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  1. No need, and I beleive it can happen. Sports is an entertainment buisness and I enjoy their access and how they make those they interview real people. Also, the access behind closed doors. I could do without the references made to "other activites" with them being an extension to the programs. But, from this fan that is my only criticism. Everyone has a choice to like or dislime an act. I was just trying to show a different perspective and view.
  2. Couldn't that be true about anyone who puts themselves out there? It would be interesting to see if this recruit ends up at IU and gets an NIL opportunity from HH....would the recruit turn that down? Not everyone gets a sitdown invite to Coach Knights home. Not everyone gets access to practices, and coach offices. I would be interested to hear how the conversation came up about thr recruit being turned off. That is not an organic conversation, unless the person asking is doing a similar thing as the HH do and reach out and talk to recruits.
  3. They probably have access because the team and coaches connect with them. The humor part is part of their routine as they are entertainers who have separated themselves from every other website, poster, podcast. Like them or not, they have access to the IU basketball complete family. And haves acess to the team and coaches. Personally, I find them funny and enjoy them. In show buisness you have to create an identity to get a following. They did that AND have the coaches on board. Furthermore, the players seem to like them. 👍
  4. Why couldn't IU ask for the review to be reviewed to look for the hand pulling IUs hemet and the push into qb? Why wasnt the last hit reviewed on Penix?
  5. Yes. But did you see cin helmet to head of Penix? Wonder why that wasn't reviewed?
  6. How do things work? Iowa State looses at home to Iowa and they move down to 14. Indiana looses on the road to Iowa and they can't sniff the rankings. Is there something I am missing? Is it my Hoosier glasses?
  7. Agree, take back the season! Without doubt, this was the most anticipated opener for me spanning 30 years. From the misspelled jersey to unranked is a hit. Coach has always coached up the underdog, and they will learn from this. Get better each day...the talent is there from players to coaches. Fans are hungry...take back the season. Long season, reset and shock the country!
  8. Great point! Watching some of the clips over twitter - shot looks terrific and him and the entire team were shooting over length that I don't know if they will see much in the NCAA.
  9. 3 point shooting will improve, if not already. Second game Miller was ouy early. Parker has years of evidence his shooting will go up. Few factors with shooting: Lifting program is designed to be at max right now since season starts in two months. The ballroom was a unique place to shoot a basketball. Low ceiling, surrounding, etc. Team will improve, if not already.
  10. Don't want get over hyped- Parker is only going to shoot better, he always has. Others will as well! Durr has not seen the court. Full offense not instituted yet.....wow, going to be exciting.
  11. I don't think they will jump - those three combine academics and athletics as their identity. Personally, I think there is an over reaction to this SEC thing - they took two teams from a struggling conference. Yes, two money makers with football with an idenity, but two from a struggling conference. B1G holds the power and the SEC is actually trying to respond to them. Football is on the rise again in the B1G even with the likes of IU and Rutgers. My question is does an alliance hold the B1G back? The research dollars and athletic dollars and shares resources only grows with growth. Get USC, Colorado, Kansas - be America's conference spanning from east to west through the midwest. Have to think something is in play and B1G tight lipped. Personally, would love to see UCLA as the world knows that brand.
  12. What hurts me as a fan, tradition and loyalty does not seem to matter anymore. Rumors of SEC reaching out to OSU is crazy when they are a BIGTen school and basically control the conference. But, I would love for BigTen to look at this from a Football and Basketball standpoint and be clear that they are. Heck, why not try and rebrand some emeging sports like lacrosse, soccer and make that something special on their network.
  13. Don't see Clemson leaving ACC, but you are right - I would put UCLA, USC, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Clemson, maybe Oregon all as bigger fishes. The draw of mizzou and and a pitt is to lock down midwest and create or better brand rivalries.
  14. Texas is a big money maker with the brand in there region and being football crazy. But, you get a UCLA/USC those are global brands. UCLA might not pack the stands and LA might not be UCLA Crazy, but globally they are huge. The BigTen and Pac has always had a relationship and now it is time maybe to merge. The tv dollars will pay for the travel expenses.
  15. Does anyone know what Warren is known for? Delany was cutting edge and always wanted to be infront leader. I don't know much about Warren and his past work, so just wondering? Can he be behind the scenes creating a mega big ten that would make the SEC/ESPN look up to BigTen/Foxsports game?
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