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  1. Can someone tell me how to change my avatar?
  2. So I ventured over to Rupps Rafters because misery loves company. There is a poster over there claiming he is from Texas and all the talk there is Beard to IU. I dont personally believe it, but that is what he is saying.
  3. Damn, sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed reading his posts.
  4. I remember the interview, but if I recall, it seems we were still recruiting him for a long time after that interview. So I dont think that is the issue. Now, the other deal with the newspaper article makes more sense to me as to why we stopped recruiting him.
  5. I would really like to know why both IU and Purdue have stopped recruiting this kid.
  6. Can someone explain this inside joke to us newbies? I have seen the "health is the word" several times on this site and other IU sites. Also, what is the deal with Chris Duhon's rib? Help a brother out please.
  7. But, what if Keion has any phone other then an Apple??????
  8. Good grief, we need some kind of news, this thread is getting bad lol
  9. Kind of surprised (and happy) that we havent seen any gloom and doom posts about Keion not coming now with the way we have been playing.
  10. Hey guys, I rarely post on here, but I am always lurking. Just one point, if guys like 0708, milehi, and coachss stop posting, this board would lose alot of its appeal. Now I know there are others that post good info, and I dont mean to take anything away from them. I am just saying, I really enjoy getting all this inside info. It would certainly make this board just a little less awesome. Keep it coming guys and ignore the haters.
  11. I have been thinking about this. Most likely, in m,y opionion, we only get TJD out of the group, with Brooks and Watford going elsewhere. But we will still be fine with that. We still have Justin and Jerome. Anyone else and it just makes it took crowded. I would rather we get TJD and two guards, hopefully Carton and Newman. That would be a solid class.
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