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  1. I totally agree with everything you said.....but a university, a fan base and a community wants consistency and longevity. I see it both ways. Look how well Denver did with Payton for a few years and look at them now. Look at Tampa Bay with Brady, but for how long? I would love the "fix right now", but when it goes away, it's tough to get it back. JMHO.... It's a tough one to decide. I pray Dolson does make the right call. I hope whatever he does, that he doesn't forget where he came from and reaches out to all his IU alum connections for helpful advise and insight.
  2. I don't agree that Belien is the worst name brought up, because he has been a proven coach in later stages of his NCAA career, especially Michigan. I have no doubt he would be a tremendous upgrade, but at a cost. I do agree that it is poor choice because of his age. I feel he would be a quick, "band aid" hire, like you said,... He'd be near his mid 70s before he finally got his system in place.
  3. I will say, this latest pay increase to CTA does feel completely different from a Glass lead administrative move.... This really puts the spotlight on both Archie AND Dolson with the current bb situation. It definitely leads one of many questions the BOT and everyone, for that matter, is thinking and will be asking..... "How are you going to properly and correctly address or handle the ongoing decline of the men's basketball program?"
  4. I don't know why any this doesn't surprise me. Something tells me "I'm not getting a new puppy for my birthday"!
  5. My point is...It’s time to make the change NOW!!! Not “let’s give it another year. The team is is utter disconnect and loosing 5 straight, soon to be 6 vs. Rutgers in the 1st game of the BTT. Enough is enough!
  6. Well, Glass allowed Crean to stay on for NINE years....Way, way too long. Dolson has to learn from that and not allow it to happen all over again. He just has to....
  7. Thanks IUwins0708! I appreciate what you bring to this board and your honesty.
  8. That goes without saying and skepticism in totally acceptable......I believe we all are, to some capacity. I want changes and results NOW just like everyone else. I’m just going to have to trust that “something’s a foot”and something more concrete will comes out soon, in due time........ Did I forget to mention that I’m an impatient person?😬
  9. Word was that once Glass found Miller, he wouldn’t listen to any other options.
  10. So sorry, that I’m wasting the board’s time on this. I found it insightful.
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