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  1. I wonder when we will see some recruiting results from this great season? Where are the 4 stars?
  2. Will this positive coverage impact this years recruiting or will it take longer sustained progress to see significant impact?
  3. Initial interest in him may have foreshadowed Kauffman prospects. May also signal level of optimism with Miller
  4. Sellersburg is closer to IU than 2 hrs 38 mins
  5. Didn’t I read recently that Miller wanted to take visits and wouldn’t mind waiting til spring? What did I miss?
  6. Don’t think there is a grad transfer upgrade. Play the hand you have.
  7. These are the Bowen infractions they committed while on probation for stripper gate. That used to be the death penalty but they should get some mitigation, perhaps some post season bans or scholarship reductions.
  8. Did you see the tweet where Maryland inquired about a reclass? We have a space too now
  9. Doubt we will have Trace three years
  10. It could be a risk with the top 5 or 10, but I doubt more than that
  11. Thought he was really going to be good with his speed.
  12. Remember Street and Smith basketball yearbook that came out in Octobers
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