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  1. ArchieBall13

    Armaan Franklin

    It's almost like we finally have a coach that knows how to play the recruiting game. So refreshing to see a sensible approach to offering instead of the "mad scientist" approach
  2. ArchieBall13

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Trust the process, until we have reason to believe Archie doesn't know what he's doing. We're pushing for Keion and will land him if IU is where he wants to be. Recruiting more than one talented player is not a bad thing, it's just reality Plus my post just pushed us to the 18th page, meaning our odds of landing Keion just bumped up. You're welcome 😏
  3. ArchieBall13

    Kira Lewis Jr.

    Got it, that make sense. I think Danomatic posted this a little while back, but I'm betting Archie is planning for a four man class personally. His assumption is probably Romeo is gone + 1 transfer
  4. ArchieBall13

    Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25!

    Well they'll give you one freebie each year with overblowing Kentucky's ranking...literally like clockwork the past 4 years or so. Maybe they'll catch on the one-and-done hasn't been working as hot in recent years
  5. ArchieBall13

    Kira Lewis Jr.

    I actually don't think get both of these package deals is a problem from filling positions... Kira plays 1-2 (know nothing about him other than what he's listed/ranked on rivals) Brooks play 3 (per him) Watford plays 4 (referenced how the staff showed him some things of using him like Juwan...in no situation has Juwan been considered a 3 for us) TJD plays 5 Sounds like a dream double package deal to me Get those two "packages" and call it a fantastic day! Also, just htinking about recent trends in how the game is shaping up, this is the ideal kind of line-up to throw out there these days for the "positionless" bball point of view.
  6. ArchieBall13

    Sampson to Magic?

    Great resume for sure...lots to live up to
  7. ArchieBall13

    Sampson to Magic?

    Not sure if it's my rose-colored glasses, but my initial thought was phew...I think Beilein would have been a rock solid hire and better than Crean, but we would have never gotten Archie. Might be a bold claim, but I just love everything about the Archie hire so much. My bold claim....Archie > Beilein when the dust settles. Beilein has a real solid resume right now though, get to work Archie! Edit: I should note reading that was the first time I had heard Beilein could have been in our back pocket if we wanted him at the time.
  8. ArchieBall13

    ACC wants to expand the tournament

    I actually like that idea a lot. Good post
  9. ArchieBall13

    Rumor floating around.

    Wow that is a joke...I was somewhat skeptical Cal was truly afraid to play a home and home with us, but why in the world do you schedule a home and home with Utah and not us? I smell some fear with TONS of ego to spare. Grow a pair Cal...
  10. ArchieBall13

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    No problem...I'm all for anyone trying to make a buck in a legit manner...as finance is my professional world. But you do make an interesting/valid point, that the flow of information and pace of change leads to continuous disrupted industries (this could likely be one among many). Not to get too philosophical/political, but I think it's an important matter for our society to help willing/competent workers in society along as technology continues to disrupt/eliminate their jobs/entire industries. It seems likely there will come points where there just aren't as many jobs out there in the job pool moving forward as there were back in the day. Alright, now that I've completely derailed the thread
  11. ArchieBall13

    Morgan declares for NBA draft

    I would have thought we'd heard by now one way or another on Juwan especially if he didn't get invited to the combine. What's the deadline for him to declare his return back to college?
  12. ArchieBall13

    Victor Oladipo

    You can stretch that improvement all the way back to his high school days..incredible what a great work ethic/drive to succeed can do.
  13. ArchieBall13


    It is a bit weird a walk-on is in at least half of all our projected starting lineups...at least to start the season
  14. ArchieBall13

    Romeo Langford

    I heard Louisville wanted to have one last chat with him about some pretty ladies they could offer him
  15. ArchieBall13

    Expectations for Next Year

    To be completely transparent, while my expectations may be a touch on the aggressive end compared to some other (lean closer to a Top 3 finish in BIG / Top 4 in seed in dance / and second weekend of tourney)...my ultimate goal is what Glass what quoted on a couple years back. Annually compete for BIG title and make consistent deep runs in the tourney. Realistically, we all know the tourney is a crap shoot, but if I'm Archie and I'm looking to "get ahead" of expectations...I'm looking at this roster opportunistically and thinking this could be a year in which I make a deep tourney run. Not saying it's a requirement every year for me just because it's so unpredictable, but this is as good a year as any to make a splash. It's not every year you have a Romeo on your squad, gotta use them wisely IMO. Will I be calling for Archie's head next year if we stub our toe in the tourney? Absolutely not, but this could also be a time for him to "get ahead" of my expectations for him long-term if he makes a deep tourney run. Ultimately don't care when these runs do happen, but I expect them to happen every few years.