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  1. Tornado warnings for Bedford.
  2. I'm "kind of" surprised this thread has had so little traffic. Anyone else trying to get ready for tough times?
  3. It's not about where you start, it's where and how you finish.
  4. I don't think he has any eligibility left.
  5. Snow just started here in Lagrange County.
  6. Weren't we just discussing how good Africa has been doing?
  7. As usual, I'll be at work, following the game thread on my phone, so please try to post some game details for me.
  8. Thanks, man. I'm almost 69, so a little of this virus goes a long way.. My boss has been off work since July with complications and a coworker who just retired has a son who is on a ventilator, so I feel much more fortunate than they..
  9. Thought I'd update... All three of us got test results back, today, and we are all positive.
  10. Probably something new, to torment us.
  11. Thanks. We both feel like crap, but have different symptoms. My wife was sick all last week, but tested negative for covid.
  12. Grandson and I are sitting in a crowded waiting room, to get checked out & covid tested.
  13. I haven't seen anybody debunking climate change in this thread. Got a link?
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