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  1. I am surprised by that. Barr Reeve smoked Washington in the annual opener and Washington beat Loogootee just a few weeks later. All 3 are good teams this year. Tired of losing to Barr Reeve though.
  2. I like when Purdue loses too, but why not celebrate an IU road win over a purdue loss? We are IU fans first right?
  3. Mine is gone every thursday by 8 am. I like the consistency. Speaking of taking out the trash, I expect our Hoosiers to do that in Lincoln saturday night and hopefully early.
  4. I mail one check for local trash pickup. Everything else is phone or online. Another benefit to online banking is never having to balance a checkbook, one of life's greatest timesavers, second only to peeing in the sink while brushing your teeth in the morning...... I kid, it was a joke on an Adam carolla podcast.
  5. Keep in mind a weak/injured core/abdominal injury will affect other parts of the body. An abdominal injury is a serious injury.
  6. I am really liking watching TJD play. Really reminds me of Henderson. Really fun to watch. He will most likely have another year at IU and if so good for him and IU. He will get his time the pros.
  7. I guess I was thinking geographically and not about the $$$.
  8. I really think Missouri and Iowa State would fit in the B1G and hell of a lot better than Rutgers and Maryland. We already have Nebraska and Iowa And I would kick Penn State out and keep Maryland.
  9. I know IU has a long way to go to get respect back but being 13-3 having no bad losses and beating FSU and OSU and barely sniffing top 25. And Pu recieving votes? Give me a break. Ridiculous.
  10. Not too take anything away from this mans great story but it was my first game there too and this was the first thing I thought of when I walked in. Cant imagine how great of a time it was for Mr. Farris. Glad he got a good game to go to.
  11. When all the conference realigning was going on I thought Missouri would have been a good fit. As for Rutgers. Will be tough but I think IU will pull out a win. I like our chances anyway.
  12. Not at all. Worth every penny. Will be back again for sure.
  13. Being there was effing awesome. I hope it's not premature but whatever archie did worked totally different team. One thing I noticed is every time a player was subbed out they went down the entire bench giving out fives. Coaches and walkons and scholarship players. It really seems archie got through to them.
  14. It's good seeing deron in and contributing.
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