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  1. Had a guy work for me when I was at Bendix, his goal was to provide 90% of his families food off the property. Remember him telling me about the DNR telling him he had illegally built a pond! His reply was “I didn’t build a pond, I made a way for me to get my tractor to the other side of my property”
  2. Is that your pep song for the team?
  3. And yet, the surprising number of young Americans who have never seen a live cow?!! https://www.wdrb.com/news/national/surprising-percentage-of-young-americans-say-theyve-never-seen-a-cow-in-person-survey/article_edb89674-20e1-11eb-8d33-8f5c4d81b973.html
  4. 1980: Actor Steve McQueen dies in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, at age 50.
  5. Anybody have songs they dislike? The station I listen to plays a wide span of music, but lately they seem to have fallen in love with Lewis Capaldi. I have to shut it down, to me he’s like listening to Ben Stein teach economics in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!
  6. As a former Fencer the sword fight in Princess Bride was one of the most realistic. Right up there with the sword fight inThe Great Race. Another forgotten movie!
  7. I didn’t see “Animal House” or “Revenge of the Nerds” mentioned either! How soon we forget our college days!
  8. Can’t believe nobody mentioned “Porky’s”
  9. I’m just hoping you all made sure your vote counted, otherwise shame on you!
  10. 1935: Parker Brothers begins marketing the board game “Monopoly.”
  11. 10 Most Important Freshmen Lander at 6
  12. Prayers going out to all the family and friends, including everyone on this board! Past, present and future!
  13. I'm not a graduate of IU, but my brother is! Nuclear physics! He cant talk about his time with the Atomic Energy Commission, so neither can I. But believe me IU has a presence in nuclear bomb testing!
  14. Risk, remember in a mature game with capable players, my friend in college being down to only having 3 of the Australia regions after an attempted take out! He wanted to go party so I took over for him! Nobody hardly believed it when I ended up with the win!
  15. Euchre, it’s been more than thirty years since I had a chance to play euchre!! Not sure I even know how to play the game anymore?! Needless to say nobody in Georgia has a clue as to what Euchre is!
  16. A Game I like (maybe because I win more often) is Tsuro The Game of the Path. Did I mention my family are a bunch of Competitors! Especially my Son, Daughter-in-Law and Daughter! Might have to add my grandsons to that list!
  17. My Son and Daughter-in-Law taught me Ticket To Ride, like the game very much! Also taught me Catan and Trekking the National Parks!
  18. So my family are board gamers and Clue is one we especially like to play as a family! Talking with my daughter just now she said my youngest grandson all of 7 has won the last 4 games! We also like to puzzle as a family! Do you play board games or puzzles and do you have any traditions like we do? Definitely looking forward to a family Clue game over Christmas!
  19. I've got to go with the word presence! I've had many conversations with wild animals that went well, I'm guessing this man went in with a feeling of superiority and the Cat said H... no! My children went into a cage with a Siberian Tiger with smiles on their face, and still thank me for giving them that life experience! If only this world would learn to just put a smile on their face?!
  20. Going to have to watch "From Russia With Love" today! Found it on Pluto TV.
  21. Watch out for Michigan! Michigan get's great news!
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