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  1. Thanks, I've heard the 2nd is sometimes worse, but at my age it's better than the virus!
  2. Just got my 1st shot. Didn't feel a thing. The local health dept. had everything organized very well. Just hope I don't have any side effects.
  3. I'm scheduled to get mine,tomorrow. Moderna,I think.
  4. 0708 also said something like somebody punched Race & broke his eye socket, & needed surgery.... 😂
  5. Looking like the southern half of Indiana is in the bullseye for snow. Stay safe, out there!
  6. They're saying 1/2 to 3/4 inch of ice. Yikes!
  7. I think it is impressive that even in a low scoring game, every one of our players scored more points than the final margin of victory. I wonder how often that happens.
  8. Indiana residents 65 & older can now register for the vaccine.
  9. That '93 game @Michigan was a classic. Only bad thing was Dicky V. within 10 feet of a microphone!
  10. Good questions. Also, are people who had the virus previously, getting re-infected with the variant?
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