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  1. Joe Vs The Volcano Big. Since we are talking about Tom Hanks.
  2. @Lostin76 What do you think of Metallica's Hardwired to self Destruct album? For me, best one in years.
  3. Know Perdue well. My stepdad worked there back in the 80's. A USDA relief inspector where I work talked me out of applying there a couple years ago. He requires a security detail to get in and out. It has gotten dicey over there. Side note, Perdue farms is what brought the Zellers to Washington, Indiana. Steve Zeller move here with his family to run the Washington plant.
  4. Care to share what company? I work for Rose Acre farms in a microbiology lab. Based out of Seymour.
  5. Things are looking good. Everything is producing fruit just have to wait for it to be ripe. Have and eggplant a couple days away. Been picking off kale for a few weeks now and it's still producing.
  6. It would take at least 10-12 months for my facility to get somewhere close to normal. 3,000,000 egg laying chickens at just the facility I work at. It has to go somewhere and an egg layer has a egg laying life cycle of 45 days. You have to replace 3,000,000 chickens starting with the egg. Would take about 90 days to get the first egg in a carton. Not to mention liquid retail and industrial product we produce. And the prices when they hit the shelf would be astronomical.
  7. Stopping food production for 6 weeks would be devastating on so many levels.
  8. What we are seeing is exactly why you dont let respiratory diseases linger in a population. More lockdowns will likely lead to more spikes.
  9. Heat The downtown shootout scene has to one of the best action sequences ever.
  10. Dang. Sad to hear. RIP. Played sports and graduated with his nephew. If I recall is son Bryan died a few years ago.
  11. Forgotten by me until I recently remembered them.
  12. All the Right Moves Days of Thunder Footloose Bridge over the river Kwai And The longest day with John Wayne.
  13. The Appalachian trail is something I've been interested in doing at some point. Thru hiking would be my top choice but section hiking seems more realistic. So does your wife camp on the trail whole stint or make trips into towns?
  14. My dad worked for Mauck supply in Jasper for a few years in the 90's. So I have met Matt Mauck who quarterbacked LSU to the 2003 championship on numerous occasions. Think he is a dentist in Denver now. Also player against Jay Cutler and Curtis Painter in high school. Unrelated but fun to play around with. At one time LSU had a quarterback that I share a first and last name with and we are the same age.
  15. People used to be humble/show humility back then.
  16. The trick to getting rain. Buy a sprinkler and plan to grill.
  17. Scott Rolen Was a couple years ahead of Luke Zeller in high school. Was acquainted with his family.
  18. Seems to be a pattern. Are you a super spreader?😁 Just kidding.
  19. Guess I'm getting a sprinkler today since I get less rain the the Mojave desert. Put in a watermelon plant early June and is doing pretty well have 5 blossoms already. Also, have a surprise squash plant. At the end of every season I toss all my pots and any pumpkins from halloween and food scraps in the garden. So, I dont know what it is but it started growing in April so its should produce soon.
  20. We cant forget about Tcells either. The research is still ongoing but even though antibodies are being produced Tcells are also part of the immune response. And may act independently from antibodies.
  21. I work in the food industry and agree that a total shutdown would have been impossible. Would lead to starvation and the side effects of that.
  22. A couple that stand out to me Parallel Universe Rocket Queen
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