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  1. DocHoosier

    Brandon Newman

    Great points! No I’ve not seen him defend in any other game. My viewing has been through word of mouth and seeing EYBL stats. 3 point % above 40, truly fills a void for our roster.
  2. DocHoosier

    Brandon Newman

    Guards preference: Carton> Lewis > Ramsey > Newman > Harris > Franklin. I don’t consider Lecque a serious possibility. Watching highlights of Brandon Newman I love his game. He would bring the Hoosiers a sharp shooter from 3. The intensity which he defended Romeo in the Jr-Sr All-star game tells me he takes that end of the court seriously. Hope Arch offers him during the visit.
  3. DocHoosier

    Jahmius Ramsey

    I get the off-season is slow on topics. Really hope we can enjoy this year with Romeo instead of incessantly discussing if he is a OAD vs 2 year player. We sustained a long 14 month recruitment, let’s not forget to enjoy it!
  4. DocHoosier

    Brandon Newman

    TJD and...? Can’t tease us like that, Coach!
  5. DocHoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

  6. DocHoosier

    Trio of IU signees vs KY

    100% agree about premise of All-star games. From afar, I’ve been so impressed with Romeos ability of moving on quickly from rough games. If memory serves me right, coming off a loss against Floyd Central during the regular season he followed it with a big game in Bankers life. That philosophy will be welcomed in Bloomington!
  7. DocHoosier

    Trio of IU signees vs KY

    One of the many things I love about Romeo Langford: short term memory. Not his best game on Friday. Turns around to have a great performance on Saturday. Too many times have I watched Hoosier teams spiral down after a poor stretch of games. Can’t wait for Romeo to be a Hoosier!
  8. DocHoosier

    Isaiah Stewart

    Purdue didn’t even make his top 10 😂
  9. DocHoosier

    Isaiah Stewart

    Not expecting him to commit to the Hoosiers, but dang it feels good that Archie gets the first visit since he announces his top 10! Arch and staff will put Bloomington back on the map with top recruits
  10. DocHoosier

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Wait, we are upset with Indiana kids explore all of their options including a neighboring state rival?? Let’s use a different analogy. You work as a lawyer. A competitor law firm offers you a better offer. According to a “true Hoosier” logic, even listening to the new offer would compromise your loyalty to a different pitch. Lets allow these teenagers to hear their options and make the best decision for them self. After all, most of us in their situation would do the exact same thing. Truly believe KBJ and TJD will be Hoosiers at the end of this process.
  11. DocHoosier

    2019 Recruiting Hub

    Archie is also present watching USA practices, per Rab
  12. DocHoosier

    Zeke Nnaji

    Also top 50 on updated 247 rankings. Seems little crazy that we’ve offered 4 players from the D1 Minnesota program over the last two years. Ostrom has that lineage
  13. DocHoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Also would add this is the most Dakich thing ever. Throw some garbage out on his radio show and hoping it leads to discussion and controversy!
  14. DocHoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Shocked. Hadn’t imagined TJD going anywhere other than IU. If true could it mean an IU player will transfer?
  15. DocHoosier

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I think Romeos performance/showcasing will play a big part in KBJ choosing to sign with IU. Whereas TJD decision won’t be impacted by the teams performance.