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  1. His $10 million buyout in a pandemic will get him another year. After next season it drops to around $3 mil (of memory is correct). I think he gets another year, unless a booster steps up to buy him out. Archie was on my list to hire on reputation alone. He wasn’t at the top by any means, but on the list. I worried about his offense. Many games at Dayton were very low scoring. He didn’t do great at Dayton until that conferences top teams went to a new conference. That’s when his teams were at the top of the conference. Also, Dayton coaches seem to do well there but not elsewhere, but
  2. Agreed. 4 years with no tournament, Dolson needs to get some donors to pony up the 10 mil buyout.
  3. Watching this game..... why am I watching this game? On pace to score about 40 points. Forget 1 point per possession, we are looking at a point per minute. This is terrible basketball. I know he isn’t going anywhere but to me the Archie era is basically over. He can’t coach offense, yeah we get open looks but we get open looks for subpar shooters. I hope we come back and win, but ooof this is typical ugly IU basketball under Archie.
  4. Also late to the party. I’m a RN and clinical manager of a very busy surgery department. Archie’s seat is warm and can go to cool or scorching hot over the next 2 months. If this season ends with a missed NCAA tournament, I’m checking with boosters to see if funds are available to fire Archie and hire a replacement. Being in a pandemic, finances do play a role. So doubtful those funds are available. So I’d tell Archie he has a year to make top 3 in conference, plus the second weekend of the NCAA’s or he would be fired after 21/22 season. The buyout drops to 3 million April 2
  5. First time in the Archie era I actually looked up his buyout. Nothing is happening this year, as his buyout is $10 mil at the end of the season. With the loss of revenue due to COVID, not a chance a move is made. What I found interesting is that his buyout drops to $3.35 mil on April 1, 2022. So next season. 2021-22, Archie is on the hot seat. The AD will have to extend him or fire him. Archie’s contract expires in 2024, so the AD will have a decision to make either way. Time to win Archie or it will be on to the next coach.
  6. RIP Ken. Been on the message boards since 2006. Ken has been around the entire time! He will be missed. Prayers for his wife and family.
  7. For me it’s college sports for both football and basketball. Soccer I prefer international or professional (European leagues). The atmosphere makes a huge difference for me. College atmosphere’s as well as European soccer are much more passionate crowds. The NBA and NFL miss out on the atmosphere. MLS has a few teams with incredible atmospheres but not league wide. Going to an IU game is 1000x more fun than a Pacers game. Even driving an hour to Bloomington compared to 20 minutes to get downtown Indy. id much rather go to a college football game as well. Michigan football a
  8. Really not worried about the 2021 recruiting class. I think we land a couple of transfers and/or spring commitments. Make the NCAA tournament and have a solid season and momentum starts up again for 2022.
  9. My gut was 11-9 until I looked at the schedule and thought we could get 12. Lol. we are currently the 5th best Big Ten team according to Kenpom. It’s still early but I do value analytics.
  10. I think we are a top half Big Ten team and will have a solid seed in the NCAA tournament. My honest opinion after looking at the schedule: Overall: 18-9/17-10 Conference: 12-8/11-9 then we see what happens in the BTT and NCAA’s.
  11. Curious to see if anyone knows which facility the team mainly practices in? It seems like the videos are mostly from Cook Hall. I remember Crean not really using the new practice facility for daily team practice. He wanted the team to practice in Assembly Hall to be used to the sight lines and have the ultimate comfort level. It seemed to work IMO. Archie has stated in the last that the team shoots well in practice for both free throws and 3pt shooting. Then it isn’t translating to games. if they aren’t practicing in Assembly Hall, maybe they should. If they already do
  12. While he did say Geronimo is the most talented he recruited in a long time, he was talking about long term potential not what he is now.
  13. Excited to watch some IU basketball. Honestly this year has been so crazy that I’m just thankful we all get to watch the team play. Specifically I’m excited to see how improved Franklin is. Listened to DD and Greenberg Big Ten preview podcast and evidently Franklin is up 12-14lbs from last season. Hope he has improved his shot and the added strength should help finishing around the rim through contact.
  14. I’ll go with: Rob Lander Al Hunter TJD I think it’s vital who starts. You start your best lineup. This helps get off to the fastest start possible. If your starters are your best group, it will allow them play the most minutes in a game. If your best play the most minutes in a game, you will have better outcomes. In short, have your best 5 start, play the most minutes, and close out the game.
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