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  1. Sarah Fuller makes Power 5 football history!
  2. I'd say the best winner I've had recently was home made crab cakes eggs Bénédictine!
  3. Yeah, I've got to say I'm a sucker for lunch specials as well. Sometimes you get a winner and sometimes you get a loser. I'd say winner more then loser so with that glad you got a winner!
  4. Looked at the menu. First I don't see fried catfish? Second, there are a lot of other great looking options on the menu I would have taken over catfish any day! Starting to question your food choices?😁
  5. My Ex’s grandfather and I got along great until Thanksgiving each year. Until I came along he had no competition for the innards. We would fight over them! I respectfully bowed out when it came to the neck. He was not going to relinquish the neck.
  6. Watching Izzo wearing a mask I wonder how effective his scowl will be?
  7. So I just succeeded in connecting to the Big Screen with TVision. Now watching MSU on theBTN! Its not really that hard it’s just that my Samsung TV doesn’t have access to the app. Bought an inexpensive FireTV Stick and now I’m in. Go Hoosiers!
  8. A two for, Who was the only Player/Coach to win multiple NBA championships? Who was the last NBA Player/Coach?
  9. Bruce Pearl and the corrupt SEC trying to scam the NCAA
  10. I will say this no matter the outcome, IU has proven they are not a pretender’
  11. Not going to dis this team, probably the best team in decades, but IU football is IU football.
  12. OMG I may have to have stop watching, besides what’s going on, the breaks are even worse!! Non stop political ads! If only I had a gun I could shoot my self!
  13. Ya’ll have no idea how lucky you are! Here in Georgia every break is loaded with political ads! Arrrrrrrgh!
  14. Okay, I have intentionally stayed away from this thread for awhile, so I've not read most of it. Some random thoughts. Our company is considered essential so we have been fully open since April. In a plant of about 400 workers, we have had about 50 positives. One sits in a cube about 15' from me. I said on page one I believe, I was worried about the supply chain! We had to shut our main line down yesterday because the wrong stainless steel was delivered. Our wire harness supplier is having difficulties getting components. And I can't get our molder to sample the new molds I sent to them, so we
  15. So the legal type pushback has somehow now gifted me over 30 new channels for free! Wonder how much that is going to cost me in the future. Growing pains!
  16. 1931: The Universal horror film "Frankenstein," starring Boris Karloff as the monster and Colin Clive as his creator, is first released.
  17. Not sure how they put together this list, but still some interesting recipes! 50 States of Thanksgiving
  18. We had him in concert at college a couple of weeks before he was taken to soon. Had to have been one of his last concerts,
  19. Just yesterday at the restaurant they were playing I’m a Man. Also, true story at least according to my neighbor. The girl I bought my house from was friends with the Allman Brothers and whenever they were in the area they would park their 3 buses in the yard. That is until one night she came outside yelling and then fired off a few rounds from her pistol. Soon after the buses left and they never came back?
  20. I thought we said in the general music thread it’s to early for Christmas music! Or is this just a gift suggestion?
  21. I know this one’s easy, but shortest player to ever win the NBA slam dunk contest?
  22. Sort of depends on how smart your TV is. On an iPhone you can pull down from the top right corner and you should see a tap button Screen Mirroring! Or if your TV comes with Air Play capability you could try that. As a last resort there are lightening to HDMI connectors and you can just hardwire. PS: hardwiring will not go against your tethering limits!
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