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  1. Hey, Mile, were you able to get in on the $35 for life deal with CenturyLink? My CenturyLink internet isn't the fastest on the planet, but $35/month is a no-brainer.
  2. Welcome back, Mile. I got called back to work, this week, so I haven't been able to be on here much.
  3. Thanks Mile. Glad your power came back on. We take it for granted, that's for sure. I've had this generator for over two years, and had never had to plug it into the house before. Glad it worked perfectly.
  4. I only had minor wind damage, but east and west of me there was considerable tree damage, and some structural damage. Had to run my generator all night.
  5. Please post some numbers that support this. Thanks in advance.
  6. It's a long standing tradition at HSN. It's called TDS. Thread Derailment Syndrome. 😄
  7. Any Rory Gallagher fans on here?
  8. Let me guess. You were busy fixing all the stuff that broke before those rains came...
  9. I t may be ralated to the fact that Essenhaus Restraunt in Middlebury opened up. He might be in a pie-induced coma right now. 😁
  10. I don't think it will matter. Right now I think it's pretty much assumed that we are laid off due to Covid, and that virtually no one is hiring for the same reason.
  11. Good thing you got it done. The website has been pretty slow Sunday thru Wednesday, because a lot of people file their weekly vouchers early in the week. Thursday thru Saturday is the best time to get on.
  12. Make sure your HR dept forwards your information to DWD as soon as possible.
  13. That stinks for you, Scott! What line of work were you in?
  14. And it the mountain lion is euthanized, his death will be reported as covid19.
  15. You've never read any of our game threads, have you? 😁
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