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  1. Artesian_86

    DB Tiawan Mullen to IU

    I love this Mullens commit! However, it is so funny how some of these commits who are not from the midwest continue to call IU, University of Indiana!!!
  2. Artesian_86

    IU QB Dawkins Leaves IU program

    "At the end of the day, I want what is best for Indiana football,'' Dawkins said. "Whether that is me being out there on the field or me coaching the guys up as much as I can. You know I'm never going to be salty about not being in the game. I want to be in the game, but it's not my decision. Whatever the case may be, I want to be able to help in any way I can. "I didn't come to Indiana just to be selfish and worry all about me. I wanted to come to a new team and do whatever I can and make the most of it. Bottom line is I just want to win games.'' Dawkins said best in his own words in an article from the Goshen News.......^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Those words he originally spoke sure don't reflect what he actually did. Guarantee there were no promises what so ever, especially with Allen as the head coach. Dawkins knew coming in what was on the table including an honest dog fight of a QB competition. I don't think he expected the other QBs to be such good competition.
  3. Artesian_86

    IU QB Dawkins Leaves IU program

    Roger that!
  4. Well at least they are getting 3 extra games under their belt against good competition before the season even starts. Those games have too really help prepare for the upcoming season.
  5. Artesian_86

    IU QB Dawkins Leaves IU program

    https://www.indystar.com/videos/sports/high-school/2017/10/10/highlights-iu-commit-ben-davis-qb-reese-taylor/106492412/ I truly think the best man "at this time" won the starting QB job. Penix is the future, but Ramsey did what he had to do to get the nod. If I'm Ramsey and I find out, not only is Penix enrolling early, but they are bringing in a grad transfer QB from Arizona.....I may not get the starting QB job back. I think the late pick up of Dawkins really opened his eyes and lit a fire under his hind end. I feel both Penix and Dawkins gave him even more motivation to do all he could to stand out among those two candidates. I think any of us would do that. In my opinion, the addition of Reese as the third QB option is better that if we had Dawkins. I just rewatched this clip again of Reese......Man, he sure looks laser fast. Reminds me of Randel El 2.0!
  6. Artesian_86

    IU QB Dawkins Leaves IU program

    My sentiments exactly btownqb! I also thought that maybe Dawkins rubbed people the wrong way. Maybe a little arrogant or entitled? I dont know.
  7. Artesian_86

    IU QB Dawkins Leaves IU program

    Just went over to Hoosier.com to see what they are saying and it seems like most are in melt down mode over the Dawkins news. Good grief! Dawkins had just as much a chance as the other two. I feel he came in kind of thinking..."It's a Wrap!" I trust the decision of CTA and his staff. Let's not forget that the entire football team voted for the QB they most trusted and supported and it was overwhelmingly Ramsey. It is was it is...Suck it up..Who's next in line? Allen was quoted in today's Indy Star article that Ramsey and Penix where is top two QBs, putting Dawkins in 3rd. Who knows,...If Reese Taylor was battling with that group originally, Reese may have been 3rd and Dawkins last!
  8. Artesian_86

    Ramsey Named Starting QB

    http://www.azdesertswarm.com/football/2018/8/23/17774066/peyton-ramsey-brandon-dawkins-indiana-football-starting-quarterback-fiu-depth-chart-2018 I just found this Arizona Wildcat article written yesterday about Dawkins. The writer says that they could quite possibly use him now. Maybe Brandon is thinking about Arizona again. The plot thickens.........
  9. Artesian_86

    Ramsey Named Starting QB

    Hey Mile..... I am not trying to discredit Payday, but does this story have legs? If so, it kind of makes us thin at the qb spot. It also tells us a little bit about Dawkins commitment to IU....Yikes!!!!
  10. Artesian_86

    2018 Season

    This may have not been a popular choice by many, but at least there is someone who has experience and has had the most time understanding the plays. I really feel that he will utilize at least 2 quarterbacks throughout the season. This choice does not bother me at all. At least you know what you are getting and with hope for improvement from last year. I do, however feel, at some point during the season, he will be replaced by either Dawkins or Penix. It is just a feeling I have, could be wrong. It is also a great way for the other two to watch how the plays are properly executed "or NOT ". It is such a motivator especially for Dawkins who transferred for his senior year. I am sure that does not sit well with him. This choice in not shocking at all. Shocking to me would have been Penix as the starter. I would have been excited, but nervous.
  11. Again....no secret here. It's no different than my daughter's travel softball team being sponsored by Demarini. We got some free bats, bags and hats. No biggy...
  12. Artesian_86

    Romeo Langford

    He did all this in ONE freakin year!!!!!
  13. Artesian_86

    Romeo Langford

    Crap.......I was thinking after Romeo decided IU, I could get back to my normal life. Now I'm gonna be more sucked in to see who else follows......
  14. Artesian_86

    Romeo Langford

  15. Artesian_86

    Romeo Langford

    My point exactly....We post with class, we don't stoop to their level, whoever it is.