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  1. Thanks for the update! I like our chances considering IU has been recruiting him far longer and have built a stronger relationship but it is a little bit worrisome having the newest school already in his top 2.
  2. Nothing really new but still good news! Also apparently the dead period for recruiting is being extended, which certainly won’t hurt!
  3. Agreed, can’t have a team full of guys that don’t want pineapple on their pizza!
  4. Anyone know this person? They are apparently a writer for the IU fansided account. I hope this isn’t true/there’s at the very least an explanation for it but if not then maybe this move was for the best.
  5. That’s why I’m so lost as to why he’s saying he has a “low” confidence level of Kaufman to IU. Maybe it’s not to ruin the kids moment and spill the beans or maybe he thinks if Kentucky offers things become interesting but peegs has literally only logged like 12 predictions over the years so it seems pretty significant if he’s offering up his two cents.
  6. Well I'm personally saddened by this. Best defender and third leading scorer leaving will hurt. I respect Justin a lot for staying at IU and giving Coach Miller and company a chance even though he could have easily decommitted and gone elsewhere. My favorite memories of Justin will always be how he somehow turned into a superhero whenever we would play Michigan State. If I had to make a "hot take" for this season I would have said that Justin's minutes would drastically reduce anyway. Unless the staff was actually trying to move Trayce to the 5 and Justin to the 4, I could have easily seen Hunter and even Geronimo getting significant PT with their perimeter scoring and athleticism at the 3. Best of luck to the kid and will be interesting to see where he lands.
  7. I saw that too and I’m so confused by that and I can’t find anywhere on their site to explain it lol. So I guess he’s less confident in it than all of the other predictors since they gave 6’s
  8. With that open scholarship it’d be nice to have him reclass. Him and Lander would be a tough back court for opponents for the next 2 years.
  9. I like the initials of your contact 👀.
  10. I got super excited seeing that they were finally re airing that top 5 matchup when college game day was here but checked my TV guide and said they were actually showing the 1987 game?! Easily my favorite game I’ve ever attended.
  11. Idk, for every Evan Fitzner there’s a Max Bielfeldt. I definitely would like for it to be a grad transfer so we do have an extra scholarship for the 2021 class. I just don’t see a harm in filling it with a grad transfer in general. Doesn’t hurt to have an extra practice player at the very least, especially with how injury plagued we constantly find this roster in
  12. Not sure if a thread has been made about this but now that Damezi is gone and we have open scholly thought it would be nice to track more efficiently what the staff does. Just my two cents but I think if Justin and Race can’t develop an outside shot in the offseason I’d like for us to get a grad transfer stretch 4. I haven’t been a big fan of Trayce and Brunk playing together at the same time because it clogs the lane and unfortunately it’s not like watching Wendel Carter and Marvin Bagley together. I’m hoping Trayce bulks up because even though he’s only 6’9 I’d prefer to see him play center. Love what I saw from Brunk last year but unless there’s a bruiser down low he’s just a little too slow for what we’re trying to do on offense.
  13. If we get Kaufman soon then I don’t see the worry in taking a swing at some big fish. At that point we would have already landed 3 of our top priorities and there’s over like 700 transfers a year with the potential for immediate eligibility.
  14. Agreed. I mean he did say it was second hand info so you have to take it with a grain of salt. It’s also recruiting, kids change their minds all the time. At the end of the day, people on here are sharing info that they could keep to themselves and giving it to us for free. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. If you’re getting too emotionally invested in rumors then just follow the recruit(s) on their social media platforms and wait for them to share their own info.
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