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  1. Muckraker

    The top 3 scorers for IU this season.

    Hey, little school girl, welcome aboard!
  2. Muckraker

    Today's CHUCKLE ??????????

    Fouls' 3rd x-wife disagrees! 😎
  3. Muckraker

    MSU is in trouble

    Well, Pitino claims to rule around the skirts, so...
  4. Muckraker

    Kira Lewis Jr.

    I actually got banned from a forum once for telling a guy that a name was pronounced just like it sounds!
  5. Muckraker

    Romeo Langford

    Today is the day Romeo stops being a Hoosier....and becomes a HOOSIER!
  6. Muckraker

    Romeo Langford

    Me too! Last year I had the coach thread to keep me entertained, and now, this. Need a good megathread for summer.
  7. Muckraker

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Those out-of-her-body experiences can get you in trouble. Just ask Rick Pitino.
  8. Muckraker

    Grad Transfers?

    Anybody know how well Taylor plays defense?
  9. Muckraker

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    At least the UNC players won't have to miss any classes tomorrow due to the tournament!
  10. Muckraker

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Watching this game on CBS is a stark reminder of why I never watch network TV, anymore.
  11. Muckraker

    Collin Hartman

    Right, what?
  12. Muckraker

    Romeo Langford

    Hmmmm, "Langford School of Engineering." That has a nice ring to it!
  13. Muckraker

    Romeo Langford

    But what if that picture was taken in a mirror?
  14. Muckraker

    18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    I think everyone may be selling Forrester short.
  15. Muckraker

    Tournament Streams - 3/2018

    Anybody got a link to one of Hunter's games?