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  1. Romeo Langford

    I agree. More time to make that happen. Also, I'm glad the Vandy boys were in town so their visit will be subconsciously associated with doom, gloom, and a loss. Archie and staff were in town for happiness, sunshine, rainbows, and a regional championship.
  2. HSN Bracket Challenge

    I'm not doing too bad for a guy who usually gets demolished by his wife in bracket challenges. It's sort of unfair with her though...she knows everything. I don't even use google, I just ask her.
  3. 2018 coaching vacancies

    Direct and to the point as usual.
  4. Maybe I am reading into this a bit too deeply, but doesn't the article title "Vanderbilt basketball has spot available for Romeo Langford with two players leaving" seem a bit shallow and desperate? It's almost like the blind focus on getting Romeo to Vandy overtakes respect for the players who are going elsewhere despite the time and effort they have put into the program. How about, "Vanderbilt guards to transfer" or "Vanderbilt basketball players Payton Willis and Larry Austin Jr. have been granted their release." Jumping to the next step so soon is a bit classless. I have a hard time believing writers in Indiana would even consider using a title like that in an area publication. But then again, we've won titles, we've landed big recruits before, and based on flashes of recent improvement we're trending upward considering observed performance...all in comparison to a bottom of the league train wreck that was Vanderbilt last year. Let all of us in Hoosier Nation know when you anchor boys get used to being excited about an upcoming basketball season. Geez.
  5. Archie at NC State

    It's not from his Wolfpack days, but here's a great interview between "Sean" and Gumble
  6. Romeo Langford

    Just an observation that may have something to do with the lack of interest in East...it seems that his shot is released fairly low and in front of his body and never really gets above his head. IMO, scouts may be critical of that and concerned with his ability to shoot over taller, better defenders at the next level. Again, this may have nothing to do with it as his shot is very quick and I believe he is definitely D1 material. This is just something I have observed as a possible detriment to his ranking/recruiting. I also may have no clue as to what the hell I am talking about.
  7. Romeo Langford

    Kansas fans seem pretty confident too. KU forum It is so pleasantly exhausting to see how each of the other two fan bases spew confidence and "evidence" for their cases when in all reality, none of us have a clue. Again, I enjoy it, not complaining. I just hope we are ultimately the fans with a smile on our faces at the end of the rumor fueled soap opera...
  8. Devonte Bandoo

    http://www.canadianballers.com/news_article/show/883597?referrer_id=1545180 Devonte's twitter feed (posted above by dyed) has some good articles in it too...
  9. Devonte Bandoo

    I like these numbers... GP32 PTS/G16.6 FG %49.5 3PT %42.0 FT %81.7 REB/G5.8 A/G2.9 TOV/GM1.27
  10. Devonte Bandoo

    from a couple years ago playing against American AAU competition...highlights
  11. Phinisee

    Some highlights from ITH in his last game... RP vs. Zionsville Highlights
  12. Brandon Newman

    It's pretty cool that Valpo's coach has won the Masters. He must have been a multi sport athlete.
  13. Romeo Langford

    I grew up in/around Huntingburg and graduated from Southridge. If you're in town for the game, eat at the Gaslight. Great pizza and sandwiches. If they're too crowded, go to the Overtime just down the street. Good bar food.
  14. Brandon Newman

    It appears he was in fact at the Chesterton sectional watching Newman. I am also seeing posts saying he was watching brooks at east noble prior to this game. Ostrom was watching tjd at greenwood. These guys are putting in the time.
  15. Romeo Langford

    It must have been painful/nerve wracking for you to type out the scenario of a dog being run over, Scooby. Way to be strong when considering your greatest fears.