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  1. iualum01

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    Coach...did you mean Carey who is down to 3? I thought Stewart had a final list of 6 or so. If he's down to 3, then I missed that.
  2. iualum01

    Romeo Langford

    Some serious cajonas on the Kansas 247 board. IU guy betting KU guy 10 grand on where Romeo goes
  3. iualum01

    Romeo Langford

    I looked at dans Twitter page, may have left a comment on his tweet about the story, but noticed he has a duke picture for his background pic. What a class a douche.
  4. iualum01

    Romeo Langford

    "Blown away" is a bit harsh. Creans first class was Dumas, verdell, etc. Granted, he took over in April and had a short window to recruit but that class didn' blow me away. Archie has managed to get one of the better pg prospects in Lafayette, a kid out of South bend where we haven't gotten a recruit in 20 to 30 years, Jerome out of Ohio where it was thought osu was a safe bet, an under the radar top 150 kid out of PA that will hustle his ass off and do all the little things for you, and convinced race to come a year early to red shirt and be ready to play college ball. All of these kids are top 150 players. No silly offers to kids that don' deserve one. CAM will recruit kids that will get more No's than Yes's (grammar police don' kill me there). For the time he was in the job, I think it's fantastic he got the commitments he did. We weren't on Romeo's short or long list when Archie took over. He's shown a thoughtful plan on who to go after for the 19 class and been consistent with his contact with them. This first class may not have blown you away but I'm willing to bet as we go forward, the talent level will continue to rise