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  1. I agree on this one, especially the scrutiny MSU is receiving currently.
  2. Bell is a big Iowa lean and with Ohio St at his door step. He’s not looking at Indiana at all.
  3. Yeah, I’ll take these ladies everyday over KU’s.
  4. Only because I love the predictions for how many pages this thread is going to be, I thought I would add to it. RL is IU bound. Too many 5*’s creates an identity issue. Everyone going for their own and trying to improve their draft stock, so RL passes on Vandy. Kansas is already good and will continue to be good, identity lost due to the soph’s and other 5*’s improving their draft stock, he passes on KU. Only place to keep his identity and truly improve in areas that will make him a top 10 draft pick is IU. Why is he waiting, he wants to play with these 5*’s so he can reaffirm what he already knows, IU is the only place where he will continue to have an identity and improve his draft stock.
  5. I can see this happening. I could see Green leaving; he just seemed out of sorts a lot and seemed frustrated with CAM.
  6. Can’t wait to see this kid in an IU uniform.
  7. Opens many doors for other programs...I’ll take our chances.
  8. Fan since I remember, I remember a 1981 game, 4 years old, with my dad eating popcorn watching channel 4. Of course loved “Indiana oh Indiana” while watching the mop “from the lady” I would say, as i watched her move across the floors of Assembly Hall. Why now, I believe this is the biggest turning point in Hoosier Hysteria. We have an opportunity for us all to jump on the badwaggon of CAM, not judge, not ridicule, not demean, but simply support this team moving forward. We don’t need Langford, how do I know, we don’t have him now.
  9. It’s Bunce24, everyone always goes with Bruce.
  10. New to this entire place, just signed up. Read most people’s post for years, from the old page to this one. With kids not liking predictability in most cases today, I chose Vandy. Many people have already referenced why he passes on IU, so I won’t summarize. I believe IU is a predictable choice, and that’s why Vandy becomes more of an unpredictable.
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