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  1. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/2023-5-star-xavier-booker-has-positive-things-to-say-about-iu-basketball-after-visit/
  2. Quit talking about being tired good Lord!! These kids are so young..that crap doesn’t bother them!! They can’t score and are being L A Z Y.....
  3. Kopp should NEVER see the court....total liability with zero advantages!!
  4. At this point I don’t care if they’re sipping tea or smoking the grass...just win baby!!!!! 😆
  5. ...and TJD, Kopp, Stewart, Durr..etc..etc.......
  6. Anyone that defends this team cannot be taken seriously ever again. They are embarrassing on every aspect of the game. 😔
  7. Wash...rinse....repeat.........
  8. He’s as big of a liability as Kopp is!! 👎🏼
  9. Whizzing down our leg as usual...😆 No fight in us at all.....sad
  10. Another easy money night on DraftKings!! Thanks Hoosiers!!
  11. Same thing your ex-wives said.....😆 Sorry man I had to!! 😂😂
  12. 😂😂 All you can do is laugh and collect that easy money on DraftKings...
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