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  1. I think we get to 75 range in two ways... 1. We have to make some shots. If you watch IU, you see that we get open shots. 2. The defense has to be better than it's been. Being undersized and young has hindered that. Better defense = more transition offense = easier scoring opportunities I see Archie trying to build IU in to what MSU has been the past 20 years. Strong defense, crashing boards, upperclassmen, hard play. Offensively, it seems MSU could/can put up 85 some nights and play a game in the 50s on other nights, but regardless, getting wins.
  2. I asked you a question. You answered it with your first sentence. The rest I don't care about. Not sure why you're so defensive in your answer to a simple, straight forward question.
  3. Based off of resumes, I believe IU should have been in the tournament. The committee didn't base things off of resume, unfortunately, like we were led to believe they would. That said, we lost SO many games we should have won. Arkansas, @ Maryland, @ Northwestern, @ Rutgers, Iowa, @ Iowa, Ohio State, Purdue. That's 8 games where we couldn't figure it out. Call it bad luck, or call it injuries...it's really just pretty soft by everyone in the program, and I am a very positive IU guy.
  4. Rob, Trayce and Hunter are not transferring. Unless Devonte or Davis are scheduled to graduate early, I just can't see them transferring and having to sit out a year. Davis seems to love IU, and Devonte is playing a lot and there will be a lot of open minutes in front of him.
  5. There's about a 0.01% chance Romeo returns. And for that to happen, I think he would have to be severely sick going in to the combine, perform horribly and drop out of the lottery. Otherwise, he gone.
  6. I think there are only 2 certainties of next years starting lineup...Rob and Jerome. For us to be really good, Smith needs to be more of a 3/4 than a 4. I think he'll always be more of a 4, but he needs to be able to space the floor for us. If he cannot do that, I could see Race potentially filling that role, though unlikely a starter. I think TJD and Deron will split duties at the 5. We will need depth there since Deron tends to get in foul trouble and TJD will be a freshman. Gotta give the starting nod to the senior. Then there is the last guard position. Devonte is the best guard amongst Al and Armaan. I see Devonte starting, and how he decides to play will determine whether he holds that starting spot. Rob -- Devonte -- Jerome -- Smith -- Deron The 4 is our softest spot. Undersized, under-skilled as a 4, under-skilled as a 3. I think we are really strong at 1-3-5. I think we are very shallow at the 2, barring a grad-transfer.
  7. Interesting, but there is still chatter about IU getting an NCAA bid. I don't think it will happen, but we are still being talked about. It will ultimately come down to what the committee places the most emphasis on. I feel like IU had a good mixture of SOS and Quad success. I think Delphi had us as first 4 out as of this AM
  8. We did not overlook Kyle Guy. Crean just totally screwed up the recruitment.
  9. I think Moore and Damezi are the likely transfer candidates.
  10. In what I thought was going to be a fun March, it went the complete opposite way. No NCAA. No Keion. And I'm sure Romeo is gone too.
  11. I think they probably knew, but they also kept pushing that the MSU threat is real. For months they essentially said it's IU. Then when it got close, they really started pushing that it's not over, that MSU is really pushing, that Dad likes MSU, etc. Pretty sure this was the narrative even leading up to the TJD announcement. They have a job to do and trust to maintain. Pretty tough to give real, accurate information, while maintaining trust with the people giving that information
  12. I'm saying I agree with you. Those teams don't deserve to get in over IU. I think IU should be an 11 or play-in. I won't be surprised if it happens. We actually got some help by teams losing for once.
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