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  1. I thought he coached at Maryland now?
  2. This thread is about a recruit that is in town on Easter please take your old coaches argument somewhere else this is why a lot of people don’t come here anymore
  3. 64 and sunny in btown today! Beautiful day if weather is a factor
  4. Said he saw it on be stream but nothing official my fault for reporting it
  5. After further review not sure but no it wasn’t just my opinion was from someone else who is not sure now not messing with anyone
  6. His three point shooting sucks which we need help on big time so that’s unfortunate but he has a good midrange shot and is a good rebounder and I believe I read good defensive player also. His averages over the last 15 games are good!
  7. Louisville’s samuell Williamson went into the portal tonight former McDonald’s AA 6’ 7” 205
  8. Can you tell me Rolf full name and what year he is in I am always behind in recruiting thank you
  9. My apologies that was uncalled for on my part. The kid has lots of options and a very good chance we won’t make the ncaa’s again this year I thought for senior night or any night it was pretty uninspiring
  10. Any word or articles out on this young man yet? He has a good offer list and witnessing last nights performance might put us in the back lol
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