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  1. Don't know about that. Archie was one of the hotest young coaches out there. OSU wanted Archie over Holtman. Right now, the biggest difference is Archie is stubborn with his defense where Holtman will change it up. Mack is one of my favorite coaches, and if you didn't know he credits much of his style to the Miller family. Once Archie is able to recruit a pg that plays we will see his teams take off. All the coaches mentioned have pg's and there is no secret to that. I also have the access to talk basketball with coaches and Archie is highly respected and many think his program is a sleeping giant. Different perspective.
  2. At this point he is overthinking the game. Maybe. Free throw shooting might be an extension of that. He needs to be who he is and control what he can control.
  3. True, and it is easy to overreact. Most understand when shots are not falling. It's the defense that should not waiver and the preparation. Can't have that effort especially when you are a non ranked team, haven't been to the tournament in three years. They don't have the target especially on the road in the BIG.
  4. Got to think the coaches thought Davis, a Senior would be able to calm the ship and...... This game was eye opening and I agree moving forward hopefully Race get his play.
  5. Race is a household favorite at my home because of his hustle. We have to be careful with stats because he is being matched up with other team players and it is in limited time. Sort of like in Baseball the backup with a high average than playing time is granted as it dossnt match the hype. I do not think that is the case with Race as he should get starter minutes for his hustle alone. Just a thought to put out there. Franklin is a kid that is tough as nails and I would like to see along side Green and Rob in the starting lineup along with Trayce, Smith and Brunk/Thompson.
  6. This game with no question was an eye opening. Big Ten on the road is going be tough, not down by 30 point tough. The fact that Wisconsin looked more athletic throughout the game correlates to the lack of intensity and focus. That is on leadership, coaches and players. They thought they would win just by being IU and 8-0. Al needs to step up, he struggles playing fast and in the past two games we need more from him. Points on the scorecard against Wisc does not paint the picture of forcing and not applying pressure on the ball. Joey needs to be who he is and be the the muscle on the backline. He is struggling all around and it seems the staff wants him out there to allow flexibility with Trayce. Smith is the kid that has taken the most strides and he is our best defender. Yesterday, he could of jumped in the lanes and created a few more turnovers changing momentum. Get easier said than done; however, he has that ability.
  7. Coach Miller said after the game it is day by day, but wouldnt say what it was. He was asked if a medical redshirt was in the works and he shrugged that off with the above comment. It seems as if AM is just as frustrated not getting his only pg in games. He also needs to make a pg a priority with that last scholarship and class after.
  8. With Hunter, it should be expected that he will go through dead leg periods with being off for a full year. To me, its amazing he is even getting a run this early off of his injury. This team with a true ball handler, RP, could be real good.
  9. Al and Green play best off the ball. one can see why they were recruitin another pg
  10. Not having Rob did not help. Your only as good as your best pg and big. Team found away to win! Green looked out of gas on D and O. Al, really appreciate him and he is a team leader. Much different team with the ball in Robs hands. With that being said, scored 80+ again and things can be special once healthy. Archie is correct, D second half was not inspiring and they are capable of more. Take the W and get back in the lab.
  11. Penix is a gamechanger. The fact that he can hit the slants with half the time of Ramsey would open things up. He would also use our big receivers
  12. For every Eric Montross there is a Damon Bailey. Recruits come and go, what lasts are the memories of those who wear the candy stripes with pride and honor. Way to much good is happening to worry about one recruit. The team is finally defensive first and showing improvement with offense. Not to mention we haven't really had our two top guards healthy and ready to go. With all that being said, not sure anyone really knows the outcome. How does it going from feeling good after a trip on Sunday to no thank you? Regardless, kids make choices for many reasons. Best of luck with any decision.
  13. Another perspective is to never assume, because those that do become surprised. Go all out, all in if this kid is someone you want in your system. I'm more curious to when we will see all thos iubb alumni signing the wall on Twitter. Great opportunity.
  14. My bad then, I thought it wasn't and I don't remember them talking about it. The announcers mentioned latter they looked at, not the refs. My bad
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