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  1. Makur Maker went to Howard, got hurt, played two games and missed the rest of the season with injury. Signed to play professionally in Australia. Charles Bassey spent 3 years at Western Kentucky and was a 2nd round draft pick. Mitchell Robinson committed to Western Kentucky but never played for them. He trained on his own for a year and was a 2nd round draft pick. All big guys and two were foreign born. Maybe they just weren't cut out for college ball. Maker was probably over rated but the other two are in the NBA.
  2. Emoni Bates to Eastern Michigan? I take it he's from around there.
  3. He changed his mind and went into music, and maybe investing in crypto, instead.
  4. Michigan adds Joey Baker from Duke.
  5. Casey Simmons from Northwestern in the portal. Was a 2021 4* ranked 103 (247 composite)
  6. I believe Rabjohns said in an article on Peegs that she has a degree from IU.
  7. Man, I hate to hear that. Such misery and a danger to lives.
  8. By the way I agree with you I just thought a kid might not see it that way unless some of the recent Duke guys in the league voiced concerns.
  9. I just thought having a GM with Nike and NBA ties would help continue the one and done basketball factory. Having Scheyer as coach gives K an excuse to stay close as Amaker is a veteran coach and probably would prefer K stay in the distance. I would think the family that mattered were the guys in the NBA now.
  10. I don't think so. They just hired a basketball GM. https://www.zagsblog.com/2022/06/07/duke-names-ex-nike-nba-exec-rachel-baker-as-gm-of-mens-basketball-program/?utm_source=spotim&utm_medium=spotim_recirculation&utm_campaign=villanova-duo-of-cam-whitmore-mark-armstrong-leads-usa-u18s-into-semifinals&spot_im_redirect_source=pitc
  11. I'll be curious to see if he stays at Cathedral or transfers to a basketball factory.
  12. I was able to read the article. There is a pop up at the start but you can click the x and it goes away.
  13. I'm not sure anybody is saying they wouldn't win the Big Ten but they'd more than likely have a few more losses and quite possibly not be a #1 seed.
  14. Keion Brooks visiting Arizona, along with Kwame Evans.
  15. Archie picks up a PG transfer, Anthony Harris, from North Carolina.
  16. 2nd offense is 25% of games? That's making it a bigger offense, not less. 3 game suspensions have been for the 2nd offense, at least that's what I've always heard.
  17. Damezi Anderson to Detroit Mercy
  18. They are recruiting Dujuan Jr, Milt's grandson. That makes me feel really old.
  19. I thought those were his dads words. Either way, as long as he's not at UK I'll wish him luck.
  20. Noticed Marian University in Indy picked up former 5* (247 ranked 29) Taeshon Cherry. He was expelled from his high school, coached by Brad Leaf, committed to USC, then decommitted when USC was under a federal bribery investigation. He was allegedly the recruit identified as "player 8" in the investigation but denies it. Committed to ASU and played 3 years. Played last year at Grand Canyon U and now supposedly will play for Marian. Never averaged more than 5.9 ppg which he did as a freshman. Hope he's actually getting an education from all this schoolin'.
  21. Archie picks up Brandon Weston from Seton Hall. He was a 4* #83 in 247 composite that missed his freshman season due to injury.
  22. Jarron Coleman to Ball State from Missouri. Indy kid (Cathedral HS)
  23. Jake Forrester to Saint Louis.
  24. Just remember what Gen. Mattis once said: Be polite, be professional but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.
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