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  1. Who really knows what he meant without followup. However Ill take the slant of he missed so much practice time and playing with the guys he would come in without the offensive reps needed to know everything they were doing. He spoke to the injuries and you cant just watch film to know what to do.
  2. DD is basically saying some of the kids the fanbase think are a must -- they are not good for a winning Indiana program culture. A program based on multiple year hardnose players who play for the fans and school and not themselves. He has tweeted similar comments after the last few kids committed somewhere else. I for one agree with him - get program kids and win.
  3. Very well could be. Im going off of podcasts I listened to where Snow was interviewed and they talk about it. So, maybe he isnt one to listen to. So far the past year very few people have been correct. What happen to the days where Insidethehall use to provide quicker and more info then peegs....and free?
  4. They have a history together.....just saying. He might not be giving info, but he is the one guy he has a relationship with that goes back before IU.
  5. No disrespect- there was no evidence that Morton was 1a 1b recruit. As said before, Archie and his staff are VERY tighed lipped and no one really knows. Anyone can text thoughts or tweets, etc. Honestly, the only insider to Archie might be Snow. This fan base should listen to him more.
  6. The Big Ten needs a good Purdue and Indiana to be elite. Hopefully Illinois can also get back their mojo. To me the rivalry should be heated like UNC Duke and it only happens when both get great players and play.
  7. I guess Rob, Romeo, Anderson, Trayce, Franklin, and Brunk are not true Indiana kids. Thats just the last two classes. Not to mention Prudue and MSU got guys that IU was on and it was who took the scholarship first and Franklin and Anderson beat the other two Indiana kids. This is a false statement.
  8. Maybe he wasnt as much a priority as it was made. Gospel....... For IU to target other guards showed what they are thinking.
  9. Totally agree and Archie is a no nonsense stubborn basketball dude. That also is his worst trait. Play a little zone when you only had Morgan downlow and win a few more games. We need point guards as well. Rob is great but who else
  10. Just start winning, and then things will change.
  11. Cheating is cheating and by all accounts this became public during the season that Gordon played in. IU is still in some ways paying a price. And to think IU turned itself in.....Wade has the FBI using his name. There is a slight difference there, no? By the way money laundering is never going to be legal, phone calls is a NCAA thing and is now allowed.
  12. Add FBI. Illinois just instituted a state rule that all kids have to complete a civics course. Does FBI not make anyone question this......
  13. Tyler played the year AFTER Gordon class and after Ellis was on campus. Gordon committed in the same recruiting class as Ellis and the other kid who caused some trouble. After the trouble, Tyler said no. Now I might be wrong and sorry if I am, going off of memory while walking the dog.
  14. Thinking about this a little more IU was also the home town team for Gordon and the IU program was on the up when he committed.
  15. FBI investigation vs 3 way phone calls is a little different. I don't think Sampson was ever accused of paying players and had the FBI on his trail. Sampson also recruited alot of WANTED talent like Aarmon, Jordan Crawford. Ellis was the number one JUCO at that time. The class after Gordon was going to be a top 5 class.
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