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  1. Especially when you are paid millions to do these as part of your role.
  2. AJ Guyton told Archie in his podcast that he remembers when Collins was contacted (he was on NW staff) and it might of been serious.
  3. No doubt Langford was incredible and played with pain. Wish the team won more to cement his legacy as one of the all time greats. Which, stats wise should be. I hope Al Durham doesn't have a similar fate. The kid is tough and I beleive he exerts so much effort and is fearless. I do beleive to much is being put on him, being a pg...but as a 2/3 he has had a very good career at IU. Hope they can play in Indy in March.
  4. Just want to say Negative recruiting is part of the game. Every coach is negatively recruited against. Even Coach K. Kids are still going to programs like LSU and Arizona and Kansas and who knows if they could be hit hard at anytime. My only concern, and we hear this from time to time with recruits, is how hard is that recruit being recruited? We hear in quotes, they (IU) started to pickup their contact or recruiting...while others have been consistent from the start. They kind of start strong, go away and pickup. Relationships are important and so is the work you put in.
  5. There was an interview with his father after he was at IU. Very grateful full for IU and the coaching staff. All positive there. There was a segment where he said he would could Romeo and ask him why he would just stand in the corner or in one place (something like that) and Romeo would say that is whay coach wants me to do. Not saying that was misuse as it could of been strategy, but with him and Morgan and Green.....maybe they could of had less scoring droubts if used differently? Just basketball discussion at this point, not criticism.
  6. One that was not hypothetical lol- the hype for Cem Denk or the kid Crean brought in who played pro in France and lost eligibility.
  7. Only heard stories but: -Oscar Robinson -Wilt Chamberline And of course Bird. In my days, if DJ White didn't get hurt and Recker didn't transfer.
  8. If Josh Smith and Rothbart didnt go pro out of high school. If Sean May committed to IU after recruiting Strickland and Wright.
  9. It's interesting and still don't know the true reason why Schilling left - was he forced out? Flint went to UK, and they are struggling this year. Not saying it is do to that...but the guy he replaced was their practice guy. Hunter seems like the real deal and love to see him teach on the sideline. Roberts, I knew him well in college so I won't comment as it would be non objective as only though a positive lense.
  10. Lewis saw the game as a player, there is no doubt he can see it from the sideline. Ostrum has been with archie for something like 10 years. He is his Associate Head Coach - Maybe coach needs a new look there. Happens all the time. Just a thought as I have not seen him coach like you have, only clips on Youtube. And honestly, I don't remember ever hearing him in an interview like the rest of the coaches. All I know is he was Billy Ds video guy and possibly assistant for a few years.
  11. I think it is loosing to home time after time to purdue and watching one team fundamentally sound with hustle, and the other show the same common flaws as year one. Indiana has lost a bunch of close games this year, and in each it came down to who executed better.
  12. Really like your post....let me ask...how does it change? Seems to me (I could be wrong) it's the Osterum/Miller show and everyone else is along for the ride. Hunter seems to be the most active on the bench teaching. Maybe, it's time to loose the comfort of Tom O and look for a creative offensive minded assistant who can also develop shooting. Maybe, just throwing out Sunday conversation.
  13. Alford, I beleive would be able to truly lockdown the state, and assemble a staff that can help with defense. But, I am not apposed to a non head coach becoming the next coach, like a Izzo. Mike Davis is brought up as an example - Mike was brought in during the worse turmoil in program history and he didn't have the organization to succeed (recruitment stories). I like the guys who went the NBA route, the Lewis's, Fife's, etc. They are out there. And if you can teach, you can succeed. And if you have a contagious personality you and are one of your own - the state will be ene
  14. Yes, not the exact won big time at another blue blood.....but, I am convinced there are similar minds, personality and traits out there. And, Indiana is a different state than NC when it comes to basketball in your DNA. Let me take a step back, and say I have hoped Archie would be thr guy. I can back a former 5'4 sharpshooter. But, we saw signs with Langford how a stud was underutilized...at that time I said it was an injury. He has had pros such as Morgan and Green, still couldn't win. This year was his best class ever, brought in Indiana kids and can't beat a average Purdue
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