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  1. Thoughts on his game, fit with the system, etc?
  2. Sometimes it feels like your posts provide arguments to defend your stance on Luke Brown rather than basing off of facts. Archie HAS prioritized several “3-4 year players” who are not supreme athletes, nor 5 star recruits (ie. Rob P, Demezei, Arman). He’s not afraid to offer under appreciated players from our state, so let’s stop using that as a possible reason Luke hasn’t received any interest. Final thing I will say on this topic,@IU/Butler/Notre Dame you clearly have an agenda. I’m not buying into the fact that you didn’t realize there was a world outside of the recruiting forum on HSN. I am also not at all surprised you are present on BtownBanners, again only under the Luke Brown discussion. I am glad you have a hometown player to cheer for, but I think the HSN community would respond better if you dialed down the fanboy commentary.
  3. I like his game a lot! Get him on campus Arch!
  4. Outside of the Indiana kids (Leal and Galloway), which out of state players are real possibilities in the class of 2020 for the Hoosiers? Players whom have legit interest and the staff are high on. @CoachSS @IUwins0708
  5. Recruiting doesn’t follow program prestige as much as it did in the past. Former number one players have chosen: LSU, Washington, Missouri, and as of last year Georgia over blue bloods. Many of those cases it did NOT translate to on court success Priority for most recruits is how quickly they can get into the NBA. Bringing it back to the player of discussion, this is why Crean is utilizing the NBA tactic in his recruiting pitch. IU needs to capitalize on 2-4 year players, because the recruiting landscape will be changing soon with the removal of one and done rule.
  6. Always appreciate your posts. You provide statistics to back up your arguments and remain objective in player profiles.
  7. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Archie can’t stop recruiting guys just because they have interest in the blue bloods
  8. No doubt they are a very talented group. And I look forward to some of the 2021 group staying home and playing for the Hoosiers. The effort in some of those highlights was pathetic.
  9. Appreciate sharing that link. Clearly Indiana Elite is the substantially better team. But how can we glean anything from those highlights? I’ve seen better effort being played at the local YMCA.
  10. Saying we aren’t “as bad” as the worst fan base in the nation is hardly defending ourselves. Kentucky fans blow—let’s stop using them as the marker for comparisons.
  11. This board is borderline unbearable with doom & gloom. Archie is our coach! Such a fragile fan base the way we move from hot to cold on a guy over one year. Not one single player or coach at IU has been exempt from going through a down stretch! as for Lester Q, best of luck! Not too heartbroken to lose this recruiting battle.
  12. The perfect 4 in Archie’s offense — good length and excellent range. Yes please with Morton
  13. Shoot what high school/college kid wouldn’t like Little 500? Take away the crazy parties and day drinking, the campus has an absolute buzz to it, good weather, concerts, etc. If we could get every OV during little 500 weekend I would do it.
  14. Yes you’re probably right, but he doesn’t strike me as a devastating loss from the class (ie. Rob P and Jerome Hunter)
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