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  1. Scored 23 in a 60-39 victory over Attucks tonight.
  2. CJ Gunn planning on playing Tuesday night against Tindley. Has been out with a broken toe
  3. Memphis blows a 14 pt halftime lead and loses at home to Murray State 74-72. DePaul wins in Louisville 62-55 in front of 13,127 at Yum Center (capacity 22,000)
  4. I was about to post about him. Now 11-54 (20%) on the season from 3.
  5. The two biggest bigs are out along with a guard that plays about 20 mpg. I anticipate an easy Purdue victory.
  6. Might be mildly interesting to check out Jake LaRavia at Wake. At one point I was hoping he'd come to IU.
  7. Georgia shot 54% from the field and lost at home to Wofford 68-65.
  8. Thankfully they got him out and are getting him help. This could have ended very tragically.
  9. Thought I read that he broke a toe in practice and will miss the start of the season. Hopefully he can heal quickly and have a good year.
  10. Georgia leads Virginia 32-31 at the half. Franklin with 11
  11. Butler tipping off against Houston. I can't see Butler staying close in this one.
  12. I thought 3 game suspension was for 2nd offense. I really hope this isn't the case as it's only the beginning of his freshman year. I would hope a first offense so soon after arriving here would kind of get you scared straight.
  13. On behalf of the Big 10, I'd like to thank Purdue, who in a weekend, gave us both ACC Challenge and Gavitt Games victories.
  14. I'm just not sure one NBA guard is enough. Sasha can shoot but it seems to me that Hunter and Thompson aren't quite there. To me it would be asking a lot to put together 6 wins at tourney time with those guys. Not impossible though.
  15. Wouldn't be surprised if Purdue won today but in the NCAA tournament I'd take Nova. Nova's guards are generally NBA talent and I think the guards will be Purdue's weakness. They're good enough to win the Big 10 but I'm not sure they have the talent/athleticism to win it all.
  16. Coppin State now 0-4. Four games in five days including a loss last night and a game at noon today. They may not be good but they play a lot.
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