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  1. I agree, last winter he said UNC was his dream school. After I read the quotes it sealed the deal for me in that now not only don’t care where he goes I really want him to go somewhere else
  2. I hope you are right and I really hope he goes somewhere else! Galloway, Leal and TJD move the needle for me and most Hoosier fans I know
  3. Thanks mile. Was hoping for Cheney but doesn’t really matter
  4. Thank you I appreciate the responses
  5. Any scuttlebut on this subject that is new in the last few days
  6. I always loved going to the Dillinger museum in Nashville Indiana. They had almost everything or photographs of items everyone talks about in relationship to Dillinger. Was one of my favorite places to visit when I was younger
  7. Very interesting I liked to read different thoughts on all involved thanks for the link to BADGERVOL
  8. That is very cool, thank you
  9. Yes I saw the same show or one very similar . Thank for the link
  10. Not going to get in a discussion but to think we are the smartest most advanced species in the universe is HIGHLY unlikely and if we are VERY disappointing.
  11. Really up in the air if we make the tournament or not
  12. Thanks for verifying, I would love to see calbert on as assistant
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