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  1. That was the one I was most skeptical of, but I think I actually like that one too. Probably the one I could live without of all the rule changes though.
  2. Sounds like a dream for someone who loves basketball
  3. Also, I really like the tweaked NIT rules. Would be in favor of implementing all of them.
  4. Great second half performance. Put me in the camp this NIT matters. Our program needs to continue forward momentum in the worst way right now and it looks like the players were hungry on D tonight. Wasn’t sure which team would show up, but good start.
  5. One thing that stuck with me is during Archie's postgame presser after the OSU loss in BTT, Green gave Archie a pat on the back. Something small, but surprised me to see Green trying to acknowledge it was a tough situation for Archie in that moment.
  6. For those saying the additional 2 BIG games hurts us, let’s remind ourselves...the goal is not to get on the right side of the bubble. The goal is to use that schedule to develop grit and strength for a long tourney run.
  7. No way around it. This season was a bust, we’ll see how Archie regroups.
  8. We were actually a little closer than I thought we would be. Landed ahead of NC state and Clemson. That OSU game was our chance and we blew it, end of story.
  9. Weren’t they fairly comfortable on the right side of the bubble after their recent surge? They’ve got several quality wins so that one doesn’t bother me a ton.
  10. Cincy and MSU are the only ones that I really disagreed with so far.
  11. I’ve got no problem Belmont getting in. Can live with that.
  12. So you’d prefer not to have the committee tell us Texas was last team in and we’re first team out?? 😂
  13. That was an amazing game, I’m sure those were some great memories for you.
  14. I will say I don’t think St. John’s deserves to be in the field regardless of what happens to us. Very unimpressed with them.
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