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  1. If you read carefully that's what they all do unless the word really gets out. The art of hedging. Either way, "we told you".
  2. This is a recruitment where nobody really knows and guesses are flying around. Remember TJD's recruitment where the 247 folks were speculating that MSU was gaining traction when TJD had already signed with IU quietly weeks earlier? Recruits let out the info that they want to get out, and the savvy ones even use that to mislead.
  3. Really was good timing. As you say, with limited spots and some high profile options, IU can really focus on quality to round out this class.
  4. "When you have success on the field, you are doing the things you talked about doing in recruiting, definitely momentum is high right now. It’s a very positive thing," Allen said. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-football-success-on-the-field-adding-value-on-the-recruiting-trail/
  5. Logically a three-point line that is farther back is not optimal for the pack-line, but Archie doesn't seem concerned. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-will-the-new-three-point-line-hurt-archie-millers-pack-line-defense/
  6. Can't confirm the why, but can confirm that Archie will not be at a media availability tomorrow that he typically would be at.
  7. Questions and debate are more than welcome. Not the first disagreement I have heard as it relates to De'Ron. I am comparing to how he looked last season, which in my opinion was that he is moving better. He's never going to be an elite athlete, we all know that, but I think he is moving around better. I will watch him more closely on Saturday.
  8. We are going to have them on our site after every game with Tony's permission. I think he does a great job with them.
  9. You have to change how you think about leading scorer in my opinion. Is the offense going to run through Smith? Heck no. He got most of his points in transition, cutting to the rim, defense to offense, etc. Those points will be tougher to come by as the competition gets better. These are the things that Archie said he needed to do -- play to his strengths, and so far he is doing it. But when the going gets tough and he is forced into a perimeter shooter -- that's when we will really know what kind of path he is on.
  10. Putting the season opener all together with The Report Card. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-indiana-vs-western-illinois-the-report-card/
  11. Good stuff. I am guessing that the new guy is Brandon Newman? IU recruited him but once Armaan committed it was understood on both ends that Newman would go elsewhere. That will be a good comparison to watch throughout their careers. My gut says Purdue is going to be elite defensively with their length but may struggle to find consistent go to scoring options and their offense is likely to take a meaningful step back unless Haarms gets a lot better with his post up game. Thoughts?
  12. Yes, we are going to post all of the Archie radio shows on our site. Last night's show is there. The video is via Facebook but I do not believe you have to join Facebook to watch it.
  13. Archie makes it official with Green being out, updates the status of Durham and Phinisee, plus he is really pleased with Franklin. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-senior-guard-devonte-green-to-miss-the-season-opener/
  14. Primer and prediction for tonight's game. I think it is going to be closer than what many are expecting. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-football-game-day-northwestern-primer-and-prediction/
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