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  1. Never that I know of. I could have understood TJD, but Franklin really has me questioning the UK narrative that is out there.
  2. Completely agree. It has happened before that all of the recruiting guys were wrong. As popular as Zion as right now, I can certainly see them all wanting to have a big surprise like he did. The thing about Trayce and Armaan is weird to me. They both were content to just send out a tweet to announce their commitments, but for Keion they are willing to sit in a car for 5 hours for him to announce UK? And Keion and Armaan were not really AAU teammates all that much.
  3. Likewise. I really wasn't looking to start something and apologize if my tone was out of line.
  4. If you interpreted what I was saying as some sort of suggestion that this board is the only one with any intel, you misread me. I agree, it is the same everywhere. I am not saying that one is better than the other. As you might guess, I pay for all the subscriptions to anyone that publishes anything about IU because it is in my interest to do so. The week of the TJD announcment I didn't see anyone else talking about a Friday afternoon surprise except here. In fact, it came up on one of the pay sites and was shot down. Maybe I missed it. It can be hard to keep up. We all knew TJD was a likely IU lean, but I don't recall anywhere else that knew it was coming that week. Again, maybe I missed it, but that is all that I was suggesting with that comment.
  5. You shared the information. I suggested that it should be taken with caution based on very recent past experience. That is how message boards work. I am not sure why this is so controversial or confrontational for you.
  6. Not having a "measuring contest." You were the one that brought the intel from the pay sites here. I think that needs to be balanced out with a healthy dose of reality. The same site pushed out a subscription article saying that Michigan State is a "major threat" in the TJD recruitment two weeks after he had already signed. It is real easy to say after the fact that you knew all along but couldn't burn sources, but if you knew all along there is no way in hell you are saying what is said in that article.
  7. This article was written two weeks AFTER TJD had already signed with IU. Does this read like they knew anything? https://247sports.com/Article/A-look-at-a-trio-of-unsigned-five-stars-and-also-one-of-the-top-2020-prospects-who-is-already-making-visits-125572396/
  8. What do you think the tone of their pay boards would be if they just kept saying for months and months "sorry guys, we just don't know anything"? Pitchforks. They have to say something. No one on the pay sites had any idea that TJD's announcement was coming when it did (a few here did though), and no one had any idea on Romeo. One or two people might very well have gotten intel this time, but just because they are pushing a narrative doesn't mean they know anything.
  9. Inspired by @SeeYa@roys It may not influence today's outcome, but it needed to be said. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/column-we-agree-kentucky-isnt-right-for-everyone/
  10. Ides of March would be a good day for a Zion - like surprise: "Heading into the weekend, 247 Sports' Crystal Ball projection had Clemson at 87 percent to land the dominating talent from Spartanburg, South Carolina. Kentucky and South Carolina were considered finalists but Duke wasn't even listed as a possibility."
  11. I am saying her comment has absolutely nothing to do with her son's decision.
  12. You guys are connecting dots that don't exist. This decision isn't being made because of Twitter trolls.
  13. Curious if you developed this yourself? I think this would be a good story to circulate on decision day if I can find the time to do it with everything else going on. Specifically talking about the part about lower half five star talent.
  14. It was the tournament Bob Knight never wanted, the first ever game he almost missed, and a disaster ever since. But it did all start with a win over Ohio State. Take a look back at IU's inglorious history at the Big Ten Tournament. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/doomed-from-the-start-indianas-inglorious-history-at-the-big-ten-tournament/
  15. It is going to be really interesting to see what adjustments are made to get to the rim, because that was a tough nut (pun intended) to crack last time.
  16. See the side by side stats, game day essentials, keys to victory and a prediction for this huge game. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/indiana-vs-ohio-state-game-day-essentials-tale-of-the-tape-keys-to-victory/
  17. I think your reference to the points scored is the most interesting aspect of today's game. 90+ the last two, but as you said, at times struggling to score 50, including vs. OSU. Which offense do we see? Something in between?
  18. Hopefully this ages more than 24 hours.... https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/indiana-basketball-the-hoosiers-head-to-chicago-healthy-confident-and-on-a-mission/
  19. Actually, you should assume that they are. I was once contacted about the a conversation on this thread that got a little ugly.
  20. I'm not sure why that canard about mean fans got floated around, but it is a canard.
  21. Possible. If there is something covert going on here I think the much more plausible explanation is that the Brooks family is leaking bad info to them to get the winds blowing one way so they can have a true surprise on Friday. The 247 guys truly don't know, which is quite funny if you think about it.
  22. I understand that logic, but then don't they kind of look stupid for all being wrong when he picks IU?
  23. I know there will be upset fans. I will be upset if he chooses UK. But there is no reason to direct that towards a kid and I hope people would refrain from doing so. I can tell from my limited contact with the family that these are good people just trying to make the best decisions. I think we can all relate to that. Keion doesn't owe us anything.
  24. Come on now. He's 18 and just a kid making his college decision.
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