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  1. A little behind the curve but agree, IU is all about Academics, but they are falling behind in that area too. I have my opinions why but rules, you know.
  2. This is how I feel about texts and phone calls being a violation. Seriously so weak.
  3. Cleveland St. says hello. The next year IU 1987 championship. Never turn down an opportunity and never give up.
  4. As long as you had a good day on the ice...you had a good day. Didnt miss a thang.
  5. He played hard and gave his best effort for sure. Wish him the the best in his future endeavors. If he applies himself in life the way he did for us he will be successful. Go Al!
  6. I will show show up with a handful of letters and my autographed 1992 Final Four Basketball and tell them what IU basketball is supposed to be.
  7. One of my greatest memories is my dad took to Assembly Halll, showed me the trophy room,and we straight up walked on the Assembly hall floor and shot around. RMK was an asshole as usual,(still love the guy) @Billingsley99 you understand why we still love RMK. Anyway but would you expect any different?, but his assistant Norm Ellenberger gave us a tour of the locker rooms. My point is, I am very familiar with Indiana University even thought I didnt go there because $$$. But I work in town and am so pissed off I will bust down doors and deliver letters in person for y'all.
  8. But I work in town and am serious when I say I will show up and knock on the door. Letters in and I will cosign all of them. I'm tired of this garbage.
  9. To add to it. Pay me and I will come. Rather than me picking it up, anyone can email and I can print it. It is 2021 after all. I will still hand deliver.
  10. Brunk give a ton of effort but as much as I like Brunk I dont think he is a difference maker. He is a good guy to have around though.
  11. Want me to print it out and hand deliver it? I will be in Bloomington on monday and after all this is a public university that our tax dollars pay for so I can go wherever the hell I want to. I will even add my name to it.
  12. I've said this multiple times the last few years. This administration doesnt understand the value of IU basketball. Use the basketball program for name recognition. IU academics used to be toward the top. Ever since this administration started valuing out of state tuition instead of education the value of an IU education keeps falling. And our basketball program continues to suffer because of it. This is why you cant have an Aussie as president of a school like IU.
  13. I'm on salary. I will be in Bloomington on Monday. Write it, print it, I will come pick it up and personally deliver it.
  14. Ordering some seeds tomorrow. First time growing from seeds myself. Only other times were a gradeschool project and helping my stepdad grow marijuana. My handicap uncle would drive us out to some land our family owned and my stepdad would get out and tell me he was planting carrots. Lol.
  15. 4 frickin years and arguably the easiest part of the game to correct and no improvement, probably regression. It's just boggles the mind.
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