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  1. Have to say I am a Pizza fan! Although I am not even close to being any kind of Pizza expert! I just enjoy pizza even if it isn't close to being on a Keto diet! Have to say of all the pizzas I've eaten the 'Tackle Box' at Anglers Haven south of Hayward Wisconsin is still my all time favorite! http://www.anglershavenresort.com/
  2. Who remembers Anchovies? When I was young it seemed like every pizza place in the Region had Anchovies as a Standard ingredient! Now a days nobody knows what Anchovies are?
  3. So here is a writer that claims Detroit style pizza is superior to both Chicago and New York style! What is your favorite style? https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/foodnews/sorry-detroit-style-pizza-is-way-better-than-deep-dish-or-a-new-york-slice/ar-AAFRh3h?ocid=spartandhp Have to say I'm not a fan of either Chicago or New York so this writer may be on to something. Although, after attending my son's October wedding in the Chicago area I may change my mind!
  4. Top Summer Recipes in each state! https://www.food.com/ideas/top-summer-recipes-in-every-state-6338?c=538355&nl=GKW_081319_feature2copy&bid=17699069&c32=99ffbb33ad7cf260dce618b7fb11ef62bd9633ee&ssid=0000_FC_HEADER&sni_by=1953&sni_gn=Male
  5. Bootlegging just came up in conversation this week with a coworker. The conversation started when I was telling him about when I was 18 Michigan had an 18 YO drinking law (needless to say being at school in Angola a lot of weekend nights were spent in Hillsdale) I also told him how Ohio had an 18 YO 3.2 beer law, and how much you needed to drink to feel good! He being from here in Georgia then told me a story about he and his friends came to realize that Florida beer had a lower alcohol content than Georgia beer so every time they went to Florida they would bring their own! One trip they got stopped at a road check, and as the trooper rummaged thru their belongings he pulled out the beer and stated that they were breaking the law! He said they were BOOTLEGGING! Told them they needed to pour all of the beer out! When they protested he sternly let them know he was doing them a favor and they needed to pour the beer out or go to jail! So there they were pouring 4 cases of beer out on the side of the Interstate!
  6. So my boss who is primarily responsible for the start of this thread, just commented today about the stiffness of some inferior product in the plant. " like a butter knife in a mayonnaise jar"
  7. It was always kind of like an undercover tailgate party! The drama of trying to sneak things, and even people in was part of the experience!!
  8. Not sure how things are some 50 years later, but the TRUNK was always your friend!😀
  9. Anybody got some tips they want to share with those that may have never experienced it, and are considering a new experience?
  10. Man it's been since the early 70's since I went to a Drive In. Great times and memories of the Drive In's! The young'un's that never experienced it should look one of these up. I'm seriously thinking about doing a weekend adventure so I can go to the Starlight in Atlanta! https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/tripideas/the-coolest-retro-drive-in-movie-theaters-in-america/ss-AAFnr0W?ocid=spartanntp
  11. I managed to figure it out once, but now I am at a complete loss as to how I can make changes to a thread title I started?
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