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  1. In Hoosier Nation We Pray that Trey Is BornHoosier!!!
  2. To me, this entire Hoosier engine operates when Rob Phinisee operates. Most say his SO season collapse was due to injuries but regardless, his SO season was just an eclipse to what we all saw from his FR season. He went from hitting game winners to becoming the opposition game dinners and didn't really make an impact the entire season. Injuries? I sure hope so but I have a bad feeling about this and hope I am wrong. Regardless, this roster is set without Rob but his presence can help make us Elite.
  3. I think you are absolutely correct in saying we must get old but in order for us to hang #6 it will take us getting old and landing the 5 star talent that resides in this great state! CAM has done a remarkable job at locking down the State but so far that hasn't been enough because the roster wasn't ready to compete! There is no doubt that if we continue to "get old, stay old" and then bring in a Romeo Langford or TJD that its not a matter of if but a matter of time before banner 6 will be hung! Cody, Blackmon Jr, Romeo, TJD and now Lander are all part of the culture change that is needed but the results may not happen until the roster is completely ready. 2020 could very well be that yr with another 5 star talent coming in and with a former 5 star talent coming back to mix with a talented roster.
  4. Interesting take Coach that only time will tell who was right or who was wrong! I tend to believe that Aminu's game is better suited for College ball than the NBA which is a critical factor in a kids ranking or projection. In College, his physicality will dominate from day one regardless of an outside shot but in the NBA he is just another dude that needs to find a niche. From what I gather, you are stating that with a lack of an outside game that Aminu is not a must have recruit for IU and he projects to be at least a 3 yr player in the College game? Well that my friend will all depend on this kids work ethic and his desire to be the best of the best as I have witnessed first hand a kid that had all the athleticism in the World but had the ugliest shot known to mankind! This kids name is Victor Oladipo, a 3 star recruit who as a FR couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat but with a determination became an NBA Star! For anyone to downplay this kids importance due to a lack of distance shooting is absurd and especially with the known physical traits that he brings to the table. I will project that with sufficient playing time, Aminu will lead the team in rebounds as a FR and as a Guard. You just can't teach brute strength and toughness but you can help add to his game.
  5. Trey is very underrated and especially for a 6'9" player who has both athleticism and an outside shot that many coaches and scouts on here love. Did I mention he was from Indiana which means his basketball IQ alone counts as a star in the rankings. No question, Trey is a 5 star recruit and I don't care which site says otherwise. Another must get for Coach Miller and I have ALL the confidence Miller will win out over Louisville, KY and NC. It's Miller Time in B'Town!
  6. This IU team going forward needs shooters to go along with the Natural Born Guitar Scorers! We already ruled out AMINU because of his outside shot and some say Wesley has a questionable shot? Does the staff feel that Wesley is a higher percentage get than Aminu being the reason for the recent shift?
  7. As long as those recruits are "BornHoosiers" right exotics? I'm just hoping that recruiting this great talent that resides in INDIANA, someday hangs banner 6! I'm not stupid and 100% believe CAM must recruit the State but we can't continue to land these Burger Boys and not have a supporting cast to do something with it! If we continue to rely on incoming FR to get us to the promise land, we will certainly fall short of our dreams!
  8. Mook, I was being sarcastic in hope that CAM has actually graduated from the porch if any here know what I mean? If not, If you can't urinate with the Big Dogs, keep your arse on the porch! Here's to Miller Time and to the graduation of the Porch!
  9. He must not be the Hercules we all made him out to be?? Pretty sure Lebron or Zion wouldn't back down from the physicality the B10 brings day in and day out! Time to move on...
  10. I've been on here beating this kids drum since the start of COVID-19 but I will trust others like you who know more to the story that the rest of us lack. Always love to read your insight that comes from within the program vs us outsiders who think we know! I'm moving on from this recruitment.
  11. The Dukes, NC, MSU and UK's of the world will soon be calling for this kid don't even waist your time.
  12. At the end of the day, i may be over hyping him but it's not everyday you see an athletic guard trapped in a Lebron or Zion type build everyday. Their build is what helped them be so dominant early on as Lebron skipped college altogether and Zion was king from day one. If I'm wrong on this guy, I will forever retire as an Armchair Scout and forever hold my peace.
  13. It also took a Hercules type effort and 24 pts from Fr Phenom Jerrod Jeffries unlike the 10 pts that the SO great Cody Zeller was able to put up vs Cuse! For those that will complain that Zeller did not have a supporting cast let me remind you that Vic Dipo had 16 and Wat had 13 which is more than a capable cast!
  14. Many will disagree with me but that is hardly a solid resume that validates leaving college after two short yrs! Again, I'm not hating on Cody and am truly grateful he chose our Hoosiers but this kind of resume doesn't pass the smell test. Now if we were to debate Vic Dipo leaving early, nobody in their right mind would even question such a move.
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