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  1. Holtmann's contract pays him around $2.7M a year with some deferred comp bringing it to around $3M this year. The $7M is what it cost OSU, and included the buyout paid to Butler and the taxes on the buyout, which of course Holtmann never saw. Good money for sure but he's not being paid like the big guys.
  2. JaQuan Lyle ruptures Achilles, likely to miss entire season. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/2018/09/30/evansville-native-jaquan-lyle-likely-miss-junior-year-new-mexico/1484041002/
  3. They want to play with other talented players. They're only there for a year so they might as well have fun. Besides, they see that's how the pros do it. Why would Kevin Durant want to play with Curry, Klay, and Draymond Green.
  4. Brooks measured 6'-6.5" and 186 lbs. I sure don't see him playing the 4 in the Big 10. How in the hell is he a highly ranked 5* recruit? I wonder if he considers himself a one and done.
  5. I'm glad to hear that. I would love to see how he progresses over 4 years and am always somewhat saddened when I see posters suggest he transfer because he'll never get meaningful minutes and his scholarship is needed for another 2019 recruit. I'm pretty sure it's mostly on another site where I read those comments though.
  6. Mile, I had wondered the same about the student BoR. An article I read said this: Under the "Hoosiers for Life" program, Indiana University will pay the tuition (plus books and fees) for an IU undergraduate degree for any scholarship student-athlete who leaves school early to tend to a family emergency, pursue a professional athletics career, or for any other reason. This program is open to any former student-athlete who was eligible for at least two seasons, left IU in good standing, did not transfer, and is readmitted under university rules. Also: IU Athletics is also making a Four Year Scholarship Commitment to every full head count scholarship student-athlete regardless of sport entering Indiana University to ensure that they have the time needed to earn an undergraduate degree. No athletic scholarship will be reduced because of injury, illness, physical or mental condition, or on the basis of a student-athlete's ability, performance or contribution to the team's success. Grant wasn't eligible for two seasons was he? The 2nd paragraph makes it sound like he could have accepted that he wouldn't play but kept his scholarship on the team, which apparently wasn't the case. I guess it doesn't matter since he did transfer. I was curious if he was a student at IU because his instagram showed him at an IU baseball game in April but he had earlier stated he was coming back for Little 500 so I figured he wasn't back in school. I blame HTD for me not being able to just let this go.
  7. I noticed a post from March on the Missouri State 247 board that Grant Gelon has asked for and been granted his release. Apparently happened before the coaching change. I guess his search continues.
  8. I'm hoping for improvement from Durham and Green with a year in the system under their belts. The talent around them hopefully will take pressure off them too. I'll trust CAM's eye for talent at the point. I'm encouraged by the freshman year Wright had at Colorado. He averaged 32 minutes a game and put up good numbers. FWIW, Phinisee is ranked higher than Wright was and shouldn't be asked to shoulder such a big load.
  9. I think he means Eric Hunter. Purdue recruit from Indy. He was left off the AP IN All Star team but made the other All Star team listed in the article.
  10. Aren't you in your mid-late forties? You aren't wrong but you are projecting your feelings onto these guys situations. They are chasing a dream and gambling on themselves. And going undrafted really doesn't mean much. It seems most 2nd rounders don't stick with the team that drafted them anyway. They'll play in the summer league to showcase their talent and hope for a training camp invite. If that doesn't happen there are plenty of opportunities in various pro leagues all over the world.
  11. Ryan Taylor on Arizona's radar. They can add up to 7 players to the roster and have 0 commits for 2018 class so he could start immediately. Also from the article: Evansville had the 30th-best defensive efficiency in the country this past season, allowing just 96.6 points per 100 possessions. But it surrendered 100.6 points per 100 possessions when Taylor was on the court. Taylor also ranked dead last on Evansville in defensive box plus/minus (-1.7). Maybe his defense lacks because he was so much of their offense. I still think he'd be a good get but I had no idea he was in such demand. https://www.azdesertswarm.com/basketball/2018/3/17/17134932/arizona-basketball-ryan-taylor-evansville-grad-transfer-targets-recruiting-2018-roster-depth-chart
  12. I see IU has supposedly reached out to Ryan Taylor of Evansville. 6'6" shooting guard that led his conference in scoring. Originally from Gary area, played one year at Ohio before transferring to UE. Graduates in May. The article said UCLA has interest also.
  13. Don't forget Max Montana. Plays Devin Davis in round one.
  14. I only registered to put HTD's mind at ease. I emailed the sports writer at SFCC and asked about Grant. He forwarded it to the AD who said "Grant Gelon decided not to return to State Fair Community College."
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