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  1. Crap I’ve lived in Georgia nearly twenty years, and with all that is going on I see more rebel battle flags than ever before. Doesn’t seem to hurt Georgia’s recruiting!
  2. Even here in Georgia I work with a guy from Michigan who is a Michigan fan. Still a good guy! This morning things were not going well, so I told him it wasn’t Taco Tuesday it was Sir Charles “Turrible Tuesday!” Now it’s even Turribler!
  3. Sorry but I couldn’t leave foosball alone, after all it was my 15 minutes of fame!😜 Aspen Colorado late 70’s there to ski obviously, but my buddy and I walked down to a club near the hotel. Foosball was happening and we put our quarters down behind about 10 stacks. That’s how popular it was then. Get on the table and we could not lose, we would say need to stop so we can get a brew and people would say what do you want! After a few hours we finally say hey it’s been great but we have to be able to get up and race tomorrow! There must have been a hundred people watching us most of the night! If you’re nice I might tell you my secret foosball strategy!
  4. Does this thread have a direction?
  5. Question for all of you grillaholics during these CoV times did any of you go postapocalypse and buy a few hundred pounds of charcoal? 😜
  6. Visiting a youth camp outside of St Petersburg Russia, a young American Missionary and his Russian friend sang this song for our missionary group. A concert I will not soon forget! Talk about putting you in a reflective mood!
  7. We had missionary speak at church one time, talked about living in Israel on the border with Lebanon! Talked about the bullet holes in the walls and taking cover! Yeah they are used to it!
  8. Hulu requires you to have a static ISP connection. I only have mobile access and learned the hard way when they cut off my mobile access since I had not connected through an established landline in over a month! My work around is to borrow a WIFI service at least once a month to connect to Hulu! I would imagine if your office ISP is different from your home ISP Hulu will block you! Trust me I was not able to get them to make an exception! Tethering at work should work but most people don’t have unlimited tethering and high speed data! Sorry!
  9. College sports of all kinds have existed in D2, D3 and even NAIA for a long, long time without all the garbage! College sports without the Power 5 might possibly be a good thing! Northwestern unionizing, PAC whatever saying they won’t play unless their demands are met? C’mon I just want to watch athletes who care try and prove they care! Without the $$$ BS I say this watching my son provisionally qualifying for the D2 National Championship! While holding down a night job to help pay tuition! I say this as someone who actually competed in the NCAA D everyone National Championship since there were so few schools with teams! I actually went to an NAIA school and yet competed against the likes of ND who were the National Championship winners! Won several matches and qualified for the final day held in the Palestra! I love the lesser known, the Cinderella’s Power 5, yeah I’ve been a fan for decades and would love to see the greatness continue, but if they want to say F(@$ you, then I say don’t let the door hit you in the....
  10. Drroogh


    How about Staubach’s teammate Tom Lynch?
  11. Drroogh


    I’ll vote for a Navy player!
  12. Drroogh


    Shortest player in MLB history! 3’7“ Can you imagine pitching to his strike zone?
  13. Drroogh


    Hey, what about my question? Another hint, due to the scarcity of his autograph, his now sells for more than Babe Ruth’s
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