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  1. Haven't put together a batch in awhile, but these sauce recipes remind me I need to! Start with ketchup, 1 cup, add horseradish until you just barely taste it, 3-5 tbsp., add lemon juice until you just barely taste it, 5tbsp, or it no longer tastes like ketchup. Now that you have the proper Tang add either honey or agave to taste, approximately 3Tbsp. Adding red pepper or my go to, chipotle pepper works if you want something spicier.
  2. Just tonight, two old threads like two old friends have been resurrected!
  3. So for some reason I was in a “Crazy” mood and of course I went to my favorite source for all good things, HSN! Unfortunately, fouls link is broken😞 Luckily, Amazon music had it, now I’m in the mood for another favorite from the 60’s music thread. “Unchained melody “
  4. Of course everyone knows Flipper was a Porpoise! Hah!
  5. If you mean Juwan talking about Romeo, I agree. But that brings in to play, if Romeo wasn't the issue who was? Of course the question is still out there, was there a chemistry issue? I say, where there is smoke, there is fire. And just to be a total A..., I'll say the 94 year old Nun in the IU locker room is JS's dad!
  6. Color me confused on the chemistry issue being solved? Are we saying that of the 5 players we lost the chemistry issues went with them, or are we saying the remaining players made up like Taylor Swift sending cookies to Katy Perry? If that's the case, I'm still worried about the 94 year old Nun!
  7. Here's the link https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/at-least-six-college-basketball-programs-will-be-notified-of-major-ncaa-violations-by-this-summer/ My guess is this will go one of two ways, with one being the most likely. 1) NCAA invalidates games and trophy's' garnered with ineligible players. 2) NCAA posts minor scholarship and recruiting limits! On second thought knowing the NCAA's ineptitude two might win. Either way the programs say "so what"
  8. Sorry to go WAAY outside the bounds of the original question, but can you imagine the impact of George McGinnis playing as a freshman!!
  9. mile, never thought of you as being vindictive. That being said, I can't say I didn't have the same thought!
  10. If I was not going to be out of town this weekend, (going on vacation with the Grandkids and all) I would see if I could connect you two! Hope you find something delicious!
  11. Totally agree! Used to put some Habanero's in my chili but, no way Ghost peppers!! They have some sauces with Ghost in them, but from what I know, most are more in line with the name of the website!
  12. Let me know what you think I may be tempted to venture into the Habanero and Ghost Pepper region again!
  13. Friend of mine and his wife grow organic peppers and make their own sauces. His 'story' and how he became known as Doc is unique as he is a professional of Orthotics! (Artificial Limbs) If you're interested his web site is https://www.docshabaneroheaven.com/ This is in no way an endorsement, as after aging (and Tabasco shot competitions) I no longer go for much of anything hotter than Siracha and have not even tried any of their fare! Other than their hot bean casserole at church potlucks! Delicious! 😄
  14. I guess I fall in the 5%! Don't do it a lot, but when it makes sense I do, and almost always get it the first time! Thank God, we hardly ever see parallel parking anymore! Have to tell the story, my last visit to my best friend in Russia, we came up behind a guy trying to parallel park in a tight space, there is only one lane past the parked cars, so we have to wait! After about his 6th time I commented, " he must be practicing his parallel parking". After about 10, he finally stopped, a little later my friend was trying to put her car in an equally small spot. After about her third attempt, I commented that she was practicing as well! Thankfully, we have a GREAT understanding of each other, and she took it for the joke it was intended!!!
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