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  1. I think Jordan will be a pleasant surprise for us. May not make a huge impact next year but will end up being a fan favorite as an upperclassman. Sounds like a great character kid as well.
  2. We need another C or PF. Preferably one that can shoot. A stretch 4 like Watford would be really nice. If DA leaves and we have an open scholly then this is the need that we need filled ASAP. It would make us so much better.
  3. I was thinking he'd be more like a Sheehey. Excited to watch him develop as a Hoosier!
  4. I was wondering the same thing. Can anyone tell us what that was all about and is it indicative of a bigger issue within the staff?
  5. If he decides to reclassify and wants to come then we take him...period. I think everyone is in agreement correct? It's pointless trying to debate about how many minutes or ppg he will have next year....let's just get him signed up!
  6. There had better be. Especially since Glass laid out a list of expectations for the program when he hired Archie. I believe there was mention of being a perennial B1G championship contender. Currently we are miles away from that.
  7. Who is 1B and #2? Thank you for what you contribute to this board.
  8. It sounds like they've given up on Archie. It's true you can blame the players for this behavior but it's also a reflection of the coach and it doesn't look very good for him right now.
  9. Give me Barry and his 44% 3 point shooting.
  10. I totally get what you are saying here but that sure is a lot of "if's"
  11. I would love Beard as well. I just think we have a better shot at Pearl. I think he could win here fairly quickly too. I realize his age might be an issue but we need a quick fix here before it gets REALLY bad. If a quick fix is even possible anymore at this point. This is so very frustrating...
  12. I would love to get Bruce Pearl. He might be the biggest name left that we could actually get with the right amount of money.
  13. I've defended Archie up until this game. But I can no longer do so. I officially hope he is fired at the end of the season. He's lost this team and the majority of the fan base at this point. If he comes back next year he's simply a dead man walking.
  14. I'm not able to view this article. What is it saying?
  15. This is what I've been saying. I think Hunter needs to start...whether he should replace Smith or Brunk remains to be seen. I would move them around based on our opponent's personnel for each game. And whoever gets demoted to the bench should still get a good amount of minutes.
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