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  1. ArchieBall13

    Romeo Langford

    Thanks Mile! Keep it comin!
  2. ArchieBall13

    Anthony Leal

    Not sure if true, but don't see how that considered to be a bad thing necessarily. Another weapon to a kid's game, why not? I'm sure he operated in the paint in high school, but the ability to hit an open three never hurt anyone. I'd say hitting an occasional open three as a big man is helping a guy like Thomas Bryant carve out a sustained place in the league longer term...
  3. ArchieBall13

    18-19' summer workout video's

    They're definitely trying to push that social media agenda...great marketing and smart
  4. ArchieBall13

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    Idk...she's kinda cute!
  5. ArchieBall13

    Big Bold Prediction

    We win the national title next year
  6. ArchieBall13

    18-19' summer workout video's

    Clifton is ripped in one of those photos...and not trying to flex. Muscle won't be the reason why he doesn't see the court this year. Would love to have him in the mix!
  7. ArchieBall13

    Brandon Newman

    Sounds like Jerome is already turning heads this summer down at IU...think he may be currently a level above a still promising RP
  8. ArchieBall13

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    Think it could be big he has stacked visits back to back with Michigan and us...and put us as the latter visit. My guess is he loves both places, but recency bias may give us a nudge
  9. Bad day at work lol? Seriously though, that's a little over the top. I'm guessing this has more to do with Mile's views on pay sites. Mile - seems like there's a lot of stuff I don't know about regarding this back and forth on pay sites...but hey, as long the pay journalists are being professional and just trying to make a buck maybe they're not so bad either?
  10. ArchieBall13

    Crossroads Classic could be improved

    Seems like an unnecessary gauntlet to go through so early in the season. Schedule multiple/high profile games early? Yes. Remove all easy/should win games from the schedule altogether? Seems like a recipe for a potential meltdown in certain years. Look no further than Izzo a couple years back...a known scheduler for tough games early admitted he made a mistake with his kids by scheduling too many difficult games. Remember, life in the BIG is no cakewalk either so we need a breather here and there. Those couple cupcakes right after we got embarrassed by Evansville in the season opener were probably huge confidence boosters...I shudder to think how the season could have just slipped right away if the losses piled up that quickly.
  11. Didn't mean to open up the can of worms as to the larger media coverage in today's world so I'll remain silent on that myself...however, in this particular media story somebody dropped the ball on tying up loose ends. From a PR perspective, Sean's name was dragged through the mud big time (by me included)...however, now I don't even know what actually happened. Partially due to my laziness probably, but I'm guessing more to do with ESPNs coverage.
  12. ArchieBall13

    Mason Gillis

    Brad could not be reached for comment...as he's currently on a beach with his family enjoying the summer
  13. It might only be because it's Archie's brother as to why this was so a bizarre/intriguing story to me...but this was such a weird story. ESPN comes in hot with maybe some of the most damning allegations in maybe decades and then we hear virtually nothing after...I honestly have no clue where the details of this investigation stand but I'm guessing it's mostly due to terrible reporting by ESPN. Good thing for them is they are pretty exclusive in sports tracking so they just cover their behinds by just not commenting on this after the initial story/blunder
  14. ArchieBall13

    Jahmius Ramsey

    No mention of Louisville...