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  1. Lol Bracey and others would enjoy that humor
  2. I am not good with words but I could have not been said any better thanks
  3. Called picking and choosing at what is acceptable or not.
  4. I admire your convictions but do you really believe Ryan was squeaky clean? Maybe but odds are against that you succeed at that level without some other things being involved. I do wish everyone felt the way you do but that is not the world we live in today. I liked growing up in the sixties but there was cheating in college basketball then so I either give up the last sport I follow or change with the times. It is tough to do and I may just give it up some day but right now I hope we hire Rosemond to go with Fife, Hunter and Woody gets this program with the big boys as that is where we belong
  5. If you think your morals are the same as college coaches players say aau players etc then you are dreaming pal
  6. Lol I hate liars and thieves but this world is full of them and college basketball is dirty and yes IU has had their share of dealings
  7. Do you know why Nancy Knight divorced coach Knight? I do but won’t put it here! Someone else that posts here mentioned to you if you really knew what went on with the players you wouldn’t have anyone to root for! I get what you are saying it just isn’t real I personally saw an envelope handed to a recruits parent at the memorial tournament at assembly hall and that was before Sampson! There are a lot of other incidents I could tell you about as well! But they are still good kids that graduated for the most part although some didn’t and paid for other mistakes they made. You aren’t going to fin
  8. I have no idea we’re you get your information but I am pretty sure besides Oats that you are wrong
  9. Not to mention he was compensated 22 million for being a failure
  10. That’s been said repeatedly so I would say you are spot on
  11. I agree but that can be said for any coach at any program in the country. I hope he does prove people wrong and I feel luckily we have Matta and I wish he was the head coach
  12. It was done to please the people with the most influence on the basketball program. Big donors and former players are the driving force behind this hire. Money talks and let’s hope it brings success
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