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  1. I’m guessing this is a trick question and the player never played the State tournament 🧐
  2. Here in rural GA at least, stores are starting to limit purchases of things like toilet paper! I think they learned the right lesson when the gas-line got shut down by hackers. The town’s that limited hoarding still had some. The ones that didn’t limit hoarding did not!
  3. Okay, bringing this one back to life! Today I ordered two southern specialties! First a buffalo bird dog. It has become one of my favorites. Second, a scrambled burger. I ordered with hot sauce and slaw. Delicious!
  4. I know there are some vinyl aficionados on here. October 2, 2021 With cult fans at London’s Heavy Metal Act in 2020, Green Lung was about to go on their first American tour. After that, covid-19 appeared. The band used the blockade to produce their second album, “Black Harvest.” Recorded by December, ready to master and press on 5,000 gold vinyl records. Given the pandemic turmoil, Green Lung spent a full nine months in time for this September tour. “We were pretty comfortable,” says lead singer Tom Templar. Instead, the first press of records sold out on pre-orders will not be available until October. The band may have launched on a streaming service like Spotify.But it wanted to wait LP, Will generate much more money in the short term. “Record sales We “Tour,” explains Templar. After all, Green Lung played the album release gig recordless on September 1st. Thus, the band has become the latest and most unexpected victim of turbulence in the global supply chain. beginning CDs, then digital downloads and now streaming made vinyl records look like vintage curiosity. However, in recent years, fans have become physically owned by their favorite band’s music, resulting in a surge in sales (perhaps sticking to better sound quality). In March, record sales in the UK reached the last highs seen in 1989. “Every artist in the world has been playing with his thumbs for 18 months to make records,” says Ed Macdonald, 100% Records Manager. We are Scientists, an indie rock band. “Vinyl is a very integral part of our sales,” he says. Mainstream artists are increasingly involved. Taylor Swift’s album “Evermore” was first released digitally in December and set a 30-year record for record sales. The album will be released shortly by Ed Sheeran, ABBA And coldplay. Unfortunately for musicians, it’s becoming nearly impossible to squeeze them. Most vinyl press factories were closed in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Due to the rage of covid-19, the largest remaining ones (USA, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland) had to be temporarily closed, causing a backlog. Currently, the demand from musicians exceeds capacity. Moreover, PVC, Plastic used for manufacturing LPs surged after hurricane Ida knocked out 60% of US production in August. On the other hand, the demand from companies that use automobiles and pipes has increased sharply (see graph). Dirk van den Heuvel of Chicago dance music distributor Groove Distribution said that in the 2000s a major label caused a crisis by closing its press factory. If they kept running these, he would have complained, the majors would have been ready to meet the demand, and the little musicians wouldn’t have been so oppressed now. Indeed, large labels often provide press priorities. But not always. It may be cold comfort for van den Heuvel and Green Lung, but Swift’s fans had to wait months for their fans. LPs too. ■■
  5. I can’t hardly follow anything if CC is off! Makes watching movies with the Grandkids difficult!
  6. A Pileated Woodpecker working a tree on my property. If you don’t know they are probably slightly bigger than a crow.
  7. I remember the last time I went to NY. We stayed in a motel on the Jersey side right on the water. All we had to do was walk outside and there was the skyline! Of course when we decided to walk to a restaurant 3 blocks away I had to have the “we’re not in Kansas “ talk with the two ladies in our work group that I doubt had ever been outside of Georgia before! I told them “do not step down off the curb”, these people will HIT you! We went 1 block and they both thanked me. I’m with you @Lostin76, when we left the Apple we went to corporate in upstate NY near Lake George. Beautiful area!
  8. Just chilling and catching some rays at Three Mile Island Man! 😎😎😎
  9. I didn’t like hearing about the mash unit, but liked everything else I heard! Thanks for posting’
  10. So today my boss was in a discussion and he said “it ain’t that easy”, suddenly I had Ringo Starr playing in my head!
  11. It’s been like 4 decades since I fished for salmon/trout, so I could very well be wrong! But I remember when they first introduced Skamania into Lake Michigan. I called them Kamikazi trout. Fish On!
  12. When I had to repeat my order the third time I knew there was zero chance of it being right. Luckily I’m not a picky eater.😞
  13. Fast Food you might be missing out on! I think I would like to try a Melt Shop
  14. The Diablo Verde and the @milehiiu reference reminded me of one of his favorites. The Slopper”
  15. Since you used HOF catcher, singularly. I’ll go with one🤪
  16. Actually I drink water but these two are from Georgia and one orders Diet Coke and the other orders Coke Zero!
  17. I don’t know if it’s a Southern thing or just these two, they always order extra mayonnaise! They put it on everything!
  18. Crap still remember when I was 6 counting backwards from 100 for a tonsilectomy. I think I made it to 95? For real humor when I was admitted, they had me booked in the girls ward! Yeah, I have one of those names. I was kind of looking forward to the girls ward when I heard the news! Sigh! No room in the boys ward, so they set up a bed in the hallway.🤕
  19. It wasn’t me, today the two guys I regularly lunch with noticed a new menu item! They didn’t know what they were getting into and neither finished! The Goliath Burger, bacon cheeseburger between two grilled cheese! They both said it was real good!
  20. Just a month ago, they opened a new Publix on the way home. Now I go by two!
  21. Yeah, last time I was in England the motel had a breakfast buffet. About the only thing that was paltable was the eggs! Even then they didn't taste right after the rest! Although, I disagree on the Fish and Chips, I didn't like those either. We did find a resteraunt one night though that served African Piri-Piri Chicken! Best meal I had the whole trip.
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