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  1. Responding to Rothstein on Matt Denison's radio show, Zach Osterman had Indiana 7th or 8th in the conference and admitted that was a touch optimistic. A bit's changed since April 29, but in his first Offseason Rankings Alex Bozich had us 9th. Rothstein's not a guy I follow, and I don't put a lot of stock in his opinions, but he's not far off from what guys who specifically cover the Indiana beat are saying.
  2. Fred is closer to the situation than anyone else, so I'd be real curious to hear him expand on his definition of "rebuild". From my perspective as a fan outside of the workings of the program, it's not at all the word I would use, but he's done so now repeatedly. We hired Archie just one year after winning the Big Ten and beating a Kentucky team ranked in the top ten of KenPom to earn a spot in the Sweet Sixteen, getting bounced there by the national runner-up. That doesn't suggest a program that needed to be torn down and built back up. I'd argue the great failure of that 2017 season was not having a point on the roster capable of taking over after Yogi. That speaks to issues with recruiting, and maybe recruiting is of sufficient importance that it's reason enough to make a change, but I would never use the term rebuild to describe any program in that situation. It's perhaps easier to argue we're in the middle of a rebuild after the fact, given the results on the court. And if someone wants to claim those results stem in part because we're switching from a coach who knew offense and cared little for defense to a coach who does the opposite, I suppose I wouldn't disagree. But that's not a rebuild in progress when Archie got here, that's a rebuild started only after Archie arrived. That's a rebuild by choice, voluntarily elected based on the coach that was brought in and the style of the coach running the program before him. And it was Fred Glass who made that decision. But the response in that interview I found truly galling was the labeling of trolls anyone who is unhappy with the progress shown in the first two or three years. I'm approaching middle age, and old enough to realize that years are finite. Each season is a chance for us to see the Indiana Basketball program for which we care so deeply find success, and we only have so many chances. Those two or three seasons are not to be flippantly dismissed, they very much count. I don't need Archie to be winning a Big Ten title or getting back to the Sweet Sixteen by year two or three, but I want to see reasons to believe he can get us there in the future. At least in this interview, the only positive to which Fred could point was our in-state recruiting. I agree it's been much improved. But out-of-state recruiting has been non-existent since Race and Jerome were Archie's first two recruits, two years ago next week. Indiana Basketball has never survived on the state of Indiana alone, whether Isiah Thomas, Daryl Thomas, Dean Garrett, Scott May or Victor Oladipo. So telling me Archie is delivering on his promise to build inside-out isn't a sufficient answer. We complain about the lack of shooting on the roster, and the need for a scoring option on the week, and recruiting has failed to deliver either. If we don't start winning more, it doesn't matter how many Indiana kids we recruit. So, if I could interview Fred Glass: I'd ask what specifically it was about the program that needed to be rebuilt before Archie arrived, what does he think Archie has done to address that specific need, and what specifically has he seen from Archie in these first two or three years to support his belief that Archie is going to become an iconic coach with a very long and successful career at Indiana. I'd be very curious to hear these answers, not vague excuses and cheerleading.
  3. If he wasn't getting it done, wouldn't you release him in March, after the season ends? Jettisoning an assistant in June, in the middle of the summer evaluation periods, feels odd to me, as someone admittedly very much on the outside of that process.
  4. I've got about ten years on you. I was on campus for our last Final Four, that miracle run under Mike Davis. It's one of my favorite memories. But I wasn't a passionate Indiana Basketball fan until I arrived on campus. My family wasn't from Indiana originally, we moved to the state shortly after the last title in '87. I have no memory of the success of the 80's, and by the time I was old enough to pay attention Knight had already lost his fastball. My memories of Knight are of losing to Colorado and Pepperdine, not of teams led by Isiah Thomas or Steve Alford. Like you, those years from 2011-2016 are the most sustained success Indiana Basketball has had within memory. Outside that outlier 2002 season, it's the only times we've won the Big Ten or made the Sweet Sixteen since I was not yet 12, in 1994. My expectations for Archie have nothing to do with Indiana Basketball in the 80's. My standard is only that he be better than the guy he replaced. Unfortunately we're still TBD on that account, and some of the early returns haven't inspired confidence.
  5. I thought the same when I saw the offer, same as I've felt about our pursuit of Terrence Clarke. It's tough to figure. Coming off the 2019 class I thought our reach clearly exceeded our grasp. The staff offered almost exclusively top 50 kids early, trying to inject talent into the program quickly, and mostly came away empty. That was in the summer and the fall, after Romeo committed and before the season began, when expectations were still riding high. The headwinds we face in recruiting have only gotten stronger since. I thought we saw a recalibration in response with the 2020 class, where the staff has been pursuing mostly kids ranked in the 75-200 range. Kids that wouldn't make an immediate impact but could grow old in the program. And kids that were more likely to commit to a program still a few years away from contending. But maybe what I thought was a recalibration was just a result of the limitations of the 2020 class? Our offers out in 2021 are to the top Indiana kids, of course, but then two top ten players in the class. Kaufman is a top 75 kid, the rest top 40. Maybe it's that you only offer the sure things this far out, and maybe we'll have a clearer picture of Archie's plan this time next year. But at the moment we seem to be returning to the high-risk/high-reward strategy of the previous recruiting cycle.
  6. Our marquee non conference games are currently Florida St (15) at home, Arkansas (60) at home, UConn (91) at a neutral site, Notre Dame (111) at a neutral site. Florida St has been a top 30 team the last three seasons, but if they fall outside that range after losing five seniors to graduation and their best player to the draft - and Bart Torvik has them at 35 in the preseason - then we likely won't have any non-conference games that fall into Quad 1.
  7. If I never hear about Jerome's gold jersey ever again, that would be fine with me. I mean, Devonte Green has a handful of gold jerseys in his closet, but we don't confer any added faith in his abilities because of it. Just a few posts above you don't think he should start over Al Durham. I'm not posting to call you out specifically or personally; I've seen this same honor referenced by many across multiple messages boards. The gold jersey he won once has become part of this legend of Jerome Hunter that's only grown with time. I just don't believe it has anything near the significance a hopeful fan base wants it to convey.
  8. Bart Torvik has Indiana 11th in the conference. Alex Bozich had Indiana picked 9th just over a month ago. Seth Davis goes 45 deep with his preseason rankings, lists nine Big Ten teams but doesn't mention Indiana. Andy Katz ranks seven Big Ten teams in his Power 36, and lists three more as being in the mix. Indiana is not mentioned. Joe Lunardi has picked nine Big Ten teams to make the tournament and doesn't have Indiana among his next eight out. Every other reputable early ranking I could find is a Top 25 only. Indiana obviously isn't listed in any, but nor are there enough Big Ten teams to determine how the author would expect us to place in the conference.
  9. Armaan Franklin and Brandon Newman both played on MeanStreets last season.
  10. I'm not a regular here, so I also don't want to come across as only negative. I do love the defense improvements, though the clear and obvious leaps on that side of the ball make claims of a debilitating mismatch between players and system less convincing. I'm also somewhat style agnostic; I don't think anything's been gained if the defense becomes elite but the offense pedestrian. We were a top ten offense most years under Crean, following the rebuild, but a lack of balance kept us from achieving the results we wanted. I truly hope our struggles scoring the ball last season were purely a result of guys being injured, that Al Devonte and Rob can provide the shooting we need and didn't recruit, that Jerome can be the primary scoring option on the wing we were hoping to land with Keion. Maybe the answers to the questions around this team can be found on the roster already. But after watching too many missed shots from the line and from behind the arc, after watching so many slow starts with low effort and guys who looked like they'd never met before that night's game, I approach these questions with doubt where I once had faith we would be able to get things right. So many of the reasons offered to explain why our struggles weren't on Archie centered on the roster he inherited; lack of shooters, not recruited for his system, poor chemistry, etc. Maybe those reasons were true. But then wouldn't that be cause to expect roster turnover, and/or an aggressive approach on the recruiting trail? Except for the health of our roster, we appear to be entering the coming season with the same weaknesses as the year before. Tough not to feel like we're stuck in neutral.
  11. Ha! Man, I hope it's that easy, that everything will be solved by Archie recruiting to his system and giving his players time to learn it. But I'm not ignoring the facts you presented, I'm simply not using them as reason to give a complete pass on the seasons we've seen thus far. Even acknowledging these limitations, I think we can still consider and form some early opinions of the product we've seen to this point on the court. I understand it's too early for us to expect Archie to have things fully up and running, and this program competing where we want to be. But we should still be looking for signs, flashes, reasons to believe he will ultimately get us there, no? What have you seen in Archie's tenure so far to make you feel in the affirmative that yes, he's the guy, once we agree that it's too early to know for sure? There's a lot said in the rest of my post, and you responded to only one snip.
  12. This is remarkably similar to what I read from others and indeed thought myself when Archie was first hired. But two seasons in, it's tough to see much evidence for it. That summer before his first season I recall conversations discussing how Archie would have more talent on hand then he'd ever had available before at Dayton. Though we had lost three good players to the NBA, we now had a coach with a plan, and a system to get more out of the guys still on the roster than the previous coach had been able. If the criticism of Crean was that he wasn't much for strategy and structure, but relied on talent and player development, I was excited to see what a coach who emphasized structure could accomplish. I tuned in for that first game.. and watched us get run out of our own place by Indiana State. I thought we found something with the comeback against Notre Dame, then Fort Wayne happened. A decidedly average Big Ten season followed, closed out with a loss to a bad Rutgers team. The excitement I felt to start the season was replaced by skepticism. This past season we did have a roster full of 50-150 kids, with two All-Big Ten talents leading the way. But even with the injuries we suffered, it's tough to find many instances where we played as more than the sum of our parts. Maybe against Marquette, and those two baffling wins against Michigan State. But too often we let inferior teams hang around and even beat us. It happened against UC Davis and UT Arlington, and Penn State and Northwestern, even when we were still riding high at 12-2. And of course it happened regularly during the stretch where we lost 12 of 13, failing to show up for all or part of those games. I get that it's just his second season. I've heard enough successful coaches preach culture that I accept it's an important part of any successful program. But man, it's been two seasons, and I'm just not seeing evidence of a culture being built. We wondered all season about acrimony and dissension in the locker room, yet the only guys to leave were two backups who never saw the floor. I keep reading comments like the one I quoted, echoing the same hopes established when Archie was first hired, but I'm just not seeing it on the court. So instead, now I also hear that Crean just didn't leave enough in the cupboard, and left a roster full of holes. And thus my concern with our recruiting, and the point of this thread. We do have holes in this roster, shooting being the most obvious. Archie acknowledged it before the first game of the season, and after our last game in the NIT. Where are Archie's recruited shooters? We have a serious lack of guard depth, with just four on scholarship, missing on a whole bunch of others. Meanwhile we've stockpiled forwards, more guys with no perimeter game who will clog the lane that Archie wants his offense to drive through. I'm down on next year's team because I really don't like the way our pieces fit together. It's great that we got Romeo. It's great that we got Trayce. But Crean was criticized for chasing recruiting stars without having a plan for building his roster. Two seasons in I don't know Archie's plan for his roster, and that's why I have concerns about recruiting, in the 2019 class and beyond.
  13. Here are the guards we offered in the 2019 class, asterisks for those were able to get to campus on a visit: Tre Mann (25) DJ Carton (28)* Jahmius Ramsey (30) Jalen Lecque (37) Lester Quinones (60)* Anthony Harris (65)* Harlond Beverly (68)* James Bouknight (69) Tyrell Terry (105) Brandon Newman (118)* Armaan Franklin (155)* Jeremiah Francis (167) Lester is still on the board, and I'll agree Brandon Newman wasn't going to play with Armaan. That's still a lot of targets that chose to play elsewhere. Mann, Carton, Terry and Francis are listed as points by 247, Lecque and Harris as well on Rivals. And of course, Darius Garland was a serious target at the point in the 2018 class.
  14. Per his Twitter account, Harlond is announcing his commitment today. Consensus from the experts is saying it's Miami.
  15. It's as simple as mistaking a symptom for a cause. Watch UK, MSU or UNC lose 12 of 13, and see how their fanbases reacts. It won't be pretty.
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