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  1. Anyone else watching Marquette?? Very uninspiring style of play. I predict Woj will be out of a job within two years
  2. Can’t figure out why anyone would spend time on Peegs forum. Got everything I could want here on HSN! Thanks for all who contribute. Also, Lander will be a Hoosier!
  3. Because we shouldn’t let rankings dictate who we recruit. Kaufman would be a huge get for the Hoosiers to pair with Lander!
  4. love this response! Archie-type player! From Inside the Hall Interview with Geronimo: what should Indiana fans expect out of you? What are you hoping to bring to the program? “A whole lot of energy on the defensive and offensive end. First and foremost, I’m a defensive player. I love shutting people down. I love blocking shots, getting steals and doing other stuff to get a stop on the possession. People best believe in a game I will bring the defensive energy. My opponents will know I’m on the floor.”
  5. Oh I hope your right. Like this guys game. Strikes me as a classic 4-man in Villanova offense. Hard nose, can extend the floor and doesn’t back down on defense
  6. Anyone have any news from the scrimmage on Saturday?
  7. Garcia. And I don’t think it’s all that close. Although they play different positions—Garcia a stretch 4 vs Loveday a 5 who can shoot from outside
  8. Nassir Little went from #4 then drafted 25th. Bol Bol went from #4 then went 44th. Archie plummeting Romeo’s stock is a lazy narrative.
  9. Yes please to Kaufman! Sign him up, Arch
  10. Put me in the camp for finding the best coaching prospect Irregardless of Indiana ties. Some of the most impactful assistant coaches in the B1G recently: Purdue’s Greg Gary and Michigan’s Luke Yaklich. Coach Gary was a big reason why Purdue’s offense has been elite over the past two seasons, as he became in charge of calling/designing plays. Coach Yaklich brought the defensive principles which made Michigan a juggernaut on D. Both coaches graduated from schools NOT named Purdue and Michigan! Let’s just get the best assistant coach for the Hoosiers... and remember not to overreact if it’s not a household name.
  11. Or remembering 18 years of statistics during your the church league 🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. Sometimes it feels like your posts provide arguments to defend your stance on Luke Brown rather than basing off of facts. Archie HAS prioritized several “3-4 year players” who are not supreme athletes, nor 5 star recruits (ie. Rob P, Demezei, Arman). He’s not afraid to offer under appreciated players from our state, so let’s stop using that as a possible reason Luke hasn’t received any interest. Final thing I will say on this topic,@IU/Butler/Notre Dame you clearly have an agenda. I’m not buying into the fact that you didn’t realize there was a world outside of the recruiting forum on HSN. I am also not at all surprised you are present on BtownBanners, again only under the Luke Brown discussion. I am glad you have a hometown player to cheer for, but I think the HSN community would respond better if you dialed down the fanboy commentary.
  13. I like his game a lot! Get him on campus Arch!
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