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  1. Behind the scenes at Kopp/Scoop NIL event. Also catch the call out for Scoop apparel. Courtesy TDH! https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/watch-iu-basketball-players-miller-kopp-and-tamar-bates-on-nil-public-appearance/
  2. When they tell you to stop obsessing over every detail in design!
  3. Calling it now 22-23 season the seedlings will have Kensucky and IU in the same region and CMW and company will beat them!!! Afterwards, Calislimy will vow to never play in the tournament again if they are seeded in the same region as IU!
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/health/teen-usb-cable-penis-length
  5. Some people get it! Oklahoma Restaurant-goers Donate to the “Giving Wall” to Feed Hungry Several restaurants in Oklahoma have adopted the practice of what’s been called a “receipt wall” or “giving wall” to help get meals to those in need. Here’s how it works: Customers and even do-gooders from other states can prepay for a meal and leave the receipt for it on the wall. Then, those who are hungry but don’t have the funds can come in and choose a receipt from the wall to receive their free meal. It’s believed that the practice first began at the Miami, Oklahoma-based hot dog joint The Dawg House. Owner Jennifer White taped the first receipt up on the wall to help those who had been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and those who were homeless — the wall was plastered with receipts for meals within eight hours. By April of this year, more than 600 free meals had been donated at The Dawg House. Seeing the need, other establishments like Hi-way Café, Montana Mike’s Steakhouse, and Zack’s Café got involved. Beth Hillburn, the owner of the Hi-Way Café along Route-66, recounts a couple who came in three times within the last week of a month — when funds are typically scarcer for those who live paycheck-to-paycheck — apologizing for using the receipts. A week later, she says, they came back and donated to the wall because their economic situation had improved.
  6. Actually quite interesting if true. Whitewashing has been used for a long time to try and reduce the amount of energy a building, road or whatever absorbs. Santorini Greece for instance. There are even studies about how the wake of a ship in the ocean can be made to leave more bubbles behind so that the wake absorbs less energy. If this is true the paint emits more energy than absorbs?? Well then even construction changes. Instead of still insulating to reduce energy inside, less insulation would be desired so the exterior can actually draw energy from inside. Will be interesting to see what comes of this!
  7. So, just last week a Lady at work passed from Covid. She had been pregnant but they managed to give her a C-section prior and sounds like the baby is going to make it. Lets just say a lot of people here at work who were adamant they would not get vaccinated are signing up. We have another on site vaccination this Friday. Let’s hope people get over it and get vaccinated!
  8. So a year later, my CAD designer and I made again a trip to Minneapolis. Not having anything better to do before we visited our vendor the next day, we went to “The Mall of America” . At the time 9/11 it was considered one of the top three targets for an anniversary event! Again, ghost town, we did get a good meal at Famous Dave’s though!
  9. Two times I have walked through Atlanta Hartsfield and it was like a ghost town. The very first day they let planes back in the air after 9/11. I think there were maybe 6 paying passengers on board. The rest were flight crew’s trying to get home! Second time was Memorial Day weekend 2020. With Covid there was only one security line with about 60 people in it.
  10. I cheated and looked it up. Bonus question, how many games did MJ win with that 3rd number?
  11. That used to be the joke, get the receptionist to page “mike hunt” Worked at at a place where the SC plant managers last name was Hunt. The office manager absolutely refused to page him when he was visiting the Michigan plant.
  12. One of my favorite Cafes has signs all over with Funny quips. One right at the counter says “ Let’s eat Grandma. Let’s eat, Grandma.”Commas are important!
  13. First off brother I agree with you! Among several reasons I got vaccinated was so I wouldn’t have to wear a mask. And yet here I am having to mask up each day at work to protect the unvaccinated!😠 However I have to call out the US standing relatively alone. Fully vaccinated in America 53.8%. I work for a Japanese company, Japan 48%. My friend in Russia, Russia 26.6% (although I don’t blame the populace, their only choice is a vaccine named Sputnik). People in Russia don’t trust pharmaceuticals in general! My friends, friend in Italy one of the hardest hit nations, 62.4%. America is while behind it is hardly an outlier!
  14. Guessing here, but I’m going with 1 point and it probably involves returning a blocked extra point.
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