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  1. I was talking about Xavier booker commenting on the photo. He said “hmm”, which is why I said I think Booker is just teasing IU fans but maybe the visit helped move us back into serious consideration with him.
  2. I feel like it’s a giant tease but he did comment on this post. Visit this week gave us a chance now?
  3. I can’t imagine the reaction if this dude takes the final scholarship and we have no room for TJD… Unless some in-state kid like Leal volunteered his scholarship up if Dennis committed too, I don’t understand why we’re still involved here.
  4. Maybe we can help him get a Brooks Ketchup NIL deal and he can pay his way here as a walk on 😂. Otherwise, he’s not some first team all American talent you’d be dumb to not try and add to your roster. His skill set isnt really filling in any gaps we need.
  5. Not sure, it’s really unclear. There were definitely fans vocalizing disinterest in him joining but I know his last like on his Twitter feed was an IU fan telling him to pin Bloomington as his destination cuz that’s his next stop.
  6. Also just saw Jeff Goodman report Wichita State started an NIL collective and resulted in a player staying, so maybe he’s backing off his top 5 and reconsidering his options? Apparently TCU and Texas A&M reached out recently too. Frankly I’d be ok if this dragged out and we got word on TJD’s situation first.
  7. Apologies if it’s been mentioned but anyone else notice Dexter Dennis locked his Twitter and Insta account? Weird considering he was gonna announce a top 5 days ago
  8. Anyone else getting a little worried TJD is staying in the draft? A lot of people feel Dennis is coming which would mean we have no available scholarships. Only 6 days for someone to decide to transfer or sit a whole year… Selfishly want him to come back but also objectively don’t get leaving college. He’s not going to be a first round pick, could make a lot of $ being the face of the most anticipated IU squad since since maybe the 2012/2016 teams, and has a legit team to contend for a conference title and maybe a national title. Seems a little odd to walk away once IU is finally in a good place
  9. That’s X next to him. Not sure if he’s there at the Woody’s request or volunteered to step away from the Little 5 madness.
  10. Wasn’t sure where to post this but couldn’t help but noticing this in the background of one of the photos from the AAU games. Nice to see our players and staff getting along so well!
  11. I want to say TJD, Duncomb, Kopp? Technically I think X, Leal, and Bates didn’t make formal announcements but have given enough indication they aren’t leaving.
  12. Lmao. In our defense, Cincys Twitter account has like 40k followers and we have over a million (you can check yourself). We have a lot more fans, so naturally a much greater chance at having toxic ones
  13. Really sad seeing some of the comments/lack of enthusiasm from Cincy fans. Goes to show we’re not as toxic as you may think
  14. Jay Wright is apparently retiring. Woody may wanna pump the breaks on filling that 13th scholarship, could see a lot of good players transfer out.
  15. Definitely just being playful and trying to speak it into existence. They are close; JHS wouldn’t ruin his commitment over a casual IG story. Malik did mention in an interview that JHS hasn’t been super pushy about IU; he said JHS understands where Malik is coming from since he also de committed from a school and wanted to explore his options. But yes A+ for effort and couldn’t have asked for a better kid to join him on this official visit!
  16. Again, not really what I’m saying… Giving the IMPRESSION to a player that it’s his spot to lose based on his prior play is not equal to behind the scenes GUARANTEEING a player a starting role like someone had suggested. Making empty promises to players IMO is a bad cultural move and wouldn’t help motivate players to grind and work hard and be the best player and teammate possible. Again, huge difference between being transparent with a player on where they currently are on the depth chart based on what coaches are seeing and telling them “idgaf what you do during the off-season, I’ve already decided how I’m allocating minutes next year.” Also, you’re lucky in that regard. I played college sports too, started my first 3 years. Got pushed to the bench because a freshman was just objectively better than me. He earned it, and while it sucked to work hard for 3 years and my senior year lose that role, I was happy that my coach didn’t allow seniority and personal relationships to get in the way of what was best for our team. I wasn’t mad at my coach, I understood it’s competitive sports and it’s his job to put the best players out there because they EARNED it. I only see race coming off the bench if TJD comes back because his permitter scoring and perimeter defense left a lot to be desired at the 4, and it would surprise me if Woody relied on Duncomb more than Race to fill those minutes when TJD needs a breather/in foul trouble.
  17. Right but you’re missing a key point in my comment- Race earned it this year, NOT next year. next years time is not this years team and it should be treated as such. The only thing these kids should be promised is an opportunity. I would understand and respect if kids transferred in droves from this program if they knew the coaching staff wasn’t even giving them the them a fair shot during the off-season. Not to mention, not gonna land the KJ Evans’ of the world by giving them the impression that no player can come in and make an immediate impact.
  18. Well then I’d say I’m very concerned about the future of this program if less than a month into the off season Woodson’s already finalized his starting lineup. Any good coach would tell his players time is earned, not given.
  19. Just my 2 cents, but now that Race is back I’d prefer to see something along the lines of: C:TJD, Race, Duncomb PF: Geronimo, Banks SF: Galloway, Kopp SG: Bates, Leal, Gunn PG: X, JHS Love me some Race but I can’t see us doing much better having him and TJD play together for 30+ minutes.
  20. Thank you for saying this, couldn’t agree more. He could start at the 4 or 3, let’s not sit here and act like Race and Kopp were all Americans this season and the writing is on the wall with playing time. JG plays well at the 4 but he should realistically play the 3 with his physique, but it wouldn’t shock me if Kopp found his groove next year and Galloway developed an outside shot quicker than JG and took those remaining minutes. Plus even if Race left, not sure that guarantees starting minutes for JG. Could see woody using 3 guards, which would make a guy like Kopp likely play the 4 instead. Also Banks is a solid recruit and we’re heavily recruiting Malik Reneau so JG needs to remind himself he hasn’t played basketball for that long and there’s a lot of room for growth.
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