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  1. Anyone know why this kid has so few offers despite the fact that every recruiting site has him ranked in the top 15? Would be awesome to have him and Lander in the backcourt together!
  2. Take it FWIW but that's Khristian Lander's father I believe. Maybe Love coming to IU wouldn't eliminate us from getting him.
  3. wasn't sure where to put this but @CoachSS ,do you think there's any chance Leal or Galloway come in and redshirt since we didn't use those 2 scholarships this year? Thanks!
  4. I don't have any intel but just seems like a long shot. To quote him from that rivals article he said (in regards to IU) "Only thing with them, they are going to try and get pieces around me and we will go from there.” Doesn't sound like we'll convince him to come unless we first land guys like Steward and Garcia...
  5. Is Michigan less of a threat because he's not a big fan anymore or because of the coaching change?
  6. @CoachSS If either/both Leal & Cross commit, who do you see the staff going after to fill out the 2020 class?
  7. I believe it's Indiana, Louisville and Purdue. Side note, Andrew Slayter just logged a CB pick for Michigan today
  8. Really hope he visits too. If we could land any player from this class, I'd pick him.
  9. Wasn't sure where to put this and I know we deleted a thread over it but just throwing this out there...
  10. Agreed. 247 and Rivals both consider him a 4-star/top 100 player in this class. We are in desperate need of another shooting guard. Not only right in our backyard but also a kid that we know is extremely passionate about the program. Not to mention, might be a big help in recruiting guys like Lander and the other 2021 in-state studs. He checks of all the boxes, IMO. Would love to get him to commit asap and allow the staff more time & resources to go after some of the other guards like Love and Steward.
  11. Not knocking them as players but if the selling point is playing for successful NBA players, then why aren't all these kids lining up to play at Georgetown? Ewing was a better player than both of them and there's nothing to suggest that Georgetown can't return to what it once was.
  12. I keep seeing predictions roll in for him to Memphis. Go to Memphis' website and read their bios for Penny and Mike Miller, and then read IU's bio on Archie and Ed. I just don't get why so many of these kids have so much confidence in Memphis' staff when their biggest accomplishment is Penny winning a couple high school championships.
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