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  1. Totally disagree with that. It is an easy comment to say though. One, they were different players and two they had different personal around them. Having the ability to be a lights out shooter changes things and then having the other support opened up a lot. The coaches played to Romeo's strengths. His weakness were exposed at times. You cant run the same set every single time. You also can't change a personality. I'm a big fan of Romeo's; however the myth of him not being used properly is poor.
  2. Yes, I should of said after his IUFW days and before becoming an assistant at MSU.
  3. Has Fife ever been considered for an assistant job at any point? Any of the IU connections who are assistants? Lewis, Guyton- not sure if there is more? Was Woodson or Whitman considered ever for the head position?
  4. Go get gym rat that can shoot from anywhere on the court. Find a Nick or a Jordan or a Guyton type. A kid that is physically ready to play. I don't care about height or vertical jumping ability. A kid that will get in the grill of others during practice. Transfer, Europe, Australia, recruit, JC....anywhere Is that enough to ask for? Lol
  5. I have never seen Franklin play; however, friends that have say he is a beast. One: tough as nails. Two: the kid works and has been improving. Three: he has a natural basketball IQ
  6. Good point! Thats part of the UK experience and PR machine. Indiana got the McAA and top player out of Indiana - very excited to see Trace play next year.
  7. Cal has a way to get his kids to play because of the NBA exposure he creates for them at practices and games. It's basically a combine show throughout the season. It is his strategy and it works well. No disrespect to it. Same thing at Duke. The USA basketball and Olympics only helps with connections as well.
  8. So are you saying that letting players play means calling sets? Because, it is the opposite. Its the same situation there as here. Just more talent to run a system like this.
  9. Before I go into meetings.....we are watching different games. Romeo isnin the middle of rebounds, getting loose balls, atracking the rim. He is getting hit hard constantly- and he is playing not to get hurt? GIVE ME 5 ROMEOS ANY DAY! Sorry, but I don't know what else the kid can do. He plays with heart.
  10. Just want to say: The kid is playing the most amount of minutes on the team, playing hard core defense, scoring 16.7 points per game, 5.4 rebounds, 2.3 assists and he has issues? Can he work on going left? Yes....I wouldnt call it lack of development or issues. Those are major stats.
  11. It takes an off season to really improve. Romeo has shown improvement in both those areas and with his shot. There is not an 100% formula for shooting mechanics. Shilling was a NBA skills developer, has had a private proven program, been on multiple staffs of big name coaches, etc. A little tibit - when Yogi was struggling with his shot, he went back to Schilling who was his high school coach. It wasn't necessarily someone on Creans staff. Anyhow, this staff knows the game, how to play the game. Archie alone is basketball player developer. Mark Few said it best when he talked about player development- it really happens in the off season. Romeo has improved and is showing it. As Dakitch and Fish said yesterday- the expectations were so oit of hand it is hard to notice improvement for the kid.
  12. Beyond those point - there is no doubt that this team got better and individually players have got better. Morgan said it well in his speech when he said Archie and staff have got him to do things he didnt know he was capable of. This staff also has one of the BEST skills developer in Shilling and a strength coach that seems legit. That and the eye test lately - who doesnt want to jump on ship, especially with Rob as a pg.
  13. Throw in Duke in there...... Anyhow, go IU - alm sign are pointing up for program direction.
  14. Vic need work on the offensive end - the recruiting experts always said he was a freak athlete who was dedicated on the defensive end. When someone has a tenacious defensive mindset with the athletic ability he had it is a no brainer. He was raw at the game, but the kid, like you said, was a gym rat. It also helps that he has an extrovert personality and loves the spot light. 100% effort and that is why he is one of my favorite hoosiers of all time.
  15. They choose national beat writers. Snow is the same network as Rabby... If they picked peegs it means nothing as well as we learned from the point guard who went to vandy. There was probably no strategy behind it except, but to keep suspense.
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