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  1. ArchieBall13

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    There's a lot of ego baggage wrapped up into what Dakich says too...think he may have wanted one of the Indiana boys at the helm above and beyond most logical option.
  2. ArchieBall13

    A few things...

    Sounds like you're ahead of the pack...big data/analytics is here to stay
  3. ArchieBall13

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Agree with you guys here, I need to monitor my phone and social media intake to make sure I'm not abusing it. Both of these things can be great for society if used correctly, more accurate timing/use of communication...but it has a very bad downside that can really outweigh these benefits if we're not engaging with it right as a society. Increased anxiety, depression, etc. Sorry to derail further, just realized I posted this in the KBJ thread. Whoops lol, come on down KBJ...
  4. ArchieBall13

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I'd rather "just want to make money" so that i could support my family in the future and enjoy a few things in life post college
  5. ArchieBall13

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Not to mention some ongoing street cred with recruits in being a borderline stud in the league and an ex Hoosier. I've seen a ton of photos put out there by recruits with Oladipo in regards to their interest with going to IU. Similar logic applies with OG doing well in the league currently
  6. ArchieBall13

    Brandon Newman

    Thanks for the links Mile, who knows maybe the IU staff thinks Newman/Franklin can easily co-exist. It would be pretty sweet to grab the top 4 in-state recruits this year, that would be the ultimate "lock-down" statement following a fantastic in-state pursuit for the 2018 class too. Guess we'll see
  7. ArchieBall13

    Locking down the state

    I assumed Mike Davis was a ball player himself, but maybe not...what was his background in his playing days if he had any?
  8. ArchieBall13

    Brandon Newman

    Yea seems to me Archie liked Armaan equally at a minimum to Newman or else those visits would be flipped. If you asked me two days ago, I would have said Newman before Armaan by a hair. However, Armaans combo guard potential may actually be more of a need than Newmans pure SG potential if Damezi can stroke it already with one more year experience over a freshman Newman. I think I changed my mind to Armaan, but it's splitting hairs...both good players. Welcome aboard Armaan!
  9. ArchieBall13

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Need that balanced middle ground attack (Nova and UNC do it the best)
  10. ArchieBall13

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Agree with you, but if we land KBJ and TJD that pretty much fits the bill. I'm not sure if I'm all in on this or not myself fyi, but I can see Coach's line of thinking. May have persuaded me some
  11. ArchieBall13

    Brandon Newman

    Hmm not how I read it...just didn't think it warranted an aggressive response nor his intent. Small stuff though, carry on
  12. ArchieBall13

    Brandon Newman

    A little aggressive response, he wasn't claiming much with certainty
  13. ArchieBall13

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Pretty straight forward reasoning...but putting on my biased crimson glasses maybe he's really looking to be sure he can commit in the near future by making sure he's not leaving any doubt, hence scheduling his visits now. From his interviews, he seems like a pretty smart kid...I know I'd want to be sure my decision was right too
  14. ArchieBall13

    Blind hire.

    Thanks for the key, after reviewing the answers context is everything...more specifically what conference is the coach competing in? Combo of good trends/competition level/unusual limitations in a given year are all probably critical in arriving at the best answer. John Beilein is a slightly better coach than Jon Coffman currently...lol to my answers
  15. ArchieBall13

    MSU is in trouble

    Very true reality unfortunately, and a terrible precedent to set by the NCAA when cheating allegations/rumors are so rampant in today's game. These concepts are like parenting 101, yet somehow the NCAA glosses over them time and again