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  1. While we all know family will give their 2 cents on schools, it did IMO come across like he’s completely indifferent towards his college choice and leaving up to his guardian to make the final call. I would still love to have him. Very talented on both ends of the floor, hard worker, humble, intelligent (on and off the court). Seems like he would be a big all around addition.
  2. Does anyone know what position people recruiting MM want him to play? I saw a recent in a recent interview with Kaufman that he mentioned everyone recruiting him wants him to play small forward so if MM is being recruited as a stretch 4 then I don’t see the issue here.
  3. Saw Rabjohns tweet these were happening this weekend. Do you think he will end up making a decision in the fall now?
  4. Noticed that Lander is friends with him. They were exchanging messages back and forth on twitter very recently.
  5. Nothing new here but good to see he’s still sticking with his timeline.
  6. I believe glancing over some stuff that Mason’s interest in Creighton is primarily due to how they run their offense & how they see his style of play fitting in with it.
  7. Just saw that Rabjohns retweeted a podcast he was on talking about Mason Miller. Said it was between IU & Creighton.
  8. It’ll be interesting to see if high school basketball getting (likely) canceled impacts this game plan for him. While I doubt he would be like “yea cant stand Lander” on radio, it’s nice to hear the rumor isn’t true, according to him.
  9. I certainly hope this rumor is true. We are in desperate need of someone with size and perimeter shooting. Having a hybrid 3/4 player is probably the missing piece to this roster since IMO we do a good job at getting quality shots around the rim, and having a guy that prevents clogging up the lane really helps that even further. Cant also hurt to have an out of state, top 50-75 player, who also happens to have a father with a respected name & reputation in the basketball community. I hope that it wouldn’t take us out of the running for TK (I doubt Archie would stop recruiting hi
  10. Peegs just had an article saying Kenya Hunter is supposed to be the new assistant coach.
  11. Said today that he plans on sticking with committing somewhere in November or December.
  12. Not sure who the other candidate is but per @The Daily Hoosier Archie is looking to hire former Dayton assistant/ current Syracuse assistant Alan Griffin.
  13. Mike Miller. I know he just left Memphis to coach high school but he apparently has a good relationship with Ostrom, is a good recruiter/makes the NBA development pitch easier, and wouldn’t hurt to have a more offensive minded coach who can also help with shooting. Doesnt hurt that we are also recruiting his son. Id say AJ Guyton but idk what he’s like as a coach tbh.
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