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  1. Depends how severe his back injury is.... I am hearing he may need surgery
  2. His back issues will probably push him out of top 15.
  3. I am hearing that he may be getting surgery and he may stay another year. Back problems are no joke....
  4. I wonder who his tweet is directed towards?
  5. I do not believe anything on the net. I just take everything with a grain of salt, but still like the conversation.
  6. Rumor on the other board that he is a silent verbal to U.K. Any new updates for or against this rumor?
  7. I think that there is a small possibility that he would stay and it is small.
  8. http://www.nbadraftroom.com/p/2019-nba-mock-draft.html?m=1 They have him going 24th. He is slipping compared to the beginning of the year. I guess his shooting is hurting him.
  9. On NBAdraft.net, Romeo has slid to 19th in their mock draft. I do not see how there are 18 better things players than Romeo, but if this holds then I would think that he will have serious thoughts about coming back. Plus he has always have said that education is very important to him and his family. https://www.nbadraft.net/2019mock_draft
  10. Ok thanks, who did we piss off!?
  11. Now I see Livers is a game time decision to play.
  12. I think Yogu went in a similar slump as Romeo his freshman year.
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