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  1. I live in the New Albany area and word is that he has torn ligaments in his thumb and will most likely have surgery after the season is over. It has absolutely effected his shot. It seems to have bothered him in some games more than others, especially after contact. I don't think that he comes back but there has been some chatter that it might still be a possibility.
  2. I would guess Moore. He has barely played lately.
  3. Can't we all just get along lol? Recruiting is fluid....kids change their minds. But until he commits elsewhere, I say were are still in good shape to get him. And if a few things go our way then next year should be much better. No need to go into total meltdown mode just yet.
  4. Can anybody give me the highlights of what was said?
  5. Any chance he comes back next year if that is the case?
  6. What is the nature of Al's injury and has he been ruled out for tomorrow?
  7. Any word on Al's injury? I read where Archie was notified at halftime that he would not be available for the second half and it had to do with a leg injury of some sort.
  8. Any word on Deron's status for tonight?
  9. To be fair, I think I remember reading that the majority of practice time has been devoted to learning the defense early on and I'm sure there will be a greater focus on the offense from here on out. I also think that maybe Archie is trying some different things while we are playing our "cupcake" opponents and will lock down on our sets as the conference season approaches.
  10. Is there any new information on the injury? Has it been confirmed that it's a foot injury? Is he in a boot?
  11. Does anyone know if and when there will be a replay on BTN? Thanks
  12. Sacha Killeya Jones is transferring. No surprise that he announced this decision hours after they landed EJ Montgomery. Seems like the usual roster turnover they have every year. Cue the whining about "being too young" from ole Cal once again.
  13. You mean PJ Washington. He has declared but hasn't hired an agent. Gilgeous-Alexander is scheduled to announce his decision tonight live on SportsCenter with the assumption he is leaving and hiring an agent. Wonder if anyone else will declare or transfer...?
  14. I agree. Plus even if we miss on Romeo, Archie will still add another key contributing piece whether it's Taylor or another grad transfer or Juco. We will have the talent of a tourney team next year one way or another and I think most of us agree that Archie brings the coaching talent we will need and the guys coming back will be better at executing his defense as well.
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