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  1. Romeo Langford

    Thanks 0708 I really appreciate your information you and hickory hoosier and some others are one of the main reasons I have followed this and other boards for years. Your input makes thing more exciting for all of us some just choose to be negative! Coach ss seems to have a good way about him too thanks to all and keep it rolling!
  2. Romeo Langford

    Everything is an opinion it will not be fact until the fat lady sings anyone telling different is wish full thinking. Last I heard he will decide within a month or so
  3. Romeo Langford

    My hopes are very high my expectations even higher we will know soon.
  4. My apologies mile for not being clear the bedford high school nickname was the bedford stonecutters. I am a stone cutter and a bedford north lawrence star. Went to both schools my uncle was a sawsmith at one of the local mills he passed back in 93 that's as close as I come to a real stone cutter sorry for the confusion.
  5. Yes the Oolitic gym played thete on some Sundays myself. Played at the other 6 county gyms as well when in school and later in industrial league and 6 foot and under.
  6. Thank you I think there are several from the area on here some just aren't signed up.
  7. I knew and still know some stonies as I am a stone cutter from bedford 20 miles south. I have been a hoosier basketball fan for over 50 years what a great time to be a fan!!
  8. Thank you mile you are a class person
  9. It was Jim Wiseman