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  1. Don’t be hard on yourself its not being negative it’s the reality that we see, accurate or not
  2. I hope you are right but I don’t know what an accurate expectation for this team really would be. I haven’t seen marked improvement on the court this year. Our effort has been better the last two games but our execution has been disappointing. If we come out with the same offensive and defensive game plan as we normally do Hoiberg will be prepared. How many fouls will be called on us the first eight minutes what will our shooting percentage be what will their shooting percentage be? How many turnovers? We need to be very solid we these and of course rebound the ball. Of course these are indicators in any basketball game not just our Hoosiers! Hope for the best prepare for the worst!
  3. Didn’t we go to overtime and fortunately beat them at our place?
  4. Chris Reynolds would be nice and how about Lawrence Frank
  5. I saw that too and Green made a nice V cut off a down screen to set himself up for a 3?that went in the basket. I don’t know this but I think the Boss has a lot to do with this modification of the offense. Jmho
  6. After all these years I am kinda indifferent to Knight. Sadly I would guess some of his former players feel differently about not coming back for some of the acknowledgment of all of their accomplishments.
  7. Looks like Bailey lit up Reitz tooi
  8. There are people in the athletic department that will tell you that they are happy he is leaving!!! And they hope someone who cares about athletics becomes the new president.
  9. We play like this we will miss
  10. If we do find the “guy” it won’t be much of a rebuild you will see a immediate impact
  11. I said this in another thread a couple days ago but some people don’t want to see it
  12. Not sure about his college interest, I am sure there is information on this I just have not asked anyone
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