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  1. Artesian_86

    Trendon Watford

    ABSOLUTELY!!! This HAS to put pressure on other 5 star recruits to FINALLY "pull the plug"!
  2. Artesian_86

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I was just over on a Butler message board and I found the below comment from a Butler fan interesting.....he only credits our team and says Archie is not a good coach. 😂 I think IU has top ten talent, maybe even top 5. They’re not well coached, but their talent level is elite. I think we’re better than them, but are still struggling to find who we are. I’d like to see the ball in Aaron’s hands even more. Sean has taken a huge leap, and playing Morgan was great for Brunk. I’m a bit worried about our NCAA prospects but highly encouraged by our trajectory.
  3. Artesian_86

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Over on the Purdue board they are calling RP Big, Shot, Rob too! They are obviously frustrated he "got away"....however, they are giving him a lot of praise and respect.....They realize he is a stud!
  4. Artesian_86

    Butler Postgame Thread

    THAT is why he is on the floor....
  5. Artesian_86

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Totally agree with everything you said , except the McRoberts comment. Archie said in the pregame message to Don Fisher that McRoberts is not 100% yet, but starting to get his legs in practice....
  6. Artesian_86

    Butler Pregame Thread

    What do you think about how Butler's coach feels about facing IU Saturday? Charlie Clifford @cliffWISH8 · 2h With plenty of eyes on Phinisee & Langford around the state, #Butler HC Lavall Jordan isn't looking at Saturday as a measuring stick game for his talented backcourt. "We are already battle tested" #IUBB @WISH_TV
  7. Artesian_86

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I guess this ship has sailed today?
  8. Artesian_86

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Wow....I feel like we can almost hear crickets on this page right now..
  9. Artesian_86

    Please Welcome our Newest Mod

    Welcome aboard KDB! Jump right in,......"The water is just fine!"
  10. Artesian_86

    Archie Miller in Close Games

    I felt that CTC had to constantly try to "sell" the program with IU tradition and former players and coaches. Coach Miller is being Coach Miller....sort of like and micro version of a young Knight.....
  11. Artesian_86

    Archie Miller in Close Games

    What I meant was......CTC really promoted former players and coaches coming back to help bring everyone together. Coach Miller is running this program in a refreshing way....With Miller, I feel everyone has bought in and fully supports the direction Archie has taken the team.
  12. Artesian_86

    Archie Miller in Close Games

    I wonder what Archie thinks of Knight? Unlike our previous coach, Archie does not talk about bringing in old players or coaches.
  13. Artesian_86

    Archie Miller in Close Games

    Man....after watching that 30 for 30 on Bob Knight, he really ended up a pitiful, crotchety old man. As much as he claimed to love and "be a fan of his son, Pat"..... I really thought Pat would be able to talk coach into coming back to IU. I know Pat wanted him to.
  14. Artesian_86

    Archie Miller in Close Games

    Yes it was....i specifically remember on Kirkwood, across from Nicks, there was a couch on fire in middle of the street while students where climbing up every light post and hanging off of them.