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  1. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    It's over. Dark times ahead.
  2. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I've looked at all the 2020 mock drafts and I haven't seen them put keions name in any of them, so I'm not sure who is filling his head with the idea he's some guaranteed OAD. Am I really to believe that cal is gonna make this kid a lotto pick when he prioritized a dozen other players over him and will likely make Keion come off the bench? I know I'm obviously biased but with the likelihood of him not being a OAD this IU team could look really deep & talented when he returns for his soph season.
  3. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    @CoachSS @IUwins0708 is there any info you can share with us on what's transpired over the last couple of days that makes it seem like this recruitment has entirely shifted?
  4. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Agreed. Sounds like Cals pitch is telling Keion he's the best option for him if he wants to make it to the NBA. Wonder if they asked the hard question of why a former and a current player of UK are on Christian Dawkins' emails that the FBI acquired...
  5. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I agree completely that IU fans need to get off social media and realize most of them are not a part of the solution. That being said, I just don't get the logic of Keion worrying solely about job security with IU. Like I mentioned earlier, UCLA fans were so vocal about Alford that people were flying planes over campus saying "FIRE ALFORD" even before the season began and Alford had a really good recruiting class coming in. Didn't impact how Keion felt about Alford/UCLA at all. Didn't scare Keion away from MSU when all the stuff came out about Izzo's former players' sexual assault case. I think public opinion made it sound like he was a goner. The fact that the FBI has emails of Christian Dawkins talking about paying Jarred Vanderbilt and Ashton Haagans hasn't stopped Keion from potentially committing to UK. Archie is in his second year. No matter how vocal the fans are getting, Glass isn't going to look for a buyout yet. I could get other reasons to not go to IU but fan perception shouldn't be the reason Keion wants to go elsewhere.
  6. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Completely understandable concern but if that's their issue with IU then I don't see how his commitment wouldn't completely shift everyone's outlook on the future. If fans knew next years team had two 5-star players that could realistically stick around for a couple years, I'm sure everyone's patience and confidence in Archie would change. As for fans voicing their negative opinions, I'd suggest that the Brooks family read into how UK fans (now apparently Keion's top choice) sent death threats to a referee via email/phonecall and posted negative comments about his business on facebook after losing to UNC in the tourney. I'm also sure that when UK was losing to Seton Hall and not ranked in the top 20, those fans were not holding back with how they felt.
  7. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    The sad thing is if Jerome Hunter is as good as advertised, him, Trayce, and Keion would be a tough matchup against the majority of teams. Also, a healthy Deron/Race and hopefully Phin & Durham progress to what they are capable of. If we really think we have 1-2 transfers, we could try and push hard for a 2020 to reclass or get some grad transfers to fill specific roles. That's not a bad team by any means. Not to mention, idk if either Hunter/TJD/KBJ are OAD's so this team could be really deep by year 4. Tough pill to swallow knowing that none of that will happen now.
  8. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Me neither or the family needs to take sometime to think about other fanbases... Last year a Kansas fan stalked Udoka Azubuike on campus to teach him how to improve his free throws. UK fans sent death threats to refs after they lost to UNC in the tourney. UCLA had people purchasing ads on those small planes that said "FIRE ALFORD" well before this seasons collapse. Can also guarantee you that if UNC/MSU/UK were having even HALF the season we are, they would not hold back criticizing the players & staff
  9. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    It would be a MASSIVE setback. Everything up until this weekend indicated IU. Close to home, could play with his best friend Trayce, a father that was coached by a member of the staff, could be the hometown hero, etc. All we had to do was not give this kid every reason under the sun to consider other programs. Now, we're about to lose a kid we invested all our time in to a coach/school that had 7-8 other recruits they wanted over him and already have two kids in the recruiting class that play the same position as him. The sad thing is with all the talent around UK, this kid might honestly never see the floor and that to him was more enticing than going to IU. If that isn't a gigantic setback to the reputation and abilities of this staff/program, I don't know what is.
  10. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    To guys like @CoachSS @IUwins0708, do you think IU/UNC will get a chance at another visit? Would also love to know why UK & MSU he wanted to visit this weekend and not the other programs. Sounds like he's deciding by the end of the month...
  11. Hoosierdave

    Minnesota Game Thread

    Glad to see our shot selection to start the second half is a contested green runner and a mid-range fadeaway from Davis.
  12. Hoosierdave

    Minnesota Game Thread

    why Race is on the bench while we watch Fitz get beat on defense by any player he's matched up against is beyond me.
  13. Hoosierdave

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    was looking through Twitter and it sounds like he has another visit planned and a decision may be coming soon.
  14. Hoosierdave

    Lester Quinones

    2019 6'5 SG. Top 100 player ranking in Rivals, ESPN, 247 sports. Just announced IU in his final 7. Didn't even know we were recruiting him lol.
  15. Hoosierdave

    Ohio St post game thread

    Also, another prime example of why our season is where it is at. Only one kid on the roster putting in extra effort, smh.