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  1. Noticed Marian University in Indy picked up former 5* (247 ranked 29) Taeshon Cherry. He was expelled from his high school, coached by Brad Leaf, committed to USC, then decommitted when USC was under a federal bribery investigation. He was allegedly the recruit identified as "player 8" in the investigation but denies it. Committed to ASU and played 3 years. Played last year at Grand Canyon U and now supposedly will play for Marian. Never averaged more than 5.9 ppg which he did as a freshman. Hope he's actually getting an education from all this schoolin'.
  2. Archie picks up Brandon Weston from Seton Hall. He was a 4* #83 in 247 composite that missed his freshman season due to injury.
  3. Jarron Coleman to Ball State from Missouri. Indy kid (Cathedral HS)
  4. Just remember what Gen. Mattis once said: Be polite, be professional but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.
  5. Looks like their top 3 scorers were guards, one listed as a senior and the other two transferred.
  6. Thomas Allen to Ball State. Spent two years at Nebraska and two at NC State.
  7. Goodman says Crean is a "hot name" right now for UE.
  8. Looks like Butler has picked up a couple of bigs in the last week. 6'10" Jalen Thomas from Georgia St and 6'11" Manny Bates from NC State. Bates averaged 10 and 6 as a soph but only played 1 minute this past year due to a shoulder injury. Now back to your NBA talk. Ugh.
  9. It's sad. The Celtics don't stand a chance against Brooklyn and their billionaire owner.
  10. It's Life Wallet, a digital health care business that Ruiz started and is getting national publicity from these deals.
  11. Dude (Ruiz) is worth $20 billion. $800k isn't even a drop in the bucket.
  12. He'll have to fight for the Cavinder twins leftovers.
  13. Didn't see this posted. Sean East named JuCo player of the year. Shot 41% from 3. Supposedly his top 6 schools are Kentucky, Oregon, Missouri, Clemson, South Florida and BYU. Will makes his decision in a couple of weeks.
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