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  1. It’s like his head isn’t in it if he doesn’t get to play. The game he sat the 1st half he played like he was annoyed too.
  2. It’s really telling what players now have a short leash
  3. Hungover start. Stewart has lost confidence
  4. These refs owe us about 7 calls
  5. Woodson has got to change the starting 5. It’s just not good
  6. Let’s have our best half of the season this 2nd half.
  7. TJD’s 2nd foul was a product of a missed over the back.
  8. Time to pregame booze. Hard hats on
  9. Hope TJD is all good. Need Johnson to bring his A+ game Thursday. Buckle up Thursday will be a war
  10. These next 4 minutes are crucial. I’m guessing Trayce will sit here and mass subbing for a quick break.
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