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  1. Okay, this list strikes me as being as off the wall as the one where the writer listed Chicago Style Dogs as gross food! I mean I've never heard anyone in Georgia brag about their Potato Soup! Still there are some interesting recipes. THE BEST TAILGATING FOODS IN EVERY STATE
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/2020-21-cbs-sports-preseason-all-america-teams-college-basketballs-best-and-most-talented-players/
  3. Seems some bubbles are bursting! https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-tournaments-and-events-in-orlando-nba-like-bubble-canceled-in-covid-19-protocol-spat/
  4. But the world looks so much better when you wear Crimson Colored glasses!
  5. Not much to see here yet as everyone is claiming rules that prevent them from talking! USA Today post
  6. The best group of people I have ever worked with banded together to ‘get er done’. Not much sleep this week. She came home today!
  7. So it seems the time frame suddenly changed from a couple of weeks to 3 days!
  8. it seems a co- worker is now in need of a wheel chair ramp, and since our team has taken up the cause we are going to do this! We needed to know the code!! Since I am known as the racoon, I was tasked! In case you haven't been paying attention today I was without transportation! I told them it had to be 36" wide, it had to be a 1:12 pitch, and it had to have a 5'*5' flat space at both top and bottom!
  9. Unscheduled car repairs today! 😠😠😠
  10. Blini with sliced meat and cheese would be more my style!
  11. Pretty sure she was of African decent! But my response might also get me banned.
  12. A few years back my friend who’s son is the game warden showed me a picture of the cougar a hunter had shot thinking it was an escaped illegal pet! About 10 miles from my house! Turned out to be a far ranging protected Florida Panther! Boy did that guy get in trouble!
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