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  1. My understanding is Glass butted heads with him often
  2. On this day in 1879 Doc Holiday killed his first man
  3. Purdy had a big bruise on his chin as shown by channel 8 this morning
  4. What company’s are saying in the media and what is happening in the real world are two different things. My company told us we are on our own!
  5. Cutter


    I cheated on my last guess and still got it wrong
  6. Cutter


    Lou Brock or Mickey Mantle
  7. Lol maybe but I leave home at 6:20 am and get home around 8:00pm. Busy on weekends but have a little down time. I think I need more time at home but nothing I can do about my commitments
  8. Yes you are right. I don’t usually post, thought I would throw an opinion out there, but trying to work and respond today is not a good idea with my limited time my apologies if I come across the wrong way
  9. Armaan Franklin, Trey Galloway, Anthony Leal I feel are going to be what we need and I think Wesley and the other kid would compliment the team better than the other kid. That’s my opinion and I could care or less if anyone on this board agrees with me lol. I look on this board for entertainment not to be right or wrong lol. I am glad I have a job and family that are more important than IU sports
  10. To say who is more important would be a matter of opinion. One may have not been as good without the other but that is an opinion too. I was trying to say nicely in the post you quoted me as you have your opinion and I have mine not asking you to agree with it and I obviously don’t agree with yours I will say it again I would prefer the kid from Indiana or Pennsylvania or where ever he is from than the kid from Missouri or where ever he is from.
  11. Yeah I know about victor and he is the exception not the rule. How about Jordan Hulls how important was he to the team? We could throw out names all day like Steve Alford who couldn’t guard a couch and was not so called college ready body. We would have not won in 87 without him. So I will have my opinion and you have yours I am good with that. Of course most things on here are opinions
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