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  1. Was looking at the standings, and if we had finished the wisky game, we would be 6-2 and in 2nd place in the B1G. It’s so nice to enjoy IU basketball again, it has been a long time.
  2. The guards will probably forget to feed the post. And CMW will tell us, for the 1000th time, he has to get the team over the hump.
  3. Que the CMW just needs HIS players talk…
  4. New coach, new players….same difficult basketball to watch.
  5. Happens almost every time 😂
  6. Is Parker on the bench, I haven’t been able to find him?
  7. Hate to see AD in a different uniform. May not have been the most skilled player ever at IU, but represented the university well and gave his best night in and night out. Wishing him the best.
  8. Bump. Any news on streaming HH this weekend?
  9. Were you describing the offense at Memphis or Indiana last year?
  10. Not that anyone cares, but I have been on these boards since Gov’t Cheese was around and GoColts was an irritant but solid poster. My user name is an homage to our long time friend Ken. That doesn’t buy me any internet cred, but I enjoy the back and forth on these platforms. I am familiar with IUScott on TOS, and wasn’t a fan of his. But on this site, he is a passionate and consistent poster. I don’t always agree with his posts, but I respect his loyalty to IU basketball. Tip of the cap Scott. I graduated from IU in 1992. Yes I am old. I miss tuning in to an IU game and expecting to compete for the win. I miss having a coach that gets the team better as the season goes on. I wanted Archie to bring IU back to the conversation. I never opined that he would be the next RMK, but I hoped he would bring IU out of the cellar. It just hasn’t happened. I wish Archie the best, but it has to be time to move on. Anyone who still believe Archie is the answer, hasn’t looked at the test question. IU fans deserve better than 10th place in year 4. Feel free to ignore this post, just needed to get this off my chest. Go IU!
  11. “I am striving for accuracy” on an opinion internet board...classic comedy! Who’s on first 😂😂😂
  12. I love the folks who use the dictionary definition take. Like quoting the dictionary strengthens their opinion 🤣
  13. Just waiting for IUFLA to tell us how Archie should come back for another year. Tell us how much better CAMs record his first 4 years is than Beilein’s first 4 years were. 5,4,3,2,1...
  14. Love the pack line defense - said every team we have played the last 4 years.
  15. I am sure CAM will get another year, but enough is enough. This used to be Indiana University Basketball. It has become University of Indiana Basketball. I have zero faith the powers that be will see it the same.
  16. And lost every game to Purdue since CAM took over. Nail, meet coffin.
  17. And play defense. And stop the turnovers. And make some shots.
  18. I do thank the team for giving me 8 minutes of basketball that made me feel like we can compete...with a juggernaut like Rutgers. Then reality kicked in. SSDD.
  19. Positive we will have the same starting 5 for our next game?
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