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  1. Amen Mile! Love Coach Miller and crew but will not forget what Coach Crean did for the program.
  2. I'm not denying that elite athleticism isn't important to success; however, throughout the season and in the NCAA tournament, we see teams with less talent and better effort and chemistry beat the elite teams. Ratings of high school players are sketchy at best. Perhaps the top 30 players will go on to make a significant difference with their teams. Think about players like Galloway and Leal who will probably stay 4 years...these are the difference makers that lead a team far into the NCAA tournament. I'm with FWIUFan: the intangibles and team culture are heading in the right direction and will be critical to the team's return to prominence...not the number of stars behind the recruits name. CAM will get really good players regardless of how many * are next to their name
  3. Exactly! We need at least 2 wins in the BTT. I think we're kidding ourselves if we think all we need is one win. That being said, nobody wants to play us right now
  4. So sad to hear. It makes sense now based on my experience. In the fall I attended the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association annual meeting. Coach Knight was the featured speaker but had to bow out because of his health. It's obviously hard on the individual with the condition, but it's even more difficult for the loved ones... especially those providing care on an everyday basis.
  5. The shot on TV of our fans leaving the game during OT makes me sick! Poor babies need their sleep. Are you kidding me! Tied game, players busting their tails, critical contest on national TV. I don't ever remember fans in mass exodus while I was there 1988-1992. Am I overreacting?
  6. So happy for the players....lots of fight...Race T... welcome back.
  7. Oh man, not sure if recruits have access to the locker room, but if they do, I sure hope they didn't have to see it.
  8. It seems like both our basketball team and football team just can't get over the hump... frustrating
  9. I feel like they're playing hard. If teams give up on the season and the coach, then typically the effort will be noticeably down. That's not happening. They just can't seem to make the right decisions in critical times.
  10. I'm sure Archie and crew are addressing this ad nauseam. However whatever they're doing isn't working
  11. I'm trying to figure this out and would appreciate feedback: Who's primarily to blame for this team's poor decision making...coaching staff or players. Coaching staff has to be working on the team's deficiencies everyday. Players should be able to, over the course of the season, improve on their decision making. However, it seems like we have complete stagnation? It seems like at this level, we should be seeing improvement...regardless. Every time we get close, it seems like we revert back to grade school basketball IQ. This makes me wonder if there's a major cancer in the clubhouse or if this coaching staff has bit off more than they can chew. I'm continuously giving CAM a pass, but I have my doubts now
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