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  1. The kid said he was going to take more visits and probably commit sometime in October! He did not say who he was going to commit to and didn’t say he was going to commit to Indiana so nothing has changed he is still open! Until he commits we have just as good of a chance as the other schools!
  2. He is transferring to smaller school to be the man and break the scoring record
  3. I agree I think he will develop into a player we will hear about
  4. Sensabaugh has a very respectable offer list I hope we land him and clowney would make a really good class if we get jhs also
  5. I agree it is difficult to know how a prospect develops and lots of fun to watch their progression
  6. Sounds like draymond green when he was a kid lol
  7. I don’t think he would have cut his list from 5 to 2 schools if he didn’t have interest in both makes no sense jmho
  8. I don’t know, seems to but in my opinion they will take both if they can
  9. Don’t count out sensabaugh he is visiting soon
  10. It’s nice to go from 20% yesterday to 50% today as this is a fact!! The rest is speculation
  11. Maybe more like cooks, car dealerships, sports rehab, hospitals, grocery stores, Eli Lilly,Airlines, municipal attractions, catalent medical and many more just in the Bloomington area alone
  12. That’s a good class new staff or not! Expectations need to be realistic some classes will be better than 2022 class others will not
  13. Where has the 0708 person been? Haven’t seen any info from him for awhile. I don’t always get caught up on reading everything so anybody know if he has been posting
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