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  1. Something tells me our coaching staff isn’t real confident in landing who they want...just my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Oral surgery of some sort is what I heard. Not BBall related.
  3. = participation trophies..no thanks!! I’ll take wins....
  4. I feel the exact same way!! These players make a few shots and maybe start gaining some confidence and BOOM...out they come....kills all momentum!! Why why why????
  5. I had heard that Greensburg had offered the use of their facilities, but North declined. Not sure if this is correct or not..just hearsay...
  6. Let me fix that for ya....This IU team is SO BAD. Good Lord.
  7. Put Green at the end of the bench!!!!!!!! 🤬
  8. Quick....check Jerry Meyer’s pick and see if he got it correct....😝
  9. Keep running the hedge Archie and staff 🤬 Is anyone on the staff competent enough to realize we don’t have the athletes to do that!!!!!!
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