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  1. Isn’t Lander still going to be too young for next years draft? Thought we are giants tees Lander for 2 years.
  2. It’s a good watch. I really enjoyed it. FBI agent Practicing entrapment. FBI agents stealing money during the investigation. Key documents/recordings not allowed in court to prove Dawkins case. Lol. I agree with the Yahoo Sports journalist about this false idea of amateurism. The kids are getting paid, it’s just not all done by the coaches. The smart coaches let the runners/agents etc do the dirty work. the idea that a school getting $150 million from Adidas (Louisville) is a victim bc Bowen couldn’t play for 1 year is an absolute joke and a shame. Kudos to Dawkin
  3. Still expecting a IU loss. 2-2 over the last 2, win out at home.
  4. So they thought he was worth 2.5 points. IU won by more. All is well, it was a big win. Odd to say being against PSU. Lol
  5. You realize even with him out PSU was a 1.5 point favorite vs IU and IU won.
  6. Make the NCAA this year and 95% of the noise goes away. Steady W-L improvement from year 1-2-3, while going to the NCAA in year 3. Big picture that’s solid. I understand the grumbling of the game by game. Miss the tourney and it could be very difficult next year. New AD, no tournament in Archies 3 years. Seat doesn’t get any hotter. The next few weeks are huge for Archie. Hold serve at home, 3-2, gives IU a 10-10 conference record and easily dancing before BTT.
  7. Doesn’t matter if IU loses 100 in a row, fans can always talk a little ish. Fully expect IU to lose to Purdue. IU makes the NCAAs but Purdue doesn’t. I will take that for this season.
  8. For whatever reason Little Ricky struck me as funny. I literally laughed when I read it. Lol
  9. If they are going to win one of the remaining road games, this is the one. My gut tells me we lose all 3, even when we are the better team tonight. Minnesota is not good. My hope is he hold serve at home, get to 19 wins and all our handwringing goes away as we make the dance.
  10. As disinterested as Archie has seemed at times this season, not holding players accountable, maybe he is just riding the gravy train until the end of the season and heading West for the Pac12 with his brother. Lol
  11. Dan’s job is to get clicks/listeners. He does that as good as anyone. He is right about bloggers being clowns who come after him when they disagree with him. He has been right so far on Archie and the administration not wanting the basketball program/coach to be the face.
  12. I used him as an example. Pick any young coach you like.
  13. I’m a Archie supporter, but you make this move. Bring Beilein in and then bring in a guy like Fife to be the HC in waiting. So you get the benefit of Beilein righting the ship and the long term continuity of the young up and comer. Another option would be to see if he is interested in being an assistant like Phil Martelli. Beilein knows offensive and Archie knows what he wants defensively. Fork over a nice assistant contract and see if he is interested.
  14. Putino, Beard, Stevens aren’t coming to IU. So to be honest, at this point we need Archie to figure it out. He is getting next year regardless. Davis and Green graduate. I’d expect a couple of transfers. Smith grad transfers and Damezi transfers to play. Get in with some Jucos and grad transfers and get the roster sorted.
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