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  1. I'm sorry to bring this up from the basement. But I need some advice. I come from a shithole family. Drug addicts, alcoholics, wife beaters. I got lucky to have a really great dad. And my stepdad did all he could and has given me so much. But he is 60 this year and not doing well. Recently had a stroke. I really dont know what I'm trying to say. it's just makes me sad seeing someone who used to be so strong being weak.
  2. It kinda does though. My stepdad experimented with biodiesel and hydrogen fuel cells with some success. We worked on it together. He was a high school dropout, got his GED, went on to community college at VU in the 80's for computer technology. Worked in coal mines and is now Senior Electrician at IPL. Best thing he ever did for me was buy me a 155 peice toolset and give me a Chilton manual. Been fixing everything myself since I was 15.
  3. Haha, for sure. Been a awhile so dont remember. All I remember is rivers are a cheap and efficient source of energy. Solar is the same but takes more space. But using the tide for energy is interesting, and you can time the tide.
  4. About energy, I took an Aquatic biology class in college. According to my professor hydroelectric dams all over the Ohio River. There is a series of locks and dams from Huntington, WV to Evansville, IN. They are functional and could easily provide energy to the Ohio Valley region. But politics and lobbyists keep it from happening. Also, the Ohio river is one class larger than the Mississippi at their convergence. So, the Mississippi river should be the Ohio all the way down to the gulf.
  5. Found an article in Columbus News. Householder sounds like a douchebag. How is the bridge project between Cincy and Florence going? You know, the one that recently got set on fire because of a tanker accident.
  6. My stepdad is a senior electrician at a coal fired power plant. Coal fired plants will eventually go the way of the Dingo. I've seen them wind and solar farms out west and in my in laws backyards. They are far from being efficient. I have no problem with clean energy, but nuclear need to be a part of that discussion. 3 meltdowns in 80 yrs? How many oil spills in that period. Also, down with hydrogen fuel cells. My stepdad installed a homemade one in a truck as an experiment. Work pretty well. An old man once told me, there are many ways to Dublin. Point is, there isn
  7. I just want to chime in to take a shot at our buddy Dakich. Dan, you didn't shut Jordan down. RMK realized Jordan was a poor jump shooter at the time. All he asked you to do was take the baseline away. The real star of that game was Uwe Blab.
  8. I'm 35. My expectations are to finish top 6 in big 10, win one every 3-4 years and make the tournament annually. And get back to the elite 8 or beyond before my time is up.
  9. I actually did, but wore my flip flops with socks of course.
  10. Thought I would give a final update. I got the job offer today for the job I wanted and will be signing the papers tomorrow. The offer was far more generous than I expected. Appreciate the help and supports. Thanks.
  11. I'm with you. I want Archie to succeed with every fiber of my being, because if he succeeds then IU does too. I really like the guy but its getting hard to be on board. It's been the same failures for almost 4 yrs now.
  12. There is no money in the cure for ailments. The money is in the treatment.
  13. chevy c10 is pretty sweet though. Put a 4 barrel carb 454 engine in and you have a sweet ride.
  14. I still have an 07 Silverado I bought with 88k. The Vortex engine is great. But, the electrical components are crap. I have had to replace the oil pressure sensor, the fricking fuel pump and a damn drum brake because the actuator and spring sheared off and set on fire. I had to drive home from work and fix it in my wifes work parking lot at 9 pm. So I wasnt very happy about that. Chevy/GMC SUCKS!!
  15. I am not happy with the electrical system of my 2007 Silverado. But a long forgotten Chevy that I really like..the Chevy Scottsdale.
  16. I dont know because I'm not there yet. But my Mom is 58(really?) Honestly wtf? Where did the time go. Anyway, her best friend, same age cant get a job where my mom works. At Jasper Engines because they say she is too petite. She is a very small woman. My dad drove OTR for Jasper Engines for over a decade. Legit company. All we can do is never give up, ever.
  17. Well, nothing is signed for me yet. But I will keep you in my prayers and god doesn't give us any more than we can handle. I've had alot of doors close to find another one open. And I believe you will too. Stay faithful brother.
  18. Yes, On Tuesday I was told the manager liked me and things were looking positive. This is my first experience with the fortune 500 corporate world. Was told I will be informed on the next steps and a tentative start date Feb.1. How are you doing? Have anything lined up?
  19. I shouldn't either. I have my good my days and an occasional bad day. Trying to quit forever.
  20. Maybe he wouldn't succeed but Archie isnt either right now, but when I visited my dad on weekends growing up he would take me to open gym on Saturdays in Jasper. And I would play scrimmage with Lewis,and alot of other 90's Jasper athletes. It's been along time but I remember Lewis giving RMK some fight.
  21. Yes. Love that song and album Lonesome Jubilee was one of his best.
  22. Well he changed his stage name so much it's hard to keep up. Play Guitar is my favorite song from him BTW.
  23. He is from Jasper. I have had the privilege of playing with him, albeit summer ball, and spending alot of time playing ball with him because of my dad. Phenomenal person and even better player. Is the career assist leader At IU. Indiana connection, but I believe he could do it. The only player I ever saw get in RMKs face. Hes got the fire.
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