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  1. I have uhh, enough guns, I don't always carry, I have rifles, muzzleloaders and pistols. Some for Hunting, some for home defense, and the rest because history and I just want them. But I would never hurt anyone. Just let me alone is all I ask.
  2. Can you develop an argument otherwise?
  3. YES. Research World Economic Forum. The Great Reset. New World Order. It's been over 2 damn years with no end in site. It is and has always been about control.
  4. I had access to whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but was taught the 4 rules and how to be responsible and was in the boy scouts. If I had kids, I would NOT give them the same freedom I had as a youngster.
  5. After all this time, if people can't figure out this is all about government using a manufactured crisis to control the population and bring about the New World Order, I don't know what to tell you. I don't fear death and will rest easy in heaven. But will rain hell on any and all comers.
  6. I'm going to back up @dgambillright now. Growing up I got a gun every Christmas and birthday, had access to whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. That said, I would not do that if I had kids today. Anyway, Would keep them in my truck and go hunting after school, no problem. Never in my life did I ever consider harming anyone. I can't fathom that. But, whether you believe in God, Jesus, Bhudda, or whatever, there is a moral breakdown in our society that I believe is irreconcilable. Hatred permeates our world. How do we beat it?
  7. I don't think hate crime laws should even exist. A violent crime is a crime regardless of the motivation. Hate crime laws are too ambiguous and allow for human emotion to enter the equation.
  8. I know people say otherwise but I can't see how it's not a factor. Not everyone but it only takes a few.
  9. At my wife's parents tonight. If her dad doesn't stay up til midnight again may get to watch it live. If not then I guess it's BBC again.
  10. I believe the internet and social media play a large role in the mental health issues. The brain isn't fully developed until about 25 and I just don't think the human mind is built for the information overload we deal with today. JMO
  11. In this day, any gun owner with kids should keep them locked in a safe. If the parent wants to carry then maintain possession. With all the options for safe storage no reason to not lock them up.
  12. I spent a summer working all over Louisiana. BK going from a frozen tundra to swamp ass.
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