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  1. Oh wow yea I got my weeks mixed up, OV to Bama is next week. Hopefully I was just foreshadowing!
  2. Well, his Bama official visit has likely wrapped and no posts from him at all this weekend. Did see his mom liked this post though. Go Hoosiers!
  3. Well people did say when he commits, it wasn’t going to be a big production. Probably won’t see many/any CB predictions for his recruitment
  4. Rivals and 247 had updates on him today but i didn’t get to see what it was.
  5. Did they cancel his visit or something? I know they have a 5-star PF on campus this weekend too. I noticed someone on Twitter said Clowney hasn’t rescheduled yet but maybe that’s changed since then.
  6. He told a reporter 2-3 weeks after his Bama visit but potentially sooner.
  7. I have no intel but I haven’t felt this confident about someone ending up at IU since Leal. I know IU media can get our hopes up since they cover basketball and recruiting far more than Bama/Florida/Va Tech but I just sense a very palpable difference in the way he talks about and posts about IU in comparison to the rest. He said post -visit he usually wants to go home after an official but didn’t feel that way with IU. also, weird move to (allegedly) be chatting with an IU staffer during your Va Tech visit saying it’s boring af and then committing potentially 4 years of your life there..
  8. Didn’t post anything about his trip to Bama, guess he was underwhelmed there too.
  9. 2 predictions for Louisville today, one from a Louisville insider. Bummer.
  10. Not to get too cocky, but I think we’ve set him up to be underwhelmed with the rest of his visits. Hes already completed his Florida visit and hasn’t posted anything on social media outside of a quick clip of him at their football game on Saturday.
  11. Fans are definitely showing the love this weekend, almost more likes for his IU official tweet than his “Top 4” one.
  12. No inside info but I think he’s ours to lose. IU and Va Tech have prioritized him the longest but his relationship with Coach Ya/potential for lots of playing time with TJD going pro I think seals the deal.
  13. It’s nice to have a staff that can identify the holes in our roster and then actually get a player to fill it. This program rn feels like a complete 180 from a couple months ago.
  14. The more I read into Rosemond, the more I like. Some of my favorite quotes from the CWat and Moye interviews: “I love Yasir. He’s so knowledgeable. He really knows how to run a team from the point guard position. He’s a wizard with point guards. He’s a great recruiter. He’s a phenomenal human being” “He didn’t have to make time for me, but he’s one of the guys I can call anytime. For me and him, it’s something deeper than basketball.” *Article also mentioned him leaving Bama was a big reason why Trendon didn’t go/big reason why Colin Sexton went to Bama.
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