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  1. The 81 national championship team obviously and I mean obviously had the pieces to achieve at a high level and that was noticeable to most people! Then we had Bobby on the bench so really a very poor comparison to this team and coaching staff. I bet before the tournament that IU would win the national championship in 81 and was paid very well for that prediction
  2. Yeah I know. I even was certain we would be ready to win. I believed we were on the road to continued improvement and we very well be but, I just don’t understand how we could fold to an average Wisconsin team no matter where we played. I fast forward after the score was 18 to 4 and with Green still on the bench. Stopped it twice and it was even worse! I just didn’t watch. Saying it was a disappointment is not doing that performance any justice! We will see how they respond from such a terrible performance! I have been a fan for over 50 years and maybe my expectations will never be reached again but I will always expect that we continue an upward trend! I have kept my enthusiasm checked this year until yesterday because of last years horrible run. Let’s hope yesterday will be the exception not the norm but I don’t know
  3. There will be no beat down today! I look for the Hoosiers to win this game! Life is a cycle and it’s time to start a new one with the badgers!
  4. My stars got their butts handed to them by South last night in Bedford! Leal with 25 for the victors and Damon’s son with 15 for the losing hosts
  5. Nigel Pack the point man for the winners nice point guard committed to Kansas State fairly early
  6. I look forward to it! I don’t even know what time the game starts but It won’t define the season if you are right. I have not watched Wisconsin play so I really don’t have a clue how they play this year. I just feel we win this game. I think it will make a big statement of who we are becoming as a program once again. Having flashbacks of Yoder on the sidelines.
  7. According to 247 he hasn’t committed to any program
  8. Is this kid still being recruited
  9. Yep smell the roses. To much obsession on a high school kid in my opinion. Lots of battles of all kinds to be won or lost. I quit worrying about where the kids decide to go since we lost Montross just not worth it to me!
  10. Good to know. I didn’t remember this one thanks
  11. Same Andre Owens that was a Hoosier for a short time I believe
  12. That is a good question as we have had multiple injuries even before the season starts the last 2 or 3 years. Which in my mind would include practice and strength and conditioning
  13. They are going to win another national championship with the roster they have put together! Just look at the guards they have committed and signed the last 3 years not to mention the big men they always get on the roster wow
  14. What I see is people here not valuing Brunk enough to be a starter. My opinion is he will be a starter most if not all year
  15. Love said over a year ago UNC is his dream school. Writing was on the wall then. It is nice to get hopes up mine were fulfilled by Galloway, Leal and the unexpected fast commitment of Geronimo might turn out well . I am glad the obvious showed through on Terrance Clark are chances were slim to none and turned out to be true. With the big name recruits from out of state it is not giving them a chance at IU it is them giving us a chance to just recruit them . If we have some winning seasons maybe just maybe that will turn around. I think if the Garcia kid commits that will be very fortunate for us but I don’t think it will be a trend soon if ever from out of state five stars. I am all in on the Indiana kids for IU so I guess every fan has a so called wish list. Of course it doesn’t matter what most of us think it’s just a good place to ramble
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