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  1. Yeah keep dreaming about morton
  2. Yes there better, he shot 48% from 3 last year and 44% this year. Hard to beat that bud. He isn't the only player to be benched. He has a great attitude and work ethic. Oh and he loves the hoosiers
  3. I don't know but I have said it before I would rather have Leal for four years instead of someone like brooks for one year
  4. I don't know if we make the tournament or not next year but I don't think the people who make the decision will make him feel any heat until after his fourth or fifth year. Some of the fans will be belly aching that's for sure but that won't . My matter until year 4 or 5. Some think it should start now but I disagree. Disappointed in this season bit there are numerous factors for this year's failure. Just my opinion
  5. Archie won't be in hot water until his 4th or 5th year . The trajectory will be clear at that time. Upwards would be my expectation
  6. Different opinions I have never said he can't ball but he needs improvement in a lot of areas. I think those who say he doesn't need improvement in ball handling, shooting, not standing around or falling asleep on defense and block outs and soft slow passes are wrong
  7. I agree with the buzz and he has helped the program but I will not be blind to the other obvious things
  8. I have seen on several occasions he stands and looks at loose balls on the ground while other players are diving for them! The only way to avoid what you said is to sit the bench it's just basketball. Romeo does not always play hard. I would rather have 5 juwans
  9. Yes they are major stats. However if a player cannot go to his left very well or shoot the three pointer well and is considered a shooting guard then yes I call those skill issues I don't know what else a person can say. I will go a step farther and say romeo looks to be playing not to get hurt, that is not his fault but rather the systems. I am all in on supporting the players but I try to be honest with how I see things .I will not say anymore as I think this should be about brooks thanks for the dicussion
  10. Ok I understand where you are coming from, and yes my thoughts were mostly on romeo. You are right in the issue should have been addressed years ago
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