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  1. The Big Ten. We have been really mediocre lately in conference so I would like to see us start reasserting ourselves, particularly at home.
  2. Let's be real. I think it is obvious to everyone involved in this game that Indiana is just overmatched. It takes a really special kind of player to keep going even when you know you have zero chance. You basically need 11 guys thinking that right now on D. I think some guys are probably just going through the motions now.
  3. Man...what an embarrassment... Games like this chase away fans for the rest of the year.
  4. Who knows how we will do this year, but that 12-2 start last year heavily involved 2 guys who moved on to pro careers. We don't know what we are going to get this year. Everything could fall into place and we do really well, or past could be prologue and things don't go so well. I frankly could see either happening.
  5. I don't care about the Friday games, I do care about games being shown on BTN+. Frankly I have to pay extra for that crappy channel and the only reason I want it is for a total of about 50 hours of content (give or take) a year. So to me it is beyond annoying when the basketball games are put on a stupid streaming channel in order to try and force you to pay even more money for a product that you will only watch for 4 to 10 hours (tops) a year. By my count there were 4 for sure with a possible 6 events being shoved over to the shoddy BTN+ application. The schools are making money hand over fist on those contracts, they need to relegate BTN+ to the dustbin or it should be included as part of your TV package like the DisneyNow and similar apps that you get on platforms like Roku.
  6. You beat me to it, after reading that quote, the "off the bench" immediately jumped out at me. This is an athletic and coachable kid. He is a bit raw but he sounds like a coach's dream. The sky is the limit for a talented and internally driven kid like that. When he first committed I thought, "who the wha...cool name though." The more info we get on him though, you can see why the staff jumped all over him.
  7. 6'4, 6'5, and 6'6" so far for this class. That kind of length should help on the wings in the packline I would think. I echo what others have said, I would like to add a big to this class and then, barring landing a top flight prospect, sit on the scholarships for '21.
  8. I think that is a pretty easy schedule. Our results should mirror that fact.
  9. Ok, you called them kids. I guess that is a relative term.
  10. Yeah...no, that is exactly wrong. Too many innings pitched for kids is horrible for their long term health.
  11. Based on your post and seeing his name come up, I went and watched some videos of him...wow. Nice size and nice stroke. I am with the staff, I hope he is our third recruit. A question I have, we get Brunk for 2 years but are we looking to add any depth behind him in 20 or 21?
  12. I really like this pick up. People knock the stars a bit but Leal and Galloway are both kids who are in that range where they are A)talented but B)look to be on campus for 3 to 4 years. Also, in the case with Leal at least, the kid has bled Cream and Crimson from a young age. He is well positioned to be the type of leader that I do not think you always get from some of the higher rated kids. He has been an IU Hoosier since long before he is putting on that uniform. There is a pride in that. If we are going to rebuild this thing, these 2 guys we picked up this year are going to be the type of culture building players we HAVE to have. Welcome aboard young man, glad to have you and your buddy Galloway to watch over the next few years. And if Mama Leal is lurking, congrats, as an IU fan this has to be just about as cool for you as it will be for your son to put on that jersey.
  13. Looks like a good program building type of piece. Nice to get a win over the summer. Let's get a few more...
  14. The people at the U may feel that way, but all that goes out the door when the big donors start walking away with their bags of cash. Nobody wants to go through this all again, but if we miss the tournament again next year, this program is going to be ugly, again.
  15. He is taking the rational approach. Most of the prognosticators do not know all that much, they are guessing. It is better to be cautious about all of this "IU is in the lead" stuff on message boards IMO. Leads to pretty ugly reactions if the kid goes elsewhere.
  16. There is a difference between him choosing to do that and a journalist doing it without Knight's consent.
  17. I do too. My one wish, the one thing I would like to see is him getting a send off in Assembly Hall. I was a senior when he was fired, I was out and about during the "riot", and I was there at Dunn Meadow. Dunn Meadow was nice but with what that guy did for the school, I would really like to see him get a send off at Assembly Hall. No need to talk, no need for a speech, just walk him out on the floor again and let the crowd do the rest. And for the younger people who never got a chance to see a game while Knight was coaching, there has not been a presence in the hall since where you can feel the crowd just anticipating him walking out onto the floor. Every. Single. Game. I caught the tail end of his career but it was just another level when he was here.
  18. They are bringing him back to a place that is familiar to him. It will be nice to have him back but the circumstances behind it just suck. He was a quick witted guy and if you read between the lines, it sounds like that is going away.
  19. That is fine, but his point is spot on too. Nobody would be saying that we need to wait a few years and see how Miller does when the program is full of his players if he was winning 25 games and making deep tournament wins in year 1 and 2. The reality is that sometimes it takes time and sometimes it does not. Sometimes early success comes when you have the prior guys players and falls off when you get your players in the program (Mike Davis) and sometimes the opposite is true. The reality is that you can make an argument either way. No point in litigating year 1 and 2 anymore anyway. Someone said it already, win now. That is what matters. Miller needs to start winning now. Most of the coaches that get brought up as needing time to get going started to see results in year 3. So now is put up or shut up time. Going back to Glass, the football team is 41-69 (.372) since he took over with 2 Bowl appearances and zero winning seasons. And oh yeah, he fired the coach who was the only coach since Mallory to take us to multiple bowl games. Basketball was better than football but that has been the norm. We have gone 195-141 (.580) in his tenure with 4 NCAA appearances, 2 Big Ten titles, and 3 Sweet 16 appearances. We have been feast or famine under his watch though as we do pretty good on the years where we make the tournament but we have missed it 60% of the time Fred has been in charge. That for a program that historically has been much more consistent than that, even after Knight left. (Mike Davis made tournament 4 out of 6 years, Kelvin Sampson made it both of his years). The Crean hire was a bad decision that does not fall on Glass. Giving him an undeserved extension with a stupidly high buy out does. Jury is out on Miller.
  20. He is in year #10 of his tenure. He hired Kevin Wilson and then fired him. He gave Crean the extension early in his tenure, kept him around longer than he should, and then had to replace him (he did not do the initial hire though so that is not on him). This is not just about Allen and Miller, it is about the 10 years he has been given to fumble around in his position before (maybe/hopefully) finally figuring stuff out after a decade. And keep in mind that with incentives we are paying him $1 million a year. So he has made $5 to $10 million (base salary is $500k) while football and basketball have been mired in mediocrity.
  21. When your top 2 revenue programs have missed (meaningful) post season play for more than 50% of your tenure, no, you are not a good AD. Doing good at all of those other sports is all well and good but donations and revenue revolve around football and basketball. If you are not doing those right as an AD at a P5 school, you are a bad AD. Period.
  22. That is all valid. I am just not happy with the ship he has been the captain of, mainly with regard to the 2 revenue sports. This upcoming season for both sports would go a long way to shut me up or solidify my opinion that we need a new A.D. Allen and Miller are his guys. They really need to start producing on the field and court this season. I think that is particularly true of Allen. Wilson was supposedly a PITA to deal with, but he had been the most successful coach since Mallory and Fred let him go and took a huge gamble on who he replaced him with. We are in year 10 of the Glass regime, time for his decisions to bear fruit.
  23. No disagreement on the majority of that. I think, if I wanted to put a positive spin on things, that if we can make the tournament and see some development in the team in 2019-2020, that the 2020-2021 season could be the "turn around" year. Why? Because I think that a Jr. Phinisee should be really good at PG. I would expect Hunter, if he can play next year, to be around for a RS Sophomore campaign. Brunk and TJD would be a very solid 4 and 5 and then all we are looking to do is find a dynamic SG...whether that person already is on the roster or not. Much of that depends on what happens this year though. I think this year is pivotal because we may be set for Miller's 4th year but you need to keep bringing a pipeline of players behind that. This was ultimately Crean's downfall. He did not consistently recruit well enough to fill in behind his breakout squad. I think a year that looks like the ship is turning positive will help solidify Miller's position and help the recruiting following it. Another bad year starts to hurt in keeping a pipeline coming in IMO. But I still think this offseason has been a bit of a bummer either way.
  24. "Again, I know some people don't want to hear it, but I think we were in a very serious rebuild when Archie got here, and we're working ourselves out of that. I think he's the kind of guy who's going to be one of our most iconic coaches and have a very long and successful career at Indiana.” And whose fault would that be Fred? You started in 2009 and the basketball program has been an absolute train wreck on YOUR watch. He runs his mouth about impatient fans and I would say that we are currently in the middle of the second big rebuild on his watch. That is on you buddy. You did that.
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