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  1. It’s not apples to apples like we’ve already covered. The highest achievement bit was just a fun fact.
  2. Back to transfer portal talk... so who’s leaving Painter next?
  3. It’s really not a fair comparison since one has had twice the opportunity as the other. Yet, the highest achievement is exactly the same.
  4. I can. Winning %’s and top end achievements are similar. Painter has been a head coach twice as long. CAM gets the nod.
  5. Wrights first Elite 8 run with Nova was year 5, Rosco
  6. Jake is a young national recruiting guy. He started as contributor for UK middle of last year as well. I don’t know of any affiliation with UL.
  7. I’m not trying to justify anything. He screwed up
  8. Nick has a good following on Twitter, almost 3,000 worth. This looks to be a misstep, but he knows the game well. I’ve enjoyed his past analysis and breakdowns. Curious to see how this recruitment unravels.
  9. Good looking big on the rise currently sitting at 80 on 247 rankings. Taking bets on Stlboiler congratulatory post: My money is on these two words being in there .... “interesting” and “Furst”
  10. Yawn, such a tired take....Who cares about Sportscenter or even watches it anymore? By the way, Cody starts at center averaging 12 and 8.
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