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  1. Simply deny-deny-deny. If that doesn't work, lawyer up and threaten a lawsuit. The NCAA will fold like a cheap card table.
  2. Well perhaps a pretty sizable amount of us do have Aged Single Barrell problems, and sometimes tend to overdo it. For this dilemma, I have a suggestion. For the satisfaction of those near us that have deep rooted objections to our occasional sip, we could appease them and simply quit drinking. However, we are Hoosiers, and therefore never want to be labeled as quitters. Cheers!
  3. https://img.thewhiskyexchange.com/900/dalob.15yov1.jpg
  4. Only if you bleed cream and crimson. Plenty of rotgut available for all others.
  5. Would any of you object if I uncork this 15 year old single malt a bit early?
  6. How about an updated version including CAM and RL for the special guests? http://www.songlyrics.com/brice-fox-daniel-weber/this-is-indiana-lyrics/
  7. One thing is certain. RL has had a looooooong time to plan out how he will make the announcement. Looking forward to it.
  8. We will hit 300 standing on our head. 1 page to go,,,,,,,,
  9. Man, this guy must really be plugged in. More so than their top sports reporter who just threw in the towel. Matt Scott is CONNECTED to KU Hoops
  10. This guy will vanish in thin air right about the time the shirtstorm hits at 7:01 this evening.
  11. 2 1/2 pages to go. My money is on the over.
  12. I don't think he has the supporting cast that YF had his Frosh year.
  14. I have to take full blame for that one. There shouldn't be anything at this point to rattle our confidence on RL. Other than the latest FBI statement released this morning.
  15. Take a closer look at the listed radio stations call letters.
  16. He is setting himself up for a self imposed exile come Monday night.
  17. It was reported on KWTF this morning that Romeo and Grimes were seen at Denny's near the KU campus.
  18. Perhaps JM is pulling his name and coming back to take care of some unfinished business.
  19. Interesting interview with RL and his father last night. RL had some interesting quotes. Once again RL states that he knows his fans will still support him regardless of his decision. It seems he has made up his mind but at this time even his parents do not know for sure. One more family meeting to go over his final decision. It doesn't look like KU or VU were represented at the banquet but that is not confirmed. Mr. Langford might have tipped his hand with a comment he made although reading between the lines doesn't always pan out. The biggest takeaway was the one most important factor in his decision. His desire to choose a school where he could best showcase his talent.
  20. Everything is peachy for CTC so far, but then they haven't played a game yet. https://georgia.247sports.com/tu/MjUzODcxOXRpbnkyNDc=
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