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  1. Yeah, that interview kind of has a creepy feel to it doesn't it.
  2. I like this kid based on his name. Sign him up. Lol.
  3. Indiana, Purdue, Virginia, North Carolina, and Louisville. No inside info, just a guess.
  4. Top 12...rolling eyes. Get back with me when we whittle this down to 3 or so.
  5. I love those articles "we made up ground" and everything they link to is that Indiana is probably in the lead. Selling those clicks though aren't they.
  6. There was the print version of Inside Indiana that I remember and it did not come out daily, that's for sure. Like I said, I am being a little unfair and I was upfront about that. However, I do feel the thrill of being chased plays a part.
  7. I already admitted I was not being fair. When all said and done, it is just a bunch of kids playing a game anyway.
  8. I agree for the 80's but by the late 90's that was the case too. It just seems to creep a little later year by year. Also, I was more talking about big name recruits as well, coaches knew about guys like Eric Montross. He ended up in North Carolina. I mean, it kind of is the way things are done now, but I don't believe that most of these kids are sitting around agonizing over decisions. You only see this type of stuff in football and men's b-ball and I believe that is because nobody cares when Suzy Setter and Henry Homerun commit to the volleyball and baseball teams. And those ki
  9. Tried to keep it clean to follow the board rules. Hope you and yours stay safe as well Mile.
  10. Horse hockey. The number of options has not changed one bit. Was there suddenly an explosion of new Universities available now that were not options in the 80's and 90's? In the case of Kauffman: Indiana, Purdue, Virginia, and North Carolina just suddenly joined D1 basketball? Those schools did not recruit kids like him in the 80's and 90's? Nah man, the main thing that changed is branding (getting all of those Twitter followers hanging around for your top 8 and junk like that builds your "brand"), the internet, and the subsequent cottage industry built up around reading the tea leave
  11. It is no more life determining than any other student who chooses what school to go to was my point. I firmly believe the main difference on the timing of the decisions is that most students don't get 5 all expenses paid trips to visit different schools, don't have idiots like us waiting with baited breath about what shirt they wore today and how that may show where they are leaning, and don't have people hitting us up on Twitter, etc. I lay money that if you removed all of that stuff from the equation, the decisions would be made earlier. How do I glean this? Because the committ
  12. I know, I literally said that. 😋 However, I will say that I think the whole, "they are making life determining decisions" thing is a bit overplayed. Millions of kids their age make the decision on where to go in less time every year. Let's be real, most of them like getting their butt kissed and the ridiculous royal treatment they get because they can put a ball in a hoop. And yes, I am aware that people like me are a big contributor to that.
  13. That is kind of where I am at. I know it is not fair, but when the in state kids kind of drag things out, it annoys me. All of those guys are good players, I will take any of them that want to be here.
  14. Judging by lack of activity here, this announcement is probably going to come from left field. I don't see any chatter about this job.
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