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  1. Armaan Franklin and Brandon Newman both played on MeanStreets last season.
  2. I'm not a regular here, so I also don't want to come across as only negative. I do love the defense improvements, though the clear and obvious leaps on that side of the ball make claims of a debilitating mismatch between players and system less convincing. I'm also somewhat style agnostic; I don't think anything's been gained if the defense becomes elite but the offense pedestrian. We were a top ten offense most years under Crean, following the rebuild, but a lack of balance kept us from achieving the results we wanted. I truly hope our struggles scoring the ball last season were purely a result of guys being injured, that Al Devonte and Rob can provide the shooting we need and didn't recruit, that Jerome can be the primary scoring option on the wing we were hoping to land with Keion. Maybe the answers to the questions around this team can be found on the roster already. But after watching too many missed shots from the line and from behind the arc, after watching so many slow starts with low effort and guys who looked like they'd never met before that night's game, I approach these questions with doubt where I once had faith we would be able to get things right. So many of the reasons offered to explain why our struggles weren't on Archie centered on the roster he inherited; lack of shooters, not recruited for his system, poor chemistry, etc. Maybe those reasons were true. But then wouldn't that be cause to expect roster turnover, and/or an aggressive approach on the recruiting trail? Except for the health of our roster, we appear to be entering the coming season with the same weaknesses as the year before. Tough not to feel like we're stuck in neutral.
  3. Ha! Man, I hope it's that easy, that everything will be solved by Archie recruiting to his system and giving his players time to learn it. But I'm not ignoring the facts you presented, I'm simply not using them as reason to give a complete pass on the seasons we've seen thus far. Even acknowledging these limitations, I think we can still consider and form some early opinions of the product we've seen to this point on the court. I understand it's too early for us to expect Archie to have things fully up and running, and this program competing where we want to be. But we should still be looking for signs, flashes, reasons to believe he will ultimately get us there, no? What have you seen in Archie's tenure so far to make you feel in the affirmative that yes, he's the guy, once we agree that it's too early to know for sure? There's a lot said in the rest of my post, and you responded to only one snip.
  4. This is remarkably similar to what I read from others and indeed thought myself when Archie was first hired. But two seasons in, it's tough to see much evidence for it. That summer before his first season I recall conversations discussing how Archie would have more talent on hand then he'd ever had available before at Dayton. Though we had lost three good players to the NBA, we now had a coach with a plan, and a system to get more out of the guys still on the roster than the previous coach had been able. If the criticism of Crean was that he wasn't much for strategy and structure, but relied on talent and player development, I was excited to see what a coach who emphasized structure could accomplish. I tuned in for that first game.. and watched us get run out of our own place by Indiana State. I thought we found something with the comeback against Notre Dame, then Fort Wayne happened. A decidedly average Big Ten season followed, closed out with a loss to a bad Rutgers team. The excitement I felt to start the season was replaced by skepticism. This past season we did have a roster full of 50-150 kids, with two All-Big Ten talents leading the way. But even with the injuries we suffered, it's tough to find many instances where we played as more than the sum of our parts. Maybe against Marquette, and those two baffling wins against Michigan State. But too often we let inferior teams hang around and even beat us. It happened against UC Davis and UT Arlington, and Penn State and Northwestern, even when we were still riding high at 12-2. And of course it happened regularly during the stretch where we lost 12 of 13, failing to show up for all or part of those games. I get that it's just his second season. I've heard enough successful coaches preach culture that I accept it's an important part of any successful program. But man, it's been two seasons, and I'm just not seeing evidence of a culture being built. We wondered all season about acrimony and dissension in the locker room, yet the only guys to leave were two backups who never saw the floor. I keep reading comments like the one I quoted, echoing the same hopes established when Archie was first hired, but I'm just not seeing it on the court. So instead, now I also hear that Crean just didn't leave enough in the cupboard, and left a roster full of holes. And thus my concern with our recruiting, and the point of this thread. We do have holes in this roster, shooting being the most obvious. Archie acknowledged it before the first game of the season, and after our last game in the NIT. Where are Archie's recruited shooters? We have a serious lack of guard depth, with just four on scholarship, missing on a whole bunch of others. Meanwhile we've stockpiled forwards, more guys with no perimeter game who will clog the lane that Archie wants his offense to drive through. I'm down on next year's team because I really don't like the way our pieces fit together. It's great that we got Romeo. It's great that we got Trayce. But Crean was criticized for chasing recruiting stars without having a plan for building his roster. Two seasons in I don't know Archie's plan for his roster, and that's why I have concerns about recruiting, in the 2019 class and beyond.
  5. Here are the guards we offered in the 2019 class, asterisks for those were able to get to campus on a visit: Tre Mann (25) DJ Carton (28)* Jahmius Ramsey (30) Jalen Lecque (37) Lester Quinones (60)* Anthony Harris (65)* Harlond Beverly (68)* James Bouknight (69) Tyrell Terry (105) Brandon Newman (118)* Armaan Franklin (155)* Jeremiah Francis (167) Lester is still on the board, and I'll agree Brandon Newman wasn't going to play with Armaan. That's still a lot of targets that chose to play elsewhere. Mann, Carton, Terry and Francis are listed as points by 247, Lecque and Harris as well on Rivals. And of course, Darius Garland was a serious target at the point in the 2018 class.
  6. Per his Twitter account, Harlond is announcing his commitment today. Consensus from the experts is saying it's Miami.
  7. It's as simple as mistaking a symptom for a cause. Watch UK, MSU or UNC lose 12 of 13, and see how their fanbases reacts. It won't be pretty.
  8. Asks a question. Receives an answer he doesn't like. Promptly shoots the messenger.
  9. I'm 36 and can vouch for this. I hadn't yet turned five when we won our last championship, and our family was living in Texas at the time. I read about the Cheaney teams in the Indy Star, but I was still in grade school. My memories of Bob Knight are of losing to Colorado and Pepperdine, not of Isiah Thomas and Steve Alford. I didn't become a die hard fan until I arrived on campus, which just happened to be the year Mike Davis took us to the championship game. What a way to become hooked for life! Sadly it didn't last. Here's some perspective: The run we had from Zeller's first season to Yogi's last is the most successful that Indiana Basketball has been within my living memory.
  10. I included Juwan and for Rob for the purpose of comparing to the 2014 roster, for reasons of quantity of shooters, more than quality. I agree neither is a consistent deep threat. Juwan has been abysmal in conference play. Rob might get there as a shooter, but I'd be shocked if hits at 45% for his career, and even if he does we're not getting that this season as we works his way back from his concussion. But I disagree that system issues don't prevent us from missing outside shots. I watched Purdue set off-ball screens in their first two possessions of the second half last week, getting open looks from Cline and Edwards. I don't know that I've ever seen us set an off-ball screen. We don't move much without the ball period. We have trouble getting anything set up in the half court, and too often put something up because the shot clock is winding down. Small wonder we don't hit those. We settle for what the defense gives us, like when we settled for trying to shoot over Iowa's zone. We also rank in the 300s in total attempts and attempt rate, so we can't be getting that many open shots. We can agree to disagree, but I feel any confidence issues on the team stem from our lack of emphasis and gameplanning for the three, and are a symptom of our offensive dysfunction, not the cause of it.
  11. Looking like the Vonleh year would be an improvement. We hold that year up as the example of a team lacking shooters, and we're not wrong to do so. Vonleh was over 48%, but on just 33 attempts. Yogi hit at 40%. Evan Gordon and Will Sheehey made just a third of their threes. No one else shot better than the low 20's. Yet that team as a whole was 34% from three on the season, good for 177th in the country. In Big Ten play we were over 36%, good for third in the conference! This year's team is not less talented than that 2014 team. Before going 0-7 these last two games, Al was shooting over 40%. Devonte was at 39% after Minnesota as well. Rob was shooting close to 45% prior to his concussion. Even Juwan was shooting over 38% as recently as our home game against Iowa. We have a career 40% shooter on the roster in Evan Fitzner, and a freshman recruit for whom his outside shot was considered his outstanding skill. Yet for all that, our team this year shoots 30.8% from three, ranking 329th in the country! In Big Ten play we shoot just 26.3%, placing us dead last in the conference. We don't have a Matt Roth, a Nick Zeisloft, or even a James Blackmon on this roster, but we have enough competent pieces to be better than we are. We're not just last in the conference this year; as noted at Inside the Hall we're currently the worst 3-point shooting Big Ten team in the KenPom era. I see a stark difference in outcome with, at worst, comparable talent. When that happens, it's tough for me to think it's just a problem of the roster, and not also of the system.
  12. Aaron Henry didn't have an offer from Indiana until July 16, 2017, after Damezi had already been sitting on one for over a month. When Henry was extended an offer and given his chance, Indiana then took the commitment of three forwards in the following 24 hours. This wasn't a case of Henry taking his time and missing out, this was the staff making a decision to prioritize other targets. Time will tell if their evaluation was correct.
  13. There were two because Curtis Jones transferred in December, several weeks after Darius Garland had already committed to Vanderbilt. At the time we were recruiting them, there was only one.
  14. Archie tried to oversign in his very first class. We pursued both Garland and Romeo quite heavily and would have gladly taken both, even with only one available scholarship.
  15. Yep. I was agreeing with you, adding to what you had said with something I myself had been looking at yesterday.
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