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  1. .....one would think Coach Woodson and his NBA experience would fit that statement better. Maybe not quickest path to NBA, but the most honest and realistic path to the NBA.
  2. Yep, I specifically remember reading that when he signed.... Look where selfish got him.
  3. ....not trying to defend PS, or making any excuses for him at all, but man....losing your father, your coach,...... I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I just can't imagine what he was dealing with.....
  4. It blows my mind that "Gold and Black" bb board has a TJD thread 4 pages deep and still commenting on it!......lol
  5. Crap...... you are right.....I got my wires crossed. I'm such a Dumb A**.
  6. So cool! I also loved all the Dirty Harry movies too.
  7. Man, I absolutely love those Clint Eastwood westerns!
  8. You wouldn’t be Brisco Darling would you? …“More power to ya!” Lol
  9. hmmmm...... I didn't realize that Alabama was below Indiana.....lol!
  10. Yep!!!!! Good ol days!! That reminds me C…. Enjoying one of my favorite IPAs 😋.. VooDoo Rangers! Just got done mowing the yard.🤓
  11. The last time I spent all season watching NBA was with the Pacers and the last few seasons of Reggie Miller and Co. Now that was some fun basketball to watch! If I couldn’t find it on tv, I listened to them on radio…🤩Good times!
  12. Yessss, that was insane!….I couldn’t believe some of stuff in that movie.
  13. I must be weird, but I loved Borat! I can’t stop laughing at some of the stuff he does and says.
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