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  1. Everyone knows Dirty Harry. But what about Sudden Impact. Smith and Wesson and, Me.
  2. The fact we are in the conversation is unbelievable. Hope to be in it for years to come.
  3. A new one that came up. The Christmas Chronicles. Kurt Russell plays Santa Claus. I thought it was pretty good. Watched it on Netflix.
  4. I Love rabbits. Eating them that is. Rabbits are delicious. My favorite food group.
  5. Nothing wrong with quail. Have shot and ate quite a few. But who doesn't like turkey?
  6. I agree. You are right, and I used poop heads instead of profanity because of board rules. I have have a better term for it. I just feel like like I'm living in a world that is stuck in 2nd grade.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here is my bird. Cooked in an electric roaster and a few minutes in the oven with broiler on high. One change I made this year. Lift up the skin and put a slab of butter on top of each breast.
  8. Planes, Trains, add Automobiles Die hard A Charlie Brown Christmas
  9. Yep. I will give a hint to one of the other 2. Knight tapped him on the head during a game.
  10. Who are the only three people to win an NCAA basketball tournament as a coach and a player?
  11. So, I'm really pissed off right now. Not in the habit of quoting myself but want to say, my Chinese bearings wore out and no, I wont do it again. Just going to buy a new one. BTW, F China.
  12. Here is my thoughts on herd immunity. It will eventually happen, with vaccines and natural transmission. Past pandemics typically last 18-24 months. @tdhoosier some time back I said I would eat crow if I was wrong. Well eating crow isnt too bad with copious amounts of hot sauce. I've resigned myself to the point that we will probably be dealing with this until late next year or mid 2021. A vaccine will not be a panacea.
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