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  1. https://www.on3.com/news/four-star-jamie-kaiser-sets-commitment-date-down-to-3-schools/ I know rumors are Maryland but the way he talks about IU in comparison to the others gives me hope. Marylands pitch is basically stay home and play a ton.
  2. Would be a bit of a head scratcher to choose the local college after you just announced you’re leaving to go to a Florida prep school, but I’ve given up trying to understand the logic of teenagers a long time ago lol.
  3. Not ideal he’s going to visit Maryland but that to me gives me the impression either he and his family feel they should give the hometown school one final look or the coaching staff requested he visit because they feel he’s headed to IU.
  4. I could be wrong but pretty sure he said “top teams at 6pm” on the 25th, not a top 6. Wouldn’t shock me if he had like a Top 8 or more based on how many schools are interested and visits he’s taken/lined up.
  5. I was talking about Xavier booker commenting on the photo. He said “hmm”, which is why I said I think Booker is just teasing IU fans but maybe the visit helped move us back into serious consideration with him.
  6. I feel like it’s a giant tease but he did comment on this post. Visit this week gave us a chance now?
  7. I can’t imagine the reaction if this dude takes the final scholarship and we have no room for TJD… Unless some in-state kid like Leal volunteered his scholarship up if Dennis committed too, I don’t understand why we’re still involved here.
  8. Maybe we can help him get a Brooks Ketchup NIL deal and he can pay his way here as a walk on 😂. Otherwise, he’s not some first team all American talent you’d be dumb to not try and add to your roster. His skill set isnt really filling in any gaps we need.
  9. Not sure, it’s really unclear. There were definitely fans vocalizing disinterest in him joining but I know his last like on his Twitter feed was an IU fan telling him to pin Bloomington as his destination cuz that’s his next stop.
  10. Also just saw Jeff Goodman report Wichita State started an NIL collective and resulted in a player staying, so maybe he’s backing off his top 5 and reconsidering his options? Apparently TCU and Texas A&M reached out recently too. Frankly I’d be ok if this dragged out and we got word on TJD’s situation first.
  11. Apologies if it’s been mentioned but anyone else notice Dexter Dennis locked his Twitter and Insta account? Weird considering he was gonna announce a top 5 days ago
  12. Anyone else getting a little worried TJD is staying in the draft? A lot of people feel Dennis is coming which would mean we have no available scholarships. Only 6 days for someone to decide to transfer or sit a whole year… Selfishly want him to come back but also objectively don’t get leaving college. He’s not going to be a first round pick, could make a lot of $ being the face of the most anticipated IU squad since since maybe the 2012/2016 teams, and has a legit team to contend for a conference title and maybe a national title. Seems a little odd to walk away once IU is finally in a good place
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