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  1. They were not losers...they just were not winners either. They were a cultural phenomenon...good, undisciplined players who could talent themselves past quite a bit of teams but had trouble whenever they ran up against talented and disciplined teams. Even now they are known more for braggadocio and fashion choices then they are for what they actually did on the court. Maybe it is the IU fan in me, but I feel like they are oversold in relation to their actual impact.
  2. Yeah, I know about the mouth running, I always just thought it had more weight when you, I don't know, actually win something. Did the Fab Five ever win anything in college? Big Ten? Nope. National Title? Nope. Heck, did they ever win anything like the Maui Invitational? That I don't know. What I do know is that they liked to call guys like Calbert Cheaney and Grant Hill all sorts of racially divisive things while on the ball court all while getting their a$$e$ handed to them by the same. Being brash when you are winning (Michael Jordan falls into that category) is one thing, but Michigan in those days was a bunch of talented guys whose focus on style led them to seriously underperform their abilities. All flash and no substance, the best bunch of losers that money could buy.
  3. I grew up in northern Indiana (Ft. Wayne) and was in middle school at the time the Fab Five (barf) hit. They became the "cool" pick for a bunch of kids. I hated them. With a passion. As far as I was concerned at the time, they were everything that was soulless and evil. The complete antithesis of Indiana. Steve Fischer was the antichrist and they were his evil minions and many an argument was had over the lunch table and many a milkshake was won by betting on IU whenever they played. My position has softened a bit as I have aged and I took a liking to Rose as a Pacer and Webber as he got older...but man I hated those guys when they were college players. Bunch of loudmouths who never won sh.....
  4. As an Indiana fan, I 100% support this hire. When Michigan falls back to the middle of the pack, it opens things up for us.
  5. All of these comparisons to Crean, where arguably Crean comes off looking better, are not doing anything to help the idea that we upgraded. I look at next year's roster and am just not seeing the optimism that some of you have about how well we can do. There are question marks all over the floor.
  6. That is the lesson in all of this when dealing with the NCAA, never, never ever, never ever ever cooperate.
  7. Was it his mistake or Dad's? Maybe Mom decides to throw some weight around if she feels that Calipari sold them a lie.
  8. To me it is the difference between playing 15 minutes a game and 30. He is a good player either way, but at Kentucky he has a bunch of similarly good guys at his position that will cut into his time. We have an opening for him right away with more minutes available.
  9. Better to admit a mistake while it can still be corrected then to possibly hurt career chances down the road to save face. There are potentially millions of dollars on the table for this kid, staying somewhere where you might not get the best chance to show what you can do could be extremely detrimental to his future earning potential. Even after all that was said about IU fans by the family, I'd still welcome the kid back.
  10. Until a kid commits, they are all just reading tea leaves. That is why I do not get why people get so irritated with those who share info here like SS and 0708. Have you never paid for one of those sites before? They do exactly like the guys who work for rivals and scout. They talk to people around the program, they see what the kids are saying, and then they share what they know at the time and put a guess on how in or out IU is with a kid. When I was subscribed to Peegs, those guys were wrong All. The. Time. I am happy to get a little rumor for free around here. People pay Peegs $10 a month for the same info.
  11. I have been negative so I will try to counter balance that: Our defense has improved, even among guys that were not recruited for that type of system. Early in the year last year before the team fell apart, we were winning the type of close, grind it out games that we have not been all that successful in since Knight left. I believe that if he gets the offense to be a little better that the type of defense he pushes will help keep us in games when the shooting might be a little off on a given night. Butler would grind us out during the Crean years and we did to them what they have done to us. I hope his offense becomes more dynamic but the defense makes us like the Butler and Wisconsin teams that gave Crean fits. We may have taken a step back in recruiting but I like the players we are targeting. Leal and Galloway may not be one and dones but they appear to be the type of player that have the "it" that works for this fanbase. Think of an AJ Moye, Tom Coverdale, Mike Lewis, Dane Fife, Victor Oladipo kind of guys. They have the talent but they bring that lunch pail attitude with them too. Those kind of players can go far.
  12. I bet if you asked the Fab 5 that they would have taken that kind of an L in order to get a ring later. I would.
  13. Well I am being "negative" (read: worried) because I have not been happy with how things have gone. I still care...apathy is what would worry me. If you are cheering, you still care. If you are complaining (with actual substance) you still care. When you just don't bother anymore, then you got a problem. I do not think that last year was sunshine and roses. I know we have the mother of a potential recruit on here for sure. One positive about her is that she is also a fan and I think she knows where we are coming from. None of us want Miller to fail. I like the guy. I want him to go on the Mt. Rushmore of IU coaches with McCracken and Knight. If her son ends up choosing IU, I want my kids remembering when the Leal led Hoosiers ran Duke off the court in the Elite 8. I went to IU. Dear recruits...it is AWESOME. It was 4 of the best years of my life. Some of my greatest memories were there. Some of them revolved around the team you are being asked to join. I would still probably give my left nut to be in your position and Bozo the Clown could be the coach. Why? Because this fanbase, this program, this school, this sport is special around here. If you see us complain some, it is because we care...way more than we should. And those of us complaining make sure to keep the pressure on so that if you are a part of this program that you will get the tools you need to succeed. Do we have bad apples? Yes. That's life. But the majority of us got your back even when we look to be disappointed in results.
  14. I am probably on your ignore list...but man, I second FW_Hoosier. Some of you are too sensitive. People pull out the pom-poms when things are going well and they clutch the pearls when they are not. Seems like some of you don't want a discussion forum, you want a car bumper to put stickers on. It is ok to question and criticize just like it is ok to cheer and hope. Sometimes you can do it all. Miller is not a god. He has flaws. It is ok to discuss those flaws. He also has positives. It is ok to talk about those too. I think this place would be pretty boring if all the talk was: "I hope Hunter comes back and turns into Oladipo. He is going to surprise a bunch of people and lead us to the Sweet 16!" "Ditto" "I want what your selling." "Hey guys isn't it a bit unfair to put those kind of expectations on someone who was hurt all year?"<click, click...ignore> "HOO-HOO-HOO-HOOSIERS!!! We are back BABY!" "The Big Ten better watch out..." Then next April.... "We'll get them next year. Yeah we were 19-15 and made it a round further in the NIT, so progress. I mean, the team was being led by Crean recruits and guys that Archie had to cobble together at the last minute. All these people with their unrealistic expectations need to chill. He should get 4 years and we have TJD coming back and new shiny recruits coming in that we can foist unrealistic expectations on...." "Yeah, screw the h8trz...IU is back baby!!!!"
  15. For starters, I would not consider this board a significant portion of the fanbase and second I would say that people have not turned on the coach. I have a job, I have had constructive criticism pushed my way. I have also had it questioned how I handled a problem and was second guessed on decisions I made. Now was that in front of a wide audience? No. But then again, I make significantly less than $3 million a year. You are basically complaining about sports culture. It is merit based when you get past the junior leagues. And coaches at every level are second guessed on what they do. The questioning becomes more vocal as you move up the line. If you have dreams of being a professional player, the microscope will focus even more. If you are at a major program, you will have decisions discussed on sports talk radio. In fact, that entire medium is built around questioning, second guessing, evaluating, spit balling, etc. about sports and much of that can focus on the negatives. If recruits are reading this, we are a crazy fanbase. We can be tough. But when you come in and bust your a$$, do what the coach tells you, be a good citizen and teammate, you will win. And with our craziness comes loyalty. You will be embraced like nowhere else. If you are really lucky, you will be involved in a moment that will have people talking about you and sharing videos of you 20 and 30 and 40 years after you played. We can be tough, but we are fair.
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