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  1. Romeo Langford

    Don't have a rivals account but saw on Vandy's that there is a thread titled, "Guys I got bad news on Romeo today- very reliable source." I'm assuming it's sarcasm and just something dumb on the internet they wanted to share but who knows lol.
  2. Romeo Langford

    Heard Jeff Rabjohns say on Kent Sterling that he talked to Tim Langford after the NA loss... says that they are still planning on visiting IU, finishing up the all-star games, and then announcing in Mid/Late April. Also mentioned it would be a big surprise for Louisville to be added back on Romeo's list even if Chris Mack took it because Mack and the Langford's have no prior relationship at all.
  3. Romeo Langford

    Hopefully, Romeo got some time to watch the March Madness games and after watching only 3 out of the top ten recruiting classes this year advance to the sweet 16, and elite coaches like Roy Williams, Sean Miller, Tony Bennett get absolutely destroyed by lesser opponents, realized that you could have all the advantages in the world and still not win. Maybe he'll consider the fact that the only thing that is guaranteed with his decision is him making a long-lasting impact on the IU program and cementing his legendary status in his home state.
  4. Grad Transfers?

    Taylor seems like a must for next year, especially if we lose out on Romeo. Per Jeff Goodman, he's heard from Butler, Northwestern, Vandy, South Carolina, Ohio St, Ole Miss, Wisco, Oklahoma, Illinois, Georgetown, Creighton, Minnesota, BC, IU, UCLA, Zona, Wake, Miami, Purdue, Baylor, Maryland & Mizz. Obviously a talented player. Go get em Archie!
  5. Romeo Langford

    I figure that as well lol. Guess I'm also wondering if they are out watching other players. Didn't sound like anyone is watching Damezi play today, and obviously Rob, TJD, KBJ seasons' are over. Maybe traveling to see Hunter or Forrester? I can't imagine Archie just sitting around watching March Madness.
  6. Romeo Langford

    So does anyone know why the coaching staff decided not to go to Langford's game?
  7. Keion Brooks Jr.

    Maybe it's a distance thing but I don't get why Archie and staff aren't recruiting Trendon Watford harder. For example, Michigan State is recruiting an in-state SF in Romeo Weems. Most writers believe he is going to MSU and Izzo is obviously still heavily recruiting Brooks. Not sure why we don't do the same. Yes, landing an in-state recruit would be better for long-term relationships. However, landing a 5-star player who has ties to IU and is as passionate about our program as kids who grew up here isn't a bad consolation. It also shows that regardless of where you are geographically our coaching staff will be prioritizing the IU family.
  8. Will Anyone Follow Crean to Georgia?

    I'd be least surprised if Clifton Moore transferred. I think it would actually be mutually beneficial. Don't see him getting much playing time in front of Deron Davis and Jake Forrester at center. Don't see him getting much time in front of Morgan, Thompson, maybe smith at times, at PF. Then add in TJD possibly and I don't see him getting any playing time from here to graduation.
  9. Ended up with a fractured right elbow. Huge loss. Wish him a speedy recovery.
  10. Will Anyone Follow Crean to Georgia?

    Maybe Al Durham? Recruited by crean, Georgia native. If we landed Carton for the 2019 class, Archie would be planning on using him essentially as a third string PG. Probably wouldn't get much playing time.
  11. Romeo Langford

    I will end my night of posting on an optimistic note.Using the facts we have to date, let’s imagine the absolute worst case scenario…Would Romeo use the unofficial visit just to tell Archie, a coach who prioritized him so much that he burnt all of his visits quicker than coaches who had a year+ to recruit him, thanks but no thanks? Would Romeo then follow that up with announcing in his hometown, in front of the fans who woke up at 5 am just to stand in line to see him, and the opposing schools’ student sections that dressed up in all IU attire, and the little kids who waited hours for a picture/autograph, that he’s taking his talents elsewhere? Would he invite the mayor, a known IU alumnus, to help him reveal that he will be disappointing everyone? I like our chances, people. Go Hoosiers!
  12. Romeo Langford

    The fact that they are potentially looking to announce at Romeo's high school or in the city of New Albany pretty much proves that. If Romeo was so concerned about backlash, then idk why he would drag this out till the very end, continue to give Archie & fans the impression they have a shot, and then ultimately decide that the climax of his recruitment would be in front of all the Indy Media/IU fan base. That's the worst gameplan imaginable lol. I'm sure he would use the national coverage of one of these all-star games to announce (especially if he's alongside Garland or Grimes) instead then. I think if he decides to commit in his hometown, it would definitely be IU. While Zion's had the largest national attention, Romeo's recruitment dominates from a state/local perspective. You would probably hear a lot of dead air if he left the Hoosier state.
  13. Romeo Langford

    Something I find comical about Vandy/KU fans (even some of ours lol) is that they don't talk about IU's players possibly going to the NBA/or transferring. Maybe Romeo isn't waiting for Newman to leave or for a player from Vandy to transfer, but instead making sure that guys like Juwan Morgan, Deron Davis, and Justin Smith decide to stay. Maybe because our roster isn't as stacked as KU's, or as good of a recruiting class as Vandy's, that it's important to Romeo that he has full transparency with the IU roster outlook before committing.
  14. Romeo Langford

    Ok, thanks. Just wondering for interaction purposes. If rumors are true and Archie goes to the game this weekend and then Romeo does the visit in late March, then it could be weeks without Archie and Romeo having a face to face convo heading into his commitment. Guess we will find out soon enough.
  15. Romeo Langford

    @milehiiu By any chance would you know if the delay in the decision is due in part to allow the Langford's more open dates for the unofficial visit? Or would it still happen sometime in March? I ask just because IU only has one visit left so seeing if maybe Archie and Co. would make some changes so that there isn't such a long gap in between interactions with Romeo.