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  1. Very different Ball Screen Coverage tonight...Played "Center Field" or flattened out the hedge...our recoveries to Oturu were much better then... Our defense was pretty good the whole game. Think of the number of shots Minnesota slopped in on their way to 56 points. Two or three poor rotations gave up open threes in the first ten minutes, Green fell asleep and received no help on a Baseline Out of Bounds Play, but other than that, they made Minnesota earn points.... Rebounding was great other than a five or six long rebounds off of threes (some of those right in a row).... Offensively we are just a beat or two out of synch and away from really looking good. Just really small things: Passes are not on time or on target, we might not feel confident throwing a pass to a cutter or the next time might force it to the cutter, shooters who don't have their feet set, missed opportunities at the rim, not moving with the ball handler to stay in view on the drive...so many small things that could easily make a difference offensively
  2. Regarding fan impact on college basketball programs. I think it obvious that fans can either be an asset or a detraction. I also think it obvious that in the past Indiana fans have been an asset to the program. That being said, there are very pronounced ways that Indiana fans have detracted from the program over the past decade as well. Those who have decried the impact of fans on recruiting are actually obscuring the more important point which in my mind is ethical. Our fans have been responsible for mistreating human beings in the past decade. Whether that is coaches, coaches family members, or players. That's the God's honest truth. Whether you don't think that has had an impact on the program is up to you, but the way Crean and his family were treated and the way some players have been treated is embarrassing to me. That being said, I think that the way back for this program is not actually through elite talent, but through elite work ethic. We need blue collar work ethic that the fan base will fall in love with...the alternative of blue blood elitism won't work for us. When the fanbase and program operate with that kind of privileged mindset it undermines the work ethic of the program and the fans act poorly. I believe that this is the biggest issue Archie faced, a poor culture around and in the program but no real ability to face it head on. (I agree that being stubborn about lineups and ball screen coverages is baffling given that the results and work ethic from the team have been underwhelming) I have hope that the culture of the program can turn this next year. I think that the three players coming in can be part of that, I think that the roster will also look different enough that the tide can turn significantly. Culture will have to come first, then wins. Also, I still believe three more wins this year has the team in the tournament and the narrative shifts entirely.
  3. After having made a great deal of noise over the lack of reunions and former player involvement in the program...I'm guessing it didn't fit his narrative well enough to acknowledge them.
  4. This is exactly right. If this team had played well for even ten more minutes this year, the results of three games could be different. If they had held on against Maryland (2 minutes) and finished off a game that they led the whole way against Arkansas (five minutes) and finished the first half against Purdue where they led with three and a half to go (three minutes) this thread would possibly be about extending Archie. The margin for this team is razor thin...to me that means patience could well be worth it. One of the major things that Jay Wright learned when transitioning to High Major basketball was that he wanted to recruit only certain personalities, not just the most talented. I think we could see signs of Archie learning that too. Archie coached way harder last night that he had the three previous games. I think that one of the things that will happen in the coming years is that we will see Archie become more himself and coach harder and the team will more consistently mirror his toughness. Edit: This is not to say that I haven't been frustrated this year...poor execution, poor screening, poor effort level, poor body language...all of those things are tough to swallow from a team that has everything to fight for and all the resources they could want...
  5. His tone was entirely caustic and combative. I was appalled at the way he came back at Devonte when asked for clarification. He acted like Devonte had personally failed him and insulted him. There are a lot of moments where Doyel has acted that way and should be ashamed. His attack on Joanie Crean is chief among them. I can't recall what questions he asked of Justin Smith earlier? what were they?
  6. I definitely think you could characterize part of the failing at Penn State as a failure of confidence. While the game was still close (first half and first 8 minutes of the second) our guys seemed to still be so unsure. Our reactions to good plays was relief more than energy. Our reaction to poor plays was discouragement rather than determination. Some of this came from the fact that Penn State had a week to prepare and had fully scouted many of our go to actions. They were jumping passing lanes knowing where we wanted to go with the ball. We did not respond to that effectively at all. In some cases, a simple ball fake and a back cut would have set the Penn State defense scrambling and we would have gotten some clean looks. The staff needed to help our team have a better response to that and to the physical switch everything defense that Penn State was using. I thought that our staff had a poor game in that regard. We might have benefitted from simply putting our bigs in the short corner and find a matchup where our guards could get into the lane and force help rather than sticking with our shell-shocked approach. Winning on the road at OSU will be very difficult to be sure. They have had a week to prepare as well. It is a homecoming game for Jerome Hunter, that will be interesting to watch. It's the back half of the schedule and our guys have every opportunity to get themselves into the tournament. I actually believe if they only win four more they would still be in. Five more seals it in my mind. Stealing one on the road the rest of the way would really put us in a good position given our five home games left. Any win that we get form here on out will count as a good win, and some of them would count as great wins. I still have optimism. Making the tournament would do a great deal to shape the narrative going forward. I'm tired of reading posters on here who are already acting like we missed it this year.
  7. I know that people are sure that Howard will be able to recruit elite players. But, he is losing two of his three most important players for sure and it is possible that the third also opts to leave as Livers is a junior. His offense is exponentially more simple than Beilein's as it is just a series of ball screens. I am very interested in how that will turn our in Ann Arbor. I think that you have to be VERY elite in talent to get away with that in the BIG. The coaches scheme and game plan so well....It's not like the SEC where Kentucky can get away with that because that is essentially what the other teams are also doing. He'll need to be Duke level of talent to manage it. As Duke has shown, if you are that physically dominant you can just sort or work out the spacing and let guys go, but being that talented is going to be hard when Arizona, UNC, Duke, Kentucky, and others are already taking that approach. Once they take the one and done rule away, there will be far fewer players each year who can break down disciplined defenses all on their own....
  8. I am really interested in what you have heard regarding what players have said about learning more basketball under Archie and how he sees the game differently. I definitely agree that some of the players have struggle with accepting the roles they needed to accept with him as coach. That is likely the biggest difference between last year and this year to this point. I think that we are only just now seeing our guys make reads within the actions that they have been running for a couple of years I'd love to hear about the player comments and what sorts of things they have said...maybe even which players you are referring to? I think it is possible that with Crean players learned skills and patterns of play, but not really too many reads or decisions being made in Crean's system. Essentially the only reads made were on baseline cuts, even after we installed the chin action offense
  9. I think at this point we can trust the coaching staff to get as much from the last couple months of Devonte's College career as will help the team. I think that at a certain point we have said our piece and now all we have left to do if cheer for the team. I think that we will see him hit a few more big shots, and I think that we may feel like the way things have unfolded will be one giant "what if"? with him....but I don't see any good coming out of crushing him any more than has already happened. Deron was getting shredded to pieces two weeks ago and has had a really solid two week stretch of play. We don't know everything that goes on and aren't omniscient narrators of the thought processes for Devonte. I think that we can observe that the coaching staff has a handle on it though and have rotations working that have gotten a good amount out of a fairly thin (in terms of numbers) guard corps...
  10. Would love to hear a bit of a recap?
  11. just thought that maybe they would switch rotations a bit and have to be a bit bigger on the floor for a few minutes a game...
  12. Will be interesting to see if that helps Brooks with getting a few more minutes...
  13. Anyone seen @Mike? or did he go to Purdue as well?
  14. I think he is as good coach, and designed some good concepts for his team to succeed. I think the main thing he has right now is something that is hard to deal with for the first time. That is, kids who come into the year thinking about the league. Holtmann never really had to think about that much at Butler...Thus far at OSU the team had no choice but to gel together and the sum of their parts was fairly impressive (although they barely had a better year than IU last year...just beat us head to head).... Wesson is clearly thinking about the next level, and I think that Carton was too...add that to the fact that Walker is playing for the first time in a year and trying to force the action a bit and two sophomore guards who may feel like they have waited long enough for "their turn". He doesn't have much by way of high school recruits coming in, but I think he does have more transfers. It'll be interesting to see if he gets it turned this season and if Wesson stays (and Carton for that matter). My guess is He'll get it all figured out...but the momentum has definitely slowed in a hurry... Edit: BTW, I think you could say that CAM struggled with that a bit last year with players thinking first and foremost about the league, and it was a factor along with injuries, outside voices, a complete loss of confidence, and few people not completely bought in to his style...
  15. It'll be interesting to see what age he thinks about retirement. With Coach K, he shifted his style to plug and chug one and dones late in his 60s and doesn't have to coach as hard. Izzo though is probably expending a lot more energy on a daily basis with his style of program and coaching. I wonder if the shelf life on that kind of style is a bit shorter just because of how much it takes out of you...
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