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  1. It appears he enjoys the view from the ledge in all scenarios lol 😂
  2. I like both of the rule changes for 3 point line and shot clock only resetting to 20 seconds. I think this helps Archie's system a touch ultimately as it tends to focus on the 2 pointer instead of the 3. I'm sure @ADegenerate can run some numbers to confirm though if he's still around these parts!
  3. I think Galloway should be our top priority for 2020 class. He's trending up with a lot going on for him. Really hope we can land him.
  4. I would place Alford working out long term at IU somewhere around 15% based off of his track record.
  5. Kid looks good to me. Seems more than athletic enough to compete and looked like one of the bigger guards out there (similar to Leal). Would take both Galloway and Leal without hesitation.
  6. Our on court failures this past year have caught up to us on the recruiting trail recently. It won’t make Archie’s path to long term success at IU easier, but put me in the camp that Archie can win big enough with mid level talent based on his track record at Dayton. I would feel a lot worse about our chances if Crean was in this situation. And for the record, I think we do have plenty of talent on our roster next year to compete at a relatively highly level. Make tourney next year and that is a solid step towards long term progress. Put together a couple of back to back tourney appearances and it’s a new ball game on the recruiting trail too.
  7. Recruiting momentum is slipping a bit. I still believe Archie works himself out of this recent funk on and off the court, but Morton is another whiff.
  8. Listened to the Rabjohns podcast and I agree with much of what you say. In terms of holding people accountable, sounds like Mcrobbie and other academics at the very top are the ones to point fingers at for handicapping IUBB (Myles Brand before that with bringing on Sampson). However, my real question is can there really anything that can be done to fix those issues? Donors stop donating? Not sure I've got the right answers, but in my eyes that where the most pressure should be directed at. Focusing any "boos" away from Archie and towards the academic bureaucracy that wants IUBB to take a back seat for whatever reason. Maybe I should have given Mcrobbie my two cents when I shook his hand at graduation day. Here's a hint for the big wigs...the more IUBB wins > the more prospective students will apply for IU > the more prestigious our academic community becomes since we can be more picky with who gets admitted to the university.
  9. Juwan has a very bright and exciting future ahead of him. Good luck to him.
  10. Seems much quicker and athletic in this video compared to another I saw from about a year ago. Seems promising along with a good stroke.
  11. Congrats Anthony! Now go put on those candy stripes. Stanford and Northwestern are nice and all, but you know IU would be something special. Kelley School of Business ain’t a bad route either on the academics side, I can vouch for that.
  12. Interesting...I am hoping it's one of Leal/Galloway where it's first one to step up has a spot similar to Franklin/Newman last year. Would be too much overlap to take both. Not sure who the better player is, watching Galloway's somewhat outdated highlights shows Leal with a bit more athleticism. Maybe a quicker shot than Leal though?
  13. Per his twitter, he will be announcing May 10th. Seems like we have a legit shot at getting him.
  14. Not a great stat line for Leal on a smallish sample size. I trust the staff to figure out what makes most sense for all parties involved.
  15. Agreed on the point about Mcrobbie (and others) at the highest positions trying to undermine/lessen the basketball prominence at IU. Somewhat puzzling why they think downplaying athletics would help with academics. The reverse is actually true at Power 5 schools. Well documented that success in major sports brings with it national attention and an increase in the student applicant pool to choose from. Also, I enjoyed hearing about who is really in power when it comes to rule making. The NCAA is basically a decision less organization. All the power resides with the universities. Makes a bit more sense why they can never uncover all the rule breaking. Bury their heads in sand and let the dollars stack up.
  16. To play devils advocate, Archie’s use of the bench propelled him to his best basketball of the season. He admitted it helped create a change in mindset. Now why the benching didn’t occur sooner, I’ve got nothing. 🤷‍♂️
  17. Great to hear. Would be a big addition this late in the game and would be a GREAT class with key last second upgrades with a proven big and good shooter/talent.
  18. Is anything ever going to come out of this? Appreciate the updates and all of the linked articles, but man so annoying that we're likely going to see no repercussions on a pretty fixable problem due to the NCAA. Not saying it's an easy overnight fix, but there are definitely steps forward that could fix it long-term.
  19. I can see your point of view @IUstudent, but at the same time negativity/trouble is abundant. Trying to eliminate all bad/negativity in the world appears like a good cause on the surface, but I promise it will run you down/exhaust you over time. People are incredibly different and can range from super pleasant to downright evil. My two cents for any players reading and that are legitimately negatively affected by forums/twitter, delete your twitter account, stop reading, etc. NOW and get some shots up at the gym. Focus on things you can control and don't worry or eliminate the rest from your life that doesn't help towards your personal goals. I don't have twitter myself and this is one of the primary reasons I don't.
  20. Dissapointing but not surprised. Closer to home and better program
  21. On the off chance we land Quinones + Harris that would be better upside for this team than if we had landed Brooks in my opinion. If we could land only 1 of the 2 then I'd still be happy considering we already picked up Brunk. Not sure which one I'd want more of the 2 guards, as they both bring something different to the table. Both have decent guard size though which is good.
  22. Haha yea I am partly to blame. I enjoyed the back and forth too much to not chime in, but I've said my piece on that subject so I'll stop now.
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