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  1. Did you really just post a paywall article? Dude. Seriously. Take 5.
  2. @IndyResident16 You’re a newb and you probably already recognize but the basis of every IU Scott back and forth is rooted at the far bottom right section
  3. I think you might be thinking of Johan Santana. He was absolutely dominant 2005-2009 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johan_Santana
  4. He was filthy back then but he’s a righty. I was stumped lol
  5. Help me out. Who is the lefty Hernandez?
  6. I like baseball as much as the next guy. You all are in the wrong spot though. Take it to the MLB discussion thread in the Animal House. Thanks in advance
  7. Am I at the right spot for Ken Pomeroy’s rankings talk?
  8. Instantly popped in my head... I know it’s been run out there before but I gotta play the hits here
  9. Live look at stlboiler after doing daily early morning check of HSN
  10. You remind me of Dickie V more and more
  11. At 6’2 my man can absolutely elevate
  12. Thank you fellas. Made my day reading the encouraging news.
  13. With it coming up on a month since seeing anything on Jerome, is there any update to keep the hope alive for an on-time return this season?
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