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  1. Artesian_86

    The Bench...

    That's a no-brainer S! From one coach to another, you know as well as I do...any good coach will bite the bullet. In the long run, it is better to lose doing what you believe in, even though We are still losing and setting the tone.
  2. Those of you who support Archie or don't....I encourage you to check out the attached article below. It's titled....."YOU'RE NOT A GOOD COACH WHEN........" When our fans voice opinions and mostly negative opinions about Archie, his staff and the team....It creates an overall vibe. That vibe has become toxic and somewhat suffocating. I feel this is where Keion and his family are right now. At any rate, I thought of our very bi-partisan fan base when I ran across this article. In the article, there are eleven short paragraphs, each starting with....."YOU'RE NOT A GOOD COACH WHEN........" and then reference several common problems associated with a poorly coached team. I ask you to read each paragraph try to see if Archie's name belongs in ANY of those eleven paragraphs. There is no way of knowing everything that goes on behind doors with this team. It is so easy to pass judgement and say that YOU would do it this way or that way, call this play, put that player in......It is endless. https://www.competitivedge.com/you-are-not-good-coach-when-you
  3. Artesian_86

    The Bench...

    Good Grief!!!....Some of the posters on this site are quickly becoming as aggressive and short fused as the "other" IU message boards. I get it, we all have our different views and takes on why this current basketball team is in such a mess.There is no sugar coating it. Archie is dealing with the hand that he was dealt. Most don't understand what has happened to this team since the beginning of a once promising season. The majority of the fans put full blame on Archie and little on the players. Some feel the blame is on both the players and Archie. I am one of the few that feel that the majority of the blame is solely on the players and players only. I feel this team has slowly been turned into full mutiny by just two players. IMO, it all started with Mr. Smith's cancerous tweets. Sure, Archie is not without fault just like any other coach. Romeo, Al, Juwan, Deron, Rob and a healthy Josh.........Those six "currently healthy" players are the best all around, high BB IQ, team players that he has.....period! All the other players on MY "bench" are missing some of these qualities and a few are missing them all. So this leads me to HIS "bench"......Those six players are who he put in last night and got the majority of the minutes. We played like a different team with them and played like a worse team without some form of that combination. You do the math. So then why did he continue to sparingly put those 2 other players in?........He had no choice. I guarantee neither of them were going to get many minutes at all....You saw that by not starting either one of them. Ok, bench them the rest of the year like many want....It would please many of us, including myself, but that is not the answer either. At least, not Archie's answer. I think his answer to those two is a slow fade.................
  4. Artesian_86

    Purdue post game

    Dilly Dilly.....cohete15! Spot on! Last nights game felt different...We looked DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT then previous performances. 1. The team showed heart, grit and a sense of urgency. 2. Justin Smith and Devonte Green did not start and played very limited.....(appeared to have a positive effect on team dynamics) That team on the floor last night looked like what Archie was looking for all season. Our defense was stifling. Why we lost,..... turnovers, missed free throws, missed bunnies. We had way, way more opportunities to score than Purdue. Archie had his team ready to play, including a magnitude of scoring opportunities. That's not on him, it's on the players.
  5. Artesian_86

    Purdue post game

    Ok already,...Good grief, I get it...tough crowd...😒
  6. Artesian_86

    Purdue post game

    Very true!!!
  7. Artesian_86

    Purdue post game

    .....speaking on behalf of most IU fans on here I share a high level of disdain for a tall, thin Purdue player with funny hair.........Immediately after the final buzzer sounded and Purdue was celebrating, the camera zoomed in on this "said" player's face. What he said to his cheering team mates, as he celebrated, went right through me! He yelled, "F**K THIS SCHOOL!" I read it on his lips and heard it through the TV. 😠
  8. Artesian_86

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    We just need players like the ones from IOWA, NEBRASKA, NORTHWESTERN, RUTGERS and more......You remember, They all helped beat the $#/T of us in BIG TEN play.The kind of low profile guys we never hear about, that will run through a brick wall for a coach and his team.
  9. Artesian_86

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Since this appears to be all but over,......Maybe tonight we finally play out of our minds because of DRASTIC CHANGES made by Archie and beat Purdue handily. I know it's a pipe dream, but unless Archie has officially been told it's over, he still has a chance to sell that "USED CAR"!.... Oh... IF, and I mean IF, we beat Purdue, maybe IU's USED CAR comparison can be upgraded and could appear more like a one owner, low miles. If we go the other way, lose and get hammered.....This USED CAR analogy will be extremely downgraded to high miles, several accident reports, totaled with a salvage title. Unfortunately I feel Keion is looking at us as the later version. He sees UK as a NEW CAR......UUUGGGHHH!
  10. Artesian_86

    Thoughts on Fred Glass Thread

    Thanks Mile! I sure love reading your insight on various topics. They are always well thought out and precise. I really do try to think and reflect before I post things. I feel that I am in the minority when it comes to supporting Fred Glass,Tom Allen and Archie. I feel today certain fans want knee jerk want a quick trigger decision without a proper and adequate evaluation.
  11. Artesian_86

    Thoughts on Fred Glass Thread

    Totally agree!! The funny thing is during games being played poorly and especially after a loss, you can tell Don is fired up and bitting tongue! You can tell he is disgusted and embarrassed and times, seems like he is going to finally blow & unload. Eric Suhr does a good job of keeping his emotions in check, which helps Don. Man....I would love to be fly on their mics when they're off air!
  12. Artesian_86

    Edward Smith at it again

    I agree that he brings value, but to what extent? I don't know if he is part of the problem, but his dad is. OMHO, someone or some players are showing mutiny and Archie sees it.
  13. Artesian_86

    "Drastic changes"

    I suggested this very thing a few weeks ago. Archie is not a puppet and if Fred asked him to do some things a certain way when he was hired.....well that, IMO, is a deal breaker. He has had enough and most likely wants to clean house....He has to.
  14. Artesian_86

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    No player wants to play on a team in turmoil, not even if they love the coach. As far a I'm concerned, if Keion was even slightly considering UK, last night's win over Tenn was a deal breaker. Wins trump loses all day long.....