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  1. I don’t care if we have an nba guy on staff or not. I really don’t want any oad or players who only care about getting to the nba.
  2. I don’t know I think Calbert , Lewis , Guyton , Greg Graham would be good additions to an IU staff. I would like to see some of them get involved
  3. He had a lot of positive things to say when a Nebraska was in town last year. Having spent some time at Butler I would think he is well connected in the state just my opinion
  4. I would have liked him at Indiana. Would be a real benefit for recruiting in Indiana. I think anywho
  5. Lol now that sounds like fun twins with hour glass figures SWEET
  6. Well I am from Bedford about 20 minutes from Bloomington South. I would enjoy watching him play but unfortunately it was hard for me to see a few of Leals games because of a busy schedule.
  7. Yes I agree that the hope juice jug is about empty . Lol but at this point it is all we have even a big drink of hope juice isn’t putting a smile on my face
  8. No I am just stated an opinion. I have seen Leal play a few times and I do think he is a very important recruit for the program . I feel the same of Galloway and I have never seen him play except on highlights. I form that opinion by the number of people that have seen plays opinions. I don’t have the same feeling with Luke Brown because there are only a few that advocates that state he deserves an IU offer IF he grows more.
  9. I understand your position on that thanks. There are a lot of uninformed opinions on a message board certainly mine included
  10. That Blackman is one of the shot makers on the team next year since at this point we haven’t added anybody that is a shooter. Blackmon had intentions of transferring but reportedly will return for next year
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