, do you see a good team? I'm just honest we will probably lose the same amount as games we will win. This is a transition year, not much was left after Crean was fired since we lost 3 to the NBA/G league and had a bad year last year. Everything will be ok
  9. I wont say snow flake again but its not name calling its saying people are too thin skinned or sensitive. I just dont think it is as bad as people calling players train wrecks or other verbal attacks. Sorry for any inconvenience. Wont happen again
  10. who took snow flake out of my text.....can i at least get a reason since it wasn't directed at a single person?
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