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  1. You’re getting hung up on this out of state recruiting utopia. It’s a balanced equation... in state + out of state = class Archie recruiting is the exact opposite of Crean so by default there is going to be less out of state.
  2. Getting that feeling we’ve all experienced one time or another...
  3. This could provide a few nuggets for over analyzing
  4. The Garcia’s have been probed, but are just not giving anything out. These writers have nothing to go on, but attempt to please the masses. We’re in this thing. Maybe not 99% strong, but we’re in it.
  5. “16-17 months before he makes a decision” ... those aren’t my words
  6. 16-17 months out does not warrant a prediction. Check back in a year
  7. It’s not just him. It appears no one else knows the details either. This has shades of the Zeller recruitment. He and his family playing it very close to the vest.
  8. From Eric Bossi of Rivals https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/three-point-play-jj-traynor-141509953.html
  9. Go back and re-read his second to last sentence, my dude
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