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  1. I think keeping 1 scholly available each season would be perfect. I don't really like having 2 going unused but I don't think that was Archie's game plan for this season, it just happened that way due to not finding a good grad transfer that fit and losing Justin. I doubt keeping 2 open will be a trend that continues.
  2. Well a lot of posters on here mentioned Mike Miller and I think he would bring some buzz. Pretty much any successful former NBA players would as well since the main focus of many of the prospects we are interested in is to get to the league. They look at the records of head coaches putting players in the league and it doesn't hurt to have former NBA players on staff to give them some guidance and help prepare them. And if they had some connections well that wouldn't hurt either. That's all I'm saying. But Archie isn't going that route anyway it appears so it doesn't matter.
  3. I'm not saying he won't. I don't know anything about the guy other than reading his bio yesterday. I'm not bashing him, I was just saying that Archie is clearly going after an assistant he is familiar with which is not a bad thing. I was just hoping it was someone that could bring a recruiting "buzz" to the Hoosiers but I would not be upset at all if Griffin is the choice.
  4. I just meant in terms of recruiting. There are some names out there that are very connected. They might not be very good at X's and O's, I don't know. But I feel like we have that part covered already.
  5. I know absolutely nothing about Griffin but it is obvious that Archie would rather have someone he is familiar with and trusts than a big time name. I understand the reasoning for that and I hope it works out for the best but I was hoping for someone that might have a bigger impact on recruiting. Does anyone know how well connected he is to the AAU circuits?
  6. Completely agree with Sam on this one. We need a big time recruiter with established connections. Archie knows how the game is played so I trust he will make a great choice.
  7. He has super long arms. Should end up being a great defender.
  8. He should be way better than Odle. I'll take another Nover though!
  9. I was thinking the exact same thing. You already know he'll end up biting us in the butt a few times before his career is over.
  10. Trey's mom posted this picture on Facebook yesterday. Looks like he's been putting in some work this spring.
  11. If this is the case then I really like our chances. I always thought that Louisville was our biggest competition. But with possible sanctions coming, it makes sense that they are no longer in serious consideration.
  12. I see that Kentucky is trying to land DeAndre Williams from Evansville. Does anyone know if we are looking at this kid?
  13. "Soon" could mean the next couple days. There could still be a good chance of a May commit. Maybe that's not considered "soon" in his opinion.
  14. Maybe this is just a backup plan in case Lander is unable to reclassify.
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