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  1. Sounds like a typical March for an IU fan...😩
  2. One mixer deep....either going to soften the blow or an early start to the celebration...we'll see!!
  3. Two of the insiders on this board are from my neck of the woods (a long ways from Ft. Wayne)...I doubt they have any personal ties to the Brooks family so any rumblings of respecting the family is probably not accurate. They're probably just riding this thing out like the rest of us!! JMO
  4. 😂😂 Absolutely life will go on..no doubt!! This is also a message board where we're currently in the middle of a thread discussing a recruit that the thread title is about!!
  5. We don't need any "Daddy ball" type shenanigans going on at IU..IF that's what's happening behind the scenes!! I took KB Sr's tweet as himself being selfish and taking control of Jr's decision that he thought was best.
  6. Hard to run a two man game when Juwan is on the bench with two fouls with 17:00 to go in the first half...😩
  7. THIS...is exactly how I feel too!! Well said!!👊
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