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  1. Hopefully not at all. The way the Brooks family did IU I would hope that we would steer clear of younger brother.
  2. Wasn't everyone calling Romeo to Vandy right before his announcement?
  3. I've see Jalen play a few times. The kid is tough as nails. Don't care about the stars next to his name. He is the kind of competitor that IU needs on their team.
  4. If I remember correctly there was lots of smoke this past fall about TWAT to IU after CAM's in home visit. Word was that he was ready to pull the trigger and sign with IU.
  5. Can't think of a better way to commit it to the Hoosiers than make everyone think you are going to Kentucky and then choose Indiana. That is almost a fairy tale way to do it. Join Hoosier Nation and put a fork in UK. KBJ would be a Hoosier legend before stepping on campus.
  6. CAM needs to hire an offensive coordinator.
  7. Dominique Wilkins wore Brooks basketball shoes! Keion reminds somewhat of Dominique 😀
  8. Assistant Coach Chris Lowery is from Evansville. I am sure he has some connections that will keep K-State in the recruitment.
  9. How far out of bounds can you be and still save the ball?
  10. Romeo is a smart kid. If you are a 5 star from Indiana and choose to go out of state you are making a huge mistake when it comes to your future. I don't care if the Ville is giving you $100,000 up front. The value of going to Indiana and becoming a Hoosier legend makes that $100,000 look like chump change compared to your future earnings if you choose to live in Indiana or do business in Indiana.
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