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  1. Didn’t I read recently that Miller wanted to take visits and wouldn’t mind waiting til spring? What did I miss?
  2. Don’t think there is a grad transfer upgrade. Play the hand you have.
  3. These are the Bowen infractions they committed while on probation for stripper gate. That used to be the death penalty but they should get some mitigation, perhaps some post season bans or scholarship reductions.
  4. Did you see the tweet where Maryland inquired about a reclass? We have a space too now
  5. Doubt we will have Trace three years
  6. It could be a risk with the top 5 or 10, but I doubt more than that
  7. Thought he was really going to be good with his speed.
  8. Remember Street and Smith basketball yearbook that came out in Octobers
  9. I think RMK wanted to transition the IU job to Patrick like he did at TT by quitting in the middle of the year. It wasn’t going to happen, and it was going to end ugly in a few more years.
  10. Isn’t Mike Miller a Memphis assistant?
  11. I saw that Matthew Hurt had removed Duke from one of his social media feeds.
  12. Fourth rate commuter school
  13. I think he may be a good one. Hope IU stays involved
  14. I thought Ostrum was the Minnesota connection. Struck out on Hurt and Garcia.
  15. I’m afraid that Archie has lost recruiting momentum. May have started with losing KBJ. Struck out with multiple candidates this year. If Schilling was let go because of recruiting misses. Why is Ostrum around? Struck out on Minnesota connections Hurt and Garcia. Would love to see early commitments from 21 Indiana high schoolers but fearing disappointment.
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