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  1. I think what we should be looking at, is If there is a spike in deaths. I dont think it should surprise anyone the raw numbers of cases will increase with more testing and, let's be real I'm tired of the hypocrisy, the mass gatherings of all sorts aren't helping. But we need to look at the statistics and not the raw numbers. I'm no expert but I didnt spend alot of money and time to get a BS in Science, and like @Leathernecks be frustrated with the crap "science " that's pushing this.
  2. I'm halfway through the 3rd season of The Americans, very good, and soundtrack is solid, I'm more of a 90's kid but got a taste of the 80's, and it definitely captures the feel of that time period. +1 for the The Shield. Good show. Recommend Justified to if it hasn't been mentioned.
  3. Grill is lit Cook these, eat, and entertain/piss off my neighbors with my fireworks show.
  4. Have to admit, when I posted that article vodka had severely affected my reading comprehension. Just sayin. I did reread it though.
  5. For those that dont know, and interesting coincidence. Thomas Jefferson and John Adam's both died on July 4th, 1826.
  6. Maybe something similar to this https://www.statnews.com/2020/06/09/who-comments-asymptomatic-spread-covid-19/ Maybe, if these so called experts could show some humility and admit they really dont know what they are doing right now and let us give them time to figure it out. But we live in a world of instant gratification and most of our peers are too dumb to wait for anything that takes time.
  7. Marx is dead but unfortunately his ideology is alive and well.
  8. I cant help but correct a historical inaccuracy. The Americas were uninhabited until Paleo- Indians crossed the Beringia land bridge(from modern day Siberia) about 40,000 years ago during the late Pleistocene era. Nobody has stolen land from anyone. Land is conquered and has been since the beginning of human history. And this new BS about Mt Rushmore. They should talk to the French first because Thomas Jefferson bought that land from the French in this deal called the Louisiana Purchase.
  9. Teddy Roosevelt. American badass. Established the National park system and gave a 90 minute speech after being shot in the chest.
  10. Operation Mockingbird in full effect
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