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  1. Archie is too competitive not to try and field the best possible squad yearly. I would venture to guess that any PG he brings in can also play SG to distribute minutes. Hoggard with nice size at 6’3 and could grow more.
  2. 247 seems to be the go to recruiting network these days. If I’m looking at rankings, I’m going by them.
  3. Btw. Don’t post this ever again. I’ll start a petition for banishment
  4. YOLO, my man. YOLO. I need to get over to Hammer and Rails ASAP
  5. Imagine being a sports fan and the first thing you do in the morning is check a rivals forum page. That’s some next level obsession
  6. Too bad Haarms won’t still be there. He could have learned under the tutelage of the best. Maybe they can round up some tape to show on an official visit.
  7. I mean why wouldn’t he, right? Big Man U
  8. 247’s rankings updated today. Here are some to note. No doubt Archie and staff have an eye for up and comers. They identified ones early in past classes such as Isaiah Stewart, Cole Swider, Lou Dort. Showing it with this class in Steward, Cross, RJ Davis. Just need to pull a couple. Side Note: In one of the Leal highlight videos playing AAU, I actually was more focused on Galloway. He looked bouncy and a lot more athletic than I would have thought. Really like him. 23 Dawson Garcia (-2) 26 Caleb Love (+7) 31 DJ Steward (+28) 73 Zach Loveday (-22) 89 Matt Cross (+71) 102 RJ Davis (+10) 115 Anthony Leal (-25) 123 Trey Galloway (+4) 153 Dre Davis (+32) 164 Mike Saunders (+44) 181 Nijel Pack (+32) And.... 121 Ethan Morton (-60) https://247sports.com/Season/2020-Basketball/RecruitRankings/?InstitutionGroup=HighSchool
  9. Being the underdog in this one makes me think back to that rescheduled campus visit. Yep, the one originally set up during Little 5. LQ would’ve been a lock Edit: picture from trending.fropky.com
  10. I’m well aware ... sending a big thanks to you and all others who make this place tick. It’s a real treasure.
  11. Really enjoy the board. I have to say though... your hard on for Rabjohns/Peegs is next level.
  12. Apparently Mr. Evans isn’t aware of Trendon’s visit to Bloomington. Otherwise writing that bit and not mentioning IU with a visit set up this late in the game is baffling.
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