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  1. And it took CV to figure that out? I actually started cutting my own hair years ago, because the only barber in town was an old school southern racist! Sometimes the worst of things create the worst hair cuts!
  2. Crap! Reading that, you mean I have to live with CNN at Hartsfield Jackson for another 10 years! Thank God in my old age, I'm starting to go deaf!
  3. If you want to call whatever CNN broadcasts News, whatever. But yeah I hear you!
  4. Travel quite a bit, and can't tell you how much it pi... me off that the ONLY thing they have playing on the TV's no matter what airport you go to is CNN! Sometimes I wonder just what kind of dirt CNN has on FAA officials that they have such a monopoly on airport TV?
  5. Yeah, even the cap gun that goes with that holster could be a problem in California where she lives! Heck, just the holster could be an issue in California!
  6. Homemade masks!! Thought I would share this article I received today about the best materials to use if you have to make your own mask. https://www.designworldonline.com/cdc-weighs-diy-facemasks-for-the-general-public-heres-the-science-behind-mask-materials/ And speaking of making homemade masks, my daughter yesterday had to make a Target Run! She decided if she had to wear a bandana , she might as well go all the way with the look! That's my girl!!
  7. And you said I was the expert? Face it, at this point nobody is an expert! Anybody that comes off like everybody else is wrong, like the press or politicians is the biggest idiot of them all!! There is the old story of a meeting about product failures. I believe it was Coleman but I could be wrong, very wrong! Anyway, supposedly the meeting had digressed to finger pointing and the CYA! Finally the CEO stood up and walked to the door and stopped. He turned back around and said unless you all start trying to figure out how to solve the problem you are all fired and walked out the door!
  8. Yeah, don’t listen to me either, I was in the medical device field! I know practically nothing about pharmaceuticals!
  9. When you hear advertising about medicine, you hear the reward vs risk! All medicine and medical treatment come with risks! That is why you get to hear the auctioneer litany of risks at the end of the advertising.
  10. And I was hoping you were the expert !
  11. Lostin, I don’t disagree with you! But you and I having experience with the FDA we need to realize it is no where near that simple! I used to be a certified ISO13485 auditor! Rapid change in the medical device and pharmaceuticals is not a good idea!! Streamlining the approval system is much needed!
  12. So since I posted this the same car has gone out and come back in again twice! I’m starting to think they are delivering! What they are delivering is still up in the air, I’m hoping it’s groceries to the needy!
  13. So I have one family past me on this dead end road, even before all of this I named them the “in-n-outs”. I’m serious when I say they average 20-30 drives out and in a day! The fact that this quarantine hasn’t slowed them down is really starting to p... me off!
  14. How soon we overlook a Hoosier! What about the Big O! He set 14 NCAA records during his time!
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