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  1. FWIW, Aminu’s guardian was watching the IU game.
  2. I know people have said his other top schools don’t have scholarships available but with the way recruiting has gone recently, I’m not entirely optimistic. As I mentioned earlier here, this is an opportunity being handed on a silver platter. I will be very concerned about our ability to recruit if we can’t convince the kid to join the school with an actual available scholarship/the opportunity to play alongside one of the best point guards in the country. This would definitely be an amazing get if we can land an out of state 5 star player and I think it would help trying to get a tr
  3. Sounds like he’s Purdue bound, just FYI.
  4. Pretty sure they you are correct, early enrollment would lead me to believe we would be the school of choice. Regardless, this is what CAM gets paid for/what we hired him for. We have a top ten recruiting budget, we already have arguably the top PG in the country for next season, and we’re not competing with any blue blood schools for this kid. If there was ever an opportunity to land an elite out-of-state player, now is the time.
  5. I get the impression he wants playing time and the opportunity to have the ball in his hands/given permission to showcase his skills. Idk maybe it’s just me but I find it extremely annoying as an IU fan that we can never find a way to have multiple stars play together on the same team (ex- Langford & Garland, TJD & Brooks/Garcia/Watford, potentially Lander & Mohammed)...I’m not saying I expect us to recruit like Kentucky and Duke but even a school like Michigan with a new coach like snagged two 5* forwards for the 21’ class this week. Other coaches have found a way to get thes
  6. So basically I think it’s safe to say this is what happened...Trey FaceTimed with our coaching staff Wednesday (according to CoachSS) and Trey probably found out about Archie’s birthday and wanted to let him know he wasn’t coming there to avoid the whole situation. He went to the same location he was going to record his “live” announcement to either pre-record it or maybe his friend wanted to do a practice run for today, and they didn’t realize they were live on the air and people could hear them. It would be incredible if he said screw all this I’m going to flip it to IU now but a
  7. So are you saying there was no interview done tonight or it was but just a terrible joke by the radio station?
  8. I guess at least it’s nice to mentally prepare for the misery tomorrow!
  9. Not gonna lie, this is a massive blow. We prioritized him more than any player and lost him to our rival, who might I add, was more heavily invested in Harrison Ingram than Trey. Better get Mason Miller!
  10. I saw that too. I guess they didn’t realize they were live when they were recording? I hope this isn’t true...
  11. Well apparently whoever is running that Twitter account is hearing good things ATM!
  12. Pretty incredible how active 247/rivals predictions are but yet none for Kaufman the last couple of days.
  13. What is it apparently flashing lol?
  14. 1-10, how confident are you it’s IU?
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