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  1. Also showed that Woodson can have 2 point guards on the floor at the same time and make it winning basketball. Idk if JHS is a 1 & Done type player so it’s important to show they can have 2 elite PGs work together
  2. Deliciously ironic that they complain all IU fans do is talk about history but they’re doing the same thing to make themselves feel better about losing to us when TJD played 10 minutes.
  3. We have the second largest alumni base in the entire country only behind Penn State. You can also see we have like 2-3x the amount of followers as those schools on social media platforms like Twitter and IG. We have all the potential to be the leader for NIL opportunities when it comes to a basketball school.
  4. Considering that Nebraska had McGowens back and TJD was out for an extending period of time/had to finish without him, I’m pretty happy with the result.
  5. Kill some clock, get the ball in the post for a high percentage basket. Just be the smarter team for the next 3 minutes
  6. Nebraska is so bad. Just take care of the ball and dont shoot yourself in the foot.
  7. USC’s dual threat 5-star freshman entered the portal. Wonder if we’ll reach out since we wanted a younger QB on the roster
  8. Still think we could benefit from another dual threat QB. Just don’t see him getting enough time in the pocket to show all his skills. Hopefully our depth at RB and upgrading to more speedy receivers will help offset our weak OL.
  9. Maybe that Hoosier Hysterics interview resonated with him and felt that Illinois does in fact suck lol.
  10. Think I saw somewhere that suggested Ole Miss was likely going to recruit Caleb Williams hard. Might help with our chances with Ward since he seemed high on Ole Miss.
  11. Ironically, sometimes a recruit observing what a team is lacking/the massive role they can play can help. Worked with Langford and Lander.
  12. Exactly! Sure plenty of basketball but we’ve watched them be a bubble team the last 3-4 years because of some head scratching loses that come back to haunt us like this. This is a REALLY bad loss. We werent even receiving votes in the AP Poll and losing to the worst team in the conference is only making the NIT seem more likely at this rate. It was barely a road game, they had like maybe 500 fans there.
  13. I mentioned this in the Notre Dame post game thread but I’ve found the consistent theme with why we lose is centered around guys not fulfilling their role and the staff not doing enough to gameplan around our players strengths/weaknesses. Why are guys like X and Rob shooting 9 times a game and the best 3 point shooter in the CONFERENCE gets up a total of max 4 shots?! Stewart is not a good defender, so if you aren’t getting him touches why is he on the floor…Penn state had no issue understanding that getting your best scorers touches on offense typically lends itself to positive outcomes. I would never want a coach to do this but sometimes I want them to tell certain players, “if we are up or down by 2 possessions or less, you haven’t earned it to just let if fly.” Prime example, down by 7 points and JG decides to try an uncontested 3…like who is giving him the idea that that’s an acceptable decision?? Its decisions like that that derail our offense and prevents us from getting into a rhythm.
  14. I know that was an easy game but happy to see we played well as a result of everyone knowing their roles and going out there and playing within themselves. still hoping to see a bit more out of our bench, especially from Durr and JG. Happy to see Rob string together a couple of solid games and get his confidence up. Hopefully he can continue to build off this.
  15. I’d be happy if he came too. Frankly, we need a QB who is comfortable running. OL is the clear weak link so having someone who can extend plays and make the defense worry about big runs when they apply pressure is crucial.
  16. Still staying optimistic on the QB front. Should know a lot more about what’s available once bowl games finish up and coaches have their final meetings with players and everyone knows where they stand on the depth chart. IMO pretty easy pitch to a recruit that we’re looking for an immediate impact QB and all the offensive pieces to compete in arguably the deepest division in all of college football
  17. Know your personnel and the game becomes a lot easier
  18. This is actual insanity, you have Kopp and PStew on the floor as shooters and TJD and Race who have clear advantages in the post but we’re just gonna watch X settle for long range shots he’s not capable of making…
  19. Take X out, guy is gonna derail any momentum with his selfish play. Refuses to accept his role on this team today.
  20. It’s like no one ever taught some of these guys that the ball moves faster than the man. You’re not gonna put any pressure on defense dribbling around aimlessly.
  21. In their defense, they drool all the time anyway LOL
  22. Like I said earlier, low basketball IQ on this team is so concerning. No backdoor cut or utilizing the 2 on 1 you have up top to free up your best shooter for an open look
  23. So everyone just gonna stare at TJD or back door cut when 3 guys are just hovering over him?!?!
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