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    I know the feeling. One of my go to options was arby's beef and cheddar bowl. At least the one I went to gave you a pile of roast beef. It was plenty of food and satisfied my cravings. I switched to paleo because I was abusing dairy and ignoring salads. It's much harder for me to find quick option and be strict.
  2. mrflynn03


    Burger King used to have a spicy tender crisp chicken sandwich. It was yuge and delicious. I haven't been back but a co ui please time since they got rid of it.
  3. mrflynn03


    I tried having it last year while doing keto. Was disappointing staying keto and watching other people eat all the carbs.
  4. mrflynn03


    Their food is good but the first time I had it I expected the sandwiches to be a little bigger. Maybe it's just me but seemed a bit on the small side for the price.
  5. mrflynn03


    Something I've noticed that seems to be a pattern is romeo not getting many or any touches early. During this time there are a couple other guys taking poor shots or wild runners. Makes me think they are trying to do what romeo can but aren't talented enough to finish the way romeo does. It just seems the team chemistry is not right at this time.
  6. Crean definitely has/had an eye for talent. Maybe more luck than skill? I don't know, but Juwan is a diamond in the rough type player. Did he develope on his own? Would Crean get the same results? Or has he blossomed with archie? Just asking for your thoughts because I don't think CTC would have the JM we have now.
  7. mrflynn03

    1-15 Dakich

    If it was up to me I would try to get Jared Jeffries on staff. Good guy, played for IU, played pro, Bloomington native. Just seems right.
  8. I wish he played more for Knight. But he was a prototypical RMK recruit. Tough as nails. I also remember Michael Lewis. My dad moved to Jasper when I was young and my dad was big supporter of the school in whatever town he lived in. My dad graduated and played at Switz city before itwas consolidated into WRV. Wanted me to play at the hatchet house which I did a couple years. Anyway, I remember my dad taking me to jasper every other weekend(divorced parents) and I got to shoot around with Michael Lewis and Harris Mujezenovic's little brother Faruk. Good times.
  9. I totally agree with this. Rmk made a ff4 in year 2. He knew what talent he had available. He also knew when to let players loose. And to play to or expose other coaches/teams weaknesses(84 UNC S16 and 92 UNLV for ex.) I like archie a lot but be needs to be less stubborn/rigid and adapt to what tools he has available. PS. Tom Coverdale made the 02 run happen. Fife, Moye,Jefferies,Leach were as much valuable but Coverdale's toughness is second to none. Donald Perry did do a good job in his place though.
  10. mrflynn03

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    How does TV Ted still have a job? I can't believe people still hire that joker.
  11. mrflynn03

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    https://youtu.be/m1ihZ5xJSNwhttps://youtu.be/m1ihZ5xJSNw My current mood.
  12. mrflynn03

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    Agreed. And i think his sidekick is errek suhr. Talks too much.
  13. mrflynn03

    Could you do it?

    I would try with the caveat that nobody can take a video of it.
  14. mrflynn03


    I got blindsided my senior year. got hit in the back of the head helmet to helmet. Didnt knock me out but everything went black for a minute or so. I thought I went blind. Sight came back finished game and season. No doctor or bench time. Before my freshman year had a dirt bike wreck that knocked me out hard. I was going 60 truck pulled out and my head got real familiar with the gravel road. I remember waking up in the ditch. a friend was riding in the truck and a few days later he had to tell me what happened because I couldn't remember. Still dont. I regret being so stubborn and refusing to go to the hospital. Im really lucky to have walked away from that. I was wearing a helmet or else I wouldn't be here. I hit so hard it cracked it.
  15. mrflynn03


    I wonder if the players that get put under protocol have any say in when they return? I know I would not want to be benched if I felt ready to play just because of a protocol.