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  1. We are going to have a really tough schedule this year. Kansas, Arizona, a Big East team, an ACC team...this team should be tested before conference. Woodson was talking the other day about getting Louisville on the schedule in a few years. He wants Kentucky back. I don't see the lackluster schedule issues going into the future.
  2. One thing he has to watch is that there were rumblings out there that he may have not been putting in that extra effort is 3 years here so far either. If you are going to call out teammates in public, you have to make sure that your entire house is in order as well. His may be and it could just be a few players kind of sounding off about being called out, but what a risk. Do that behind closed doors.
  3. Kn a perfect world, where guys rise up to meet expectations in the offseason: XJ, Bates, JHS, Geronimo, TJD. I know Race is not getting pushed out of the starting lineup but I would prefer to swing him in with Reneau as the second unit. Geronimo just opens the floor up in a way that Race has not (up to this point).
  4. Officially Big Ten favorites now IMO. We are potentially going to be deep and athletic.
  5. Crean was a bit of a goofy dude but he really seems to support former guys.
  6. Why is he not cool? The Walsh guy doesn't exactly jump off the page as "wow, isn't he cool" either.
  7. So Jordan has replaced Fife as the heir apparent. I'm kidding.
  8. Yeah, things seem to be falling into place for him right now where leaving looks more likely. I think with him that this team has the potential on paper to be at least an outside threat in the NCAA tournament. Without him, unless the incoming freshmen really show out, Sweet 16 is probably the realistic ceiling. That would still constitute a big step forward, but going into the season with TJD would be about as good as I would have felt about a team since Zeller's Sophomore year heading into a season. (I think that Zeller team was clearly better going into the year, but this would be the best since). Without TJD, we are looking at Crean's last tournament team as a comparison IMO.
  9. If TJD comes back, I will be shocked if we don't get UNC for the ACC challenge.
  10. Nothing against this guy, but let's be real, if he is coming it is likely because TJD is not coming back. I prefer TJD.
  11. At $400k/yr for a Nijel Pack, you will probably have trouble getting money for guys past 13 scholarship players. The money is more than I was expecting for a player of his caliber.
  12. He said Ranch and gave a shout out to Pizza X...I think he is coming back fellas. (This is tongue in cheek...hopefully that is clear, it is that time of year)
  13. I guess we see. If I was the governmwnt I might be interested in the structure of all these agreements because I think they were set up to avoid the gift tax. It is kind of whatever. Glass went out and kind of set up the type of group that I suggested a few months ago given how NIL works. So I get why they are doing it. I just think this is all a joke and froma University perspective I think you will find that it ends up having more cost than benefit. People who used to donate to the AD will be donating to HFG. If Nijel Pack at $400k/yr is the going rate for a middling type of talent then it is going to be really expensive to field a competitive team. And that money going to big b-ball and b-ball player is going to take money from everything else, up to and including the non athletic donations. And I just can't shake the feeling that if you removed the jersey from these guys, they would be worth less than what they are compensated for their scholarships. I base that on g league salaries.
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