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  1. The Bads: *Smith-honestly if he leaves this year I think I would accept that loss even if he turned into an all-American. *A home loss *Juwans last game *Romeo’s last game *Shooting the rock The Goods: *Jerome Hunter Season *Transfer/recruiting picks up *The crowd
  2. Just land Watford Archie and no issues lol
  3. I think Iu will be a 2 seed and play Wichita State
  4. Honestly I like Smith. Going into this season he was my preseason favorite player. Seeing him on the court today/most of the season has been rough which frustrated me because he like I said was probably my favorite player pre season. (Friends made fun of me for always backing him.) I don’t want to give up on him as a player but unless he doesn’t get motivated and improve... Pains me to say this but I don’t see him more than a 5-6 minute player on a great team. He really doesn’t have a position. I don’t think he’s strong enough to be a Big Ten 4. But he’s way too slow and not really good with ball control to be a wing. If he were to transfer I actually would be sad but I could definitely see it.
  5. Curious to see if this is the last game we see certain individuals in the rotation. I could see Archie playing Race and Damezi more in the NIT
  6. I’m not trying to be negative when I ask this because I’m truly clueless. Let’s say Keion goes to UK. What would be the proper approach? Do you think IU is better off banking the scholarship or Grad transfer. I’m not a fan of how this last grad transfer worked. I’m never a fan of them unless that’s the last missing piece to a title. I just think they take playing time away from a younger player. If it’s a final piece to a title then go ahead. I rather almost bank it for 2020
  7. I bet by Thursday we start getting bits of info in this recruitment on where he goes. Hopefully IU.
  8. I would like to play Ohio State in the Big Ten Tourney I think.
  9. That Green foul watching it over again was bad
  10. Well Race DeRon and Juwan 3 man bigs rotation.
  11. Honestly, if his injury is somewhat serious I would just shut him down for the year. No reason to rush him back when he is going to be heavily relied on the next 3 years
  12. This is where I’m at with Romeo. He can be a great player. He’s starting to buy in Archie’s system. I think as a player though he has no identity. He doesn’t do one thing exceptionally well outside of driving with his right hand. In my honest opinion I don’t think he’s ready. Does my opinion matter? Nope. I just think he needs to decide how much he really likes basketball. If he loves playing basketball then he should stay one more year. If he loves the dream of being in the NBA then he needs to go to the NBA. I just don’t think he’ll play a lot of minutes next year.
  13. If IU would have played this hard for the last 14 games they might have a winning record in the big ten. 4 games to go I would atleast like to see them win 2 and more than capable of winning all 4. Just don’t lose all of them please.
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