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  1. Easy to forget about Eisenhower, but I agree. We need leaders who are principled and represent the majority, the middle, but also those on the fringes. The 50's would have been a helluva time to grow up in.
  2. We need another Martin Luther King Jr. and another JFK right about now.
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antifa_(United_States) Their main requirements are being communist jackbooted thugs. Predominantly, white, live in their parents basements, bootlickers. But anyone can join, regardless of color.
  4. Why is Antifa, a white terrorist organization, participating in destroying businesses in black neighborhoods. Just wondering? YouTube keeps deleting it so watch before its scrubbed.
  5. Anyone seen this? What those cops did is wrong no doubt. All 4 need to be put awayy But the riots and response is uncalled for. Let justice do it work. The wheels of government move slow. But no need to burn down city blocks. My question is why did they walk him across the street when there was a patrol car right there. Read him his rights?
  6. At least they are wearing masks right
  7. I have spent alot of time studying history, so for brevity, the 60's is my forte. This economic situation worries the shit out of me. I hope I'm wrong but I think it will be worse than the great depression.
  8. Totally agree, but most people are to damn dumb to realize the are being used and manipulated. The internet and social media, and the abandoning of god has led to this.
  9. But rioting doesn't work. This crap is pushed by billionaires, George Soros, and owned media. We are being spoon fed the extreme when 90% of us exist in the middle.
  10. Open fire. What else is left? Makes me sad that we are experiencing the worst time in America since 1968, but I'm ready and willing to fight if needed.
  11. Rusty nuts and bolts are my kryptonite. Slows me down so much. Cutting torch and seawall is my friend too.
  12. A little dated but still relevant. Police Departments lower admission standards Not intending to bash cops, but it isn't that desirable of a job anymore and police departments across the country have been lowering standards for admissions. Also really hard to fire cops because of police unions. And they lack adequate mental help. Have had several friends from high school become city cops, not because they had an innate desire to do it, but because it was available and easy for them to get into.
  13. Caught one in Virginia beach and another in Key West. They are poisonous, if you get stuck by one it will swell you up. Dont ask how I know.😟
  14. I spent 12 years in scouting and understand flag etiquette. How to fold it, fly it, and treat it. Also, have many family members serve in all branches. Anyone who signs their butt away to uncle sam can fly the flag any damn way they please. But when the anthem plays, I was taught to salute, hand over heart, or parade attention.
  15. Probably because murder 1 requires some level of premeditation. Keep in mind a prosecutor is going to lay on charges that are most likely to stick. Not a lawyer, but sat on a federal jury selection panel for the Grundy gang case last year and learned alot about judicial proceedings.
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