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  1. They are going to win another national championship with the roster they have put together! Just look at the guards they have committed and signed the last 3 years not to mention the big men they always get on the roster wow
  2. What I see is people here not valuing Brunk enough to be a starter. My opinion is he will be a starter most if not all year
  3. Love said over a year ago UNC is his dream school. Writing was on the wall then. It is nice to get hopes up mine were fulfilled by Galloway, Leal and the unexpected fast commitment of Geronimo might turn out well . I am glad the obvious showed through on Terrance Clark are chances were slim to none and turned out to be true. With the big name recruits from out of state it is not giving them a chance at IU it is them giving us a chance to just recruit them . If we have some winning seasons maybe just maybe that will turn around. I think if the Garcia kid commits that will be very fortunate for us but I don’t think it will be a trend soon if ever from out of state five stars. I am all in on the Indiana kids for IU so I guess every fan has a so called wish list. Of course it doesn’t matter what most of us think it’s just a good place to ramble
  4. I basically said this about Love a couple of months ago for the second time most disagreed with what I said probably because of his star ranking
  5. This kid said about a year ago that unc was his dream school and apparently he was telling the truth
  6. Crystal balls hitting Miami U.
  7. On point 2 I took a couple of classes at IU and I have never considered myself an Alumni. I know people like myself who took classes or didn’t graduate and they consider themselves Alumni. My personal feelings are if you don’t have a degree from IU you are not an alumnus. But I really don’t care either way just my 2 cents
  8. I am glad you didn’t but I sure got very sick that I can remember now I take them every year
  9. Also once you start taking the flu shot then take it every year and if you skip a year be prepared to be the sickest you have ever been.
  10. You are absolutely right and wise in saying so in my opinion. I had guessed Brunk to play 30 minutes a game dgmail and coach ss disagree and they are probably right. I had high expectations last year and ended up very disappointed at the end of the year. I was jumping the gun last year and started to with the Brunk speculation from the great work ethic and leadership I have read about. But I will follow the very cautious approach with expectations from now on. Most of this has come from Knights tenure of having high expectations fulfilled most of the time. It’s hard to believe the last 20 years of IU basketball. I sure hope Archie turns the corner in 2 or 3 more years
  11. I think you are right about small ball for the Hoosiers but I don’t see it as often this year . I think we will see it more next year. There are a lot of teams that have the ability to have 2 bigs on the court at the same time if they choose. I hope Deron has a great year and this does limit Brunks minutes but he will have to stay healthy and stay out of foul trouble. Unfortunately he has struggled with both consistently his career at IU. I am guessing Brunk will be called on to play a lot of minutes this year.
  12. I look forward to see whose guess is close. I think Brunk will get minutes at the so called 4 as well. Should be some double post activity I would guess
  13. I will stick to my speculation Brunk will get 30 minutes a game
  14. In all fairness to Brunk he may play 30 minutes or more but that’s is speculation we don’t know how he will perform here I do speculate that he will play better here than at butler
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