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  1. SAIP Donovan’s Reef John Wayne Father Goose Cary Grant Mister Robert’s
  2. So was going to go over to the post game thread but it seems JK is still derailing, so I'll post here. I'm old and getting up at 4:30 for work, I was asleep before the game started. So my replay is here on HSN! I thank you my brothers and sisters for helping me relive this epic game!
  3. OMG JK is STILL dominating what should be a celebration? Talk about a
  4. 716 was Brian Moehler of the Marlins
  5. Okay, who served up Bonds 716?
  6. You guys are too good with the winners so I'm going with the losers! Since we lost ANOTHER Great One today, May you RIP Hank. Who was the pitcher for 715?
  7. I thought about this when Belien’s Michigan team went from being good to being Elite. It coincided with the hiring of an defensive genius assistant! I wonder what would happen if Archie could find an offensive elite assistant, especially one who could also be a shot doctor?
  8. That crack back was a good call but huge!
  9. Where's the leading with helmet call on that? I think the Brown's got payback!
  10. 1929: Popeye the Sailor makes his debut in the “Thimble Theatre” comic strip.
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