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  1. Let’s go Hoo!! I’ll be Behind the basket in a full crimson Nike uniform. Beautiful day in chicago.
  2. I think it’s worth noting that Daniels has no idea and Fisher hasn’t made a pick. Tells me that these guys are all picking based on a hunch and we’ll either see movement, if it’s IU, or stand pat if it’s UK. Or maybe.... nobody really knows.
  3. I wonder where he ends up transferring after freshman year....
  4. Strong Instagram story post from keion 👀 A0B9B9A3-E1D2-4CE3-A9E2-9DA25BB3765F.MP4
  5. Very true - I need to be reminded of this always.
  6. I am an Indiana fan originally from back east - been living out in the Midwest here for a very long time. Can’t just generalize like that. There’s a few IU fans I wish would be kicked off the app because of the dumb stuff they tweet - not from east coast. I hate the tweeting to recruits though
  7. I hate thinking this way but maybe keion is, in his own mind, opening things back up after being locked into IU?
  8. I don’t think this means good news guys
  9. Sounds like you sir, are living, what they call, “the life”. Or.... you’re just playing red dead redemption 2.
  10. Play the freshman forfeit the season
  11. Bills are you just confident or do you have a legit source of info? Either way I’m fully supportive 🙌🏻
  12. Imagine cole KBJ and hurt all commit to UNC at the same time 👀
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