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  1. I think Greg Rakestraw does the broadcast and his twitter says North Central and Lawrence North.
  2. Rumor is that Greg Lansing will not be offered a new contract at IN State. Gregg Doyel wrote in an article that if that happens then Jake LaRavia would probably transfer. I wonder if there would be any interest either way. He was a 6'7" shooter in high school and is now supposedly 6'9". He's played mostly in the post but I believe Doyel said he's played some point forward too. It would be nice to have someone that big that's a threat from 3 and can handle the ball a bit although his 3 pt % is only 31% this year compared to 40.7% last year.
  3. I'm curious why would MSU pick Fife over Dwayne Stephens as their next coach?
  4. I think JMV always had inside connections with the Colts but I don't think he has any inside info with IU.
  5. Getting my first Pfizer dose in a couple of hours. Took my parents to get their 2nd dose yesterday.
  6. An Indystar article mentioned Lloyd McBride as Armaan's trainer. https://www.allhandstrainingindy.com/about
  7. How cool would it be if the GFS weather model was correct? 18-20" on the southside o'Indy. http://wxcaster.com/gis-gfs-snow-overlays2.php?STATIONID=IND
  8. And Damezi Anderson didn't play in either of them. They played 13 guys in the blowout win. I know Loyola has a veteran team and Damezi had planned to sit this year but you would think he could get in more than 3 games in this freebie of a season. I hope he's not injured.
  9. Restarting football? Big10 bb is more physical and should scratch the football itch. I say bring him in.
  10. I was thinking more about point guards.
  11. I don't. I just meant I wish CAM would look at Indy, especially when he strikes out nationally. I was just using Pack as an example.
  12. Distant cousin. Close enough for someone shooting 43% from three.
  13. Maybe he could get Javonte to transfer from LSU.
  14. I see Nijel Pack is ready to come back after getting covid. Local Indy kid that's starting for KSU as a freshman. 2.6/1 assist to turnover ratio in his 12 games. Also averaging 32 mpg. Shooting isn't bad other than his FT's. I know IU brought in Lander in this class, I just don't see why CAM can't bring in a local PG after striking out nationally. I know he's small and his rank (120) doesn't impress but almost anything would be better than running with RP and AD all the time.
  15. Add in Leal and Stewart and I agree they could be good next year. If the offensive woes continue then it may be time for a new coach but I think we'll see a lot of improvement next season.
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