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  1. Is Tre Mitchell 6' 9" (UMass) still available?
  2. I thought I saw Arman in the pictures the other day as well. I took that as good sign.
  3. I would wager that a large number of NBA players (stars) would have made it to the NBA without their one year layover in Lexington, Durham, etc.. The NBA drafts on potential. UK/Duke gets nearly 5 new starters every year. Kids leave who are no where near ready. These players get far more development once they get to the NBA than they receive in college. I would take the coach who develops the talent and keeps them in the league.
  4. I know the recruiting is a concern to some, but did Coach K really get Zion, RJ Barrett, etc.. to the NBA? I am pretty sure if they could have gone straight from high school to the NBA they would have been first round picks!
  5. Previous coaching experience - Penny Hardaway- High School Coach, Patrick Ewing 13 year NBA assistant, Juwan Howard 5 year NBA assistant Mike Woodson 9 years as an NBA Head Coach and 13 years as an NBA assistant coach.
  6. Would you like to compare Woody's previous coaching experience with Coach Patrick Ewings? I know Ewing was a great player, but I don't think his coaching experiences are even remotely close to Woody's.
  7. I get what your saying, but lets flip the coin. Its a big difference when say Coach Woody says, this is what I did we Carmelo or RJ Barrett and I would like to put you in a similar role. Compare that to Painter, Izzo, or Holtman saying this is what we did with Etwan Moore etc.. I think Woody's connections are going to play a huge role in his ability to recruit!
  8. Beard is Tier 1 and probably the most realistic Tier 1 guy.
  9. I didn't make the list. This was done last season. https://bustingbrackets.com/2020/09/27/ncaa-basketball-ranking-20-best-head-coaches-past-5-seasons/
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