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  1. I'm getting cured off the Wild Turkey. My top choice.
  2. What would be the other two? Just curious. I remembered Colorado steakhouse before they closed and reopened being really good but Bloomington doesn't have very many steakhouses. I know it's a chain but Longhorn is very good.
  3. Jankos is great. I recommend also trying the meatballs.
  4. I don't like to pay people to fix things I can do myself. Alot of projects are first time experiences. Have a front load washing machine with worn out bearings. Decided to replace them because parts cost $100 versus a new machine. Holy crap was it a job and a half. Took me 6 hours. Basically had to disassemble and reassemble the whole machine. But was ultimately successful. Because it is who I am I will probably do it again. Just needed to vent. PS. Had some leftover screws. But that always happens.
  5. Win it. Need some confidence and momentum going into the offseason.
  6. I feel like IU has more hurdles to jump than most other programs. I feel like there is this desire in the cbb community to never see us succeed again. It's so frustrating.
  7. I looked it up on John Harrell's website and the game I was remembering was with East Chicago Central in 04-05. What I remember is they wanted to play up there but, because they were the school that wanted to play WHS, it would be on our terms. Some interesting, at least to me WHS basketball history, a guy by the name of Dave Degenertt who was African-American helped lead us to the 1930 state championship was the first integrated team to win. And the 1941,42 championship team included an African American, Charles Harmon who followed Jackie Robinson as the second African American to play MLB and the first to play for the Cincinnati R.eds I do remember that state championship game you linked.
  8. It is unsportsmanlike conduct. Nothing more nothing less. Thanks for the perspective.
  9. Could uh cultural differences be a factor? I only ask because I remember when my school, Washington a couple years after I graduated was asked to play a team from Gary when Luke Zeller was playing, wanted to play us but there were some concerns about fan relations and where the game should be played.
  10. Red Baron makes personal sized pizzas.
  11. If your take is right about wanting to limit sports and not wanting them to be bigger than the university then that is a severe miscalculation. Sports would only add to brand recognition. There are so many universities I wouldnt know existed if not for the sports programs.
  12. There were quite a few sightings throughout the ohio valley in indiana and on the Kentucky side with several tornadoes. This is a short video of the cell they were following. I'm guessing this is what passed over my location. Looks like a developing wall cloud. https://mobile.twitter.com/ISPVersailles/status/1106256323602235392 I will say I would rather have a couple hours of this and a warm sunny aftermath than what so many people are dealing with your way.
  13. Had a tornado warning at work today. Pretty close to being the real deal. At one point it hailed marble size hail so thick you couldn't see 20 yards. When the hail started to rotating decided no longer fun to watch anymore and got cover.
  14. If we win this I will need a defibrillator.
  15. Redears are some feisty hardfighting panfish. Love catching those on an ultralight rig.
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