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  1. Totally agree with this. Stay the course, continue to get better and build better relationships, trust and most important,......respect for what Archie is trying to do. I have more respect for guys like Justin, and Devonte for sticking with this program. They don't want to sit out a year under a new system. I am sure they realized that they had it pretty good here at IU! No doubt talent is there, but attitude, respect and team chemistry have to improve. Something tells me that those two young men will be monsters next year and pivotal parts to next years turn around.
  2. I wonder how we finished in order. LSU 1st, then?
  3. I agree and feel the same, but it was said that Trendon really wanted and respected Christian's input.
  4. All very true, but no matter the distance, Trendon needs to play where his heart is telling him. He can't afford committing to a team because of parental convenience. He needs to play where he will be happy. That may be IU and it may not.
  5. .....I see you mile'!!! No reason it can't happen again! What I would like to know is, where is Christian and his input in all of this?
  6. In this instance,......this is the ONLY time I like playing the underdog. I just hope Archie is still barking in Trendon's ear, this last hour......
  7. It may just be me, but I just have a sneaky feeling there may be a surprise choice......I have zero inside info, just that strange feeling. 21 hours ago his tweet said, "It all ends tomorrow..." at the end of that tweet was an snickering emoji with it's hand over his mouth laughing. Maybe he was telling everyone....... "You all THINK you know who I am picking,...we will see!
  8. Is Archie still in Trendon's ear today? If coaches haven't been notified......."keep punchin' and pull off the upset.....
  9. .....ok, I get that. Just take IU's name out if we have zero shot....
  10. I get it, but either give IU a REAL SHOT or move on. That "respect for IU" is nice and thoughtful, but I want to be seriously considered not a "...was never gonna happen!"
  11. Here is my thing......If it such a heavy LSU lean, then narrow it down to your top 2, like Lester did. If IU ir the others still have a shot, then keep all 4 on there. I want to be excited and hope that somehow we have a shot, but man this is just exhausting. If IU has a "puncher's chance"....., then fight like hell to get back into it. Archie is behind.....he needs to win a few rounds late.
  12. I've said it all along......Get back a healthy Jerome and he plays and performs as previously advertised......we will be turning heads, earning much needed respect and easily making the NCAA tourney next year.
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