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  1. I thought I heard Dakich say that IU should give him a seven day deadline. I guess that means turning him away if he decides on IU at a later date? I'm not sure.
  2. His wikipedia page said he led the state in points and rebounds per game with 27.3 ppg and 10.2 rpg. IHSAA says in 2014-2015 Eugene German of 21st Century Charter-Gary led with 32 ppg.
  3. With Davis, Brunk, TJD and Race, I'm curious how this affects Justin Smith. It seems he should be freed up to play at the 3, his more natural position. I hope he is more comfortable at this position and has a good year.
  4. Don't forget CJ Walker, a transfer from FSU and Tech high school in Indy. I think He and DJ Carton will be huge for them.
  5. It's a ping pong paddle taped to his left palm. The summer league coach said it's most likely to keep his thumb off the ball on the follow through.
  6. Yet he'll still maintain that Alford should be the coach after the crapfests that were the last couple of UCLA seasons with multiple 5*'s and other top 40-60ish recruits. He did get Jaylen Hands (5* ranked 23) drafted 56th after 2 years at UCLA.
  7. For guys on the NBA radar, like Carsen Edwards and Juwan Morgan last year, I would think they get actual feedback. For the others, I can't imagine any NBA scout taking time to do any kind of research unless it's a favor to the kids coaching staff or something. Dakich, on his show today, said they submit paperwork to enter the draft and get back a drafted/not drafted response only. I could see that response for Smith and/or Durham.
  8. Windham has been a key contributor on a championship caliber team since his sophomore year. This years team was considered deep but with little varsity experience besides Windham and Jones (the big guy). The coach said he expected Windham to command a double team this year. I don't really care about the lack of offers, there should be room on a roster for an Indiana kid with that much winning experience against good competition. The entire roster doesn't have to be ranked. If the coaching staff thinks enough of him then I'm all for it.
  9. I do like his background and would assume he would be a junkyard dog type with a lot of motivation to prove that he was ranked too low. I can't see a sense of entitlement with this kid.
  10. I'm only saying that Butler played one big, Brunk or Fowler, and four undersized guys. That can work in the Horizon league but they struggled in the Big East. I think Brunks effectiveness was diminished by Butler's poorly constructed roster and he could do more at IU alongside TJD or Race.
  11. I only casually follow Butler but in recent years they haven't had any athletic bigs. Fowler and Brunk were serviceable in the middle but I haven't noticed a decent power forward in a few years. They have decent guards and now Tucker, the transfer from Duke but they have no athleticism down low. They've always gotten by by playing smart and shooting well but they seem to have fallen off in that regard. Hopefully Brunk signs and is more effective playing alongside a TJD or Race.
  12. I thought the difference was that Crean tended to oversign meaning that someone HAD to go whether they wanted to or not whereby CAM can chose to fill the scholarship or not. Maybe a minor difference but I always thought that reflected poorly on Crean but maybe that's just me.
  13. Reading these last several posts shows Watford to be too much of a diva to me. With all the apparent chemistry issues this team had the last thing this team needs is some newcomer demanding to be the man. If he doesn't want to play with Romeo then what happens if (when) Hunter comes back and plays to expectations. Is he going to complain that Hunter is getting the ball too much or Phinisee isn't getting him the ball? I'm sure papa Smith would be onboard too. I prefer someone like TJD that doesn't make demands and doesn't need tv cameras to announce his decision. Bring in a shooter and coach the guys you've got. If there are chemistry problems again next season then I'm going to have to seriously consider that CAM isn't the right guy for IU.
  14. An IndyStar article says Purdue sniffing around. I've never seen him but can imagine him eventually like a Dylan Windler type player. (meaning one that got away)
  15. Could do much worse. Plays tough competition in the MIC and has been to a couple of state championship games, winning one. Lost this year to Carmel and scored 22 I think. I like him.
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