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  1. Don’t even Joke, you are probably more accurate then we would like.
  2. First thing that stood out was how does Davis log 64 min over two game and not have 1 foul called against him, don’t look for that ever again outta any center, weird.
  3. Does anyone know if we will be able to catch any of the games on the tube? I remember UK doing same trip a year or two ago, and theirs were televised.
  4. Didn’t Hanner come outta there? I do love the direction Coach Woodson seems to be taking us so far, let’s hope the young chooses us.
  5. Not a great trade, if indeed it’s Hunter for Manley. I’d agree with above poster, hold that spot for a month, no telling who enters after classes end.
  6. Man, I remember being so excited about Recker, that whole few years seemed to wreck us between him, Reed, Collier, etc etc etc. Often I’ve wondered if Coach had bent a tad bit, what could he have accomplished. In hindsight we’ve bent so much in every aspect of life, maybe digging in your heels is the proper move. Who knows
  7. This is so true, I turned off a few games sadly, and was sitting there watching the tube and realized we had a game only to turn it off shortly after tuning in.
  8. Hey man, living in Lexington nothing would make me happier- justice served.
  9. They lost 7-8 by 3 points or less, with Mintz getting 8-10 more minutes from the 32.5 Boston was wasting and they win 6 of those 8 - conceivable anyway. No one hates big blew more then me, don’t expect another 15 loss season anytime soon, be happy if I were wrong.
  10. I actually sorta like the Bloomington, the Bedford stone or whatever the hell that is is weird, is there a connection to Indiana quarry wise?
  11. Hmmm, still have a penguin point in Plymouth , Bremen had one in early 90’s til who knows, last time I made it up after 98, it was closed seems like, my dad wasn’t a huge take out guy, when we got the Point or McDonald’s from South Bend us kids where on cloud nine. Edit, I’d pay good money for one of their burgers and fry’s, but stuff is never as good as it seemed when we were kids.
  12. Penguin Point in the town I raised born and raised in, love love love it.
  13. Shame he didn’t at least send out an internet type message, I’ve said before at first I welcomed his no nonsense type of a approach after enduring Crean for so long (Liked Crean). You just can’t be basically silent, I’d like a happy medium, or Coach Knight- talk about a fella who had charisma, good or bad people stopped and listened. Lord have mercy imagine bringing a jackass on to a Sunday morning sports show. Looking back, I couldn’t wait to grow up, but growing up in the 70’s and 80’s was a special time in rural Indiana. In dads house it was God, Coach Knight, and Ronald Reagan, Alf and Andy Griffith ran a distant 4th.
  14. Make me a third, lived in Lexington 30 years or so, which basically was same time period when IU dropped. Gotta wonder what would have happened had we gotten Coach after Sampson, I’m aware he’s yet to coach a game for us, but by all accounts his first month has been stellar.
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