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  1. Have to admit, coming home this week after spending some time with my grandsons is to put it mildly, well let's just leave it at that!
  2. Again Jaybob, as a fellow Christian, I agree with you!! But you need to understand, coming at people like you know God and anybody who disagrees with you, well?? Let's just say I have no hope of helping my Muslim friend with an attitude like yours!
  3. Jaybob, I whole heartedly agree with what you posted!! But I as a fellow Christian who has been on international mission trips, have to call you out! Claiming your Christianity is just another form of racism! I have a good friend who survived the genocide of misguided Serbian Christians that sought to kill all Muslims in Kosovo! He and I have had many conversations and one thing we most whole heartedly agree upon, there is a higher presence! You need to ratchet down your Hollier than though presence and understand that you are a racist! Love you Brother, and I mean it!
  4. Okay, I'm violating my own promise to stay out of this! But explain to me the number one cause of Black deaths besides the usual heart disease, etc. is Black on Black murder. I love my brothers and sisters of color, but I remember telling a work associate from rural Georgia when he complained about being brought to work temporarily in rural Michigan, his comment was that he should drive down to Detroit so he could be with his Brothers! I said I stand a better chance of surviving than he did! I told him those in Detroit were not his Brothers! Of course he also complained that MacDonald's in Michigan didn't serve grits! Also remember a work trip to corporate in Upper NY with a couple of wonderful Ladies of Color! Have to say one of the best corporate trips I have been on, Love those girls. I have to also sheepishly admit I have not connected with one of them since she lost everything to a Tornado that blasted through Talbotton GA last year. But back to my rant, I warned them that they would not see a lot of black presence. I told them that when former slaves moved north to look for work, they went to the cities not to the rural areas of the north!! I warned them they would not find blacks up there! But also told them, it wasn't because of any kind of nefarious purpose, it was simply because of economics! Also warned them, that NY was not like rural GA and if they stepped down off the curb the drivers would hit them! We hadn't even walked three blocks and they both thanked me!
  5. To me the most important ranking at this time is the CAM ranking! How does coach Miller rank these guys based on what he has seen? Have to say he has had some misses like Jake, who I thought was going to be the X factor. Shows how much I know! All in all, I'm happy with the players he has brought in, but like I said what do I know!
  6. Yeah, I get you on the Denver! However, it is an iconic that people around the world recognize. For me, at my favorite little Café that I pray survives the pandemic, they have a South Philly Omelet that is to die for! Well, at least for the price!
  7. Didn't read all of the posts, this is just a topic that hit's home way too much! Don't believe me read my OP http://www.hoosiersportsnation.com/index.php?/topic/6082-dancing-with-a-co-worker/&tab=comments#comment-187211 I could go on a pages long dissertation but I'll keep my comments to two short ones. First, we are ALL racist's to some degree or other! Whether its simply being our preference in the people we hang with or full blown Racism, it's still racist and it's NOT just whites! Second, none of this is going to go away until we all accept the first comment, and then learn to start accepting and even enjoying each others cultures!
  8. I actually think they nailed this list! Best summer recipes in every State! https://www.food.com/ideas/top-summer-recipes-in-every-state-6338?bid=20386061&c32=99ffbb33ad7cf260dce618b7fb11ef62bd9633ee&ssid=0000_FC_HEADER&sni_by=1953&sni_gn=Male#c-536094
  9. Knew of all people you would understand. My prayers continue for you and Ayden !
  10. To put things in perspective, just got done crying on the phone with my daughter! She called to give me her support with the announcement that we would be on furlough another week, with an expected decision on when we go back coming Monday. Then she told me that her best friend for the last 30 had her father finally lose his fight with cancer! We both lost it for awhile and I still have wetness in my eyes as I type! There are still far greater illnesses out there than CV and we need to remember that!
  11. Going to build on your excellent post! First hospital capacity. Hospital’s typically lose money in ER. Too many uninsured use the ER as their sole medical resource with no intention of ever paying a bill! Case in point, I put up a semi friend in my house for several years, otherwise he would have been homeless! He would go to ER whenever the spirit came upon him or money for booze ran out so he didn’t have to go through the DT’s without drugs! Shortly before he left he did a mail forwarding to some fictitious PO Box in North Carolina I believe. He owed 10’s of thousands over the years! Elective surgery is where the money is at and with CV that’s not happening! My daughter was talking with her doctor while I was there about moving her up because her shoulder pain from torn cartilage was getting worse! The doctor said maybe 2 months instead of 6 months? On your second point all I can say is that maybe just maybe, people will start to revaluate their life choices because of CV! One can only hope!
  12. Drroogh


    The league created the Booty Rule because of Sir Charles.
  13. Drroogh


    Playing on my previous post rant, trivia for which I do not have the answers! Name players and the rules that were written to limit their dominance! I’ll start Wilt’ : Shot blocking rules! Hope I’m not just quoting urban legend, because I don’t know for sure!
  14. Drroogh


    And we have this current tv touting MJ as the GOAT? There have been several players like Wilt where the rules were changed to limit his dominance, where as MJ had the rules changed to increase his scoring!?!? Oh, and not to forget about MJ’s role in a major rule change, he WAS a part of the vaunted 4 corners offense that forced the institution of the shot clock! Not sure having the ability to pass the ball around the 4 corners would make anyone the GOAT?
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