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  1. Been a long time since I've been to UE campus, I graduated from USI. The living arrangements at USI from dorms to on campus apartments are far more comfortable than the sardine can dorm rooms at UE. And with the new gym at USI I can't see anyone picking UE over USI unless it was their only option.
  2. I buy onion buns(any bun you like will work) and roast beef from the deli. I like boars head. I butter and toast the buns and warm up the roast beef with a little bit of beef stock in the skillet. Cheese sauce(can adjust but keep ratio) 4oz sharp cheddar 4oz American 1/4 cup half and half Stir on low/med low heat until melted Arbys red sauce(I spice to taste but spice measurements should be close) 1 cup ketchup 2 tbsp apple cider or white vinegar 1/2 tsp honey 1/2 tsp paprika A little garlic and onion powder Salt 1/4 water 2 tsp Mayo You can make and reheat sauce or cook and let simmer 5-10 mins. Just need to let flavors come together.
  3. I grilled a full bird the other day. I like quarters and wife likes white meat. So I buy whole chickens and break them down. The leftover was made into a grilled chicken salad. For a side I roasted Brussel sprouts in bacon grease. After they were finished I added a diced up peice of bacon and maple butter. To make the maple butter I used 2 tablespoons of softened butter and 1 tablespoon maple syrup and tossed it all together. I recommend trying this
  4. I've not tried tongue. I'm getting more adventurous. I have a package of 50/50 grass fed ground beef and liver mix in the freezer. I like the idea of the health benefits of liver but don't like the texture. Although I'll eat the crap out of a liver pate.
  5. On the rare occasion I go to steak n shake anymore is for a Chili Mac and cherry sprite. Last one I went to was in bedford probably about 6 months ago. It's wasn't too bad. I got an original triple steak burger, don't think anything smaller would have been enough and the menu looked smaller. Anymore I find myself making copycats of what I'm craving using better quality ingredients. Mostly due to lack of access. I believe I've perfected the Arby's beef n cheddar. For Christmas I got a cast iron griddle for the grill and a utensil set to make diner style smashburgers.
  6. Sometimes you can't make this stuff up. Toby Braveboy from Coward South Carolina https://look.substack.com/p/toby-braveboy-from-coward-sc?s=r
  7. I'm starting a new one because I am unable to search or navigate pages. The reason why is I recently rewatched the movie We Were Soldiers. Overall a very good movie but the ending is entirely Hollywood and untrue. Colonel Moore was the last from the 1/7 to leave LZ Xray. But another battle took place a few hours later at LZ Albany between the2/7 Cav and Alpha Company from the 1/5. George Forrester was captain of A 1/5 and pretty much saved the day. By my estimation 9 Hoosiers lost their life in the battle of LZ Xray and LZ Albany. One of them from Williams Indiana about 15 minutes from my house. https://youtu.be/jPRI48pQJIY
  8. The first movie I ever watched with my grandma was Dirty Harry on a betamax.
  9. Agreed. And in addition to the spaghetti westerns you have Hang em High and High Plains Drifter. And arguably the best The Outlaw Josey Wales. I'm only a few movies away from finishing my Clint Eastwood collection.
  10. You have to be a workaholic. 9 wives sounds exhausting. Unless you met 8 in Vegas.
  11. Don't know if it's just coincidence but I've seen several gas stations that don't have the price on the sign. Also saw where gas stations in Washington state are adding and extra digit in anticipation of $10 a gallon.
  12. Since I can neither use the search function or navigate pages has anyone watched The Last Kingdom? Looking for a new show to binge.
  13. I was really hoping teleportation would have become a thing. Would really cut down on the daily commute. I'm not sure I would want to travel to the future if I couldn't come back to present.
  14. I think it was Stephen Hawking that said that if there is intelligent life out there we are better off if we don't meet them. They may look at us the way we look at bacteria. As for time travel, if it was possible, an older version of me would have already shown up to kick my ass.
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