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  1. There were some of us asking for just that over the summer.
  2. I actually agree with both you and Scott. Can't blame him for taking the money but I bet Bloomington and the amenities afforded the basketball team are better than whatever he is going to have playing in podunk Maine.
  3. I can't do it. It is just a money grab from the Big Ten. We already pay extra for that channel and they have overflow channels they show the football games on. I'm not dropping $10 extra to watch what amounts to a glorified exhibition game. I'm really pretty annoyed at the amount of BT+ games we have this year.
  4. Particularly on a team with only 11 scholarship players and particularly when 2 of them represent what is most likely your starting backcourt. Hope it is just little bumps and bruises that don't turn out to be a bigger issue.
  5. I would prefer he pick IU because that is where he wants to be, not because someone took his spot somewhere else.
  6. I think you are confusing jumping off the bandwagon with expressing concerns. You can do one and not be involved in the latter.
  7. You are making my point for me though. Coach K went 24-10 in his 4th year and then followed that up with several more good wins. He did not win less than 23 games for about a decade after that. And he has only won less than 23 games a year 3 times since then. That is how you turn things around but I bet if he had another lackluster year in his 4th year that the higher ups at Duke might have thought about moving on. So I will join you in holding Miller to the Coach K standard beginning in year 4. That means that beginning in year 4 I should expect at least 22 wins and never finishing below 4th in the Big Ten. I mean, if we want to use statistical outliers to bolster our position and all, we can use them on both ends of the argument right? Bottom line, Miller needs to win to keep his job. He gets a reserve of goodwill that every coach gets when they newly arrive at a job. IF (and this is an IF, I hope it is not the case) we finish at, near, or below 11th in the conference this season, his reserve of goodwill is used up and it is put up or shut up time from there. He will have left himself no wiggle room. And that 4th year cannot be a squeak into the tournament type of year soon followed by up and down yo-yo years like Crean. He needs to consistently make Indiana a top tier Big Ten team first and then eventually a National power again. That is why he gets paid Top 12 salary (last I saw). That is my expectation. He got the 2 years to get the ship righted, this should be the year we start seeing dividends pay off. If they don't this year, then he is in trouble for next year.
  8. To answer all of you who were taking me to task, yeah, the injuries played a bit of a role in year 2. If they play a role again in year 3, to the point where we end up finishing 11th out of 14 teams in the Big Ten, which would be a decline every subsequent year that Miller has coached here....yes, I will judge accordingly. I expect that a plurality of the fanbase will judge accordingly as well. I don't think that will get him fired but it will put him in a position where he MUST produce in year 4 of a 7 year contract, which to me is the very definition of the hot seat. If he does not produce by year 4 then you are in lame duck territory w.r.t. recruiting because any player he asks to commit to playing for him is a 4 year commitment he does not even have from his employer. Frankly, the idea that there can be no standards for the first 4 years or that no inferences can be made until 4 years is up is completely asinine. You should see positive culture growth and positive win results and increasingly better play over those initial years. Finishing 11th this year would be a giant step backwards. Overly demanding fans can be bad for a program environment. So too are fans who have basically no standard that they won't give up whenever an excuse avails itself. I'm on board with Miller with some reservations about how some things have gone the past 2 years. I think I hold the majority position, i.e. I believe this has not started out well (on the court) and some of that may have been the result of some bad luck, so benefit of the doubt right now, but another bad year and I've got 2 feet off the wagon. It will take several good years in a row to get me fully back on.
  9. All due respect, this idea that it takes 4 years to show any signs of life in a basketball program is complete nonsense. Finishing 11th in the third year would be an unmitigated failure. It would mark a decline in conference finishes each year of Miller's time here (7th in 18, 9th in 19, to 11th in 20). If Hunter has injuries, I blame a staff that left 2 open scholarships when they know they have a roster full of injury prone guys (based on prior returns). I find it interesting that the year has not even started and we are already pulling out the book of potential excuses. Frankly some of you have the bar so low right now an ant would have trouble crawling under it.
  10. You may be ready for that, but I would lay money that if we finish 11th in the Big Ten, the majority of the fanbase will not be. If we finish 11th this year, his seat will be on fire for year 4.
  11. If everyone is healthy and if Hunter is as advertised, I would think that RP, Green, Hunter, TJD, and then Davis would be the starting 5. You will have Al and to a lesser extent Franklin in rotation at the 1 and 2. Smith/Thompson for TJD. Brunk and Davis should each go about 20 minutes a game. Then you hope that Damezi has developed enough to get in at the 3 and spell Hunter.
  12. Exactly. In my mind if all the Nike schools get out of this without a second look, it will be a real shame. I fully believe that Duke and UNC have been in that same game for years. I think there is no doubt that Kentucky does it. Kansas is going to get hammered (and they should) but they were not doing anything that those other 3 were. And Coach K is going to ride off into retirement viewed as a Saint and a great coach (which he is good) but, much like Wooden, there was a reason he was as good as he was.
  13. The Big Ten. We have been really mediocre lately in conference so I would like to see us start reasserting ourselves, particularly at home.
  14. Let's be real. I think it is obvious to everyone involved in this game that Indiana is just overmatched. It takes a really special kind of player to keep going even when you know you have zero chance. You basically need 11 guys thinking that right now on D. I think some guys are probably just going through the motions now.
  15. Man...what an embarrassment... Games like this chase away fans for the rest of the year.
  16. Who knows how we will do this year, but that 12-2 start last year heavily involved 2 guys who moved on to pro careers. We don't know what we are going to get this year. Everything could fall into place and we do really well, or past could be prologue and things don't go so well. I frankly could see either happening.
  17. I don't care about the Friday games, I do care about games being shown on BTN+. Frankly I have to pay extra for that crappy channel and the only reason I want it is for a total of about 50 hours of content (give or take) a year. So to me it is beyond annoying when the basketball games are put on a stupid streaming channel in order to try and force you to pay even more money for a product that you will only watch for 4 to 10 hours (tops) a year. By my count there were 4 for sure with a possible 6 events being shoved over to the shoddy BTN+ application. The schools are making money hand over fist on those contracts, they need to relegate BTN+ to the dustbin or it should be included as part of your TV package like the DisneyNow and similar apps that you get on platforms like Roku.
  18. You beat me to it, after reading that quote, the "off the bench" immediately jumped out at me. This is an athletic and coachable kid. He is a bit raw but he sounds like a coach's dream. The sky is the limit for a talented and internally driven kid like that. When he first committed I thought, "who the wha...cool name though." The more info we get on him though, you can see why the staff jumped all over him.
  19. 6'4, 6'5, and 6'6" so far for this class. That kind of length should help on the wings in the packline I would think. I echo what others have said, I would like to add a big to this class and then, barring landing a top flight prospect, sit on the scholarships for '21.
  20. I think that is a pretty easy schedule. Our results should mirror that fact.
  21. Ok, you called them kids. I guess that is a relative term.
  22. Yeah...no, that is exactly wrong. Too many innings pitched for kids is horrible for their long term health.
  23. Based on your post and seeing his name come up, I went and watched some videos of him...wow. Nice size and nice stroke. I am with the staff, I hope he is our third recruit. A question I have, we get Brunk for 2 years but are we looking to add any depth behind him in 20 or 21?
  24. I really like this pick up. People knock the stars a bit but Leal and Galloway are both kids who are in that range where they are A)talented but B)look to be on campus for 3 to 4 years. Also, in the case with Leal at least, the kid has bled Cream and Crimson from a young age. He is well positioned to be the type of leader that I do not think you always get from some of the higher rated kids. He has been an IU Hoosier since long before he is putting on that uniform. There is a pride in that. If we are going to rebuild this thing, these 2 guys we picked up this year are going to be the type of culture building players we HAVE to have. Welcome aboard young man, glad to have you and your buddy Galloway to watch over the next few years. And if Mama Leal is lurking, congrats, as an IU fan this has to be just about as cool for you as it will be for your son to put on that jersey.
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