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  1. I sincerely hope CTA makes a move to change OC sooner than he did with DeBoard. I’m not sure what else you need to see to confirm further ineptitude of our offense…
  2. One games results matter little to recruits. More pressing issues such as: - how will coaches develop me and scheme - what’s the culture of the team I have full confidence in development and scheme from our defense with Allen/Warren. I cannot say the same confidence in our offense. with that being said, Curry has excellent suitors for his services. Hope we can land him!
  3. Maybe we are keeping things vanilla given the opponent, but I desire more creativity from our passing offense. Sheridan and OL may hold us back from reaching our potential.
  4. Stretch the field! The second pick six and the multiple others that bopped off the defenders hands were particularly on routes less than 10 yards. Their DBs were sitting on routes all day daring us to go over the top. you are exactly right—if you go deep, you have to block it. The other disappointing aspect was calling many repeated play: mesh route (drags) on 3rd downs, TE bubble route. There’s just very little innovation in the play calling which drove me nuts with DeBoard (who Sheridan learned under). On the other hand, DeBorer was fantastic with play design and his Fresno State team gave Oregon run for their money today.
  5. Couple thoughts 1. Having played the game through college we were always told, “it’s not as good as you think, not as bad as you thing, it’s usually in between.” Tough to watch but I’ll try not to overreact to one game. 2. I have concern about offensive play calling. Sheridan came from Mike DeBoard coaching tree. Similar to much of last year I didn’t see innovation on offense. The calls were conservative and predictable. 3. Encouraging to see Anderson and Handy make plays on D. Gotta find ways to get more pressure by front 4. 4. When Penix misses, his footwork is to blame. Getting better OL play would help, although he tends to be lazy at times with his feet. Next week will be a cupcake. Time to get right in preparation for Cincinnati.
  6. The Twitter video Marshall posted looked nice!
  7. Any whispers regarding Saturday’s scrimmage?
  8. Rankings for 2023 seem like a cluster in general. I mean there was no grassroots last year. National guys can’t make trip to see all high school games. I’d expect the accuracy of the rankings to change drastically over the next year solely due to increased exposure rather than talent.
  9. Good luck Jerome! I am happy Woody is building the team he wants without restrictions. Start of Arch’s tenure it seemed he was attempting to keep all old pieces and making them fit in his system.
  10. This was a great read! Almost prophetic seeing with two new offers today due to CYR’s connections. Good work TDH
  11. Good luck to Armaan. Would’ve loved him back. This leaves more Avenue for guys like Leal, Lander and Galloway grow into roles to fill his absence.
  12. Ecstatic about these returnees. Give me Arman and Brooks then call it a day. I refuse to acknowledge the belief that we are too deep at any position. Competition in practice and for PT will bring out the best of each player. Similar to the 2012 team, after going through these previous lows will make the success of next year that much sweeter! Keep working, CMW!
  13. Woodson is my guess. Regardless of the hire, I will give the next coach a chance. Although I admit my excitement would be dulled by moser
  14. Not at all. Appreciate all of your insight into this recruitment.
  15. And to think people spend money on that “insider” info. Smh. God bless HSN!
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