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  1. I agree , some people forget the injuries we’ve had to deal with last few years. I hope to see a healthy Jerome and Race moving forward.
  2. Heck no, I wouldn’t want a hellgramite under my hat, been pinch plenty of times and they hurt. Going off on a tangent here, I’ve worked in the roofing industry since I graduated. Back years and years when I still replaced shingle roofs me and a good friend of mine would subcontract from a local company. I recall doing a roof that had wasp in the vents on a hip roof we were doing . Wasp would come out and fly around you every time we were banging down shingles, we would use our ball caps and swat them away or down on roof and step on them. Once again long story short, on the way that evening I had stopped at a friends house and raised hat to wipe my forehead and got stung dead in the middle of my forehead, one of the wasp had got in the band of my hat and been stuck so it couldn’t move or sting but I freed it to sting me when I went to wipe my head - I was like wtf. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Yea, he preaches getting to the line , no doubt about that, I reckon you’ll see better percentages as we get better shooters. Shooting the rock hasn’t been a team strength yet, it’s coming though, he needs to keep trying to recruit basketball players.
  4. I’ve caught many bullheads. I think carp are good fighters- flatheads pull hard. But bluegills on micro rods are hard to beat:)
  5. Ok, two crazy stories/ quite true I assure you. First I remember me and my older brother went fishing at the Yellow River in Bremen Indiana, my hometown, we could walk to the river in 10 minutes- the fish were biting so well we quickly ran out of bait- my brother says “ I bet I can catch on an empty hook”, needles to say he cast out an empty hook and catches a bluegill. Second story, me and my other olde brother have always fished together and have fished hundreds of times together. Spring time down here in Kentucky we like to seine rocky bottom creeks for hellgrammites / which are larvae form of a Dobson Fly. If anyone doesn’t know what one is, they are a leathery little creature with multiple legs and a pretty decent set of pinchers, smallmouth and rock bass absolutely love them, long story short, I caught a medium size rock bass 7-8 inches and reel it in- go to unhook and find I never had it hooked at all - when the fish went to eat the bait the bait had pinched into its gills and that’s how I reeled it in, my bait caught the fish 🎣. Best story and sorry it’s a poorly told and typed story.
  6. Coach Cal is lame, he’s a average coach at best when it comes to X’s and O’s. He’s great at recruiting, selling Big Blue, and getting young guys to buy in to his vision. Ive mentioned it at least once or twice a year that I live and work in Lexington and have since mid 90’s , it’s hell- pure hell.
  7. He got them to one S16, I think he took them there 3 maybe 4 times. He had a few decent players there, I remember a guard or maybe a 3 who done really well a year or two. Gonna admit I followed them but not like IU. I just went and looked, he also won coach of the year in 2002 while at Texas Tech. I figure once you got past Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma State-Coach probably feasted on a weak B12, don’t reckon he would have a hard time getting to 20-21 wins, hell he is Bob Knight after all.
  8. Knight was a d*mn fine coach and better with X’s and O’s then just about anyone. That being said he recruited very well and had pretty much his pick of Midwest kids, look at some of his teams- especially 90-95 and tell me again he didn’t have great players. I seriously love the man, warts and all, and grew up during his tenure here, the man could flat out coach, he could also recruit when he tried.
  9. That team could have seriously hung a banner without Henderson getting hurt. Talk about a collection of talented young men.
  10. That’s odd, every state should pick their own champion.
  11. Thanks for the memories gentlemen, while not always the best memories, plenty of good ones. Wish Deron could have stayed healthy, his game could have been special. Seems like at one time he was rated too 5 in the nation in high school, or maybe I’m crazy.
  12. I would hate to lose Justin, he could have a seriously great year for us. You can almost pencil him in for atleast 10/5 for us next year with stellar D.
  13. This thread actually makes me sad, know it’s all in good fun, wish we were really watching.
  14. Probably wanting to address those strait line drives
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