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  1. Duke just landed another 5 star last week to their stellar class. I'm sure the nation, majority are not saying ....is that like Corey M recruitment...is thatvlike Zion's recruitment? Just saying. And, no, I don't advocate for cheating in any way. We don't know the whole story, we don't. Sometimes there is more to it or not.
  2. There is a reason why, if this is the hire, he is being hired. This coaching staff is already elite with three guys who are considered elite recruiters. I know Thad is not the one going out there, but he has connections. Fife and Hunter are known proven recruiters. I'm pretty sure they are stacked there, and this new, possible assistant has made it through the many possibilities because he is being recommended. The guy must have the it factor and I'm looking forward to learning more about it. Coach Woodson didn't take over to set the program back, he is moving it forward with the culture
  3. Out of curiosity, Is being holier than now tarnishing a potential hires name when have no idea what actually happened and what IU is doing and why they value him? The guy was never convicted or proven guilty. Unfortunately, alot of good people, good human beings, were mentioned in those reports. And, unfortunately, some of the those who should be mentioned were probably not. I don't think anyone deserves the treatment that some get.
  4. Chuck Martin was also in one of the articles about FBI scandal. Tom O: Not sure where the exact message is, but found this quickly in an article “This is from Lasko to Fenny,” Schachter said, reading the text to Kaplan. “‘Fenny, I am in Indiana and Coach Ostrom asked me for an update. They are super willing to do what it takes to recruit Silvio. Is that something of interest for us?’” Tom Ostrom, the associate head coach at Indiana, is in his second season with the Hoosiers.
  5. Wasn't Tom O. Onna text message exchange the FBI had with a similar statement? This while at IU recruiting a kid out of one of the Florida academy? It's a vague statement and can mean many things. Sometimes, playing time, sometimes academic support, etc. Growing up in a family of lawyers, I will beleive if something came out of it, like being proven guilty. Now, I know we will all have different perspectives depending on the viewpoint we want. Thinking about it objectively, I do not think IU would do anything damaging at this point. This coach seems like a very likable, standup, me
  6. If there is a school that makes sure it is playing by the book, its IU. While UNC pays millions to get out of scandals, Kansas gives extended contracts.....IU turns itself in. They do their homework. And, I trust they make the correct hires within this space.
  7. Many times an assistant is a product of their environment and direction of their head coach. Assistants sometimes take the blame. Now, Norm Ellenberger was a pretty good assistant for Coach Knight and I'm sure he was different at IU than before. Just one example.
  8. If I'm guessing, which I am, one of Coach's connections told him this is a guy that will help the program. Doing a little research, he seems like a player development guru, who has a dynamic personality, and can recruit. Now, if his nephew wants to be around him - how is that sleazy? And, I'm pretty sure there is enough talent on the roster and in the portal to compete next year.
  9. Yes, realized that after. But, Franklin's game is made for Virginia's offense.
  10. Probably, and when reaponding, its not always directly to the last post. Just reading through and added to the conversation.
  11. Maybe...but also a question might be...does Virginia fit him better? Franklin was much improved, no doubt, but his game might be better suited for the Virginia style instead of the new IU style. Just a thought.
  12. Don't know - respect the heck out of your work. But the negative will tweet and post, the positive you won't hear from...same with most situations like that. Negative always feels more and emotional. But, I just wish we, IU nation, move forward with positivity as it would be great with momentum and exposure. Wonder how UNC is taking the news? I havent followed it.
  13. Best way to recruit- see who is the late bloomer and who develops athletically in college then get them as a transfer.
  14. Mixed reaction, but the way the media is making it seem like everyone. The way I see it, there is what 1,000 members maybe of this board? That's less than my graduating high school class. Maybe a small faction kept on posting dislike. Its not the entire fan base. Media is beating on an old narrative.
  15. Xavier would be awesome for the new offense. Got to think some of the "robotics" and over thinking that challenged Rob will be fixed. Kid has ability, likeability and talent as well.
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