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  1. Could it be possible there is a structural issue he just wants to get away from and is selling low and making it someone else problem?
  2. Sure. It makes enough to do a rack of ribs with some leftover but can easily be doubled or more. I rub whatever I'm doing the night before and wrap in saran wrap and refrigerate.
  3. When smoking ribs I remove the rib cap when prepping them. Season with my homemade rub, after about 2 hours on the smoker makes for nice little snack. I've settled in on pecan wood, hickory and white oak when I can get it for my smoking wood.
  4. mrflynn03


    You're right. Looks like they just did. I read about it a couple months ago and they hadn't yet.
  5. mrflynn03


    EPA is also considering increasing ethanol percentage is gas. Really hope they drop that idea for multiple reasons.
  6. There are a few I watch from time to time. One that is fun for me is 02 kent state in the EE. The first half in particular.
  7. mrflynn03


    Guess I'm going to have to shop for a hovercraft. This monsoon is relentless. Alot of planted fields around me are flooded and getting wasted. What a wild year so far.
  8. Agreed. Have got to keep them out of the lakes. This is one thing I dont care how much money is spent to fix it, if they get into the lakes oit will be near impossible to stop.
  9. I doubt most people realize how serious of a problem this is. Invasive species can destroy an ecosystem and affect local economies. When it come to fish, some can reproduce so rapidly that it becomes uncontrollable. A good example is West Boggs Lake down around me. It was a good lake for panfish and bass. They hosted bass fishing tournaments. Bass fisherman, whether they used them for bait or whatever, were putting gizzard shad in the lake. Totally destroyed bluegill fishing because gizzard shad out produced and out competed the bluegill for resources. They had to drain the lake and restock a few years ago. Used to put out river nets and camp out on sandbars and run trot lines. Gars got there noses stuck in the sand and used for target practice, carp tossed in the woods. Didnt have asain carp back then though.
  10. mrflynn03


    This rain is relentless and ridiculous and I'm so tired of it. Yesterday, in one day, jasper got 4 inches and huntingburg 8 inches. I can't get anything done outside. I really feel bad for farmers and am thankful my livelihood doesnt depend on the weather. My brother's FIL has a good sized farming operation and he works for him and he said they do 100% no till and were able to get all their ground planted but most are struggling this year.
  11. I have an uncle who is handicapped, has to use a wheelchair. He needs the handicap space for room to use his chair lift. Disrespect for handicap people infuriates me because I have seen first hand how hard it is to get around like that.
  12. When in construction traffic on the interstate, I can't stand the drivers who get all the way to the end of a closed lane and then try to merge. I do not let these people in.
  13. Seconded. Am going to Bloomington for my biweekly grocery trip on Saturday. Hope I can find some. It is usually available.
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