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  1. Not exactly a doppelganger but my wife doesnt look much unlike her. Short, brown eyed brunette. I'm a lucky dude.
  2. You just sent me into a 90's music spiral....down,down,down but I have all night.
  3. Are you familiar with this navy veteran? Another Woodstock Joe.
  4. Whatever you think about the woman it takes a strong person to endure what what she did. I am currently dealing with a similar situation, my wifes longtime client who just bought us a car has a brain tumor. This is her 4th round with cancer and it isn't looking good. Cancer sucks.
  5. Joe Montana Joe Mantegna Joe Hooper
  6. One of my favorite artists Merle Haggard with my favorite song among many
  7. Brian Johnson was a great replacement, but Bon Scott,had he lived a whole life would in consideration for the best Frontman of all time. In my opinion his only rivals would be Freddie Mercury and Mic Jagger.
  8. Here is one for you baseball fans
  9. My dad was a diehard REO Speedwagon fan and we went to an REO concert every year. Just so happens he died of a heart attack in my hands at an Reo Speedwagon concert at White River State park in Indy. It was tough at first but at least he was with me at a place he loved. A couple of our favorites
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