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  1. Exactly. Not gonna care more than the FBI and NCAA on this matter if they said he’s fine. Also not gonna sit here and pretend like there aren’t plenty more people involved in pay for play that just so happened to be lucky enough not to have the authorities listening in. He apparently has good recruiting connections in areas Hunter/Fife are less familiar with, works with guards, and can help with shooting mechanics. Sounds like a win to me.
  2. Fife was on that list of people this agent reached out to, whether or not they spoke or not we may never know. I know they have Rosemond on wiretap saying he do whatever to get recruits but sometimes people do distasteful things to move up in their industry, it’s not just a college basketball thing... Don’t forget, they have an agent saying Tom Crean hugged him once (also had Kenny Johnson as his assistant who went on to get caught bribing for Pitino), Tom Ostrom was interested in the Silvia De Sousa recruitment.
  3. Idk much about qualifications for a 3rd assistant but he seems to be a likeable guy and specializes in guard play which we definitely need. If he has a way to bring not a top ten, but a consensus top 5 national recruit with him, I will not complain whatsoever.
  4. Give me an “incredibly lucky” national championship any day of the week. It’s called “March MADNESS” after all... My point was their team drowned out the haters and stuck together during this adversity and the following season turned out as good as you could have asked for. Yes, the booing was just dumb and unnecessary on so many levels but if that was a major decision in AF leaving then he may need to educate himself more on fanbases across the entire CBB landscape...
  5. Well AF was entertaining offers from U of I and Louisville and you can ask Kofi Cockburn and Jordan Nwora how cruel their fans were during March Madness. Heck, he can ask former UVA players what it was like after getting embarrassed by UMBC. Oh wait, they only went out and said forget the haters and won the national title the very next year...
  6. Just happy he didn't go to Illinois or Louisville. If I had to guess who the only player to transfer out would be, I wouldn't have said AF. Luckily, transfers are growing by the day and i'm excited to see who Fife and Hunter can bring in.
  7. FWIW, fairly certain this guy has a really good relationship with the Brooks family. He even has his pinned tweet as his interview with Keion when he was going to UK. This dude also said hours before the announcement that Hunter struck again so must have an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes.
  8. Guess the intel was correct, straight from the source!
  9. You guys down for a bulk order? Maybe get them customized, with candy stripes and our HSN names?! As Coach would (probably) say, “Gotta take proper care of your wood-son!”
  10. LOL, knew someone would say that 😂. just wondering if it’s possible to keep our roster and add Brooks/Johnson or if that would make us over signed. But yes, I do agree that it will work itself out when there’s a projected 1,500+ transfers this year and Hunter/Fife as our recruiters.
  11. Anyone know what our scholarship count is like? For example, if Race and Franklin stay, can we add Brooks? If we do add Brooks with those, do we have any scholarships left?
  12. Idk enough about recruiting but I’m assuming once Franklin entered the portal TJD reached out to Brooks about coming to IU in the hopes it would convince Franklin this is no rebuilding year.
  13. That would be huge if true. Happy as long as we get one of Fife/Lewis. I think Fife has a more impressive recruitment resume IMO, and has been more recently recruiting similar players/territories than Lewis, which should help in the transition.
  14. I think Lander stays. Aside from social media related IU support, he came to IU to play with TJD and the schools that reached out to him were extremely underwhelming IMO. I don’t see Brooks coming here but I’ll gladly take a talent upgrade/anyone who wants to come play for Indiana. Especially if Race and Geronimo take their talents elsewhere.
  15. maybe TJD is doing more work behind the scenes.
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