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  1. Didn’t I see somewhere on the site a comment by TJD “don’t worry about XJ, Race and I have got him “?
  2. Beilfeldt and Zeisloft. If they didn’t transfer in that season would have been completely different!
  3. My Russian friend cooks tounge . But after peeling the skin off she puts on a low boil for a few hours.
  4. So got off the phone with SSA today, after multiple attempts and serious hold time, Seems there’s an obscure rule about signing up for Medicare B? Since I retired in January and signed up for Medicare B during the open enrollment period, my Medicare B doesn’t start until July??? Anybody else heard of this? If you’re planning retiring anytime soon you need to look into it!
  5. Who do you use for parts?! Repair clinic?
  6. Figures, NCAA can’t even put their feet on their right legs?
  7. I was using my old laptop for a few days and noticed ADs. Realized it wasn’t set up to auto sign in. You could always go that way if you want to support!
  8. I’d be a little subtle. Most non IU fans wouldn’t understand. I’d put the Trident on the the headstock tube for the handlebars. Again subtle! I’d do the 5 stars the way you described, and leave the horseshoe tube above the rear tire for more! First my congratulations on going steel! I remember a vendor friend of mine telling me all about his expensive ultralight bike. I asked him quite seriously if his goal was to get exercise why go through the expense? His answer was so he could keep up with everyone else. I guess I get his point but I was always a solo rider?
  9. Proposed late season non-conference tournament?
  10. So I’m sitting on the front deck awaiting a UPS delivery. Guy drives up and literally backs up into my driveway the whole time talking on his cell phone. Then he drives off and then I get notification from Amazon delivery on hold needs more information! WTF
  11. With the cost of construction materials now a days, the sales price of existing has become almost ludicrous! My son moved from Streamwood Il last year. He had 5 offers on his townhouse all way over the asking price! In fact the appraiser Who needs to catch up didn’t approve that much over! So the top offer didn’t go through because they didn’t have the cash for the difference the bank wouldn’t approve. When my son made an offer for a house in Adrian MI he missed on the first house, he scored on the second home in the same neighborhood because he understood the premium, which again was significantly higher than the asking price. My daughter recently got her realtor license out in CA. So far she has only sold 1 home. It went for $50,000 over asking price! Real Estate is crazy right now, and I think it’s only going to get worse!
  12. Am I’m I not missing something here? With the portal now closed and no IU players in the portal doesn’t that mean the only real unknowns for next year is TJD? If so that’s awesome, we have a head start on like 99% of the rest of the teams in terms of prepping for next year!!!
  13. Just started watching Outer Range tonight. Really strange show but I think I see were they are going with it. Should be interesting!
  14. I don’t really remember my grandpa, he died when I was 6. Would have been great hunting with him! He was dean of botany at Wisconsin even wrote a book on mushrooms and fungi! But alas?
  15. So I saw @Madison22 post in the comic thread and my mind went immediately here, because man lately I’ve been really feeling old’
  16. This song started rattling around in my head a couple of weeks ago, now it’s back so I might as well post it
  17. One person I haven’t seen much talk about is Coach Jim Larranaga. I have to think this NIL deal by this Avenetti type lawyer was done behind his back.Could he be the next coach to just walk away?
  18. With a tail like that and toddlers you better start training him to not react when someone grads hold of his tail.
  19. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-guard-tamar-bates-posts-photos-of-his-daughter-on-social-media/ She’s the one thing that I never knew I needed
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