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  1. Lately I’ve been stuck binging on Amazon’s “Orphan Black” Tatiana Maslany is pretty amazing, believably! playing her many “Sisters”
  2. So you’re saying your?! Is where?
  3. You should know I am a ND football fan,(used to live in SB) and I hate the Miami Swagger! One of the best days of my life was all three of the Florida teams losing last week! Still love you Seeking!
  4. True story, worked with a young engineer from India. He was going back home and asked if I would like something from India? I said a cookbook! He obliged! A while later there was a house party for everyone to meet his Arraigned Fiancée! I made Samosas from scratch off the book using Ghee of course for the party! Seems both him and his fiancée were impressed that they experienced home cooking in America!
  5. Since I have cooked traditional Indian food before, I know clarified butter as Ghee! Thanks for the tip!
  6. Since I just ordered an Air Fryer on Prime Day, Billingsley brings up a great point! No doubt fat adds flavor, anybody know a trick to give food that Umami flavor of fat fried food?
  7. So every work day I drive within 2 miles of Stalwart Films studios, they are the ones who film “The Walking Dead”. Should I start putting armor on my car like Mad Max?
  8. Oh Lord, we are a bunch of old men! Where are posters like Tiz when you need them to put us in our place!!!! Love you Tiz!
  9. I actually liked the ending 3 better, Cheryl Ladd, Farah Fawcett and Kate Jackson! But I might be wrong! True story while skiing in Aspen my friend said he saw Cheryl Ladd ski underneath him as he road up on the lift!
  10. SIAP Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Rules? There ain’t no rules in a knife fight!
  11. How about Inspector Gadget and his two sidekicks?
  12. Raspberry chocolate truffle I’ll say just one of the things my daughter doesn’t like about California, is she can’t get Blue Moon
  13. Reggie Hammond and ____ _____
  14. Some answers from the prior page, Speedy and Slowpoke Gonzales Magilla Gorilla and Ogee Super Chicken and Fred George of the Jungle and Ape Nemo and Dory
  15. Are you reffering to Rico's answer or your choice in women?
  16. Hey, a new list!! We've had chicken wings, chicken sandwiches and hole in the wall chicken but not The Fried Chicken everyone is talking about! I think somebody with a good chicken recipe needs to head to North Dakota or Virginia
  17. I know people who call them Gibson’s We have a picture up at the family cabin of them harvesting “ice” on the lake!
  18. You should stop some time in Fayetteville at Truett’s Luau
  19. DeWitt🤪 Or were you looking for Grace?
  20. Actually by my friends and workmates here in Georgia, Captain Jacks is the place to go! But what do I know?
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