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  1. The first time I glanced at this thread title, I thought it said "Incredibly Immature". I can't unsee that!
  2. That's because those Frat Boys at PU pay top dollar for them.
  3. I hope Archie is already making a push for Watford.
  4. They misspell UK all the time on their board... so there's that.
  5. He was only "human" in the academic sense.
  6. I hope the number 4 isn't a reference to the number of teeth he expects to see in the stands at his home games next year!
  7. That last dunk by Juwan could not have been scripted any better if the staff had drawn it up out of a timeout. Broken play, Zack tips the loose ball to Morgan... bucket!
  8. Great win, and great way to send off the seniors!
  9. Closed down the old Dew Drop Inn a few times back in the old days. 😀
  10. Nice town. Had an uncle that lived near Silver Lake.
  11. Hey, Rico are you originally from Warsaw?
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