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  1. Not sure if this means anything. We know recruiting is about connections and those who assist with recruiting. Unless things jave changed, Fenwicks head coach is a New Trier grad, and their past was also one...and Bill Comar is as well. Could be an interesting connection. Looks like talk is UK from what people have posted...never know interesting connection.
  2. During the Mallory years athletic department did not make football a priority. They are now and we can be better than MSU, at least in my mind. IU has a big time brand, alumni base, etc.....now with making football a priority things are going to be different. Loom at Women's Basketball, etc. Sustainable success takes time and now I think the program is setup for long term success.
  3. Penix is a stud, there is so much talent. It was an off game, an unusual one for him and his talent. So many factors could of been the reason. Came up big and looked like the kid everyone knows is going to lead this team to great things. Props. Wondering why James didnt get more chances? Had one good run. Missed Ellis who is going to be big as well.
  4. Justin Smith went to Stevenson High School, and that is considered a northshore suburban district and a public district. Much different than Fenwick as Stevenson is one of the top High Schools in the United States, has 4,000+ students and is a very wealthy district. Similar to New Trier, Glenbrook, Highland Park and Evanston. Much different comparisons. Although, like you said Fenwick is a top high school that is private. They recruit athletes hard, and those athletes are student athletes. And, I think the Chicago system has more to do with handlers and AAU circuit than the High
  5. Just wondering if he is looking at horse farms? Not many in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Maybe Lake Forest? Might be a hike if he gets out to Barrington. Just joking of course. Excellent hire.
  6. I graduated back in the late 90's and have to say that McRobbie was one of the most innovative and gutsy Presidents since that time. The only reason I know Myles Brand was the President at the time is because he fired Coach Knight. McRobbie stengthened Computer Science, brought many new schools including .....engineeing and architecture....which was controversial. IU will see the benefits of those foundations with national rankings, research dollars, etc. Just want to point that out and show a different perspective.
  7. For fun: Return to Bloomington where he should of played? Sean May?
  8. And the right decision for the right reason.
  9. Diversity on the staff is extremely important and at this position a stong recruiter. Like the idea of a IU player from the past, but someone with strong midwest ties is important as well. It would be nice to start recruiting Chicago hard again. Chicago/Illinois ties has brought IU championships in the past.
  10. Anyone who thinks that an argument on a bench, which happens more than anyone thinks....would lead to him taking a job with one of his best friends (who helped him get the IU job) is looking to create a negative reason. If there was a camera on every huddle, wvery bench the entire game for every team.....this forum will have more to discuss! And, right now it is hypothetical that this change can happen. Maybe it is true, I don't know. But, I will tell you Cal is one of the reasons why Bruiser is at IU and Cal is one of his closest friends. It makes sense, not an argument on the bench.
  11. As mentioned before, Bruiser talked about that and it was no big deal.
  12. Just to throw it out there....how much is truth, fabrication, over exaggerated, etc? He seemed to explain his part pretty well in the interview and he has served IU for a long time. It is always easier for a poster to arm chair when they are not in the room. Also, the board represents many stakeholders and one posters viewpoint is not all those stakeholders.
  13. Maybe DD is a Lou Pinella fan and that is where he gets the Lil from. Archie should go on his show and have at it. Not sure why he doesn't. I remember some time this summer DD had Roy Williams on, a proven cheater, and he just kissed up to him, callling him one of the greats. The guy cheata with academics, etc.....and you preach doing the right thing....and then had the segment he did.....
  14. Three quick comments: DD couldn't stand Crean, wouldn't even let his son walkon there. It changed, when Crean gave DD tickets and an interview on his show. DD is probably pissed that Archie gave an interview Jeff Goodman daughter and still won't go on hia show. Lastly, he is probably a little ticked by the recent podcast from Hoosierhysterics when they talkd to Pat Shoulders and they debunked DD.
  15. Hopefully time will tell and reverse your opinion on best offer:) I would disagree with that statement. However, they have been very good recently.
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