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  1. By the way, Michigan had six NBA players (McGary, Robinson III, Hardaway Jr., Stauskus, Trey Burke, Caris Lavert) on that roster and Indiana had 3 (Zeller, Oladipo, Ferrel)...IU also had several who have played professionally consistently at a high level (Hulls, Watford, Sheehey) That was a stacked game...But maybe what Beilein should get credit for is recruiting a little bit under the radar? His offensive system is good, no doubt, but with six NBA players and then two or three high level role players (Morgan, Albrecht, Bielfeldt), those kind of results are not too unexpected....
  2. Because: a) With no tournament it adds a month to the wait? b) You are anticipating a fun year and can't wait? c) you are expecting it to be tumultuous with lots of changes?
  3. I do think that we are farther along in culture for the program now. I LOVE the character and competitiveness of the recruits we have coming in for next year. I think we will look a far cry more like Archie's tough as nails approach as a player and what he had a Dayton going forward. I also think the skill level will be trending up along with the overall athleticism. I was a varsity head coach for a while and though I was young and still learning, I had the hardest time coaching kids who weren't self-motivated and competitive. I could not figure out how to reach them because it simply made no sense to me. When I played it was never a question of whether or not I would play hard...could not wrap my mind around the idea that some people would just go through the motions. I wonder if Archie has had that a little bit with this team over the past couple of years. Kids that are just really mercurial in their engagement and effort and Archie has had to regain their attention so many different times...I think that going forward that will be less of an issue as he will be focusing on that in recruiting. Truth be told, Matt Painter learned a similar lesson from his Kelsey Barlow years...
  4. Thanks, I should have looked at that...I'm glad we were able to give Armaan so much time and that he responded so well! I think that Armaan is actually one of our best in transition and I think that aspect of our team could really see a boost next year.
  5. I didn't get to watch the game last night but was just looking at the box score. I noticed that Rob Phinisee had really limited minutes (and to some extent that is true of a few others on the team). Is the general consensus that his limited minutes were just a matter of staying as fresh as possible for day two?
  6. I think that some of the issue is that we lack the confidence to hit the cutters in stride as they come open. Even just watching our highlights you can see times where a cut to the basket is made, is open, and the ballhandler hesitates until it is too late... It is such a fine line for this team...turnovers kill us, (so we hesitate on passes), moving screen calls kill us, (so we don't set good screens), missed free throws kill us, (so we tense up), missed open shots kill us (so we over think them), that is one of the reasons that I think that we are close to breaking through as a program...our offense is just a beat or two off from running very effectively.
  7. I didn't get to watch the game, but the shooting numbers (especially free throws) seem to indicate that we outplayed them to the extent of double digit win, but didn't shoot well enough to prove it. This Minnesota team nearly beat Wisconsin at Wisconsin just a few days ago. I call this a good win. We did what we needed to do tonight and now it comes down to finishing it off on Saturday. A win and Deron and Devonte escape the ignominy of being four year seniors who never made the tournament. That is actually where I find my nerves emanating from for Saturday. Over the past four years I have detected the wrong kind of response to pressure from leaders on our team. I think that is the biggest culture change that Archie is trying to accomplish. Since Robert Johnson and James Blackmon Junior et al were leading our team, we have tended to respond to pressure with a bit too much of "cool, calm, and collected" rather than the "I don't give a shit" competitiveness that Archie was talking about after Illinois. This is what I saw from Juwan Morgan the last two years and tend to see from our players this year as well (I think that it contributed to the emotional flatness of our Purdue Performance at home). We need to come out on Saturday with the desire to put the other team in the ground...not just win. P.S --> I think that it is a pretty good coaching job by Archie to have kept the team together like this...we are in "win close" mode for sure, and that's not that comfortable a feeling, but just think if you could change ten minutes of basketball total for this team you could add four wins easy (at Illinois, Home vs Maryland, Home Vs Arkansas, and change the last three minutes of the first half at home vs Purdue and that game is way different). we are close to breaking through I believe.... now, please move any post other than TJD and DD to the short corner and open up some driving space on offense...please
  8. you have heard that we are hiring him? or that is what you are hoping for? I'd be all for Reynolds
  9. I don't mean to argue, but I think that his third year was pretty poor considering the core of the team that he had there. Losing Maurice Creek hurt, but we were abysmal. Still the talent on the team was evident: Hulls, Watford, Elston, Verdell Jones, Victor Oladipo, Sheehey, Tom Pritchard, Jeremiah Rivers, Matt Roth.... that team should not have performed as poorly as they did.
  10. Very different Ball Screen Coverage tonight...Played "Center Field" or flattened out the hedge...our recoveries to Oturu were much better then... Our defense was pretty good the whole game. Think of the number of shots Minnesota slopped in on their way to 56 points. Two or three poor rotations gave up open threes in the first ten minutes, Green fell asleep and received no help on a Baseline Out of Bounds Play, but other than that, they made Minnesota earn points.... Rebounding was great other than a five or six long rebounds off of threes (some of those right in a row).... Offensively we are just a beat or two out of synch and away from really looking good. Just really small things: Passes are not on time or on target, we might not feel confident throwing a pass to a cutter or the next time might force it to the cutter, shooters who don't have their feet set, missed opportunities at the rim, not moving with the ball handler to stay in view on the drive...so many small things that could easily make a difference offensively
  11. Regarding fan impact on college basketball programs. I think it obvious that fans can either be an asset or a detraction. I also think it obvious that in the past Indiana fans have been an asset to the program. That being said, there are very pronounced ways that Indiana fans have detracted from the program over the past decade as well. Those who have decried the impact of fans on recruiting are actually obscuring the more important point which in my mind is ethical. Our fans have been responsible for mistreating human beings in the past decade. Whether that is coaches, coaches family members, or players. That's the God's honest truth. Whether you don't think that has had an impact on the program is up to you, but the way Crean and his family were treated and the way some players have been treated is embarrassing to me. That being said, I think that the way back for this program is not actually through elite talent, but through elite work ethic. We need blue collar work ethic that the fan base will fall in love with...the alternative of blue blood elitism won't work for us. When the fanbase and program operate with that kind of privileged mindset it undermines the work ethic of the program and the fans act poorly. I believe that this is the biggest issue Archie faced, a poor culture around and in the program but no real ability to face it head on. (I agree that being stubborn about lineups and ball screen coverages is baffling given that the results and work ethic from the team have been underwhelming) I have hope that the culture of the program can turn this next year. I think that the three players coming in can be part of that, I think that the roster will also look different enough that the tide can turn significantly. Culture will have to come first, then wins. Also, I still believe three more wins this year has the team in the tournament and the narrative shifts entirely.
  12. After having made a great deal of noise over the lack of reunions and former player involvement in the program...I'm guessing it didn't fit his narrative well enough to acknowledge them.
  13. This is exactly right. If this team had played well for even ten more minutes this year, the results of three games could be different. If they had held on against Maryland (2 minutes) and finished off a game that they led the whole way against Arkansas (five minutes) and finished the first half against Purdue where they led with three and a half to go (three minutes) this thread would possibly be about extending Archie. The margin for this team is razor thin...to me that means patience could well be worth it. One of the major things that Jay Wright learned when transitioning to High Major basketball was that he wanted to recruit only certain personalities, not just the most talented. I think we could see signs of Archie learning that too. Archie coached way harder last night that he had the three previous games. I think that one of the things that will happen in the coming years is that we will see Archie become more himself and coach harder and the team will more consistently mirror his toughness. Edit: This is not to say that I haven't been frustrated this year...poor execution, poor screening, poor effort level, poor body language...all of those things are tough to swallow from a team that has everything to fight for and all the resources they could want...
  14. His tone was entirely caustic and combative. I was appalled at the way he came back at Devonte when asked for clarification. He acted like Devonte had personally failed him and insulted him. There are a lot of moments where Doyel has acted that way and should be ashamed. His attack on Joanie Crean is chief among them. I can't recall what questions he asked of Justin Smith earlier? what were they?
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