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  1. A-hOhL

    Mike DeBord

    Hugh Freeze was hired by Liberty this morning. https://www.newsadvance.com/sports/liberty_university/liberty-moves-swiftly-hires-hugh-freeze-as-football-coach/article_3b75f264-fa22-11e8-bcd4-175dedcff059.html Petrino probably has an ego a bit too large for an OC job at IU but you never know.
  2. A-hOhL

    Rematch with Duke

    I absolutely love that we get to play Duke at their place and I think we have a good chance to win. Some reasons why I love the match up and location... 1. It is an away game against an elite opponent. If we lose, it does little to hurt our resume in March. 2. It is an away game against an elite opponent. If we win, it is absolutely huge for our resume in March (as long as Duke doesn't completely crap the bed this season). 3. Playing a fresh young Duke team that lost a core of starters from last season early in the year has W written all over it for us. I'm not saying it will be easy, but our experience should match up well against their lack thereof. 4. Our freshman get experience in one of the wildest environments in college basketball right out of the gate. If they can survive this game, most big ten away games will seem tame by comparison. This should help to put some ice in their veins and positively impact conference performances down the road.
  3. A-hOhL

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    It sounds like Kentucky may be a front runner with this kid, but who knows. May 12th Interview BUT, I also think this upcoming Hoosier Hysteria (mentioned above as a potential official visit date) will be one of the top 5 HHs in IUBB history regarding excitement, attendance, and overall hype. It may be just enough to seal the deal.
  4. A-hOhL

    Romeo Langford

    I wanted to include a different scene from this movie including drums, but didn't want to turn this into a softcore porn site...
  5. A-hOhL

    Romeo Langford

    Nashville and Lawrence in the same morning? He's a human being, not Peter Pan. I wouldn't be surprised if these clowns start taking pictures of staged lookalikes in locations conveniently supporting their narrative. It may get that ridiculous.
  6. A-hOhL

    Romeo Langford

    I agree, Crean seems to be a good guy, great mentor, supportive to his players, doesn't hold a grudge, etc. I don't think anyone will argue with that. In line with his reputation of being a good person (and a person who understands what money is), he speaks highly of an institution that made him the highest paid public employee in the state. If I was bringing in a salary like his (until he was hired by Georgia) from a former employer that I no longer work for, but still get paid by, I would really be a vocal supporter of them as well. I'm not trying to be a smart ass. It just seems like an obvious move to make. However, I understand there are grudge holders who get fired and despite still being paid, feel the need to verbally tarnish their former employers. That just seems immature to me. I guess public humiliation is a factor. Who knows.
  7. A-hOhL

    Romeo Langford

    Before discussing the intense Vanderbilt Women's Bowling team season opener (lol)...this "journalist" seems to suggest that Romeo's safety will be in jeopardy if he doesn't choose IU. He even seems to suggest that we are a more rabid fan base than that of UK. Sounds like the anchor boys are getting salty... "Still, though, I fear for Langford’s safety if he doesn’t choose Indiana in that ceremony, when a Taco Bell in Sellersburg, Indiana, chose to display a sign reading “Romeo Langford Live Mas Choose IU.” When Kentucky fans warn you about a fan base being insane, you should probably believe them." Article
  8. A-hOhL

    Romeo Langford

    So...in theory, if this 247Sports clown turns out to be wrong and the commitment date isn't the 30th, does that mean their subscribers are paying to be misinformed? Yikes. At least we were all told a rumor free of charge down here as HSN peasants. 😏
  9. A-hOhL

    Romeo Langford

    I like the fact that Eric Bossi is making an "educated guess" that Romeo is going to IU. podcast
  10. A-hOhL

    Early entrants

    Malik Newman going to draft AND hiring an agent Story
  11. A-hOhL

    Romeo Langford

    I agree that Schilling's track record with NBA production is a huge selling point for us, maybe one of the biggest. However, I also think that Clif Marshall's resume is another major selling point. This guy has worked with some of the best athletes at the professional level in several different sports. Archie understood how important selling professional level development was and went out and hired a proven trainer that has a big name client list that will catch young recruits' attention. When recently asked what he feels he needs to improve on in an interview (around 3:00 mark), Romeo quickly stated "strength and speed." Clif and some of our new facilities may be the edge we have and ultimately what keeps Romeo home in the end.
  12. A-hOhL

    Romeo Langford

    Romeo McDonalds interview Garland interviewing other players Garland talks to Romeo around the 4:20 mark.
  13. A-hOhL

    Romeo Langford

    I hope he reads HSN's thread (this one). I'm not trying to kiss anyone's ass here, but I think the worst thing so far in the past 182 pages are mild suggestions of selfishness and a primadonna persona, all of which have been promptly shot down by logical retorts. He's following a long established timetable. None of us fault him and his family for that. In fact, we've praised him for it. I think this thread, if anything, conveys a deeply passionate fan base with an above average knowledge of college basketball in general. I hope he reads it, compares it to lukewarm Vanderbilt threads, and begins to understand just how much we all look forward to perinnially supporting the program. All that being said, some of Indiana basketball's other forums can get pretty sketchy so I completely understand where you are coming from. Let's just hope he spends about four days reading this one.
  14. A-hOhL

    Romeo Langford

    I was craving some Indiana basketball updates/info just the other day at work and naively/mistakenly pulled up jockitch's radio show on my computer. In the first five minutes I was listening, he discussed how money hungry Indiana is, how trashy Indiana basketball has become in the lack of recognition for the passing of Daryl Thomas at the IUWBB game, and how great he was in regard to work ethic as a college ball player back in the day (and yes he made sure to mention his defensive performance against Jordan). I gagged, turned it off, and came away with a valuable lesson...if you ever want insight into the world of Indiana basketball, avoid Dan Jockitch at all costs.
  15. A-hOhL

    Romeo Langford

    Another interesting (and awkward) interview from McDonalds week with EJ Montgomery and Romeo. Romeo's interview starts around 5:25. Interview I'm not going to make any assumptions based on such a ridiculous set of questions...but I didn't like the early answers. However, after he said CAM would whip the other two coaches' a$$es, my heart rate went down a bit. I honestly have no idea what to make of this interview.