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  1. Fatty's are the best....so many combinations to try..enjoy!! 👊
  2. I could deal with a LOT of crap for 3+ million a year and a free mansion to live in....just saying
  3. I agree...unfortunately we're becoming "the other board".....
  4. Anymore I'm shocked when anyone comes to IU...😁
  5. IU is it's own worst enemy!! We know what success is and are dying for it again!! Unfortunately it's been too long and the future isn't all that bright....
  6. We have rewarded kids all year with their poor effort!! A crying shame what we have become....😩
  7. Exactly my thoughts as well...kind of disheartening!!
  8. Serious questIon.....how do we get A LOT BETTER NEXT YEAR???
  9. There's no doubt in my mind we will!! We'll lose Morgan and NOBODY will be able to replace his scrappiness!!
  10. Sounds like a typical March for an IU fan...😩
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