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  1. Fiveoutofsix

    1-15 Dakich

    DD is right about one thing....there is no or little emotion. This team needs some one who plays with swagger and is team oriented. Energy is key and some one that is going to grind.
  2. Fiveoutofsix

    Jerome Hunter

    Hi All- just want to point out Race Thompson is not as old as you may think. He skipped his Senior year of high school to redshirt last year. This would be his true frosh year.
  3. Fiveoutofsix

    Justin Smith’s dad last night

    Justin is just learning to play hard. He was known at Stevenson to have all the ability in the world, but go 80%. Once he plays through contact and through the whistle his offense involvement will take off. His dad is being a dad....however; why post on Twitter? His dad seems like a good guy and he is really into his kids. He refs park district ball in Buffalo Grove and doesn't really know the rules of Basketball. With that being said he is defending his belief that his son needs to be given the ball more- again, why tweet what he did??? If anything Romeo and Morgan need the ball more and need to be more selfish. The offense is fine and producing open good shots. The boys need to finish around the rim and open shots. One thing that is hurting is the easy rebounds going through Justin and Evan's hands.
  4. Fiveoutofsix

    DeBord Retiring

    Been a long time since I posted. This post is garbage and one with an agenda. Good coaches wanted to coach for Coach D and it was evident that good QB's wanted to play for him. The players I knew thought highly of this coach, and his reputation amongst the football circle was high. To keep posting this garabage because your son was benched by him is not right. Was it time to retire? Maybe. There is a reason why the talent has been upgraded under his watch...and right now they are all underclassmen. Here is to hoping for a new coordinator that can maximize the current talent and bring in more. BELEIVE IT OR NOT IU football is on the rise. Ita always easy to second guess. Even the million dollar coordinators get second guessed.
  5. not trying to argue, debate, or even agree. Just saying that recruiting has always had behind the scene illegal challenges. And, if you look at the 1950's championship games ranged from 68 points to 90+ points. Yes the game has changed and different coaches have different systems. Points were always needed to win, and the shady side of recruiting should of been dealt with years ago. Been like that for as long as fans payed to see games. Not just last 30 years. Read about Wilt Chamberlain and his recruiting battle between IU and Kansas, which lead to Oscar Robinson not being recruited by IU at the end based on assumption. Just one example.
  6. Been like that for as long as fans payed to see games. Not just last 30 years. Read about Wilt Chamberlain and his recruiting battle between IU and Kansas, which lead to Oscar Robinson not being recruited by IU at the end based on assumption. Just one example.
  7. Fiveoutofsix

    Romeo Langford

    That's a good question about Shilling. My assumption is that he is the lead for player development and camps. I think I heard or read that was something he wanted. He is a behind the scenes recruiter. Not sure if this is accurate- does anyone know?
  8. Didn't Walton once say he made more money at UCLA than the NBA in one of his rants?
  9. Fiveoutofsix

    IU Officially Mentioned in FBI Probe

    Jay Bilas talks out of both sides of his mouth. I wouldn't be surprised is he was part of this. Jay Williams as well, who worked for an agency. Can't wait to hear what he says if thrown Duke stuff comes out. I really hope it does and the excuse of USA basketball is not used.
  10. Fiveoutofsix

    IU Officially Mentioned in FBI Probe

    Agree, and people want to say look at D. Rose. Those around different circuits will tell you that World Wide Wess was the recruiter for him. And, furthermore why is his name not brought up? Can't phone tap him?
  11. Fiveoutofsix

    IU Officially Mentioned in FBI Probe

    You hire coaches based on connections, both AAU and high school. Coach Knight hired guys for the same reason. For example, Coach Davis and connections to the south. Martin and Johnson had the east coast connection, doesn't mean they operate by dirty standards. It's the head coach that allows it or not - simple. And in this business you change based on what program you are in. We know IU lost recruits and didn't get beyond the foyer for some because of not playing the game.
  12. Fiveoutofsix

    IU Officially Mentioned in FBI Probe

    Okay, so my question is for those that are following- why focus on an email that mentions Chuck Martin and not Duke? I really hope that there is a focus and not a blind eye with Coach K. We all know he works the CPS system Chicago Public Schools, his players have been busted with gold chains. All the top recruits are going there. Lately, he has won recruiting battle with Arizona who is willing to pay big bucks. The Carter piece should not be all. Now, what I don't understand is if this is focused on only this agency - what about all the other agents and big time recruits? Can someone help inform me more? I guess I'm confused why there are more articles on Martin, which obviously never had legs, then the famous Coach K. And of course, K says "I haven't been following it.". Really??