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  1. Not to wish ill will on anybody, but I hope Keion proves once and for all that Calislimy is who he IS!!
  2. As an IU fan I am disappointed in how this season has played out! However, if you venture over to the Animal House you might learn that milehi is currently dealing with unprecedented spring weather, and mcflynn had to take cover from an extreme hail storm just hours ago! Myself, I 've had multiple tornado warnings in the last couple of weeks! Including the tornado that killed 23 people just 60 miles west of me! Just saying!
  3. So what you are saying, is that in order to not look like a homer, he errors on the side against IU? That is still a BIAS my friend!
  4. Took the Cubs like 100 years to break their curse? Hopefully, IU can break it sooner!!
  5. Be safe in your bomb cyclone Mile!
  6. I say great! I don't want to hear the idiot talking heads saying IU only beat MSU because of their injuries! https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/michigan-state-coach-tom-izzo-expects-nick-ward-to-return-for-big-ten-tournament/
  7. I stand corrected, but this was the write up I saw about it. Four games above .500: This is the best indicator there is for a minimum standard for selection by the committee. Only one team in 25 years has received an at-large bid that was fewer than four games above .500. That team was Georgia in 2001, which was 16-14 and played a schedule unlike anything we have ever seen. The Bulldogs played 27 of its 30 games against teams in the RPI top 100. If they had used the term "quadrant" back then, that would be quadrants 1 and 2. Nobody gets compared to that team because of its significant outlier of a schedule
  8. The problem is NO team has gotten in being less than four games above .500
  9. I know the NET vs RPI changes the perspective, but based on history IU needs to win two to have a chance to get in! That being said, I think this Hoosier squad can do the unthinkable and win the BIG tourney!
  10. Had a rat terrorizing my house, living in the spaces I couldn't get to. He finally stepped into an old school spring trap two days ago. RAT OVER!
  11. Finally had the opportunity to watch the IU UI game, wow that was fun, but suddenly I have this urge to discuss the statistical analysis of what constitutes an Indiana Legend??? 😖 Some Zombie feeling passing through me. Maybe because I drive through Senoia, GA the town that hosts the LIVING DEAD series every day???
  12. Jumped on quick before work expecting a celebration and instead get a lesson in statistics? Reminds me of a statement at the beginning of one of my stat books. "Statistics are like someone in a bathing suit, they show a lot but not everything" GO IU, Great Win!
  13. At this point in the season, I will root for anything that helps IU, but what I really want to see is IU close the season out strong! Anything else, really means nothing!
  14. I think Dickie V is counting on IU to implode to cover his a....!
  15. So, I'm starting to think I need to move! Sunday, once again I'm watching all sorts of tornado warnings and such and have to say as the last wave went thru it got me out of my chair to see what was going on and get ready to dive for cover if I heard the TRAIN coming again like 8 years ago! Turned out other than some small dead stuff coming down all was good again. Unfortunately, just twenty miles to the south in Talbotton, GA there was some pretty severe damage! And FAR worse just sixty miles west 23 people lost their lives. I think, some snow and cold would do me just fine!
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