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  1. cohete15

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    LOL Evan Daniels @ 96.7%
  2. Out of curiosity, I went back to look at rosters since our VO/Zeller championship, and here are the players that never finished at IU: Hanner, Jurkin, Remy Abel, Etherington, Hollowell, Creek, Noah, Troy, Devin Davis, Stan Robinson, James Blackmon, Max Hoetzel, Emmitt Holt, Jeremiah April, OG, Thomas Bryant, Gelon, Curtis Jones 5 Years, 18 scholarships, 18 early departures, 5 of them to the NBA 😳
  3. A class of TJD, Keion and Armaan is perfect balance. My assumption is that we have 1 of those first 2 for two years, 1 of them for 3 years and Armaan for 4 years. This year's freshman class has/had great balance as well. I think a kid like Damezi is great, who maybe isn't B1G-ready as a freshman, knowing that Romeo, Jerome and Rob were. The underperformance of about 4 guys on the offensive end is making us look really bad. Some of that is on Archie.
  4. cohete15

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    I don’t disagree with everything you said. But my whole thing is that we have a team full of guys that are afraid of failure on offense. Juwan, Romeo and Devonte...and I’ll even throw in Clifton Moore are not afraid. That guy is not scared of anything. He’s looking to win on every possession. He wants it and you can tell. I despise it when players pass up open shots. We need playmakers. Play to win, not to not lose. Devonte isn’t the greatest, but he at least TRIES to make plays, as opposed to seeing how quickly he can get the ball out of his hands. He’s always trying to make a pass for an assist, rather than pass just so he doesn’t have to do anything with it. Some of this goes to the level of it being a fault, but until a third guy wants to put his manhood on the table and at least try...then Devonte is our third best player. Everyone wants him to just pass the ball all the time. There is a shot clock in college basketball. Devonte took 6 shots in 32 minutes played. I think 3 of them were as the shot clock was running out. 1 was a missed open layup. I think the other 2 were somewhere around the free throw line or closer. If you’re playing 32 minutes, you should have 5 or 6 shot attempts.
  5. cohete15

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    3-8 in the B1G after the next 5 games is a real possibility.
  6. cohete15

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    So you're a "blame Devonte" guy? He has 1 turnover in the past 3 games and is one of the 3 toughest players on the court. And that turnover was him trying to draw a foul under the basket. He's one of 3 players on the court not afraid. He's one of 3 that tries to make winning plays.
  7. cohete15

    Nebraska Pregame Thread

    The new start times are a joke. 5:30 for us Evansville people.
  8. cohete15

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    It was IU and UK.
  9. cohete15

    Romeo Langford

    Romeo is a lottery pick. And his stock will only rise.
  10. cohete15

    Romeo Langford

    These days it doesn't matter what the mock drafts say. Underclassmen can now go straight to the horse's mouth.
  11. cohete15

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    My post probably came across very doom and gloom. Didn't mean it that way. More of just a reality check. The other reality check is that we are 3-2 in the B1G. We have 2 of probably our 3 toughest conference road games out of the way. We showed we are good enough, even with our limitations, to win those games. This team will only continue to get better, and I'll still stand by my prediction of IU to finish 3rd in the league.
  12. cohete15

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    I considered your take prior to my post...I have for the past couple weeks really. In my opinion, the "depth is a big strength of this team" take was one based off no merit. In general (not saying everyone), people thought we were going to get production from Jake Forrester...because he "brings so much energy" when on the floor. That's what we were told. There was the assumption that Zach McRoberts would provide a little bit on the offensive end. He provides less this year than last. This team has improved enough defensively where I'm not sure how much better Zach's defense is than the guys he would be playing over. There was the assumption that Justin Smith and Al Durham have made this big Frosh-to-Soph jump. They are improved...especially Justin defensively only, and Al from 3-point range. There was the assumption that the 6'11, career 44% three-point shooter would provide us that floor stretching ability and 6-8 points per game, meanwhile grabbing just a few rebounds. What were the expectations for Clifton Moore, Deron and Damezi? I don't know...probably not much...which is about what we've gotten. But this assumption that Race Thompson is the missing piece to the puzzle, is in my opinion, about as silly as all the above assumptions were. The kid is 18 years old, sat out for a year and hadn't played in a game since HS and would be filling the role as an undersized but fairly strong, not super skilled big man. I'm not so sure he was going to see the floor before Clifton Moore. So, I am making Jerome Hunter our 7th guy. I think it's completely reasonable to say he would be getting 20 minutes a game...especially at this point in the year. But I do want to play devil's advocate here on Jerome... He won the gold jersey one week. Devonte is on his 2nd straight week of gold jersey. Reports on Jerome in practice were good. Reports on Jake, Justin, Al and Devonte were good. Reports were that Evan is our best shooter. Reports were.....depth is a strength of this team. We need one of a few things to happen....better players, better development of our players or better utilization of our players.
  13. cohete15

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    We have absolutely zero depth. Zero. We have 6 players that are CAPABLE on both ends of the floor. Tired of hearing about "the injuries". Yes, Jerome would have helped, but there should absolutely not be that big of a drop off from your 6th/7th man on the bench to the 8th. Race Thompson wasn't and isn't going to give us much this year. I don't understand everyone ragging on Devonte Green. He played 60 minutes on our last 2 road games against tough opponents. Zero turnovers, 24 points and good defense. Don't like a couple of his shots? Fair. But at least he shoots the ball. Some of the guys on this team would rather dribble or pass to someone else until the shot clock runs out. Our bench played 53 minutes. They had 4 shot attempts. They made zero of them. Two of the players (Rob and McBob) combined for 31 minutes with zero shot attempts.
  14. cohete15

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Interesting considering Keion never took an OV to Michigan State.
  15. cohete15

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Yes, everything ever printed on Keion is something along the lines of “Keion is inching closer to a decision”. And everyone is “very much in the mix”. And “don’t be surprised if...”. He’s been “inching” since October...(which I have no problem with, for the record). He can wait until May as far as I am concerned. They should decide on their own time and no one else’s. It’s just funny to see these recruiting “experts” write and sell articles with zero content.