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  1. I get that people like former players, but I don't know why we always throw their names out whenever there is an opening on the bench. We have a small handful of guys that have experience in that area and most of them are not really listed as up and comers. Fife comes up all the time but I don't see him leaving the stability he has now unless it is for a higher end H.C. job. And I also think him as the heir apparent at MSU is a bit overstated as well. Usually guys who are the heir apparent at that kind of program would have other schools sniffing around, and the only time I ever see him brought up for coaching changes is to come be the assistant at IU. IMO, he should have moved on to another smaller school if his goal is to get a bigger job. Just my 2 cents because ADs change. You may be the heir apparent as far as the current AD is concerned, but what about the next guy?
  2. I am still thinking we are going to lose this season which stinks, we look to have a pretty good team.
  3. I would not take him now but would have taken him then. (Workouts have already started, unless we are talking a Shaq type of player, I don't think I would add anyone at this point.) And you would not have been taking him over Rob, different class, you would be looking at him over Durham, Justin Smith, or the kid from that class who left after his first year whose name escapes me. With Rob hurt off and on the past few years, I think a guy like Wright would definitely have helped. He may have been enough to get us over the tournament hump in Romeo's year.
  4. I think there are some people on the BoT who are going to have to hit the bricks for that to happen too. One of them being a body part.
  5. I am becoming less worried about those other schools. Miller has already been recruiting well, he starts putting some W's together the next few years, then we should be a force, particularly with kids in our own backyard.
  6. If education is a consideration, that would put Louisville on the outside looking in as well. Honestly, looking at it from a rational standpoint, I think IU is the school that could offer everything they purportedly want. Academics is Virginia, IU, and then Louisville in that order...with Louisville being waaaaay down the list. Team performance of late would be Virginia, Louisville, and then IU. With IU making up ground on Louisville IMO. Team support is probably a wash. IU and Louisville have the close to home factor. But if academics and being close to home are higher on his list, Indiana is the only one of the 3 schools that really addresses both of those positively.
  7. One in the hand, worth two in the bush they say but.....I am really enamored with the idea of a Mohammed, Kaufman, Miller, Duncomb class.
  8. It was s shot at them being late to the game and only offering when he "blew up". Thanks for setting me straight though Lieutenant Literal (not quite accomplished enough to be Captain Obvious.)
  9. Me either, I will be shocked if we get either season with the way things are progressing.
  10. If that is the case, then you would have to question why Calipari and Coach K were not on him to begin with. Do they need Rivals to tell them who is worthy to pursue? We were on him early because we have a staff that was able to identify talent without the internet.
  11. There is no way we are getting a coherent football season in like this. If this was a week with games, we would have to forfeit.
  12. Hope he remembers who saw his worth and potential from the get go.
  13. Honestly, that is almost all sports talk radio. The NFL dominates a bunch of the conversation...that and college football.
  14. I would be ecstatic about a class like that. You would have Duncomb as part of that class as well. Archie does that and he is really landing the type of back to back to back classes that build winners.
  15. You do you. My impression is that you are just here to argue. Magette was found to have taken impermissible benefits and Zion got at least $400k. That is not smoke, it is fire. Proven fire at this point. You are just arguing like I said above. All these people getting caught with "drugs" after leaving Kryzewski's "crack house" but he is not involved...whatever. You can build a case on circumstantial evidence and there is plenty to damn Duke and Coach K with. At the end of the day though, there really is no point arguing with you over it.
  16. I have seen enough smoke to conclude there is fire. If the NCAA had a will and the schools actually had to cooperate with an investigation, you would have your proof. What you are left with now is basically a house down the street that has random cars pulling up at all hours of the night and people leaving the house being caught with drugs, repeatedly, over decades. But the person who owns the house is chummy with the authorities and so nobody ever lifts any rocks to investigate what is going on in the house. They just keep busting the people leaving it. Coach K is dirty. You do not recruit at that level without it. And to me the proof is in program like Arizona and UNC not getting as a high a caliber guy at the same rate when the NCAA light shown on them. Someone mentioned that Calipari changed the game for Coach K. I would agree, I think he was doing some lower level dirt in the past but having Calipari land 5 NBA draft picks every year convinced Coach K to go all in on the same stuff. Now the money is not everything, because it is clear most of these guys are getting offered cash to go to school, so some of it is the "Duke" mystique that helps land players, but, you have to ante in to be part of the hand. I would be willing to change my innuendo standard if the owners of the houses would open up their programs to the "police" of the NCAA and be bound to cooperate with the investigation. Short of that, I think the drug house standard is fair.
  17. Norm Ellenberger. I know what you are trying to do. Coach K is not clean and Bob Knight has been known to be chummy with guys that have cheated. Look up "Lobogate" and then tell me how many years Knight not only associated with that cheater but had him as part of his program.
  18. Yeah, just saying that having a brother doesn't guarantee the other brothers. Someone mentioned the Zeller kids too.
  19. It is the fall sports, so Maui is not currently out yet since basketball is a winter sport. I think the BIG was trying to get in front of things like the Ivy Leagues saying they won't play. If a bunch of other conferences start to follow suit, it would impact schedules. However, I must don't see how this works with the team environment. If they close out workouts with a discovered case and then you have to quarantine for 14 days if you are in contact with someone who is known to be infected, how can you plan around that. Like with UNC, I heard they had over 40 athletes who tested positive. With that many, potentially their entire athletic program would need to be quarantined for the next 2 weeks. That would be 2 weeks worth of games that they would have to forfeit. And if they had just got done playing on Saturday and then had someone test positive on Sunday, whatever team they played Saturday would potentially have to go on lockdown too. That means 4 teams are not playing games the following week. I just don't see how they plan around that in this environment. They will either have to suck it up and throw caution to the wind and play or just cancel altogether. I do not think it is really feasible to try and travel a middle path with this.
  20. BIG just restricted fall sports to in conference only. I think they are trying to do what they can to salvage the season but with an outbreak at Ohio State and something like supposedly 40 kids at UNC causing them to shut down workouts, I am not holding my breath. Closer to my home, Fishers HS (IN) had reported cases for kids getting ready for fall sports and they had to close up shop on workouts as well. If things stay that way, you will have a hard time getting through a season. Everytime a case is found, they would have to quarantine everyone in contact with that person. If Ohio State had a game this Saturday, how could they play it? I think the fall sports are toast, we'll see what happens with winter.
  21. Maybe. I mean Christian Watford had a pretty good experience at Indiana and his brother went elsewhere. Think it just depends on the kid.
  22. Seems to be the case across the board. This entire board has been much less active since things went into lockdown because there is not much news on anything sports related.
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