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  1. Wisconsin. I dont know why exactly but everything about Wisconsin annoys me. I liked it better when they were terrible and IU dominated.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. Helps having ideas when coming up with a plan.
  3. I dont really have much of value. Cheap electronics, guns but they are hopefully secure, wife's engagement ring is in a safe at a friend's house. That's the only thing we really dont want to lose. I had thought of putting wood in the windows just a little bit before you mentioned. Does it matter what I use? Just looking at being cost effective. I'm hoping I have lazy thieves and they give up.
  4. Thanks, I do have a dog. He is small but loud. So hopefully that helps.
  5. So by accident last night i discovered someone has been pawing around trying to get in my house. I stuck my head out of the bathroom window to see what my wife was doing outside and thought where did my screen go? It had been slid up and there were fingerprints all over the window. I checked other accessible windows and found fingerprints all over my living room window too. Had a sheriff deputy come by and he confirmed I'm not crazy. So im installing a deadbolt on saturday. Any tips or tricks on securing doors or windows would be helpful.
  6. I see no problem allowing players to make money off of their likeness. If anything it would be an incentive to work harder to get better and more recognizable. But I dont think they should be paid directly. I think it would cause more problems that would have to be dealt with. It's not just basketball players that want to be paid. Where would the money come from? Higher tuition for non-athlete, non-scholarship students to pay for student athletes on scholarship? I guess you could not offer scholarships if they were paid. And to answer iuscott's question, it would most likely change how I view college sports.
  7. The old Washington location is the one I was wondering about. Vincennes does have a monicals now on the far west side. Another bobes favorites is their cheese bread. I haven't been there in quite awhile. I'm going to have to get some soon.
  8. Lawrence Funderburke I wonder sometimes how many title opportunities knight cost himself.
  9. It's good to see Monicals making comeback. Their breadsticks and their sweet and tart dressing is the best. And some damn good thin crust pizza. Plus its makes the wife happy since she followed me down here.
  10. I grew up on Bobe's and worked at Mr. Gattis who's pizza was terrible but had a nice game room. My wife is from Central Illinois and turned me on to Monicals. Maybe a little before my time but I remember someone I worked with saying the old hunan garden across from Wendy's was a monicals pizza in the 80's? Agree on Bobe's Faruch btw.
  11. Holy cow. I've made a junior sized version similar to elvis's sandwich with one twist. I put butter and cinnamon sugar on the outside before I cook it a bit. Did not realize he preferred a coronary sized sandwich.
  12. mrflynn03


    Was sitting in math class sophomore year. TV was turned on right after it started. We just watched news all day. Been awhile since I've thought about what it felt like watching it. A new guy at work who was only 4 at the time asked what it was like. I just remember thinking the world is going to change forever. It surely did and some of the things that are happening right now I cant believe I would ever see.
  13. mrflynn03


    If you read the book or watched the movie We Were Soldiers.... This dude was on top of it before anyone https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Rescorla
  14. mrflynn03


    Did he serve with the famed 442nd infantry? What the Japanese done in Italy at that time deserves much respect.
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