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  1. And after that comprisal, IU fans should feel how?
  2. AND now the officiating, how was TJD not fouled?
  3. Why is it that unknown players always have career nights against IU?😖
  4. Dang, is this game ever going to start!!! I'm already an hour and a half past bed time!
  5. And down goes #1 Louisville ! Love It! This season is far from over!!!
  6. by the way Penn State is up on Maryland by 8 with 2 minutes to go? That and Louisville is loosing!
  7. The game doesn't start for an hour, not sure I believe this pic?
  8. Have to say last weekend with the Grandkids they were horrible at Rock Paper Scissors! My daughter only lost once!
  9. So going back to your original post, instead of saying coaches hope Archie stays around, what they are really saying is they hope IU's compliance department stays around? God I hope the big bucks alumni backers read this thread and insist on changes! After all, are the same people around that reported what? 17 extra phone calls?
  10. With a 4:30 wake up call, I won't be able to watch! Hopefully when I get up, I'll be able to come on here a find out how the game went, instead of having to avoid the site like the plague!
  11. The most popular Holiday Recipe in each State. https://www.thedailymeal.com/cook/most-popular-holiday-recipe-every-state-according-google-gallery The best Christmas recipe in each State. https://www.tasteofhome.com/collection/best-christmas-recipe-in-every-state/
  12. There's a grocery not to far away where you can grind your own butter's. Almond butter is awesome!
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