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  1. Dan’s job is to get clicks/listeners. He does that as good as anyone. He is right about bloggers being clowns who come after him when they disagree with him. He has been right so far on Archie and the administration not wanting the basketball program/coach to be the face.
  2. I used him as an example. Pick any young coach you like.
  3. I’m a Archie supporter, but you make this move. Bring Beilein in and then bring in a guy like Fife to be the HC in waiting. So you get the benefit of Beilein righting the ship and the long term continuity of the young up and comer. Another option would be to see if he is interested in being an assistant like Phil Martelli. Beilein knows offensive and Archie knows what he wants defensively. Fork over a nice assistant contract and see if he is interested.
  4. Putino, Beard, Stevens aren’t coming to IU. So to be honest, at this point we need Archie to figure it out. He is getting next year regardless. Davis and Green graduate. I’d expect a couple of transfers. Smith grad transfers and Damezi transfers to play. Get in with some Jucos and grad transfers and get the roster sorted.
  5. Like many road games this season, I turned it off at halftime. It was clear they were going to lose. Followed the box score every so often and saw the lead extend. I think the team makes the tournament by winning 3 home games. Archie will be back next season, but the team needs to drastically improve. He said he has 2 scholarships for next year left. We need a PG who is aggressive and confident. Then we need a wing scorer. I’m starting to lose faith in Phinisee at PG. Edit: Without a big improvement next season, I’d expect a new coach.
  6. Archie will be safe for another year, maybe 2, because of his buyout. The buyout is like 12 or 15 million, if I’m remembering correctly. I’m not ready to throw the towel in on Archie yet, but I do want to see some changes. First just make the dance this year. If not, year 4 is the hot seat. changes: Green and Davis are gone to graduation. This is a net +. I think Justin Smith could be a grad transfer. He is a bright kid and academically driven. Wouldn’t be surprised if graduated in 3 years. Damezi transfers Go get some JUCO’s/Grad Transfers to upgrade the talent and/or fill specific needs look to shake up the coaching staff. Roberts seems to be doing a good job with the bigs, so he is safe. Bruiser and Ostrom can go. Bring in a offensive minded assistant and someone to develop guards/wings. talent wise I do like this starting 5 next year of: Phinisee JR Franklin SO Hunter RSSO Race RSJR TJD SO Brunk and Al off the bench. Leal. Geronimo, and Galloway to play 10 minutes or less each.
  7. The car is the AD’s son’s, who is also a student. Car is definitely in the AD’s name.
  8. Rob Al Hunter Smith TJD Rob, Al, and Hunter can spread the floor, giving Smith and TJD more room to work. Smith at the 3 just clogs things too much. Or swap out Smith to slide TJD to the 4, and have Brunk at the 5.
  9. 10-10. Going 3-5 over the next 8 games, then winning the last two games. Basically winning out at home.
  10. I don’t think the guard play is consistently fixed this season. I do like Rob and the long term potential of Franklin. I’m not a Green fan, too up and down to be counted on. Al would be a spark off the bench for a top 4 big ten team. and that’s the backcourt folks. Not much to work with this season. I definitely think the backcourt is fixable for next season though. I like the freshmen coming in, but we shouldn’t count on them to bring great shooting out of the gate. Archie needs to get a grad transfer guard who is a 40% plus shooter from deep over multiple season. Like a Ziesloft type player. Also, need another PG. when Rob is out the team seems to stall. If that’s Lander reclassifying, great. But someone to keep the to calm and help control the turnovers. Id also like to see more 3 guard lineups to help with spacing. But we don’t have the talent to do that this season.
  11. Mistakes are going to happen. The team played with heart and passion today. Play like that and they will be a top half of the conference team easily.
  12. He hasn’t but he also hasn’t practiced much. So get him minutes as he is going to be needed down the line. Let him play through his struggles.
  13. Because we didn’t play anyone decent. Got hot shooting from Green vs FSU. The rest has been poor to very poor. I defended Archie until recently. It’s clear this isn’t going to work. We will have another losing streak like last year. This is going to be like Bruce Weber at Illinois at the end. Huge losing streaks and a move is obvious.
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