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  1. Trendon Watford

    Per HPBlueChip on Twitter, “Don't celebrate yet Hoosier fans but a source close to the IU program told me today that IU has the inside track with three 5* juniors: 6-9 Matthew Hurt (MN), 6-9 Trayce Jackson-Davis (IN) & 6-8 Trendon Watford (AL)” Great to hear we are in the mix for such exceptional talent! On Arch to determine which guys have the personality to buy-in to the program.
  2. Matthew Hurt

    Who else was included in his top 5? @KDB
  3. Romeo Langford

    Well Tonto probably still lives in his moms basement and pays to use the WiFi. Nothing to see here! It would’ve been much more widely publicized
  4. Is 2019 Class Boom or Bust?

    Refreshing to read some optimism from you DBM! Hope it's here to stay
  5. Trendon Watford

    Excited to hear details regarding the latest visit! Cmon HSN, don’t let me down
  6. Trendon Watford

    You don’t schedule in-home visits to turn down schools. You just don’t
  7. 2019 Recruiting Hub

    Tre Mann 6’1 PG from FLA offered
  8. Jahmius Ramsey

    This cracks me up. According to 247, we have offered 11 scholarships to 2019 prospects. In 2016, CREAN OFFERED 47 scholarships for a 4-man recruiting class!! Arch is much more selective in who he’s offering. It just happens that we appear to be right in the thick of things with many of those prospect offers. Good problem to have!
  9. Trendon Watford

    Gut feeling that a ‘19 kid will be an early enrollee for last scholarship position
  10. All 4 signees in top 150

    Lol oh I haven’t forgotten, in fact I’ll need a lifetime attempting to forget those players. Woof
  11. All 4 signees in top 150

    247 Composite Rankings Victor Oladipo: 136 Juwan Morgan: 117 OG Anunoby: 355 Conclusion: let’s not get caught up with the number attached to the incoming recruits. These guys will return IU to prominence with or without a Rivals Top 100 ranking attached to their name.
  12. Romeo Langford

    Don’t blame Vonleh for Creans inadequate ability to surround him with talent. It was one of the toughest Hoosier teams to watch in the past 20 years, but it wasn’t the result of Vonleh.
  13. Romeo Langford

    The HOT take which I’m most sick of hearing by Vandy (primarily) and KU fans: if Romeo chooses anywhere other than IU, they are worried for his physical safety. **** off ‘Dores. Face defeat with respect... should be used to it by now
  14. Locking down the state

    La Lumiere hardly counts as an “Indiana kid.” CAM putting in work ‘18 and ‘19
  15. Romeo Langford

    The worst