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  1. ArchieBall13

    Marquette Post game

    Here is some common ground between us and Marquette fans lol
  2. ArchieBall13


    That's a bummer, but we do have a couple cupcakes following Arkansas before playing Duke. If we could squeak out a win on the road that would be gravy and then pick up Mcbob/Green for the Duke game.
  3. ArchieBall13

    Marquette Post game

    Looks like the few Purdue fans who were "content" to let Rob leave town will be eating their words for the next four years. That one will sting A LOT
  4. ArchieBall13

    Marquette Post game

    What is it with you and big guys Mile?
  5. ArchieBall13

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    Not to say our whole board "told ya so" to national pundits on IU being underrated...buttt Told ya so!
  6. ArchieBall13

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    To think we all wanted Garland as the elite 1-2 perimeter punch (myself included)...I think Rob's filling in that spot quite nicely instead. And a great work ethic/demeanor to go with it.
  7. ArchieBall13

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    There are games he can impact the floor, this may not be one of them...
  8. ArchieBall13

    The laugh at Purdue Thread...

    56 Mandeville LA, 54 minutes ago Fansince72 and BoilerAndy like this Wow that would be pure abuse
  9. ArchieBall13

    Marquette Pregame Thread

    Very true on the depth Mile, glad we have it at our disposal with all the current injuries. Mcbob, Green and Hunter all guys that will have the most material impact of the injured group, hope they can be on the floor or get back asap. Same as Race. Let's get healthy boys!
  10. ArchieBall13

    Marquette Pregame Thread

    Man Race can't buy a break staying healthy
  11. ArchieBall13

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    In regards to Purdue, I've been expecting them to finish around 5th or 6th in the Big Ten. Michigan State and IU certainly will overwhelm them with too much talent. Then you've probably got Michigan...maybe Nebraska and one other team after that. I do think they are better than 500 in the big ten this year by a hair...Carsen will not cover up all shortcomings but he is still a stud at the end of the day imo.
  12. ArchieBall13

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    With all the twists and turns with TJD's and KB's recruitment...it sure is refreshing we are back to the season. Whether Archie gets this hot recruit or that in any given year can help, but "Just win baby!" and the rest takes care of itself in the long-run
  13. ArchieBall13

    Montana State Pregame Thread

    Different topic, but yea agreed
  14. ArchieBall13

    Montana State Pregame Thread

    Coach Schilling seems like such a classy guy between interviews and his mannerisms on the bench. Keep it up Coach