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  1. The heat in my car quit working. What good timing. At least my truck still works but my wife has to chauffeur me back and forth to work because she needs it too. It's too cold.
  2. Too much beer clouds the memory. Totally forgot about that.
  3. At halftime I was thinking reversion to the mean. No way they could keep shooting 3's like that.
  4. I'm not sure If happy veterans day is the right salutation but i have nothing but admiration for those who served. Have personally known Grandpas who are Korean and Vietnam war veterans, my wife has a grandpa who served in the navy in the Pacific during WW2 and an uncle who didn't make it back from Vietnam. We thank you all.
  5. No torn Achilles, but have strained an intercostal multiple times and severely spained ankles. Dont know what an Achilles injury is like but sucking wind for 4 months, and hobbling around isn't fun. Wish you a speedy recovery.
  6. With as weak as the non con schedule is it makes sense to not be in a hurry. We can do fine while they recover.
  7. I just hope we do enough to not get sent out west to play a pac 12 team again. Would like to be paired up with an sec team closer to home.
  8. Not necessarily true. Alot of quality insider info you can get here that "the google" wont have.
  9. This makes me happy. Can this day get any better?
  10. Even if only for a week I would like to see us ranked because it would be the first time I've ever seen it.
  11. When I was traveling around Louisiana I got some fresh chitlins from a gas station thinking they were the same as pork rinds. Was not a fan. Wasnt until watching bizarre foods a few years later that I learned what it was. I can do sausages but eating them straight they are a bit too barnyard tasting for me.
  12. Seems I have a few of these checked off. But I am staying away from South Carolina.
  13. As a connoisseur of massive pork tenderloins this offends me. Really thought indiana would have that. I've had the persimmon pudding and while good isn't something I would consider bucket list.
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