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  1. I'm still confused as to how the APR issues would disallow Archie to pursue McKinley Wright or other potential recruits he wanted to bring in over the three that ended up coming in Moore, Smith and Durham. They still hadn't enrolled yet right so it wouldn't affect the APR? Not saying he would have been able to reel in much more due to the quick turnaround, but just doesn't make sense to me. Now if Glass told him, "hey you gotta not rock the boat and not clean house" then I guess that's another thing. The article does allude to this potential with no "Spring Creaning" I guess? Regardless, I'm on record as giving Archie the full 4 year recruiting cycle to get things figured out before anything serious in my mind. I still believe we've got a good one in Archie. He just seems to have the it factor others have mentioned.
  2. ArchieBall13

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I think KBJ would do wonders for improving our toughness/edge/team chemistry department based on what I've watched and read. The kid gets it.
  3. ArchieBall13

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    Big game for us. I hope we show up from the tip, will dictate the rest of the Purdue game but also may give a sneak peak for our toughness for the rest of the way this year too. Show up big on Saturday? That shows so much grit against your in state rival on the road in the face of adversity...especially when this season is at a crossroads. Don't show up Saturday? Well, not good in short...
  4. ArchieBall13


    I've got some guesses if that's the case, but can you say which ones you're hearing or more in general?
  5. ArchieBall13


    I agree. One thing I think Archie has at his disposal that Crean may not have allowed himself to do...take advice from others. Allows for continued development/growth as you have alluded to. i want a full recruiting cycle to pass and then judge based on body of work for the 4 years and trajectory moving forward. Also, criticism is totally legit along the way up to end of fourth year...just don't think the keep/fire question needs to be really considered until 4 years minimum.
  6. ArchieBall13

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Terrible effort last night. However, I still believe Archie is a rock solid coach. As it relates this season, we're definitely at a crossroads with some big road games we need to execute in order to win @ Purdue and Northwestern. We'll see what happens for the remainder of the year, but something has to start clicking with the guys to get them going...hoping Archie can find a way to capture the intensity and attention. I'll give Archie a full recruiting cycle before I start to cast real doubt unless the wheels come completely off. I still think we've got a good coach...and honestly I don't think our program could lure somebody with a much higher ceiling that Archie.
  7. ArchieBall13

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Not all heroes wear capes
  8. ArchieBall13

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    My dude
  9. ArchieBall13

    Romeo Langford

    Agreed on Romeo. We could also be on the cusp of having four really good players in Romeo, Juwan, Rob and JS...probably in that order. We know we already have two stars, but if we can keep expanding our options that will do us wonders. Throw in Al, Devonte and DD that's a solid core 7. Maybe an eighth can emerge as a role player too...I think Mcrob can be that guy for us again at some point.
  10. ArchieBall13

    2019 KenPom

    Yea, I'm just trying to understand what metrics the committee will value most come selection Sunday (or if they publicly even say we primarily derive our seeding this year from NET or Kenpom, etc.). They may never say this publicly, but was curious
  11. ArchieBall13

    2019 KenPom

    There are so many different ranking systems out there now. I've got a clarification question...is the NET ranking what the committee will use this year 100 percent? Or less percent with other rankings in as well?
  12. ArchieBall13

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Man at every turn you take such an overly pessimistic view. That would put us at 12-5 and 3-3 in the best conference in the county this year. Pencils down, we would still be in the tourney if the season ended with Nebraska putting aside any room for improvement.
  13. ArchieBall13

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    Incredible start...way to go guys!
  14. ArchieBall13

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    It's going to take our best shot to pull this one out on the road. I'm not feeling great about our chances, but hope I'm wrong. This is assuming Rob doesn't play...hopefully Deron is almost 100%, that would be a nice lift to offset Maryland's big at least.
  15. ArchieBall13

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Thanks for the info Billingsley...and thanks for the way you delivered the insider info. If anyone gives you crap for being wrong with this nice disclaimer, they are trolling hard!