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  1. And I guarantee that the narrative coming out of this game if we lose now is going to be "typical..." because if we lose, it is the typical Indiana way of blowing it that I have seen for the majority of my life.
  2. The problem is that we have played that "well if not for..." game for years. Yeah, it was a bad call IMO but we were still up 2 touchdowns and we let them get back in it. So what if they are #8, we were supposed to be pretty good ourselves this year. We have the crowd, we have the attention, this is a game that you HAVE to win. Going out and losing this now would be a totally Indiana football thing to do. We have to prove to people that the "Indiana Football" of old is just that, a thing of the past. Golden opportunity slipping away at the moment.
  3. WTF was that stupid ish. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  4. Man, the refs really turned this game. That should have been our ball, up 14 with about 5 minutes or so to put another score in. We would have had ball back to start second half as well. Now UC is back in it and momentum took a big swing. Also two big missed opportunities in the red zone.
  5. His new nickname should be Casper the way he disappeared.
  6. 7th feels low to me. We finish 7th or lower, that is a disappointment IMO.
  7. What do you think the potential alliance will do to their schedule in the future? I know people were focusing on things from a football perspective when it came to that topic, but if the BIG, ACC, and Pac 12 are all looking to schedule with each other more, that could impact who they are able to play quite a bit.
  8. I was reading that all 3 of the ACC, Pac 12, and Big 10 are saying currently that they are not going to expand. I think Indiana is really lucky to have already been a member of a strong conference because schools like Kansas look like they might be getting left on the outside looking in.
  9. Dave Wannstedt is saying he heard Kansas St. and Oklahoma St. to Pac 12 and he had the other 3 going where I did.
  10. https://www.si.com/.amp/college/2021/08/24/big-ten-pac-12-acc-announce-conference-alliance The alliance is official. The SEC may have made a strategic blunder in blowing up the Big 12. I still think we will see the remaining Big 12 schools get divided up so Iowa St. and Kansas looking like the most likely to the BIG? West Virginia to the ACC? Pac 12 adds a few schools to get to 16?
  11. Just watched the video. I haven't been paying as much attention on the recruiting front lately but if that video is reflective of the type of character we are getting, then great pickup. Ranking says we got a baller but those character guys matter in the lockerroom. Welcome aboard Jalen.
  12. Speaking for myself, I am trying not to get too involved on the recruiting side anymore. The Kauffman thing was a big turn off and I just kind of got to the point where I realized how stupid I was acting over a teenager's decision. Also, the past few years it did not really seem to matter who we had on the team. We arguably had at least mid-tier talent in the league and it did not matter. So right now, my bigger focus is on what Mike can do with what he has this year. I think Indiana's brand will be able to hold it's own in recruiting, the most important thing is the staff. We have not had a top flight staff since Knight was fired. That being said, hope the kid picks IU and I hope we get a flood of high rated recruits who pan out on the floor. I just don't think I have the 100 thread of will he or won't he in me anymore.
  13. The BTN selling Indiana vs. Northwestern or Illinois as opposed to Indiana vs. a MAC school.
  14. The SEC would run the risk of being a regional conference only. The othe conferences would be playing games all over the country while the SEC is stuck in the south.
  15. If we have competent leadership for the BIG, you go to the schools you want and show them why joining the BIG as part of a national conference is going to be a more lucrative deal for you then splitting revenue with the also rans of the Big 12.
  16. Phoenix is kind of an area where others move to though. Rutgers does not really move the dial in New York either, but that did not matter. It is just getting that footprint in the area.
  17. If we break up the PAC 12, I think there is a case to be made for several schools depending on what the goal is. The Phoenix TV market that an Arizona might bring could look attractive.
  18. Big Ten West: UCLA, USC, Oregon, Washington, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, (1 more team from Big 12/Pac 12) Big Ten East: Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, Northwestern, Ohio State, Michigan, Penn St., Michigan St, Maryland, Rutgers Those are pretty evenly matched and would make for some good matchups and potential championship games. You could even break those down into subdivisions. Like the Big Ten East could have 2 divisions of 5 (Illinois, Northwestern, Purdue, Indiana, Michigan) and you could do something where one year Big East Div A plays all the teams in their division and then all the teams in West Division B. So say Colorado was that last team for the West. IU would play all the teams in their subdivision (4 games) and then play all the teams in the West "Pacific" division (UCLA, USC, Washington, Oregon, Colorado) for a total of 9 games. Then you have the top teams in each division square off for a chance to play for the Big Chapionship.
  19. Yeah, I think that is almost what you have to do at this point. The SEC is going to push hard for the Florida ACC schools. It is going to be a race to 20 teams. The SEC is picking up a bunch of good football programs but they are keeping themselves a regional conference. The Big Ten's play is as I mentioned earlier is to get 6 teams (mainly from the Pac 12 and 1 or 2 from what is left of the Big 12) and then create a Big 10 East and a Big Ten West. You compete with the SEC by being a national brand while they are a regional brand. You could have the Big Ten tournaments and football championships from LA to New York and everywhere in between. And being nakedly selfish, Indianapolis still looks like a really good centralish location for those types of events as well.
  20. I am sure they will find a team to play, but you and I both know that Purdue does not have the same draw in Indianapolis that IU does. So it will be interesting to see what it is replaced with on your end. Purdue usually does go out and grab a Marquette or Arkansas or whatever to fill the schedule and I have no doubt they will do that to replace this event. I just don't see that being a draw in Indianapolis so you are probably looking at a home and home replacement IMO.
  21. He is going to miss the IU provided welfare and an opportunity for Purdue to play in the state capitol every year. None of those other teams has ever shown that they can be the anchor for that type of event in Indianapolis. Purdue tried with the Blockbuster and that is gone. Indiana can still get good competition to come play in Indianapolis. They don't need the other 3 to pull off and Indy event, the other 3 do need IU though. I have always said that if you pulled IU from that event and replaced them with a team like Ball State, that the event would fall apart. Conversely, you could replace any of the other 3 and it would still be viable because Indiana.
  22. Your last paragraph is something I was thinking too, I think OSU is one of the few BIG programs in football to embrace that SEC culture as well. I think the "bag man" culture is going to give way to the NIL culture and that should level the playing field back to the historic programs who have not been performing historically lately but have the big fanbases. Notre Dame and Michigan are two programs that could really improve themselves in that regard. Additionally, I know football is king now but I could see its popularity wane over the next few decades with the injury issues the sport has.
  23. What has hurt the BIG is two programs basically no showing for the past 10 to 20 years. Michigan in football and Indiana in basketball.
  24. In the context of the convo, yeah. The SEC doing well in this draft is not necessarily a trend and much like football, that would be driven by the success of 1 team.
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