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  1. Then I need to replace the driver. I am on board for that too. I fault the driver(s) of the athletic department for where we are at far more than Miller. However, I can't rehire Myles Brand from the dead so I can fire him. Or bring Herbert back to fire him...or Greenspan...or Glass....I am completely fine with replacing the driver, but that option is not on the table at the moment. In a fair world it would be, Miller is partially a product of his own failures but there is much truth in the idea that each new guy that does not do well is having his failures compounded by past failures. An
  2. No, it does not. My car doesn't start in the morning. You are saying to sit there and keep turning the key and eventually it may work out. I am saying I have been turning the key for hours with the same result and now it is time to do something, anything different. Check the plugs. Check the battery. See if the starter needs replace. Check the alternator. That is change because the current method is failing. You are saying to maybe try and turn the key for another hour because if Inpick one of those other things, they may not fix the problem and then I am in the same spot in an ho
  3. From radio this morning, ticket requests for Assembly Hall for next year are the lowest they have been in years. Miller is a dead man walking, everyone knows it. So recruiting will take a dive because he cannot promise anyone he will be around for year 6. There will finally be fans allowed at games, so you are looking at a fanbase that, if they show up, is going to be pretty full of boo birds the second things start to look off. Miller teams have had a 4 minute scoring drought in about every game they have played here. The first home game that happens, the natives get restless and the hec
  4. That is not change for the sake of change. That is saying, "I know for a fact that this is not working, so trying anything else will be better." You have a triangle wheel. You say it is hard but it works somewhat. I say it does not. It gets stuck and is more effort than it is worth. We should try anything different because this is not working. You don't want to move on because of fear of the unknown. I say that the known sucks so literally anything else is better because we could land on something that works. We could land on a square which functionally would turn out like the tri
  5. Sorry, you kind of got caught up in my fire at someone else. I am just done with Miller. To me, the injuries are not a compelling argument to retain unless someone can show me how he plans to make sure he is not in that position next year should we see more injuries. Even making the hypothetical tournament last year, the reality is that, no hypotheticals, this was supposed to be his turn around year. But here I sit again, another March where Indiana is not playing in a game that matters, for the 5th year in a row. Meanwhile, the college basketball world is going to be playing mean
  6. He is fine to have his opinion, I was specifically talking about the comment I responded to about Drew missing the tournament as if the situation at Baylor mirrors Miller's finishes in any way, shape, or form. Here is where I am at, if Miller is retained, based on how things have gone so far, there is about a 95% chance I an disappointed. The miracle out of a hat I think he could pull is what I would consider a disaster. A year where he makes the tournament by going around 20-11. If we replace him, I have at least some hope of things getting better. 50/50 at that point. Even if
  7. You are being so obtuse I don't know why anyone is engaging you on this. Talk about agendas....
  8. I don't think the uniform matters with regards to play on the court directly, I think it will come into play when I, as a player, can make money off my Name, Likeness, and Image. That impacts recruiting, which can impact on court play.
  9. I wasn't saying I want him, just that he represents a name we heard rumors of being talked to. Bring him up more to say that he represents that IU may be reaching out to coaches and Mack would represent that coaches may be reaching out to us.
  10. So doing some dot connecting of rumors between some of the people who tend to have good info on this board and that chris007 who seems to have good info on btownbanners here is the picture I am gathering: 1. The money is available for the buyout and has been available since Friday. 2. There is a meeting this weekend (today?) with the BoT and members of the athletic department will probably be in attendance. 3. The school is either reaching out to gauge interest (Enfield?) or has had representatives for coaches reaching out to them (Mack?) So, just running on the idea tha
  11. Yeah, I seriously don't see how you can defend that. Other than Iowa, I don't think he has performed really well against the top of the conference the past few years. That's why people digging in to say "give him another year" now kind of have me scratching my head. Waiting until next year when guys get older....it just has not been working. The only reason to keep him in my mind is the buyout.
  12. Davis left in 2006 and was 3 coaches ago. They have owned us going back over the past 10+ years. It sucks but it is reality. I don't think that was cherry picking at all. Edit to add...I went back and looked and he is like 20-9 against us as a head coach I believe.
  13. That would be my goal...but we are so far from that at this point. Kind of hard to talk crap about Painter when you are pumping Miller....
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