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  1. IUCrazy2

    Central Arkansas Pregame Thread

    I would like to see Fitzner and Durham get back on track. I want a blowout so they can get in the game and get as many minutes as possible. Same with Damezi. We need to find a shooter to get into the lineup to keep defenses honest. These next 2 games should allow for some confidence building game time that the prior 4 did not.
  2. IUCrazy2

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Juwan is apparently the only guy who showed up today. Really disappointed that Fitzner has not been able to up his play enough to be in game either. Was counting on his outside shooting this year but he has not been producing enough to warrant being played.
  3. IUCrazy2

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Romeo with 1 rebound 1 assist and no points 14 minutes into game is not going to get it done.
  4. IUCrazy2

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Morgan had a heck of a game in this last year against ND too. Romeo needs to get going too, we really should beat this Butler team.
  5. IUCrazy2

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Even if we win, I hate the Crossroads Classic. Hope we do not renew contract when it expires. Literally no win situation for us and welfare for the other 3.
  6. IUCrazy2

    Louisville Game Thread

    Dude, free throw shooting is going to lose us games this year. We should be up comfortably right now
  7. IUCrazy2

    Louisville Game Thread

    Garbage officiating late. Call the game one way and then change up how you call it starting with about 6 to go in the game.
  8. IUCrazy2

    Louisville Game Thread

    We got a bunch of guys that need to get into the lane to really be effective and absolutely no one we can count on to hit a 3 to pull the defense out. I hope that Hunter or some of the guys coming in are shooters. That is the difference in the game, we have to scramble to cover them and they have guys that can hit that shot.
  9. IUCrazy2

    Penn St. Post game

    I am in the same boat. Have younger kids so usually have to DVR and watch after they go to bed.
  10. IUCrazy2

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I don't know about with Franklin and the rest of the team but Rabjohns said on Indy radio last night that he and TJD worked really well together in AAU. Said they would run high/low with each other and were really complimentary players. He said that Brooks knows how well he and TJD play together because of their time in AAU. I think you can see some of that in their highlight videos too.
  11. Awesome. One more to go. Lock the state up.
  12. IUCrazy2

    Duke Postgame Thread

    Last night was a disappointment, no doubt, but I think it should help us temper our expectations a bit. Duke is a legit National Title contender this year, we are not. If you had taken the Top 10 players from each team last night, I think only 2 of them would have been Indiana players. So before the year began, one of our biggest question marks was PG play, I think that really showed itself last night. In the games where we have played well, we got really good play out of Al and Rob. When they have struggled, the team has struggled. Duke is athletic and the refs usually let them play their defense fairly aggressive, we did not have anyone we could rely on last night to be a steadying influence in that environment. I think Rob will grow into that player but expecting a guy ranked around 100 to come in and be that right away is asking quite a bit. This class is Archie's first real class, they are a good group of recruits, but they are not the one and done parade that Duke has. They are going to take some time to get better...and they will. I think Durham has improved, he will be a solid rotational player by the time he is a senior. So what is missing out of our formula right now? The system guys who have 3 to 4 years in Miller's system and a steadying PG. We are getting talent in the right mix, but against the Duke's of the world, we are probably going to struggle for a year or two. One last note, there was an article in the past few days discussing why Romeo came to Indiana. In the article he made the comment that he did not want to be the savior. I think Romeo is a good kid and he wants to defer to teammates because he is a humble guy. I wish he had a little bit of Yogi Ferrell's swagger to him though. You are not the savior but the team needs him to be "the man" more often than not. I think he needs to seek out his shot more.
  13. IUCrazy2

    Duke Game Thread

    The other thing this team is lacking is shooters. We have some scorers but we do not have very many guys that you know you can count on from behind the arc. If you cannot out athlete a team, you gotta be able to shoot.
  14. IUCrazy2

    Duke Game Thread

    Those slips are travels...call it.
  15. IUCrazy2

    Duke Game Thread

    Enh...these guys ran Kentucky off the court in Indy too.