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  1. Cbp4IU

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    I think the future is bright... But can someone tell Fitzner he’s not 6’0
  2. Cbp4IU

    Marquette Post game

    When Juwan gets clicking and the team gets healthy watch out.
  3. Cbp4IU

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    Gosh I love this team. Wait.... Phinessee is still going to get better too. Wow
  4. Cbp4IU

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    That’s why I’m saying he goes to another top tier mid major and try to prove he’s consistent and then if he has success why not go to Maryland. If he has success to next 2 years and Turegeon does his usually seasons why not. I know he isn’t ready as I said I’m not a big fan of the 1 win theory too. Also though he did get blown out by like 60 a month ago. But at the same time he’s going to get his money 💰 now then risk not getting a chance ever again.
  5. Cbp4IU

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    I’m not a big fan of someone who wins one big game either but he’s either gonna get a huge raise at UMBC or will make 1.5 - 2 mil more a year somewhere else. He would be smart to leave and go to another top tier mid major and wait out for a Maryland like job.
  6. Cbp4IU

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Ryan Odom will be getting paid
  7. Cbp4IU

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Ed Schilling got out at the right time. That school is a sinking ship.
  8. https://youtu.be/rRyiyDnOHu4 heres a link of the Riley GAME. If you watch the best part of the game is at the 1 hour and 19 minute mark.
  9. Cbp4IU

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    They need Newman. I saw on Twitter that Illinois coaches were there watching.
  10. I think he was 4/6 from 3
  11. Damezi scores 26 points as Riley wins 98-58. Damezi didn’t play barely any minutes in the 4th because they were up a ton.
  12. 33-25 Riley Damezi has 9 points. I’m more impressed with his defense so far tonight
  13. Well Damezi like you said didn’t really try to take over but also the team they played Penn held the ball a lot to slow Riley down. Wasn’t really a game to watch him perform. Him playing Adams tonight with both teams fast paced teams will be a lot of scoring opportunities
  14. Cbp4IU

    Romeo Langford

    I don’t his assistants were at that game last night. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t out of state watching someone like Carton. Or watching someone in state like Hemingway or maybe go watch RP. I know he went and watched Damezi a couple weeks ago so maybe he goes and watches one of his Indiana commits
  15. Cbp4IU

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    From what I hear and read I really think Newman is about to explode onto the scene this summer. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if he became a player equivalent in talent to a player like Bluiett