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  1. mrflynn03

    Marquette Post game

    It doesnt need to happen either. He is still putting up points and the team is too. They scored 96 on Marquette. I dont think scoring for this team will be a problem.
  2. mrflynn03

    Marquette Post game

    One thing im really enjoying is the passing and getting the ball around especially inside out and the hustle plays.
  3. mrflynn03

    Marquette Post game

    YES!!YES!!YES!! The defense,the scoring! Still work to do but so much impovement. I am so hopeful for the future.
  4. mrflynn03

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    I cant find the words. This is awesome!
  5. mrflynn03

    Things to ponder.

    I believe so. But my go to combo is bacon, pineapple, onion, fresh jalapeno. I dont think it goes with pepperoni.
  6. mrflynn03

    Marquette Pregame Thread

    Is this why i cant find a case of water in town (So Indiana btw) I have a forecast of 1-3 inches. Probably be zero.
  7. mrflynn03

    Brian Evans

    So im not the only one. I too played outside in the winter in a #40 jersey. I dont know how many last second championship shots I took for IU growing up.
  8. mrflynn03

    Montana State Postgame Thread

    Even with poor 3pt and FT shooting still put up 80. And defense and low TO's I havent seen IUBB like this in 25 years. I am beyond excited.
  9. mrflynn03

    Brian Evans

    Brian Evans was who I looked up to the most growing up. Maybe my most favorite player next to Bailey or Cheney, but really I love all those guys on those early to mid 90's teams. Got to meet and spend time with a few of them. Growing up, my dream was to play for IU and RMK. There was no other option. Of course I was not good enough. The thing I cant get used to is, IU not being a destination. I think Archie can bring it back some but I dont think it will be like it used to be where it was IU or bust.
  10. mrflynn03

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    I think IU loses this one and loses out going 4-8. I really like Allen. But I think he should be a DC for IU and Glass needs to open the checkbook and pay out for a coach who wants the challenge of building this program.
  11. mrflynn03

    Chicago State Postgame Thread

    Didnt RMK stop play in practice to simulate in game free throw scenarios? If CAM doesnt do this it cant hurt.
  12. mrflynn03

    Chicago State Postgame Thread

    Take out Romeo and Deron and the team shot 70% from the line. Those two should spend twice as much time than the rest on FT practice. But more practice is never bad for anyone.
  13. mrflynn03

    Chicago State Postgame Thread

    Fitzner looks to be a solid pickup. Loving Robs game. I hope mcbob keeps taking a few shots a game. Hopefully these slow starts work themselves out.
  14. mrflynn03

    Weight loss motivational thread

    265. Took time off work and been forgetting to check in. Spent a couple days in nashville. Hot chicken, bbq, and beer not good for the scale.
  15. mrflynn03

    Best "small" to play for IU ?

    When I was growing up in the early mid 90's the game was still a game. Now it is a business and players are products it seems. Still enjoy following IU and I feel CAM is bringing back the approach to the game I grew up with. Pistol pete was out of control. He did what he did on mediocre teams.