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  1. HoosierAlice

    Romeo Langford

    Romeo is a smart kid. If you are a 5 star from Indiana and choose to go out of state you are making a huge mistake when it comes to your future. I don't care if the Ville is giving you $100,000 up front. The value of going to Indiana and becoming a Hoosier legend makes that $100,000 look like chump change compared to your future earnings if you choose to live in Indiana or do business in Indiana.
  2. HoosierAlice

    Romeo Langford

    I don't believe Trey Lyles, Gary Harris, etc. get standing ovations when they play the Pacers.
  3. HoosierAlice

    Romeo Langford

    Wherewould this class be ranked if you include Race?
  4. HoosierAlice

    Romeo Langford

    Good to know that he was going to choose IU even before the FBI news involving KU broke!