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  1. If TJD comes back and Dennis commits then I'm pretty certain it will be Leal or Kopp that leaves. I love Leal's passion for Indiana basketball but I just don't see him getting many minutes and would probably be better served to play elsewhere where he can get more playing time and develop.
  2. Any word on a visit date or if he is still planning a visit?
  3. I've seen enough to know that he would undoubtedly be an upgrade to Kopp if he leaves.
  4. Sure IF he and JG both have breakout years we could be pretty dang good if TJD stays or we can get a quality big to replace him. But I'm tired of relying on if's and hope for breakouts...I'd rather have some more almost certain contributors. And I really think we need to upgrade for Kopp. Maybe Dennis will be the guy...
  5. IF we keep our best players. We aren't even certain who is returning for sure yet. TJD did put his name in the draft which he didn't do the last 2 years so it's probably 50/50 if I had to guess. We need another addition bottom line regardless of whether he returns or not.
  6. Well maybe we should make some. You can't tell me we can't bring in a better player than MK. If we don't add anyone then we will basically have the same team as last year which will be pretty depressing in year 2 of the Woody era. And that is IF TJD comes back. Unless CMW has an ace up his sleeve then he must be really high on Banks being a big time scorer. Because that is what we need badly...scoring and shooting!
  7. Conspiracy theory with Kopp? What would it possibly be....that we had to start a white guy?? Maybe this was Fife's doing! 😂 But seriously, Kopp does add some value but he is by no means a starter on a really good team. If he is starting next year I wouldn't expect us to have a great year. We might have a few more wins if everyone stays but he absolutely does not need to be starting. Hopefully whoever fills the final scholly can be the athletic wing we need who can shoot the 3 well, create his own shot and defend adequately. And if Kopp leaves I will not be sad at all.
  8. Arkansas rises as LSU collapses. So really that is a wash for UK since LSU had been beating them lately. Now if Florida could get it going again then UK would really be in some trouble.
  9. Personally I don't feel he should be kicked off the team but if that happens, at least we still have time to find a replacement. Could you imagine this happening right before the season started and him getting booted? Talk about a total meltdown on this board! And it's possible we could get lucky for once and find someone that is just as key of a contributor if not more so...maybe a better leader as well as someone who can put up points.
  10. I did too! He was part of my 1a and 1b along with Beard after the Stevens debacle. With Musselman probably being the best realistic option. Woodson might do great and I hope he does but he was definitely more of a risk than hiring Musselman imo...especially since he also has NBA ties and has coached at all levels. I think we really missed a good one here but what else is new
  11. I'm not so sure I agree with this. Fast forward to today and take into account this ugly losing streak. XJ is a solid player but he definitely has his weaknesses and Stewart and Kopp haven't given us squat lately. Look at the season Al is having for Providence who is a top 10 team this year I might add. He is a star for them! I'd say the tradeoff is really close actually. I do agree our defense is much much better but we still can't score the dang ball. And I'm not sure if Woodson knows how to make adjustments...or the right ones at least.
  12. I'm sorry but I can't see any of them playing in the NBA. Or at least not getting any real minutes. Hope I'm wrong.
  13. Ding ding ding! Exactly what I've been thinking.
  14. Sorry for the delayed response as this is the first time I've logged on since my post. Absolutely, it is perfectly fine to disagree as long as we keep the debate civil. Merry Christmas to you as well.
  15. I said that if you had to blame one person in the overtimes for the loss it would be him. Obviously we made many mistakes in the first half when he didn't play. I was just defending Rob a little in this discussion and saying that it is justified to play him over Lander at this point until his decision making gets better. What I saw from him in the overtimes was pretty bad besides him making a 3...that is just my opinion on how I saw it.
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