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  1. Funny if he ends up at Georgia with FCTC. He sure as hell needs some warm bodies
  2. 👀👀👀 hopefully Lewis or fife?
  3. @ephul great post. Completely agree with you. Same with you @IU Scott Been laughing off the whole “can he recruit” question. Also have been thinking about musselman. Honestly, I’d bet on Woodson going into a recruit’s home and landing the kid vs many if not all of the guys we were looking at. Musselman, drew, oats? Sure I’m drinking the kool aid but in all serious, I’d challenge everyone to look at this decision closely and ask if these other supposed candidates(drew/muss/beard/Altman) are really THAT much better than Woodson? When it comes down to it I think we did pretty damn well and I’d take Woodson over musselman/beard. (Seemed like the most realistic candidates for us to land, oats buyout too large and Altman is comfy in Nike land and kinda dirty) It’s pretty funny that we’re comparing him against these guys that really have NOT accomplished that much at ANY lev period. Not at a big program. And if they did, it was once and inconsistent.
  4. It’s a fair point and thanks for sharing. Woodson has 2 kids. Has coached young NBA college kids who were handed millions of dollars and entitled superstars. Should be a walk in the park imho.
  5. If you listen to the presser - dolson spoke about how this will allow him to focus his time more with the other sport programs and be more of a partner in basketball decisions. Also if you can get matta on staff and it doesn’t take up a spot on the bench... why the heck not?
  6. This is a home run whether you like it or not. If you don’t now, you will soon enough and I’m excited for you to see it. I can only think of a few coaches in college basketball who command the type of respect as a coach in terms of ability/developer/mentor, experience and accomplishments at high levels(Roy, K, self, Calipari). I probably missed some but you get it. I think it’s special and having Matta only adds to this. I couldn’t be happier to support a guy like this who wants IU to succeed as much as anyone out there. “Indiana is the best place to play basketball”.
  7. You seem like you need a good cry and a bottle. Burp too? Maybe go have one and... never come back? 🤫🤫
  8. Annnnd we’re back! Glad to see it. Did enjoy reading BB this evening though as a stopgap. Really need to know about the staff woody will hire. Eagerly waiting
  9. I can tell you it will be “mike and Thad were very high on our list and to be able to get both- we’re over the moon about this”
  10. Very excited about his development and coaching abilities. Think that will take him a long way here. Seemed like something we’ve been missing is that coach and teacher.
  11. I’m fully supportive and behind this. Love the approach with Thad and Woodson. NBA and College game. Excited to see the assistants. I know for one thing - we swung for the fences.
  12. I hope so. Screw em. National media is a pathetic bunch of cowards.
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