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  1. mchenry34

    UofL post game

    I see him as a very talented Coach and he seems like a great communicator. That said though, there are several aspects of his tenure at Xavier that leave a lot to be desired from a class and discipline standpoint. His handling of the brawl between Xavier and Cincinnati and the comments made afterwards were egregious. He also tends to to slide derisive comments about his opponents in between the lines of his press conferences. See that post-game yesterday for an example. He may grade out as a better coach than Miller in some ways, but I prefer the personality of Miller by miles and miles.
  2. mchenry34

    UofL post game

    Appreciate your analysis. I have also been a little concerned with the assist numbers. I think that overall the reason that they are low is that we don't hit jumpshots. A team that hits threes will often get them off of ball reversal and drive and kick opportunities which lead to increased assist numbers. Because Indiana does not hit outside shots consistently they miss out on four or five assists per game. The offense also tends towards Drive and Kick and Drive rather than simply Drive and Kick. Watching the game I grade our offense a bit better because I thought the ball movement and cutting as well as off the ball movement was much, much better. It clearly has been emphasized and the staff put in some different actions to allow the ball to swing more easily from side to side. Lastly, the post play scoring for us tends to negate the great entry pass as the post player makes multiple moves before scoring. The entry passes being significantly improved should offset the assist numbers a bit.
  3. mchenry34

    UofL post game

    Watching the replay right now. While I know that I am looking through the lens of a victory, I am really encouraged. Several times we added a new wrinkle to sets that we have used in every game this year. We drew up a back cut read on a Baseline Out of Bounds play that was very well conceived. We did not connect as Green lost the ball out of bounds but it was really well executed otherwise. The other thing about the offense is that the staff has moved the spacing around a bit and moved Romeo around a bit to get him the ball at the top of the key with the help spread out a little bit. Defensively we have great energy and simply cost ourselves an incredible defensive performance with giving up too many offensive rebounds and the flurry by Louisville at the end. I think it was clear that we were ready for the actions that Louisville ran and had a fighting spirit the whole time. The defensive mistakes were honestly fairly limited. I think that they stood out a bit because they tended lead to dunks and also because they came in clumps. Overall though, I was braced for something worse when reading comments about the game but came away very pleased. The slow start was more a matter of missing great looks than not being ready. It is clear that they knew what plays they planned to run on the first few possessions (especially the first) as the execution was tremendous. We produced just as many open looks with our offense as Louisville but we simply do not have as many confident shooters. This was clearly our best game since Marquette and I think that our staff won the day in several respects. Our substitution pattern was quite good I thought and we had a game plan that utilized our posts as passers against a team where dribble penetration was going to be a challenge. This team has taken on Miller's personality in a lot of good ways. (If they can take on his shooting ability from college as well, they will be very good Perhaps a couple more weeks to gel just before Conference season and this team starts to look more like the team we had hoped for. Big game next Saturday in terms of continuing to re-establish IU as the premier program in the state and setting up an 11-2 start.
  4. mchenry34

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    is big good for IU fans?
  5. mchenry34

    Romeo Langford

    Because he wore red shoes? Or for other reasons?
  6. mchenry34

    Romeo Langford

    My worry is this. When Romeo set the announcement date and location he was strongly leaning IU but in the last couple of weeks has started thinking Kansas and the IU staff got wind of that, which is why we saw the flurry of guard offers and why Mr. Langford started giving interviews about how people should be a Romeo fan first and and a fan of their school second. Would also explain why Quentin Grimes went from telling reporters he thought Romeo would go to IU to telling Kansas coaches and media that he was confident Romeo would go to Kansas. Would also explain why our insiders had such confidence a few weeks back.
  7. mchenry34

    Romeo Langford

    I’m sitting at a baseball practice for 8 year olds in Columbus, Ohio. One of my sons coaches went to IU about fifteen years back and has lived in Columbus since then. I noticed his IU hat and mentioned that Monday was a big day for IU. He knew right away what I was talking about even though we have never spoken about basketball or IU at all. I just cant imagine that random Vanderbilt grads would have any idea what “Monday” meant, and really believe that less Kansas fans would pick up the reference than IU fans. IU is home, it’s where Romeo will receive lifelong support. People will follow his career and cheer for him for a lifetime if he comes to IU. I hope he sees that!
  8. mchenry34

    Romeo Langford

    I guess I don’t have any in mind that we expected to win in the days leading up to it, but losing out on Bruce Brown, Theo Pinson, Gary Harris, Kris Wilkes, etc. just has me wary on this one...
  9. mchenry34

    Romeo Langford

    Definitely...it’s not often that these kinds of recruitments have gone our way...Zeller is about it in recent memory
  10. Didn’t he cause a huge storm when he stomped all over the crest in the middle of the court at assembly hall one year? Maybe it was after chad Austin beat us on a last second shot? He didn’t seem too fond of old IU during his playing days...
  11. mchenry34

    Romeo Langford

    IfJuwan comes back I think we’d be ranked. Either way we’ll have a chance to prove ourselves. gotta avoid bad losses next year! think we’ll be at NC State for the ACC challenge anytime soon?
  12. mchenry34

    Romeo Langford

    I’m sure there will be a couple more ebbs and flows to the “feeling” regarding his decision by those on the outside. Given that, and the fact that things legitimately can change has me still nervous about this one...
  13. mchenry34

    Romeo Langford

    I’m from Ohio too! (Columbus) Actually attended one of the high schools Lawrence Funderburke went to (out of the three ) . catching crap from all my friends during the 90s made me love beating OSU as much as beating Purdue...
  14. mchenry34

    Romeo Langford

    I am 37 yrs old and have been an IU fan my whole life. The teams I first started really connecting to and following closely were the Cheaney years. One thing that I have appreciated about Archie Miller as a coach has been the largely positive offseasons! Last year he did great work to keep the incoming class and the returning team together. This year he has set us up for some possibly very positive recruiting news. The offseason is long and we are waiting on Morgan to decide, but it is so nice to be spending all our time waiting for bad news in the off-season. Seemed like my whole childhood was hearing about which of my favorite players was transferring, or which recruit we were missing out on or what coach was being fired. Archie is nothing if not steady.
  15. mchenry34

    MSU is in trouble

    I don’t think he is directly involved in any of those decisions but he has certainly tied his reputation to the school and to Izzo specifically through the comments he has made on twitter and the articles he has chosen to retweet. He has thrown his lot in with Izzo at this point and his public rhetoric is all Spartan pride through each new cycle of reports. I don’t see how you can hear some of these reports and still be as rah rah about MSU as he has publicly been.