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  1. Doesn't McFadden have to sit the first half next week? Ejection and half game suspension is way to much for what should have been a no call. Geez. I still expect to make a bowl game this season which is where IU's baseline expectation should be right now. Still disappointed though.
  2. Why do I keep torturing myself like this.
  3. Hope we don't regret passing up the fg in the first half.
  4. Targeting rule shouldn't exist. Can't take the hits then quit.
  5. Just frustrated by it all. It just feels like it will never end. I guess almost 2 years of hearing the same things on repeat wears you out. I am a fan of the social distancing though. The weather cools off soon. Think I will go to Brown County SP for a day and leave the phone behind.
  6. KFC slogan "finger lickin good" translates to "we'll eat your fingers off" in Chinese.
  7. Was just thinking, maybe I shouldn't, but american workers(taxpayers) are going to be forced to get it, but they aren't going to force welfare recipients to get it? What's up with that?
  8. @Hoosierfan1901 Is your team you root for Memerorial? I had an oppurtunity to be on Jaspers 2002 state championship team but chose to stay with mom and friends instead of moving in with my dad. What a hell of a choice for a 14 year old.
  9. I will say it once more, this pandemic is being used to control the population. Just look at whats going on in Australia. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.yahoo.com/amphtml/australian-quarantine-residences-limiting-alcohol-210800858.html
  10. What proven ways? Nothing is stopping the spread. Not masks, or vaccinnes. Vaccinated people contribute to the spread. Not trying to be an ass but delta burned through with these measures in place. The vaccine is proving to be ineffective at stopping or slowing the spread. Its an effective therapuetic for a lot of people and thats about it. We will not vaccinate our way out of this.
  11. If theres one thing ive come to the conclusion to after all of this. I will not miss this planet when im gone, and they can bury me upside down.
  12. People should be able to figure out who they are on their own. Doesnt belong in a classroom. Sex education should be left up to the parents. It should not be taught by childless teachers in gradeschool.
  13. I'm not saying kids should have to deal with all the crap I did, but I will say I was well equipped to handle myself. I think today's kids are so shielded from hardship by their parents, that when they are away from them they don't know what to do. Then it's up to teachers to be babysitters.
  14. The Moth joke is legendary. Only Norm could pull that off.
  15. @dgambill I looked up the regeneron treatment locations for my area. Memorial hospital in Jasper, Daviess Community hospital, and Green County hospital in Linton. Thanks for the link.
  16. I thought the worst thing I'd ever have to do was burying my dad. I've been through alot. She doesn't think she believes in God anymore, but God put me in place to be there. I keep pushing on but I'm getting worn out. Me and my wife has probably slept 36hrs in the week and a half. But being there for my sister when she buried her husband is worse. She only 31. All I could think of was this song, change a few lyrics and it's relevant.
  17. What is the square area of all of the world's oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers?
  18. Is 200.08 pts in a fantasy game good? Asking for a friend.
  19. Just posted the video of the first plane. Yeah, I've seen the whole documentary. Really tough to watch.
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