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  1. Yeah, as I said the BIG is a mess this year. There may only be 4 bids to the conference this year!
  2. I was kinda, yeah whatever until I saw who was behind IU. Then I was like really, who has proven they are better. The BIG really is a mess this year.
  3. Not defending the punch, but highly doubt the fan wasn't acting like thug as well.
  4. At least Romeo gets to see how much they need his offense.
  5. With Morgan on the bench the entire half we're lucky we're not down by 20. Glass half full
  6. I was beginning to think they were going to red shirt moore
  7. I understand everybody has there own way of being a fan, but I'm with you on the mystery of those who seem to set up the team with unrealistic predictions and then don't give the team credit when credit is due, or complain when they meet their low expectations? GO IU!
  8. I went to Chesterton decades ago, and same mascot and song!
  9. I've been wanting to post this for a while, I think since I read how Duke fans were trashing IU but Duke is going to go the way of DePaul once K retires! Small school with high academic standards can't sustain!
  10. I wonder if the shooting problems we have this year aren't similar to Yogi's freshman year. I love the Clif Marshall addition but the big changes in strength these guys went through this summer have to have affected their shots, combine that with having to work so much on the new systems and the guys just haven't been able to get their shots going. As I said just wondering?
  11. I have no idea what Crean would have done with this batch of HIS players, but can only imagine how horrible this game would have been with his insistence on speed and 3 point shooting???
  12. KoB, I understand your reasoning, but my best friend in the world lives in Russia where the accused is considered guilty until they prove their innocence. Our system works much better.
  13. Btown, I'm with you in prayers, about a year ago a former co-worker committed suicide and because he did contract work of a few months to a year he and his wife had no real friends anywhere. I spent the afternoon at the hospital with his wife as the only person who cared enough to sit with her. Was one of the hardest things I've ever done, I feel for you brother. I completely understand the feelings of could I have done something but the reality is you need to take care of yourself and the others around you that are also suffering. Be strong and keep those smiles coming!
  14. My apologies up front, but living here in Georgia I'm going to go on a rant! First I'm just a mild IU football fan. There was a time when I tried to be an IU fan even watching the coaches show after yet again another loss. That's actually when I stopped trying. It was when the idiot Coach Lee Corso campaigned for Quinn Buckner to quit basketball and focus on football! (dating myself) Back to my rant, tomorrow I will have to bear with unending better than everybody in football discussion about the SEC! The Georgia fans will be gloating, the Auburn fans will be saying it doesn't matter
  15. Love Coach's answer to "How disappointing is this after how your team played against Duke?" He wasn't buying at all! the cumbia we had here on the board after the Duke game. I had a vision of the players reading HSN 3.0 and getting overconfident. https://scout.com/college/indiana/Article/Coach-Miller-Verbatim-at-Michigan-111643729
  16. Scout Report https://scout.com/college/indiana/Article/Indiana-sophomore-guard-Curtis-Jones-to-transfer-111667206
  17. Not all IU fans are as COOL as the ones on HSN3.0
  18. 11-12 sounds like the offense is working much better, just need to make the shots.
  19. Listening, sounds like the offense is working just missing bunnies and fumbling the pass.
  20. Somebody better check the BUMPER STICKERS!
  21. I think this is going to be the biggest Psyche job in history, and he pops for IU!!! OK maybe wishful thinking....
  22. Going with my favorite liquor store owner's T shirt this week , 'Thank God for American Vodka'
  23. I'm going to try and look for the positives, ....... OK maybe we can look at it as the bench is WIDE open as nobody played.
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