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  1. In my opinion or in the opinion of the BoT, McRobbie, and the AD? My opinion has not mattered for 20 years...
  2. No. The only reason to pick Fife is if the university just finally makes the b-ball program's priority clear...we pay him less than $2 million a year and hope it pans out. I feel we are doing that now for a bunch more money.
  3. At the end of the day, we get Miller for 1 if not 2 more years. So hope for the best I suppose. I do not see IU firing him unless things get super ugly. We are not there yet...at least based on their previous approach to this type of situation.
  4. Nothing said on these forums hurts more than the awful effort and play on the floor. That is the issue. Nobody would be complaining right now if this team had 18 to 19 wins alread and did not look like garbage on the road. Coaches recruiting against IU don't need to tell players to go to message boards, they just need to tell them to watch a game. And frankly, if not for talking about what is wrong with this team, there would not be much else to talk about. I have noticed an absolute down tick in the discussion after our past few losses because people are going into "well, here we go again, time to find something better to do mode..." Finally, nobody needs you to be the gatekeeper for discussion. If you do not like the threads that have a pessimistic (realistic, IMO) view of where we are, skip them.
  5. The one constant over most of this time is the administration. I would start with the BoT.
  6. I actually agree. Beilein is the type of coach who probably will need some time to get things rolling. He was a good option like 15 years ago...now? I do not see it. Still a good coach but he could be 70 before you start to see a hire like that pay off. Also, I would question his commitment at this age to the things you need to do to be successful as a college coach. The College game is at least 50% recruiting, if you do not have the heart to be all in on that, you are not going to be super successful in the College game (see the end of Knight's tenure at IU). And before anyone jumps in, I would absolutely take the late 90's Knight results right now. Just saying that plugging in a 4 or 5 year stop gap who is not really enamored with recruiting anymore is probably not going to be successful.
  7. I watch when I want to and when I can. They cannot hear me cheering or grousing from my living room either way. Additionally, I have been "sticking with this" since most of our players were either in diapers or were a twinkle in their Dad's eye. I've paid my dues in bad basketball...enough so that I don't feel any twinge of guilt of not watching a game played by kids who appear to care less about the outcome. That is generally IU on the road.
  8. OK. Good for you? I was not turning in my IU fan card, if you want to continue to be "entertained" in this manner, more power to you.
  9. Say they do win out at home (that PSU game is going to be tough), does that make you feel any better about where the program is?
  10. Getting to the point where it A)is not worth getting upset about and B)you should not waste your time watching away games. We may figure out a way to limp into the NCAA tournament, but man we really don't deserve it.
  11. Some of the worst defense I think I have seen. Wow.
  12. We don't even show up on the road. Just blow out after blow out.
  13. Good win. Nice effort throughout the game as well. Be nice to see that effort carry over to the next 2 road games.
  14. Green hitting stuff now, I hope we don't fall in love with the 3 though. This should open up driving lanes and our interior game.
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