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  1. One thing that I think works about the hiring of Coach Woodson is that it covers the last bit of time that it will take for the next generation of coaching possibilities to prove themselves before being a candidate for the IU job. I think that Lewis and Fife could both be great candidates in the next round, maybe 6 or 8 years down the line. Maybe in 6 to 8 years with Cheaney's children grown a bit more he will feel better about committing the time necessary to coach at the college level. Even guys like Josh Pasternak (I know his name came up in the FBI probe) will have had a chance to move up
  2. This is exactly right. Two things are different: he has more freedom (both in terms of space and decision making), and he is more engaged more of the time. But, his skill set is not different. Edit: I should say that this has led to a higher level of confidence for him.
  3. To be clear, it's not my first choice at all...but if Dolson came to the press conference and said he had hired Lewis, and Lewis wanted to bring in a former player or two, I could be sold on it... I am feeling pretty pessimistic overall, and I am feeling like we are going to end up with a former player, and I would much prefer Lewis to Woodson... The only reason I feel somewhat optimistic is it sounds like we are willing to spend a lot of money... Whatever happens, I hope that we at least become a place that supports our players again...
  4. I think the only two guys listed that have little to no experience are Moye and Guyton, and I was thinking of them as DOBO...
  5. I am not 100% sold on the Alford part of that equation, but I could definitely buy into the idea of Lewis heading up a young and hungry staff, especially if you could convince a Wittman or a Woodson to be on the staff as a mentor...I honestly feel like you could fill out a staff with IU guys that could really recruit and develop players and would have a really strong background in Xs and Os... Pull from a list of Cheaney, Moye, Fife, Guyton, Woodson, Wittman to get your lead assistants all the way through DOBO and put Lewis at the helm, and I could be sold on it... I am sure that it
  6. I agree with this...It is infinitely better to hire Michael Lewis five days after the job opens and sell it as bringing home and IU guy who has great pedigree and connections than it is to hire Michael Lewis 25 days after the job opens and have to fend off accusations that we couldn't get anyone else... The tournament still going is a complicating factor in all of this...OSU and a few other schools doing poorly in the tournament made that even harder because those potential candidates are not coaching right now so their names can be tossed around freely... I think that soon IU will n
  7. And I don't think anyone at Ohio State is beyond leaking incorrect information in order to make IU look bad and perhaps even put a bug in the OSU athletic departments ear about needing to re-up their commitment to coach Holtmann. OSU's athletic department is vicious and territorial. They have sued other schools for using "OSU", they have made sure that radio talk show hosts were fired for implying anything negative about their football program (Bruce Hooley, his nephew was a student and track athlete of mine, I know exactly what happened). OSU has a ton of money and people dedicated to t
  8. I think that Al's career is impressive in a similar way to how Verdell Jones had an impressive career. Both were hard working, forced to play out of position and a bit earlier than they were ready for, both expanded their games and got better each year, and both received unfair treatment from the fan base. Al didn't have the benefit of a team being built up around him like Verdell did, but he is really undersold in the ways that he improved. He was a non factor in the BIG his first two years and by the time he was a junior he was featured in other teams scouting reports. Matt Painter mentioned
  9. I have heard plenty of people critique Ostrom (mostly Dakich), some have suggested that Ostrom contributes to some of the more disappointing subbing patterns, but why Roberts? I understand that the hype machine is in full bloom when we make new hires and signings, but it sounded like a good hire at the time....I'm just curious about what the staff lacks... Do you have specific insight?
  10. I think Painter is a good coach. He licks his lips like Jabba the Hut and I find it endlessly annoying, but he is a good coach. But, these stats are way out of context. He was spotted six games by the Sampson debacle when we were playing baseball players and walk-ons...and now he has had this run. The assessment is that he owns Archie, not that he owns IUBB.... Stlboiler will have something to say about my position because he believes every commercial Purdue has ever bought and paid for. He is the kid who went on his visit in high school and believed everything that the tour guide said ab
  11. To be fair, guiding a program (with some pretty big limitations) through a transition to division 1 basketball as a first time head coach would probably leave just about everyone with a sub .500 record...
  12. In my opinion this has been a huge issue...I think that some of it is kind of inherited from the fact that the transition didn't go that well, and I think some of it is manifest by the losing, but some of it is that Archie seems to have trouble communicating positive things with as much force as the negative....It must have been serious whiplash for the program going from Crean to Archie in all ways...personality, system, results...it has taken its toll... It's a reminder to us not to be reactionary in our next coaching search. I think one of the reasons that they honed in on Archie is th
  13. I'm not saying it is bad exactly, except if you don't have the superior athleticism and size, and don't have four shooters on the floor, you won't be able to create any offense... Imagine our roster trying to run a dribble drive offense...The Lane would be packed, we would never be able to beat our man off the dribble, and because we wouldn't be able to force help, even the three point attempts would be an easy closeout and contest...
  14. I think you could easily argue that good teams RECEIVE good officiating...or more than that, they receive beneficial officiating...
  15. The charge call, which was his second foul, was also pretty weak...there was almost no contact... Most of the calls that Aaron Henry drew were awful calls...our guys just standing their with their hands straight up and him lowering his shoulder into the defender... one of the worst calls was against Phinisee...Langford tried to Eurostep around Rob...Rob was in place stationary and if langford had gone straight into him it would have been an obvious charge, but because he tried to go around him, with Rob not moving at all, its a blocking call? just really poor officiating..
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