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  1. I think a lot of high school recruits...highly ranked ones in particular...don't need to shoot 3s. High major recruits can take high schoolers to the rim every single possession. They are also probably not given too many open looks.
  2. Archie has 2 recruiting classes. Archie whooped him in last year's class regardless of what rankings say. Brought in a consensus Top 5 guy, took the Ohio Mr. Basketball and got Phinisee. We have a 2 man class this year. We could have 2 McDs AA and not be ranked very high. If Archie NEEDED it to be another 5 man class, he would have made it that way and we would be right there in the almighty rankings that you're so fond of.
  3. It’s a highlight film, but looks like the kid can play.
  4. Some of you guys have ruined, currently ruining or will ruin this message board. The insider stuff used to be as abundant, if not more on this board than any of the pay sites. It's now fairly miniscule due to the high and mighty uninformed running off the people with real information. And I don't blame them for not sharing anymore. Why subject yourself to ridicule? Just enjoy the information brought to you...for free...or ignore it and go about your day.
  5. We miss a lot of free throws to help other teams win games. That’s why they make players take the shots. We outplayed them. We won because we hit shots. When you pair a Top 30 defense with hitting a decent percent of shots, you’re going to win some games.
  6. My apologies. I did not know that. Hopefully this isn't going to be a chronic thing for him.
  7. I had no clue Hollowell was playing in the G-league
  8. Devin Davis was the one fighting for his life.
  9. Yep, I guess UNC isn't a blueblood anymore either! Lost out on Brooks to UK and lost to Auburn in the S16. What a sad state of affairs for Roy and a once blueblood program in Chapel Hill.......
  10. Archie and the staff CLEARLY know more than me about players on the team, and building a program. However, I have to wonder... What is the point of burning a year of eligibility on a guy like Jake this past year? They had to have seen in practice what he was going to provide. I do understand Deron's uncertainty and Race's injury made things a little tight in the front court, but Jake and Clifton were interchangeable (I thought Clifton was better in the limited action). Jake did nothing that Fitzner couldn't do. So we had 5 bigs (including Justin) for 2 spots. It's always possible they asked him if he wanted to redshirt, or take whatever opportunities to play this year (albeit, mostly garbage time)...and Jake could have said he didn't want to redshirt. But the thing is...these kids like Jake and Moore, are really put in a position to develop in to a contributor by sophomore year, or reallllllly start to question a transfer if their purpose is to play college basketball games. And the staff doesn't really have time for "what ifs" on development, so they go after a Joey Brunk and/or other grad transfers. So, Jake is competing with... Davis (Sr.) TJD (McDs AA) Race (third year at IU, and good) Brunk (assumption, but 22 years old, 6'11 230, classic Big Ten style player) Justin Smith (2 year starter) I don't see Jake taking any meaningful minutes from those guys. Now, because he never redshirted, he's a Junior, and only one player from those 5 that he couldn't beat out are leaving. No significant PT in site and only 2 years of eligibility. He transfers to get PT, and we have Race Thompson as the only big man left. If he redshirted, he would instead be going in to his RS Sophomore year, getting a chance to earn some minutes, but has a RS Jr and RS Sr year ahead, with departures from Brunk, Smith and maybe TJD. Front court would be RS Senior Race Thompson and RS Junior Jake Forrester. There needs to be a cycle where we always have upperclass bigs coming up through the program, and not losing them to transfer.
  11. I think people are starving for results, instead of hope.
  12. My guess is Brunk takes Moore's place in the junior class. Nothing against Clifton, I just assume he wants to play.
  13. We need Duke to not offer. Sounds like Memphis is probably in the lead. Obviously Trendon does not need to visit IU. As CoachSS said a while back, IU told TW they wanted to recruit him, but to let them know if he wanted them to, as TW wanted to carve his own path separate from CWat. He didn't for a while. He does now, and I don't think the Watfords are interested in wasting IU's time.
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