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  1. Huntnfreak

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    How about this Trayce Jackson-Davis kid..heard he could play....
  2. Huntnfreak

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Pizza King's are sprinkled all throughout Indiana. All the way up to Muncie!!
  3. Huntnfreak

    Romeo Langford

  4. Huntnfreak

    Romeo Langford

    I'm not real sure. He was committed to Auburn I believe, but opened his recruitment back up.
  5. Huntnfreak

    Romeo Langford

    I believe it is E.J. Montgomery they're referring to.
  6. Huntnfreak

    Romeo Langford Poll

    Thank you!! Long time lurker and decided to join...best site around!!
  7. Huntnfreak

    Romeo Langford Poll