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  1. Never seen him play. Good scoring stats
  2. After the initial shock of Reynolds not being the pick....and talking and thinking around the watercooler -- Scott Dolson is an excellent hire. He is his own person who has been doing fantastic in his role. He is only going to grow and move forward current projects while infusing new ideas. I have also learned that he has respect from donors, big time donors, and current and former players; especially basketball. Under his leadership we will see the past, current and future incubate again. I wonder how he is going to market the programs and create gameday experiences that gets fans in the seats, especially football. Basketball, would love to see them take it into the new age of tech, etc.
  3. I didn't say forced, my dialogue was sarcasm that at the end of the day he played for Wade and not the school he grew up rooting for or his home state who recruited him hard. Without going into anything else, that is what I'm communicating. We all know Trendon was recruited by IU, and you posted about Wade. Therefore I kept up a discussion.
  4. And, Trendon had to play for him instead of the school he grew up rooting for.
  5. Does anyone know the vision for the Cuban center? My son mentioned less 3d video this year. Game atmosphere and campus connections should hopefully be a priority.
  6. And, he is someone that the alumni players connect with. Randy W and Pat K mentioned him and said he was the only one they communicated with with Coach Knights reunion. I would like to learn more about his role in the past. Maybe he is the best candidate. Glass was a great hire because he helped bring events and build venues in Indy, something IU needed. He also was a lawyer, a perspective the division needed. Just do not know enough about the new hire? He could go down as the best AD ever. Hope he does.
  7. Reading tweets, they are saying for continuity. On paper, Reynolds is the best candidate. He was an IU lifer and had to leave to grow in his profession. Again, grow in his profession. Reynolds also helps diversify the administration as that is needed. Reynolds has experience from Notre Dame, Northwestern and IU, not to mention MSU and Bradley. He has connections beyond IU. Disappointing that Reynolds is not the hire. Dolson could be good and it would be great to hear his vision. However, a Chris Reynolds does not come around often- and something caused them not to make this hire. They should explain more.
  8. Do the Trustees need to aprove the hire? Is it public what was voted on?
  9. Hey- BTN is doing an awesome job replaying history. Anyone notice that when Blake H. Hit the winning shot against IU, the Minnesota inbounder stepped on the line a few times. If this was called, would Dakitch be the head coach instead of Crean? Never realized this until I just watched it on BTN. Anyhow, kind of fun thinking.
  10. Now you have to let us know if the other is internal or external-- ha
  11. He is in a very good role as is and could have a long success career in it. If anything, Reynolds was the one being groomed and sometimes you have to leave to come back. It brings a new fresh perspective while understanding historical perspective.
  12. Reynolds is a winner and one that can think with his heart and brain and operate that way. Coaches, good ones, do not want to work for an AD that is always in your face and has to be involved. Not knowing anything about Kraft, it sounds like he would be that by your description. I probably am off, but pit bull reminds me of that. Reynolds would help with winning, hiring, recruiting, alumni, etc. He gets it and has the background to navigate any situation.
  13. I agree that Archie is the future. He's a ball coach. He was a stud as a player even at his size and ability, IU shows in game improvments and gets better at the end of season. Only negative this season has been scoring droughts. Then again, that is hard when you don't have a consistent alpha and your point guard is restricted in practice. Its a game changer next year with the change in roster. You got to have the players to play the type of style IU does. MSU struggled with the same style with Langford out and with some stud stills playing. Next year is a big year.
  14. I know, and your stuff is reliable. Its fluid and always moving. Reynolds is a statement on so many levels.
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