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  1. Hoosierdave

    James Bouknight

    Your move Newman!
  2. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Really good point. Goes without saying that Coach Schilling will be important in this recruitment. Was reading MSU's player development coach's bio and I was more impressed with what Schilling had to offer. In terms of UK, I anticipate Cal to completely cool on KBJ. Sounds like they were more impressed with Whitney and Allen than Brooks during the July Period and were obviously eager to get them on campus immediately. Will be interesting to see which school replaces UK as a top contender.
  3. Hoosierdave

    Anthony Harris

    Agree 100% with hoping he's the 4th recruit. Everyone else you listed I'd much rather take over him. The reason I think he would be a good get is because he brings an important skillset to round out what we all hope we can land in this class. Not as worried about this with Archie but we all remember past IU teams under Crean struggling when the offense wasn't lights out. I think having an unselfish player with a defense-first mentality would help balance out the possibility of players have a JBJ-type syndrome (lights out shooter but lacking defensive discipline).
  4. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I do agree that there isn't much to talk about but I'm really just saying that the Whitney commitment to UK sounds like it will be a major factor in KBJ's recruitment and I hope we can transition into something more specific about KBJ. If you're genuinely asking me about topics we could talk about with KBJ lol then I'd suggest... how we would utilize both Hunter and KBJ if they shared floor time, the impact Isiah Stewart might have on trying to sway KBJ to MSU, if you think KBJ will be a OAD and where you see him being picked at, what your assessment of him is after the July period...
  5. Hoosierdave

    Anthony Harris

    It'd be one of those "it will work itself out" type of situations. Not sure who would leave to go pro/or transfer but I heard Rabjohns on Matt Denison's podcast today very briefly skim over the fact that it seems like the IU staff is interested in having a 4 person class. Considering that Archie only plays like max 10 guys, I'd assume one person isn't going to stick around for 4 years just to sit on the end of the bench.
  6. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    In the hopes that we might move on from the prep school debate, Kahlil Whitney (5-star Small Forward) committed to UK today. Sounds more and more like this will end up being a two horse race between IU and MSU.
  7. Hoosierdave

    Anthony Harris

    I feel the opposite. If we're looking at a 4 person class, having a PG to compete with Phinisee would be a really good get. Just IMO but I'd easily take a kid on this roster whose best attribute is his defense. OG and McRoberts are prime examples of how defensive minded/hustler players can be X-factors in closing out games. Not to mention, I'm not worried about a kid lacking elite scoring and athleticism when there's plenty of scoring potential with guys like TJD, KBJ, Nnaji, Newman, Bouknight, etc. It might end up being a moot point if he doesn't use that last official visit for IU but I heard Rabjohns say on Matt Denison's podcast that IU is the most likely to get that final OV.
  8. Hoosierdave

    Jahmius Ramsey

    that oak hill team is gonna be stacked.
  9. Hoosierdave

    Anthony Harris

    Quote from "Candy Stripe Central" twitter account... "19 CG Ant Harris (@MANZANT3 ) tells us even though IU isn't mentioned with his list of schools he plans to visit, there is still hope the Hoosiers will sneak in a visit. Stay tuned. He said there was definitely chance he could visit. He's talking with Archie about setting something up. Nothing is certain either way though just to be clear." Be mindful that there's still one more official visit he could use. Doesn't look promising but with the way DJ Carton's recruitment went, anything can happen if we just get him on campus.
  10. Hoosierdave

    Anthony Harris

  11. Hoosierdave

    Anthony Harris

  12. Hoosierdave

    Anthony Harris

  13. Hoosierdave

    2019 Recruiting Hub

    https://www.kentucky.com/sports/college/kentucky-sports/uk-recruiting/article215850160.html Go Hoosiers!
  14. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Maybe it's just me but I think KBJ's decision might make the pitch to go to IU easier. The staff can convince him that unlike the decision he just made, he won't have to make any sacrifices if he goes to IU. Stay in-state and revive your legacy, play with talented/ familiar guys (hopefully TJD, Newman), play for a national contender program, and play for a coach that your father knows will look out for your best interests and is capable of making you successful at the next level.
  15. Hoosierdave

    Zeke Nnaji

    Anyone know when he is making his visit? If Wisco insiders think he's going to IU then I'm starting to worry that TJD will decide to go elsewhere...