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  1. IUCrazy2

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    It stinks to lose out on him but I am really not too worried about losing out on him. I honestly think that Robert will be solidifying his grip on that spot heading into his sophomore year. I think getting Newman/Franklin, TJD, and Brooks should be our priority. That is still the inside out approach that Miller talked about and a combo guard would be good to fill in as a backup at the 1 or 2. We don't have to freak out over recruiting losses anymore. The program is in steady hands. I will enjoy watching Indiana beat DJ during his time at OSU.
  2. The Crossroads Classic is basically IU fans subsidizing the athletic coffers of the other 3 schools. Expanding the field just does that more. Schedule Notre Dame for a home and away every year and then do a game where we invite the other state schools to Assembly Hall. That is 2 games a year against competition that generally will not kill your SoS. You can throw a home and home against Butler in there from time to time but I am not sold on their new coach. I expect them to regress to their mean. So even though they are a Big East team, I would include them in the "other" category.
  3. Wisconsin and Purdue. But Wisconsin especially when Bo Ryan was there. Playing in Madison meant playing 5 on 8 every night. It helped to inflate a record of an undeserving team to the detriment of better teams. Losing 2 or 3 away games because of an overwhelmingly unfair advantage to the home team means the difference between a 1 seed and a 3 or a 3 and 6. Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Kansas are generally the better teams in their conference and that bears out whether they are home or away. In the Big Ten you deal with Mackey, Kohl, and yes Assembly Hall some years. Some of that is attributable to the crowds but quite a bit is because the refs play to that as well.
  4. The officiating in the Big Ten hurts seeding. The home team gets about a 10 point cushion in the Big with the way the game is called. That is cut in half in most other conferences. It hurts seeding and it hurts Big Ten teams in the tournament as they have to adapt to how differently the game is called. Home court advantage in the Big Tennis vastly inflated because our officials, by and large, suck.
  5. You know the chances of this being the case are next to nil, but what if Pitino is telling the truth? How do you keep Adidas, Under Armour, and Nike away from kids when they are introduced to agents of those companies through AAU ball before they can drive?
  6. IUCrazy2

    Rumor floating around.

    He also has an NBA feeder team every year. I just think the venue argument is overrated. We could have played every game in Banker's Life last year and Kentucky still would have been better. They have that success because he has about 3 NBA lottery picks each year.
  7. They recruit pretty well. How much you willing to lay money that 4* Top 100 kids have parents who are getting some kick backs from the shoe companies as well? Probably not as much as the 5* guys but the shoe companies are businesses, I am sure they hedge their bets.
  8. Every school that has landed a 5* has had a shoe company involved. I guarantee it. Also, you left off the most recent recruiting rankings. I think I know why but I added 2018 for you. And at this point it is hard to say that anyone is not doing stuff that would have been labeled cheating even 10 years ago, including IU. I would not want to go out on a limb for Michigan (whose history is known) no matter how clean you think their coach is now.
  9. Because Nike has not been hit yet. Michigan recruits well too, they just pull Nike kids and the FBI went after Adidas first.
  10. IUCrazy2

    Rumor floating around.

    They have been better lately. When we were better and they were mired in Fed Ex packages exploding money, we threw them a bone. They got better and stayed better by shamelessly hiring Pitino and Calipari. One has proven how he got players and is no longer employable and the other is just the FBI dropping the hammer on Nike away from having his World Wide Wes connections (among others) come crashing down too. We are no longer the program we were because unlike the other blue bloods, we never got into the shoe game. Duke, UNC, Kansas, Kentucky...every single one of those programs is dirty. What does keep us relevant is our fanbase. So while Kentucky has definitely had the upper hand, we do not need to grovel to them for a game on their terms. We make money either way and we are capable of playing good teams either way. Call it pride if you want but screw Calipari. He does the compromise or I do not want to play them. Once he is gone, we can talk again.
  11. IUCrazy2

    Rumor floating around.

    The only UK team to win a championship for Calipari was the team that got beat in Bloomington. Playing in a hostile environment is what prepares you for the tournament, learning how to overcome that adversity is what prepares you. (Having some actual upperclassmen helps as well.)
  12. IUCrazy2

    Rumor floating around.

    Here is the problem, we stopped playing the neutral site games initially because Kentucky lost the ability to use Freedom Hall as their venue. Louisville effectively blocked their ability to play a neutral site game in the state of Kentucky. So their plan was for the game to be a neutral in Indianapolis and then a neutral at Rupp. We said no but said we would go back to home and home. We do the ho.e and home for a dmfew years and Kentucky starts losing and now they want to go back to neutral sites. The main thing here is that Kentucky feels that they are superior enough to Indiana and we need the game more, so they can dictate the terms to whatever their coach's whims are at the time (Gillespie wanted a home game instead of Indy every year, Calipari will not play a true away game). If we cave to their demands just to do the game, we are telling them that we are the lesser program. Nah, I would like to beat them on a regular basis but I'll be darned if I would allow that program to dictate to us. We had a compromise on the table where everyone got what they wanted over a 4 year period. They turned it down. So screw em. As mentioned above, we have played Duke, Kansas, UNC, and Louisville the past few years. We have no trouble scheduling blue bloods, we do not have to have Calipari's team on our schedule.
  13. IUCrazy2

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/article210414029.html He has RMK's temper with better PR. And he has been cheating his balls off since at least Carlos Boozer and Corey Maggette.
  14. Yeah, just a brutal article for the prior staff.