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  1. Much better. No more headaches and no more pressure or pain sensations in my left chest and arm.
  2. Had a checkup this week. 60 days into a significant lifestyle change and my BP was 128/80. It was 160/120 when they put me on a med. Hopefully I can start to ween off soon.
  3. I do it every year. Whatever I will use in cooking I go ahead and dice up and just break off what I need when the time comes so I don't have tons of baggies.
  4. Stuff like this is why I only read books and hardly talk to people. If a word is taboo enough to get someone fired then noone should use it.
  5. I've posted it before but I have the 1992 IU/Duke FF4 game ball autographed by the team and coaches. My dad won it from a radio contest and we drove to bloomington and waited outside of the assembly hall locker room to get it signed. Also have a Scott Rolen signed baseball I got when he came to the little league fields in Ireland before he left for the minors.
  6. Today I found out that a protein found in horseshoe crab blood is used to test for the presence of toxins in products consumed by humans. These toxins can cause fever and even be fatal.
  7. My wife and I trying to decide what to get for dinner is an exercise in futility.
  8. If there are age groups I wonder if I can get an injury waiver to compete up a decade or 2.
  9. Washington travels to Logansport Saturday of week 2. That's a 3+hr drive. Kinda confused by that scheduling.
  10. In high school I mowed a yard for a lady that lived in a converted church. It was pretty cool but not as cool as a gym.
  11. Have an interview for a PT security job tomorrow. My mom works at the place. My dad drove a semi for them and a few unlces worked/retired from the place.
  12. Going to get back out camping this fall. Got some upgrading I need to do with gear. Looking at a new Coleman tent with dark room technology. Supposed to block out 90% of light.
  13. Our little Yorkie mix is 14 this year. Just got the rest of his teeth removed. Tongue hangs out some now but other than that still healthy.
  14. Omg I can't even imagine Four young siblings were swept from parents’ grip, among victims of Ky. flooding, relative says
  15. Every now and then I hear a song I haven't heard in awhile and the lyrics mean a little more than they used to.
  16. Currogated plastic food containers. I'm sure they serve a purpose but I probably look like a savage trying to get all the sauce out of them.
  17. They wouldn't let me even get out of the car. And my last time in Florida nowhere had the tabs to lock the handle on so I had to stand there and hold it. Probably to keep florida man's hands busy so they don't smoke.
  18. Must be from the Henderson, KY side of the river. Corps of Engineers order sandbar camper to be removed
  19. I think people who end up bored in retirement go into it without a plan or didn't really do anything anyway. I'm sure it can happen but for me going from working a 6 day schedule to 3 days I still feel like there isn't enough time to get done what I want to. It seems like every day I find a new fishing hole I want to try. I want to start fly fishing. The Ozarks aren't that far away.
  20. Low COL area helps alot. PT jobs paying 12+ an hr are everywhere. I interviewed Wednesday for a job at a furniture company I worked at before building office furniture. I can work anywhere from 8-29.75 hrs at $17/hr. 6a-2p shifts. Carpentry is something I enjoy. Even if it is just build by the numbers. Have a phone interview with Kohls today for that clothing discount. $200/wk would be $10k extra in my Roth.
  21. The stuff is everywhere. Buena Park pair arrested with enough fentanyl to kill 4.7 Million People; And places doing no bail reform are letting them out "supervised".
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