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  1. Have you watched Mindhunters? Really hoping for a season 3.
  2. Where did you watch that? Serial killers intrigue me. I find them interesting.
  3. Who won 2 olympic gold medals with mismatched shoes he dug out of a trash can after his shoes were stolen?
  4. Something I think that is overlooked in the food most people eat is almost everything has sugar or some derivative added in it. Anything that ends in the suffix -ose, or things like maltodextrin which you would never know is a corn syrup solid is sugar. It is meant to be addictive and trigger a dopamine response to keep you coming back. I cut out sugar several years ago and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to quit. Considering what else I've had to quit I think that says alot. I can't even stand to eat a Hershey nugget anymore.
  5. I'm being serious as I was just at the funeral of someone only 3 years older than me. Go to a viewing of someone around your age. At least for me, really put things in perspective.
  6. Digging this up from the deep. Pretty cool story Indiana related. Going to buy some popcorn Jelly Bellies now. Jelly Belly golden ticket
  7. Half of our schedule is in the top 25 now. Brutal.
  8. It's one thing to throw yourself like a human torpedo at a player in the open field and another thing to bump helmets within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. Really hard for me to believe you can build enough momentum fighting through blockers to make a tackle.
  9. I haven't but now I'm craving ice cream.
  10. My best friend and I growing up argued over who was the better coach. Joe Pa or Bobby Bowden. My friend said Bobby Bowden, but because of Big Ten I said Joe Pa. Both me and my friend loved Bear Bryant. Anyway, my friend was right. Bobby Bowden was the better coach and a hell of a better person. Spent a week at State College in Nov. 2008 for a pasteurization course at their creamery. Great ice cream. All Paterno statues removed but they still wanted you to pay $$ to see the museum/stadium. I hate PSU and wish they never joined the Big 10. I want them to suck.
  11. Doesn't McFadden have to sit the first half next week? Ejection and half game suspension is way to much for what should have been a no call. Geez. I still expect to make a bowl game this season which is where IU's baseline expectation should be right now. Still disappointed though.
  12. Hope we don't regret passing up the fg in the first half.
  13. Targeting rule shouldn't exist. Can't take the hits then quit.
  14. Just frustrated by it all. It just feels like it will never end. I guess almost 2 years of hearing the same things on repeat wears you out. I am a fan of the social distancing though. The weather cools off soon. Think I will go to Brown County SP for a day and leave the phone behind.
  15. KFC slogan "finger lickin good" translates to "we'll eat your fingers off" in Chinese.
  16. Was just thinking, maybe I shouldn't, but american workers(taxpayers) are going to be forced to get it, but they aren't going to force welfare recipients to get it? What's up with that?
  17. @Hoosierfan1901 Is your team you root for Memerorial? I had an oppurtunity to be on Jaspers 2002 state championship team but chose to stay with mom and friends instead of moving in with my dad. What a hell of a choice for a 14 year old.
  18. I will say it once more, this pandemic is being used to control the population. Just look at whats going on in Australia. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.yahoo.com/amphtml/australian-quarantine-residences-limiting-alcohol-210800858.html
  19. What proven ways? Nothing is stopping the spread. Not masks, or vaccinnes. Vaccinated people contribute to the spread. Not trying to be an ass but delta burned through with these measures in place. The vaccine is proving to be ineffective at stopping or slowing the spread. Its an effective therapuetic for a lot of people and thats about it. We will not vaccinate our way out of this.
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