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  1. Yep!!! It's almost like those players are required to drink Butter Milk instead of Vitamin D!!!
  2. Glad we don't play the Badgers this year....
  3. Watching the end of Wisky/Michigan.... Whisky big D line BULL RUSHES and penetrates Michigan O-line almost every play!!! How does Wisconsin continue to get those type of players year in and year out?
  4. I hate to be Rutgers next week @ the Big House!!!
  5. You took the words right out of mouth!.....Couldn't have described him any better! Ramsey sort of reminds me of the Colt's Jacoby Brissett...only Brissett has a stronger arm and quicker feet.
  6. Ok....I'm with you Mile....What's you honest description of Ramsey as a QB and what his roll should be for IU? 😉
  7. I predict Tuttle for the entire 4th quarter....
  8. That previous pass to Wop was exactly what i was talking about. That short pass took forever to get there and has a rainbow on it. It was all Wop after the catch. Dont get me wrong guys, Ramsey is playing great today and is a good QB....but he is much better back up QB. I would say exceptional back up!
  9. Wisconsin seems to ALWAYS have our number but could we possibly have a boxer's chance at Michigan this year???
  10. Wow, Wisconsin is thumping Michigan!!! Is Wisconsin that good or Michigan that bad?
  11. I feel Ramsey gets the ball off quicker with a little zip, when he throws farther. IMHO, I feel he "takes his foot off the gas" a little with his short yardage passes. Sometimes, I feel he tries to be too safe and doesn't want to risk an inaccurate pass. I have watched several Ramsey short pass completions that barely get to the reciever and the defender is already there. When Penix completes the very same pass, it's out much quicker, caught sooner, giving the IU receiver more time for separation/extra yards and 1st downs.
  12. If you pause the tv at point of the catch and tackle, you can see his ankle twist a bit before he went down.
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